In Need Of Chocolate

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Gripe time.  Having tech issues with the site.  Have spent the past 2 hours researching how to fix them.  Brain isn’t comprehending.  Hiring someone is out of the question.

I feel like Charlton Heston when he gave that famous speech and ended it by holding up his weapon and saying “from my cold dead hands.”  I rather feel that way about my money these days.  System wants it?  They can provide me a marketing and tech assistant, pro bono, until revenue comes in.

Until then, homemade chocolate will have to suffice.

Of which I am now shoveling into my mouth.

Antarctic Markings Discovered ~ Snowden Tweets and Electric Anonamalies at North Pole

4.26 – Antarctic Markings Discovered, Snowden Tweets, Electric Anomalies @ North Pole

Strange Magnetics Indicate “Lurking” Presence

WSO – Strange Magnetics Indicate Lurking Presence – Solar Wind Mellows Out

Interesting Intel

Received via e-mail as originally sourced from terrancognito website.  We shall see…

“NOTE: Yesterday I was received information that remaining Earth controllers unwilling to release humanity from the Earth slavery systems have made their choices in the prior 72 hours and have been removed from form on the Earth by Source.   You may hear of some well known figures in the news soon.  That’s all I will say about that.  Expect rapid shifts on the planet from now on.”

A Plethora of Heart-Felt Thoughts


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I have a friend who has health issues (like who doesn’t these days, right?) who is also in need of housing.  Being on disability, combined with the (insane!) cost of rentals in the area, is making her choices very limited.  It aches my heart. I have intended myself to have the resources of a philanthropist for a long while now so that I can help people like my friend ~ and I am not giving up on that dream.  I would love nothing more right now, nothing more, than to write her a check and say “here you go ~ go get yourself stable!”  Whoever says “money can’t buy you happiness” does not understand the new age fluff behind those words.

Nonsense!  It was likely a Rockefeller or Royal who came up the phrase to quiet the masses they have controlled.

I know many of you can agree money has quite often ended up in the wrong hands, “wrong” because of the greed that has gone on among the elite for so very long.  There are plenty of resources ~ of all kinds ~ to ensure everyone has safe, secure housing, healthy food and water, education and healing.  You all know that.

I have followed a variety of intel for some time now.  We all know the phrase “use discernment”, which is important, and yet how many of us are just damn weary of using our discernment, either resonating with a message or not being sure about it only to have the info. turn out to be false.  This is why I always appreciate it when people do share their intel and it turns out to be false, they have a big enough heart and a small enough ego to admit they missed the mark.

We all want the Truth as to what’s going on behind the scenes in the world of money, politics, health and healing, disclosure, Ascension, the truth about Gaia and the Universe/Cosmos.  And knowing that Truth is every bit as much of a basic human right as are the issues mentioned above.  

Currently there is talk that the RV has already begun.  The restored U.S. Republic, already in progress.  Healing tech, about ready to be released. Pipe dreams?  Truth?  Who knows.

All I know is that the unnecessary suffering of far too many people has gone on long enough.  How many more people have to die or remain sick due to lack of accessing healing methods that work?  How many more people have to lose their homes?

We all deserve liberation.  Freedom.  Sovereignty.

Not some day.


Fake Fake Fake (news, that is)


People are still falling for the propaganda?

Sourced from here.  


DNA As A Fractal Torsion Antenna and Activating With Holistic Health


Editor’s note:  I truly appreciate Jordan’s work.  Please support him and his work by subscribing to his channel.  A very awakened young man, folks.

DNA as a Fractal Torsion Antenna and Activating it with Holistic Health

Hello Everybody is it Wednesday, April 26, 2017 1:43pm PST


I am copying dutchsinse who always greets his viewers on his youtube channel with similar words.  I find it sweet.

I have an idea to keep this site going.  If everyone who is a regular reader would commit to donating $1 – $5/month, I could keep this thing going. I am deeply appreciative of those who have donated and just as appreciative as those who regularly read and comment, both here and in private.

Thank you and blessings to each of you.


A Little Twist on the Signal Emanating From Enshi, China

Current read as of 12:24am, PST.

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Another Lemuria Experience



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I had another Lemuria experience a few nights ago, friends.

I haven’t been feeling so well lately.  I’m currently working on healing what I believe to be a decades long issue of candida/fungus and so I started a treatment protocol about 10 days ago and I’m starting to feel the effects.  Mostly the biggest symptom being this drain, a new type of fatigue, where it feels like my energy force is being drained.  I’ve also been quite grumpy lately, and until this dream visit I had of Lemuria, I was feeling uninspired Spiritually and felt it was showing in my personal writings on this site.  And this was really bothering me. I figured my Higher Self and Source would guide me out of this if only I would accept and surrender, which I did.

The night of my experience, I went to bed about 2-3 hours earlier than normal.  I fell asleep quickly and, well, went to Lemuria (or wherever that place was when we were last High Vibe Light Bodies is).

And when I say I “went to” I mean I left my body and traveled.  This is a highly unusual experience for me.

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