Getting Triggered?

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I am in the middle of reading an article, which you can find here, in which it is mentioned that many of us are getting very triggered right now on certain issues.  This triggering is said to be happening due to the collapsing timelines and is allowing us to fully release while also allowing for the previous timeline(s) in which this issue(s) existed to be dissolved.

Oooh, I thought.  I like the sounds of that!  Very resonating.

Instead of continuing on with my read, I was guided to do a little experiment that I wish to share with you.  It’s short and simple ~ the way I like such exercises (I get lost/bored when I engage in 5, 10, 15, etc. step processes).

I communicated with my Higher Self and asked her how SHE wished me to look at my particular trigger.

Immediately I received an answer.

I then asked how I could transform the energy and heal.

Again, an immediate answer.

(Higher Self is obviously every bit as ready to heal from this one particular trigger issue as am I!)

Give it a try and if you are comfortable, let me know of your experience and/or success.

This moment was also a very beautiful moment of synchronicity as I had also finished reading a piece on listening to our Intuition (which I will be posting here in a bit).  While reading the list, I mentally added my own way my Intuition communicates with me and that is often through articles I read.

The next article I was is the one referenced above.


Love The Universe.  Love Her Flow.





Some Humor ~ What The Heck Was That?!

Editor’s note: I laughed so hard watching this ~ I subscribed to his channel.  

*SUBITITLED* what the heck was that?! 😂

Helloooo, Nibiru

Editor’s note:  Or Planet X.  Or whatever this Celestial Object is.  Check out the 2:36 mark especially.  I first heard from Simon Atkins, PhD in the fall of 2015 that Nibiru was an inner-dimensional object.  This video seems to back up that theory along w/the fact that her sightings have been and continue to be random.  The SIZE of this object – compared to Gaia.  Wow!  Just Wow!

STEREO History Lessons – Learning a lot is Going on

Divine Feminine Energies Coming in, to Balance Masculine Activations

Editor’s note: I feel I need to take a year long Spiritual Shower to cleanse the lifetimes of accumulated energies in my space ~ especially after reading this piece.  

By Jelelle Awen, 03/30/2017

Solar geostorms, sun spot flare ups, photonic light waves beaming down through sun rays…..all this outside activity of stirring and churning, blaring and flaring. It is a fiery picture, isn’t it? A rather masculine energy. Many souls are tuning into this activation energy that ignites and wakes UP as it stimulates our light bodies, our emotional bodies, our mental bodies, our social bodies (new one for me to name, yet feels SO TRUE). 

All these bodies are like planets in our inner galaxy rotating around the orbit of our soul and the sun of our heart and the moon of our unconscious. All this stimulation can bring up symptoms and unease and detox in all of these bodies too as the 3D self and unaware ego resist, release, and ultimately let go at a rate and pace negotiated by the higher self.

In the physical body as it transitions to 5D light body UP can come the residues of what we have chosen and lived on a cellular level. The toxicities and energies we have taken in of eating BEings that have been killed; the frequencies of chemicals and foods made in laboratories; the exchanges during sexuality that weren’t based in love but something less; the habits and patterns that lead to less vital experience of body, INdigestion. And again, the 3D self can amplify these symptoms, make them worse, grab onto them, suffer or linger in them and the love of the growing higher self embodied YOU invites a moving on, holding space, yet, keep moving on into love.

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250 Year Old Dormant Russian Volcano Wakes Up

Russian Volcano Wakes After 250 Year Sleep

Dear Readers ~ Another Request

Hello Dear Readers~

Yes I know, another request.  I’m not comfortable at all asking for help, but this is a serious request, one I must make.

I’ll get right to it.

I would like to ask if my regular readers would consider making a small donation monthly.  Whatever you can afford.

I started this site, as I have previously said, for the reasons of sharing my thoughts as well as make an income for myself and my family.  I have no intention of making this a pay-only site, which is why I set up the donation button.  However making money off of ads has not proven to be beneficial.

So if this resonates with you and you feel comfortable making a monthly donation, please do so.  My finances are a real struggle for me and I don’t want to have to give up this blog to pursue something else.  I’m intending I won’t have to.  And you can help me with that.

I hope you take this message in the humble spirit in which it is given.

Thank you and as always, blessings to all of you.  


Check Out The Vision Alignment Project

Editor’s note:  I just signed up for their daily visions.  You read through then hit the “YES” button indicating you align w/the vision.  Collective Intentions are very powerful.  Check them out here to have their daily visions sent to your inbox.  ♥

The Vision Alignment Project

A Vision for Mother Earth

We envision our Mother Earth in her Highest Light, where all the waters, everywhere, are pure and clean; where all the plants and animals who dwell in and around the water are living their lives happily, healthfully, and joyfully; where everyone who depends upon the water for their leisure or their livelihood is grateful for the abundance they enjoy;

where the skies are true blue and clear; where all man-made clouds are a thing of the past; and where every breath we breathe is sweet, vibrant, and life supporting;

where the land – everywhere we go, everywhere we look – is pristine and pulsating with life; where the trees are radiant and beautiful, the farms and gardens flourishing with fruits and foods of all kinds in all places; where the animals, both wild and domestic, are respected and guaranteed to live their days in peace and safety;

where the people are honoring and caring for one another in every land, in every home, in every way;

and where Mother Earth, herself, is tended to like a garden; where her beauty is celebrated always; where her beaches, her deserts, her pastures and prairies, her meadows and mountaintops are sacred to all who walk there; and where her Highest Good is considered and honored.

And, finally, we see Mother Earth as a living entity, evolving on her own and joyous on her journey as she becomes a brighter star. We see a Mother Earth who is proud of us, proud of all of us, because we have done what we came here to do.