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Mount Shasta UFO “Cloud” Images

A collection of Mt. Shasta cloudship photos:

Taken on December 31, 2013 - Photo by Andree Morgana:

Mt. Shasta with lenticular clouds:

mt shasta in december -:

Mt Shasta - Crystalline Cities of Light by Amorah Quan Yin, The City of Shamballa:

source with more stunning images of the best of mt. shasta:

Indian in the machine

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My child and I headed out for a walk today.  It was raining but we didn’t let that stop us.  Daily walks are something we just do, regardless of the weather conditions.

There is a nice spot we often head to that leads to a giant Sequoia tree. Obviously out of it’s natural environment, it nonetheless has a commanding presence.  As I have been a lifelong lover of trees, the proverbial tree-hugger, I easily came to believe in my younger years that trees talk to us if only we open ourselves up to their messages.  I have received numerous messages from this tree.  Today’s message was quite appropriate.

Greeting the tree, putting my hand on it, I said if it had a message for me, I was listening.

“Transformation,” was what I heard.

Hmm, I thought.  Interesting.  Anything else, I telepathically communicated.

“Be like me,” I then heard.

Be like you, I thought.  I pondered that for a few moments before the cold rain reminded me that unlike the tree, I needed warm shelter and food so we headed home.  As we walked home, my child asked me what message I received and asked me to clarify.

“I’m not sure,” I said.  “But I do know trees don’t worry about getting their needs met.”  I paused before adding “then again, they don’t have to. They have no bills to pay!”  By this time I was rather cold, hunger was setting in and my mood had soured some, so walking home, I forgot about the experience.

Earlier this evening, my spouse and I watched a brief video on crystals, the resonance of the earth and our human bodies.  It was stated that at one point, when the earth resonated at 10 hz, we reached a crystalline state physically and more or less, became ageless beings.  This is also known as ascension.

After the video, I composed an e-mail to a friend, sharing the experience with the tree, watching the video and then I also recalled an experience I had earlier in the shower, where I was guided to nurture myself the way I would a newborn during this time.  During this e-mail composition, my child brought me a drawing she had made that included the sun, a picture of her and, as she put it, “your favorite tree, mama”.

Bingo.  Suddenly the pieces of the puzzle came together.

Our bodies are undergoing transformation.  We are changing from carbon-based to crystalline base.  As the earth’s frequency continues to rise (hovering near 9.0 for awhile now), our bodies continue to change. And much like the newborn who undergoes rapid cellular development, it needs a lot of love, rest/sleep and care.  To be treated like a baby.

And like the tree communicated, we are being called to just Be.  Just Be where we are. Just Be how we are.  Just be Who We Are.  Now.  And let the transformation happen.


A Model of Crystal Abiogensis

editor’s note:  bodies becoming crystalline again.  hovering around 9hz – headed towards 10.  that is when we reach the state where our bodies are ageless.  perfect homeostasis.  

A Model of Crystal Abiogenesis | Electricity of Life

12D Shield Building Technique

Editor’s note:  Powerful and very useful exercise for a variety of meditations. 

12 D Shield Building Technique


Lisa Brown ~ We Are In Preparation Mode As Stargates Align and Crystalline Grid Aligns

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Aloha beautiful love family,

StarGates aligning all day, the Crystalline Grid “firing up”, quickening occurring, timelines collapsing/converging and we are “preparing” all day thus far today… it’s like being on the runway, getting ready to take off…. Lots of aligning… lots…. occurring…

For me, I have much to share/write with some tools to assist with the massive amounts of LIGHT ENERGY that each must “learn” to maneuver, integrate, navigate, utilize and assist the body with integrating so as to deter/avoid massive shorting out, overload, overwhelm (for many this is necessary, for others not as much).

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Current Ascension Symptoms of Starseeds and Light Bearers

By Shekina Rose, 01/13/2017

We are addressing different spectrums of the Starseed and Light Bearers shift awakening, to let you know you are all a part of this together, each affecting the whole matrix 444 and that is all beings on the planet in unison of creation of the human web of light. Some of the old souls, ultra sensitive empaths who have been on the path for a long time, may feel fatigued and burned out from the years and decades of transforming the energies, ascending and evolving. The burn out from the old souls and the Starseed, Light Bearers, ultra sensitives may feel they have been pushing against the energies, as their resonance field is not always responding to status quo structure systems of what is here on the planet. Each Starseed forerunner is diverse in the energetic response to which they are attuned from the Rays of Creation.

The Indigos and Blue Rays Diversity and Similarity

As for the Indigos, when they are trailblazing the new energetic highways and not in alignment with their true systems, they can go into overdrive and hyperactivity. They transform and bounce off the energies differently than the Blue Rays. Blue Rays may react inwardly, needing time to readjust and balance, and can feel fatigued and isolated. 55 Both Indigos and Blue Raysare in frequency of the Blue Ray and have a particular color spectrum in their auras.

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Disc Shaped Craft Over Norway – January 2017

New Huge Disc-shaped UFO filmed in NORWAY !!! January 2017

A Lesson in Being Fully Grounded In Who I Am

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I had an experience yesterday that both shook me up and taught me some valuable lessons.

I was visiting a friend during the day.  She has spirit beings who hang out at her place and are active mostly at night.  They are quite loud and sound like people walking on the roof/ceiling.  It distresses her dog who runs around, whining and barking.  During a certain point in the conversation, the talk turned to religion.  I noticed the loud walking noise began and thought “that’s odd – normally this occurs at night.”  So as I shared my point of view, which is utterly opposed to religious dogma and control, the noise grew louder and more frequent.  The dog was really going at it by now.

Then suddenly, out of the blue, I felt a real depletion of my energy and with that, nausea.

“Whew,” I said, leaning back into the couch, taking a breath.  “I’m suddenly really tired.  I think I may need to go home and take a nap.”

With that came the feelings of spaciness and detachment.  If I was grounded in any way prior, I suddenly was not.  And yet I didn’t fully notice this- a habit of mine I have been working on changing.  If I had been grounded or had taken the time to do so, I would also have noticed that after this attack – the noise calmed down significantly (something I remembered later on).

A few moments later, I left, returned home where I cleansed myself with frankincense, myrrh and cobal resin – just in case what I was starting to think happened (energy attack) did.  That helped out some but I knew I had more work to do.  For the rest of the day, I felt that sense of detachment and wasn’t sure what to do next.

That is until this morning.

I woke up to anger and lots of it.  This energy attack triggered in me deep feelings resulting from a lifelong pattern of being bullied and unable to do a thing about it at the time – only to experience those feelings of “hey this isn’t ok” AFTER the fact – if at all.  And much of the time, not saying a word to the offender. Not one damn word.

After I released some long held emotions and started to get some clarity, I determined that I would not be returning to my friend’s house until the beings are energetically removed.  I also sent out an energetic message to these beings that it was not ok what they did, would not be tolerated ever again and they were not allowed in my energy space.

Next, I went over the experience in my mind and changed it up.  Instead of seeing myself as sitting there, stunned and passive, I saw myself say “what the heck just happened here?”  Then I analyzed how I felt and gave myself permission to ground and go within to come to the conclusion(s) at that time instead of some future date or in front of a counselor years later. Lastly, I sent out the message to this being at the time that their behavior was not tolerated and had NO effect on Who I Am.

And finally, I thought about my stone of protection I wear daily – my black tourmaline.  I also have them all over my house.  These stones help protect against negative energy.  Why didn’t it work yesterday, I thought.

The answer was immediate and obvious.

These stones can only do so much.  Such a stone is only as powerful as is the human wearing it.  And if the human is not solid in Who They Are and grounded, the stone can only offer minimal protection.  Such objects are there as back-ups.  I Am my Main Source of protection.

Lesson(s) learned.