10/22/17 Energy Update: “Growing Pains”


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I just had the thought that there needs to be a website for all Ascension-type folks to go to to share their personal experiences.  Sometimes when I go to someone’s site and they share their current experiences/symptoms, I find I either relate or can’t relate at all.  Or there is the occasion where I where read of someone speaking in very technical terms, highly tuned-in to the exact energies incoming and the exact symptoms they induce.

How do they know these things?

All I can do is share my own experiences so I hope any of you reading this, if you can’t relate to my experience don’t think “wow, am I doing it wrong?  Am I missing something?”  I say that because until this year, I would hold the same thought.

So without further ado, here is what I am going through in the past 24 hours…

Going to sleep last night I felt this growing tight ball inside of me, in great need of expanding.  I stretched the parts of my body where I felt this energy ~ trying to make room.  As I did this, I felt my cells vibrating.  This stretching/expanding/cells vibing experience continued until I fell asleep.

I awoke early this morning, thinking about the experience I had had before going to sleep.  I felt my Highest Self guide me into letting go, allowing this process for She is who is in “control” of this process.  She has already made the choice to do this experience.  Let go and trust, I felt. I also heard (again) all parts of Who I am are returning as One in this body.

I again felt that energy needing to expand so I stretched for a bit then drifted off to sleep.

Then had a uh, “experience”.

Out in front of our house there is something special energetically.  I have had numerous experiences (waking visions and sleeping dreams) where I have “seen” a portal, an energy vortex.  I have seen the physical environment change.  I have seen people suddenly begin to fade away.  I have been able to transport myself out of this realm and into the realm of my choice (did that one in a waking vision/meditation).  And early this morning, I witnessed a first:  a friend of mine from the past suddenly “popped” through it ~ seemingly coming out of nowhere.  He looked very bewildered and it surprised my human self but my Soul was expecting the experience (or else just going with the flow and allowing it to happen).  He was lying in the street and He started to get up, then got noticeably dizzy so I walked over and said “go slow you’ve just passed through a portal” then I helped him up.  He seemed to be totally surrendering to me in his trust although his confusion and bewilderment remained so I decided to change the scene and put me back to a place I once worked when I knew him as a teenager.  He sat in the background, watching me, still looking confused but nonetheless trusting me.  I said I would be with him “soon”. Then the dream ended.

The dream wasn’t so significant (to me) as was the fact that I had another “far out” experience in that area near our house.

Waking up, I felt called to stretch more.  I was again having that desire to expand my body to “make room” for what is within wanting/needing more physical “room”.  This time I could see and feel my feet wanted to expand as did my chest.

After a couple of minutes of stretching, I walked out into the kitchen and started putting away dishes from the dish rack.  I grabbed some fruit bowls I used last night and as I reached up to the top shelf, I noticed I didn’t have to stretch like I normally do.  The night before when I got them down, I chose to stand on a chair to reach them comfortably as stretching for them had me concerned I may drop them.  This morning, I was able to just put them away with a little bit of a stretch.  At first I thought I was standing on our floor mat, but nope, I was on the floor.  Slippers?  Nope.  (Yes I had to look on both counts.  I am not a morning person so it takes me awhile to become fully aware/awake.

I called over my mate.  When both of us are in our stocking feet I can fit under his chin pretty comfortably.  Today?  Nope.  He had to bend his head back more than normal and it was too uncomfortable for him.

Did I actually physically grow?  Who knows.  I decided to just let it be.

When I shared my dream with my mate he said “that’s it!  You HAVE to show me exactly where this spot is and we will mark it!”  Ok then we can do that.  I remember before we moved to this street, I made my mate drive up and down it frequently.  Something in me said I HAD to live on this street.  When we weren’t finding anything available, I remember saying “Universe ~ WHY aren’t we finding a home to live in on this street?”  I didn’t get it.  I let it go.

6 months later, it worked out.

So what else am I feeling today?  Oh yes…I am feeling achy ~ all over.  “Growing pains” as I am calling it.  The strong desire to expand and stretch continues.  That ball of energy within simply needs more room (much like this house has been feeling too small lately).  I used to think the moments of intensity I feel were about my ego.  Nope.  My energy itself is what is intense…. and vibrant.  It takes me back to the first time someone read my energy on a whim.  I wasn’t sure what it meant but something within me was fascinated and very open to the concept.  She was a gypsy-type – someone my mother worked with – and I loved being around her.  She said I had one of the biggest brightest energy fields she had ever seen on a person.  I was only 20 at the time but those words have stayed with me ever since.

So back to the achy all over thing.  Also very tired, wanting desperately to just be alone so I can focus on what I want… and interestingly enough, I am also highly intolerant of noise, interruption and downright ignorant stupid behavior.  Not that I enjoy any of such things but my tolerance for these things just isn’t happening.

So for now I am off to take a much needed nap.  I hope this piece makes sense.  I feel I am in another zone, another reality typing this one.  The line “ET Phone Home” is what I am hearing as I end this so I will leave it at that.

Much love,



I love your support.  I appreciate your support.  I validate your support. And I need your support.  (how’s that for a new phrase?  that is what i feel in my heart like typing on this sunday afternoon.)


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3 thoughts on “10/22/17 Energy Update: “Growing Pains””

  1. Exactly…for me I was more affected by this 10-21 wave than any equinox or eclipse. I always seem to get energy work doNE when there is a wave coming in. Reiki and massage put me on the couch for 2 days with a big headache today. I asked to clear anything that no longer served aND I sure got my wish. I own this, no one else. With
    Honor and Reverence to everyone’s journey.

    1. Yep, me too got something on 21-10. Felt like every channel in my physical body had electricity flowing into it. Looks like we had a upgrade. It feels like 2012 all over.

  2. I, too, felt a distinct change/shift in my body’s cells and energy around the time you did, and it continued with the arrival of the new moon and Mercury’s shift into retrograde. I had a lot of the feelings you did, like my body was doing some weird transformation without alerting me beforehand. Now it has passed, and I feel back to normal.

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