11/11 Experiences ~ Shamanic Healing and Galactic Ice Cream


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I am in my “happy space” after a visit with my Shaman.  More healing sessions forthcoming.  Training as well.

Re-feeling my recent desire to follow the political/social changes going on. Last night as I did some research I heard “detach some and go within” ~ which felt to me ~ do not “forget” your focus which is a within experience.

Energy is much more fluid and supportive today after yesterday’s ACK.  I returned to the same store tonight on my way home ~ energies were completely different.  Easy to be there tonight.

With all of the happenings I feel, at least for myself, it is deeply important to remember the focus – beyond the beyond.  All of the drama and chaos has a purpose ~ but it is indeed just part of the Whole.

Laying low this evening.  Integrating the energies of today.  Had some cool moments of connection/synchronicity, one made me giggle.  I shared my experience with Galactics with my Shaman.  Stopping on the way home at my favorite store, something said “check out the ice cream” ~ which I did ~ and the one I honed in on – Mint Galactica (coconut ice cream).  Yes indeed.

Coconut ice cream has gone Universal.

For now, one sits in my freezer.   

Much love…


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1 thought on “11/11 Experiences ~ Shamanic Healing and Galactic Ice Cream”

  1. Yes! Friday night I could not sleep till 2am. Last night peacefully for 12 hrs.
    Watching all the craziness in regard to 300 indictments etc. But the energy in all that is intense…coconut ice cream definitely helps.
    Thank you Sistar!

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