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The Art of Jumping Time Lines


Fractal, Matrix, Tunnel, Warp, DistortedAlthough it may seem paradoxical to some, your timeline—your life—is only one of many simultaneous possibilities. And it is quite possible, indeed it is your birthright, to alter your timeline and the potentials of your life.

Your culture, for various reasons, has hypnotized you into believing that you are limited to one timeline. In this message we shall endeavor to discuss our understanding of timelines and how you can change them.

Whenever there is an increase of chaotic events, there is a convergence of multiple timelines. Due to the fact that your planet has entered a Chaotic Node and is experiencing ever-increasing levels of chaos, there is also an increase in what we call time nodes.

Time nodes occur when two or more timelines converge. As a result of their close proximity oscillation effects sometimes occur when the realities of one timeline bleed through, or are psychically perceived by those on a neighboring timeline. Strong timelines can also literally affect the possibilities and/or probabilities of other timelines within a time node. In other words, creative and novel effects often occur within timelines when they enter a time node (proximity to other timelines).

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Headed To The New Timeline of New Earth ~ A Song To Inspire

Heard this song today.  My girl asked what it was about.  “Going home to New Earth,” I said.  Keep on intending it.  Will be posting a piece later about Jumping Timelines, which is really about using what we already have to pave that New Road.  


A Dimensional Shift Has Taken Place And Is Still In Progress

By Diane Canfield

A Dimensional Shift Has Taken Place and Is Still In Progress

Beloved Tribe of Light,

A dimensional Shift has occurred and we are now existing on a brand new timeline. What does this mean?

It means the Universe has catapulted us into a new state of consciousness, a new awareness. This has occurred because of the overflowing expanded consciousness that has taken place with the many beings of Earth. This occurred because of the overwhelming Love that now exists in the Earth Realm.

We have experienced Geo Magnetic Storms for the past 2 months almost continuously that have helped us achieve our new upgraded level of awareness. These storms help us to achieve upgraded DNA which then in turn builds the LIGHT Body which is needed to traverse the higher dimensions of light. Out of the last 60 days we have had 34 days of intense Geo storms.

The higher dimensions of light are based on Consciousness and the level of Awareness a being holds within themselves. As a being becomes one with their authentic self and in doing so merges with the Creator/Christ Consciousness we then become more crystalline and lighter in body, thought and awareness. This is what is needed to traverse the higher dimensions of awareness and Light.

This is how we evolve out of this 3D dimension in spurts and jumps that will lead us ultimately to the higher dimensions of light. Many beings  already exist in these dimensions. I have had in person contact with many races of ETs that already exist in these realms.  They are inter dimensional and travel between dimensions as we will be doing. There is a process involved in learning these techniques and this is why paranormal activities increase as we move dimensions. We are learning how to navigate these new realms.

Dimensional shifts can cause many issues while we are in the middle of them. These issues are physical, emotional and mental. While they occur there are also episodes of Bliss that also occur off and on. It is completely normal to feel bliss one day and then feel the effects of the shift the next day. This is how the Universe always implements new creations… it is done in waves.

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The Multiple Uses of Thyme and Thyme Essential Oil

Herbs, Rosemary, Parsley, Thyme, ChivesHerb That Destroys Stomach Aches, Diarrhea, Arthritis, Sore Throat and Flu Virus

These are some of the most important uses of thyme essential oil:

Antirheumatic: Rheumatism is a result of arthritis, the improper or obstructed circulation, or gout, the increased concentration of toxins such as uric acid in the bloodstream. Thyme essential oil is extremely effective in both cases, as it has diuretic properties and removes toxins through the urine. It also acts as a stimulant, activating the circulation.

Antiseptic: Its potent antiseptic properties quickly treat wounds and sores and prevent infections. The main reason for this capacity is the presence of components such as Caryophyllene and Camphene.

Hypertensive: It normalizes blood pressure by raising it, so it is useful for people who have low blood pressure and fall unconscious and feel sluggish.

Tonic: This essential oil boosts circulation and strengthens immunity, supports the health of the nervous, heart, and digestive system, the muscles, and the skin.

Additional uses of this beneficial essential uses:

  • Thymol protects and boosts the percentage of healthy fats in cell membranes
  • Its consumption raises the DHA (docosahexaenoic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid) levels in brain, kidney, and heart cell membranes
  • Thymol, a chemical constituent of thyme essential oil, boosts the blood flow to the skin, and thus accelerates the healing of wounds and skin issues
  • It destroys nail fungus
  • It kills parasites

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Yellow Rose For Texas Update ~ The URS Have Fallen

YRFT Update APRIL 21 2017 – The URS are ALL Fallen NOW – and NASA Cams ANOMALIES

Glyphosate Found In Vaccines

Editor’s note:  As if we really need another reason to avoid these poisons.  Here’s another…

Glyphosate Found in Childhood Vaccines

By Zen Honeycutt

Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s flagship herbicide Roundup and hundreds of other herbicides, has been found in vaccines. Moms Across America received preliminary screening results from Microbe Inotech Laboratories Inc. of St. Louis, Missouri, which showed:

  • MMR II (Merk) vaccine had 2.671 parts per billion (ppb) of glyphosate
  • DTap Adacel (Sanofi Pasteur) vaccine had 0.123 ppb of glyphosate
  • Influenza Fluvirin (Novaris) 0.331 ppb of glyphosate
  • HepB Energix-B (Glaxo Smith Kline) 0.325 ppb of glyphosate
  • Pneumonoccal Vax Polyvalent Pneumovax 23 (Merk) had 0.107 ppb of glyphosate

The MMR II vaccine had levels up to 25 times higher than the other vaccines. Following our test, additional independent tests have confirmed these findings at or above the same levels. The tests were conducted using the ELISA method.

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Susie’s Place ~ A Humanitarian Project


This is one of my humanitarian project ideas.  I have been on the search for an authentic humanitarian organization for assistance in turning my idea into a reality.  I wish to share my vision with my readers.  It is time.


Susie’s Place

A Sanctuary For Women and Children of Unsafe Living Situations

To begin with, let me tell you a bit about who I am and how I arrived at my business model. My name is Vicki, although I prefer to go by Victoria. I am the mother of a 6 year old and the wife of a man with chronic health issues. Like my friend Susie, I understand the situation of being bound by financial dependence. I am a very creative, bright woman who holds deep convictions about Love and Right Action. I have many ideas for a New Earth and this is just one of them I am presenting here.

I met my friend Susan, who I always called Susie, through an internet message board for women who deal with panic and agoraphobia. We continued an e-mail/regular mail and phone relationship for almost 20 years. We shared almost everything two women can share with one another. Living on different coasts, we never did meet in person, but that did not put a damper on the emotional bond we created.

Susie died last August just a few weeks of being diagnosed with cancer. She came from a violent background of abuse, starting in childhood and continuing through her first marriage (which ended in divorce) and ending in her last relationship, which was the most violent. Her last partner was physically, mentally and emotionally abusive, with the physical element growing in frequency towards the last few years of their relationship. She suffered from panic and agoraphobia, so working and supporting herself was a great challenge. I tried what I could to help her, giving her ideas for treatment, making money and the like. I offered up my home for her to stay in.  She had already phoned the local police and they failed to take the situation seriously.  Neighbors knew but did nothing.  Apparently that’s how they do it in certain areas of the country.  

I told her to call a shelter, which was met with resistance.  “I am too sick to work.  You know that!” she would insist. It was those words that started me thinking about how the system handles victims of domestic violence.

Throughout those years, I became more determined and incensed that there was not more help for women in these situations. A growing conviction of “DO SOMETHING” consumed me at times. My idea for a Women’s Sanctuary began to take root several years ago. However, it was her death that really woke up my inner “DO SOMETHING” warrior(ess).

While her death hit me very hard, devastated me actually, it was not really that much of a surprise she got cancer. After years of abuse, her beautiful heart/mind/body/soul could only take so much. She went quickly, within weeks. I have since felt her around me and feel she is at peace and really in her own deep way, wanted to leave this Earth. Not an easy thing for her friend left behind to process – especially since I am the type to think “if only I could have really DONE something for her!”

So her death got me to thinking about the kind of help the System offers women seeking to escape violent living situations. In a nutshell, it is grossly lacking. It stinks. It sucks. You are expected to get back on your feet quickly, get a job, be self-supporting. Be like the masses. The normal folks. What so many fail to realize is that when you have been abused, you are exhausted. You feel broken. You are deeply traumatized.  You have issues of trust and self-worth.

What these women need is a place to heal. A place where they can go and receive the unconditional help they so need. Without judgment. Without control. Without expectations.

My Business Model would consist of the following:

A place to stay for the woman and her children (if any) for as long as is needed.

A place where the woman is given the chance to truly heal by providing a variety of healing modalities, including but not limited to:

1) Counseling

2) Massage and other body work

3) Energy work

4) Trauma release therapy

5) Personal empowerment training

6) Personal coaching (to determine what she wants to do next with her life – then provide her the tools and resources to help her create her vision.)

7) Support group(s)

8) Healthy meals

9) Peaceful grounds – surrounded by nature

10) Private apartments

11) Exercise classes – yoga, martial arts, weight room

As you can see, a variety of services to help the woman heal – TRULY heal – mind, body and soul.

I believe every city, big and small, can benefit from such a model.

We owe it to the Susie’s of the world and their children to provide them with nothing less.

Dandelion ~ Mega Healing And Food Source


Editor’s note:  I encourage my girl to blow around the “dandelion puffs”, telling her she’s spreading food and healing.  ♥

Meadow, Dandelion, Garden, Plant, Yellow

Uses of Dandelion Root and Leaves

Perhaps we wouldn’t be so quick to remove this “backyard weed” if we were more familiar with the myriad of uses it has. The entire dandelion plant can be used and if you have a safe (non-sprayed) source in your yard or community, you can consider harvesting it yourself.

Here are some of the ways to use dandelion:

Coffee Substitute

Dandelion root is tougher and more hardy than the leaf and is often used in decoctions and tinctures for this reason. The powder is often added in coffee substitutes (my favorite is Dandy Blend). The root is considered a natural diuretic and is sometimes used for this purpose.


Dandelion root and leaf are often listed as the ingredients of  teas and poultices for abscesses and sores, especially on the breast and in female health remedies as they can help support lactation and remedy urinary issues.

According to Mountain Rose Herbs:

Chopped dandelion root can be combined with myrrh to make a poultice for boils and abscesses, with honeysuckle flowers to make a tea to be drunk to treat boils and abscesses, with skullcap and/or chrysanthemum flowers to make a tea to be drunk to treat sore eyes, or with heal-all to treat hard phlegm in bronchitis. Can also be administered in capsule or extract form for convenience.

Dandelion Tea

The flower can be used to make tea and even to make some types of wine. The leaves and root can also be used in teas, though they have a stronger taste and are often combined with other synergistic herbs for flavor and increased nutrient absorption.

Salads and Greens

The leaves can be consumed fresh on a salad or in recipes as well as substituted for greens like kale and collards in recipes or cooking. The antioxidant rich leaves are the most diuretic part of the plant so while they can be consumed regularly, it is important to maintain hydration too.

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5 Things To Do To Assist In The Shift To New Earth


Editor’s note:  Some good advice (of which I need to remind myself of daily). Definitely need to give #4 some effort.  I have been engaging in #5 for months now as part of my nightly, before-bed meditation.  

Ascension, Celestial, Planet, Heaven

by Michelle Walling, CHLC
Guest writer, In5D.com

Many people are seeing the evidence that we are undergoing the shift to a New Earth right now. Since we have never done it this way before in awakened consciousness, it may not seem like you expected it to. In order to bring the final shift closer into our reality, there are some important steps you can take to assist in blending the two realities for Earth and humanity.

As the old matrix crumbles and we bring in the New Earth energies in to merge with our reality, we want to focus on:

 1. Ground in the new energies with your body

Being in nature and doing conscious grounding techniques are essential to the process of merging the two realities. THIS is what many of us came here to do!

2. Be aware of your thoughts and actions

There is a whole new layer here that hasn’t been brought to light before. The dark forces are playing our old song over and over to us like a broken record in the matrix. Most of the time at the point we are at right now, it doesn’t mean you haven’t dealt with it. It is more like a groundhog day illusion and if you can recognize that, you can move those thoughts out of your head easier.

3. Be in love as much as possible

This means doing things that you love, being around people that you love, and staying in a high vibration.

4. Integrate parts and pieces of you

This includes “frozen” aspects of yourself that may have jumped outside of yourself with traumatic experiences in this lifetime and others. Because of the help of the quantum energy fields that we are being bathed with at this time, the intention and action to clear that energy and integrate it back into our hearts is all it takes. Continue to do this ritual until you feel like there are no more parts of you that are not integrated.

5. Activate your DNA

You have the power to bring the white light from the center of the cosmos into your cells to activate your DNA. You also have the ability to talk to you cells and tell them that you want all of your 12 strands of DNA to be healed and turned on. You can make this a part of your daily meditation and/or forgiveness and self love ceremony.

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