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My body is going a little nuts right now.  I am having those “vibrating all over” moments again.  Twice in the last 24 hours I suddenly feel a strong vibrating/buzzing in the back of my skull.

Ok, I say.  Go ahead and do your thing.  I allow you to enter and change and restore this body.

The itching has returned on my palms – both of them this time.  Having some strange vision issues as well.  Strange appetite ~ either very little or ravished.  Exhaustion ~ the need to just zone out is strong.  And some purging GI stuff going on too along with bloating in the OMG seriously category.

I see this typed out on the screen and I think and feel “seriously this is enough”.  Let’s get on with it.

Grounding is a challenge right now.  I feel all of that crap out there so I am thinking perhaps it is time I violate my own words and detach from the political/social war going on ~ surrender and trust and allow that there are those who signed on to take on that piece of the puzzle.  Let ’em do their thang.  They have the energy, the know-how, the skills.  An intentional placement of my head in a quiet realm to regroup.

I gotta admit ~ I have a growing desire to no longer feel the need to do this site.  Have I said this enough that I am VERY much ready to experience and be and do and live new and differently and totally freely?

Yeah, I think I may have mentioned that a time or two.

I am seeing this mission as a rescue mission.  I can now state without any doubt – that indeed it is.  When we rescue people from prison, those who have been wrongfully imprisoned, we don’t clean up the prison.  We take those beautiful souls, help them remember Who They Are, and then we take them Home.


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