We Are Multi-Dimensional Beings

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I have been chanting the phrase “I Am a multi-dimensional Being” daily for months now.  It’s part of my nightly meditation I do before I go to sleep.  However, you can chant a phrase as often as you want.  It isn’t until you not only believe it but know the truth of the statement, which comes through the feeling part of our bodies, that the mantra will become a reality.

Today as I headed out to the store, I became tired.  I felt my energy drop. Doesn’t help we are having day number forever of cold rain.  I thought being out of the house and around others would help.  Nope.  Not happening.  I continued to feel tired and antsy.  On edge.

Driving home, I heard “you are a multi-dimensional being” run through my mind, coming from that left side again (call it my “Higher Self Channel”).  That snapped me out of my funk.  I gripped the steering wheel and said “you know, I really AM!”  I stated “I am a multi-dimensional Being.”  Then I called in other parts of Me who were having a more positive experience.  As I did, a chill went through me and my entire mood shifted.  I literally felt my energy rise up.

Is there any way I can explain this?


I just know that, like other experiences I have that come from within and cannot be explained away with logic, if they resonate and produce a positive result, and give me chills/good vibes, then it is Truth.  For me.

Greetings on this Tuesday


I had another vision this morning as I held the moldavite stone.  I could feel myself going from this frequency upwards to the space where we don’t think with our brains but rather we BE and KNOW.  I was trying to think of an answer to something and I heard in that left ear “expand higher and Be and Feel within”.  So I did.  And wow ~ did I feel myself in a much lighter frequency.  Really peaceful.  Of course I got too excited over the experience I didn’t stay in it long enough to get the guidance I was seeking but oh well.  That is where we’re going.  The work lands straight on us to practice going there and staying (well with the help of the increasing energy fields coming at us).

Will be working on the Lemuria piece today.  In the meantime, here’s some cool old music to listen to.  I’m intending it to be played at the Reunion Celebration when this 3d gig is up.

The Science of Ascension


Editor’s note:  Another outstanding video by this young man.  Some good insight to consider regarding where we are and where we (definitely our sun) is going.  

The Science of Ascension – A Quantum Solar Shift

Benjamin Fulford Update ~ April 24, 2017


Editor’s note:  May 1st, eh?  We’ll see…  He is not one to give dates.  At the least, those of us in the states, we can intend the Corporation is removed and a return to the Republic is established.  Aside from that, I don’t have a flying vehicle with pin-point energy weapons so the intention will have to do.  

Benjamin Fulford Update – April 24, 2017

We must all push to make sure the criminal US corporate government is shut down on May 1st

Although hard experience has taught me not to fixate on particular dates, multiple independent sources are all saying something huge might happen on May 1st. In the corporate propaganda media this is the day when a US government shut down will happen unless the debt ceiling is raised.


It is also the day when Puerto Rico, a wholly owned subsidiary of the US corporate government, is expected to go bankrupt.


Sources in the CIA, the gnostic Illuminati, Japanese military intelligence and the Pentagon say this is the day when the world has a fighting chance to permanently shut down the US corporate government and re-establish the Republic of the United States of America known popularly as “the gold ole USA.”

The White Dragon Society is lobbying the US corporate government’s main creditors, Japan and China, to not grant the corporate government any more extensions as long as they remain under Khazarian mafia control. They are being told the controlled demolition of the US corporate government would end financing for endless wars, Daesh, false flag terrorism, the spread of bio-weapons etc. etc.

The Khazarian mafia has become what can only be described as institutionally insane in recent days as the bankruptcy deadline looms. Recent attempts to start World War 3 in Syria and North Korea are being followed up with repeated threats of nuclear and bio-terror and such insanity will no doubt continue until they are permanently put out of business.

It is no coincidence that a new head of the Knights of Malta will be selected on April 29th, just before the US Corporation’s bankruptcy deadline. The Grand Master of the Order, Mathew Festing, was fired recently by the pope ostensibly in a dispute over condoms.


However, sources in Japanese military intelligence, the Italian P2 Freemason Lodge and MI6 all confirm the fascist faction of the Knights of Malta, headed by Festing, was deeply involved in the March 11, 2011 tsunami and nuclear terror attack against Japan. The self-described Satanist Leo Zagami, who sent this writer e-mails threatening to sink Japan into the sea immediately after Fukushima, also claimed to be a leader of the Knights of Malta.

As a side note, a friend recently visited Fukushima with a Geiger counter and was unable to detect anything other than normal background radiation.


In any case, The Knights of Malta, ostensibly a charitable organization, are the oldest military order in the Catholic Church and the fascist faction of that order has been secretly responsible for controlling world leaders through a combination of bribery, threats and murder. In other words, they have been one of the main the enforcement arms of the secret world government. They have also exercised strong influence over the US military as many top brass are Knights of Malta.

So, an election involving 60 knights will in fact have a decisive influence over the future of the planet, especially the USA.

In a related development, international fugitive Henry Kissinger contacted the WDS las week to say that he had cut off his ties with David Rockefeller a long time ago because Rockefeller had “publicly humiliated him.” Sources in the CSIS, claiming to be messengers for Kissinger, say Rockefeller repeatedly had Kissinger serve tea and act like a waiter in front of world dignitaries. However, Kissinger was captured by the KGB in the 1960’s, was tortured and converted into a KGB agent going by the code name “Bor,” before he entered President Richard Nixon’s cabinet, these sources are saying. Since that time Kissinger was not really working for Rockefeller, these sources say. The now masterless Kissinger claims he now promotes, along with the Rothschilds, a campaign to release vast sums of money to help the planet, these sources are suddenly saying.

It seems like the WDS recommendation to concentrate firepower on the CSIS hit an important nerve. We shall see if anything happens on May 1st as these people promise. However, as a general rule, we must never trust these snakes so, do not count on them suddenly changing their stripes on a certain date. We have to keep pressing the attack until they move aside.

To this end, it is worth noting that George Bush Sr. checked himself into hospital to avoid arrest last week. This happened at around the same time former president Barack Obama was released on conditional custody in Chicago after he blabbed everything he knew about the Bush/Clinton drug operations. With David Rockefeller, Pope malevolent and others down, Bush Sr is the last big domino standing. Let us see how long he holds out.

Continue Reading at …… http://benjaminfulford.net/2017/04/24/we-must-all-push-to-make-sure-the-criminal-us-corporate-government-is-shut-down-on-may-1st/

Sourced from here.


My Moldavite Stone Came


Image result for moldavite image

As out there as I go at times, by nature I am a very skeptical person. While I can let myself get carried away at times with fantastical ideas and visions, there is a solid voice within me that pulls me back and says “not until you can prove this, my dear.”

I have a variety of rocks and crystals throughout the house.  I wear particular stones and pendants for protection and the like.  However, I can say I have never physically “felt” anything in my body emanating from the stones/rocks I have.  Not that they don’t have their own energy, properties and uses.  I believe they do.

Then I ordered a Moldavite stone (which is actually a Tektite, which comes about when earthly/terrestrial rocks melt with high velocity meteorites and the like of extraterrestrial origin. A nice little marriage).

It arrived today.

One word:  Wow!

Now two:  Holy SHIT!

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The Sun Moved Back To Its Original Position


I wouldn’t have believed it myself if I hadn’t seen the glow tonight.  As I shared last week, the Sun was suddenly (as in overnight) setting much farther north than normal.  Tonight, the glow of the sun was further south, returning to the same position as it should be this time of year.  A friend on facebook, who follows the sun, also confirmed today that this morning she noticed the sun was back in its original location, having been off the previous days: “Had to come back and say the sun moved back to where is was before this morning!! ☀️☀️ The world is getting wonkier and wonkier” (posted 14 hours ago).

Here’s the picture from this evening, 7:40pm, PST, followed by the pic taken 3 days ago, 3 houses down, underneath.  (sorry for the quality – tonight’s sunset was rather muted)  Dorothy, we aren’t in Kansas anymore.  The cause?  Well, a large gravitational mass could create such a wobble, something like Nibiru.  I don’t discuss that on here, certainly not for some time, but I believe it is an inner-dimensional object, likely a massive craft given it’s unusual patterns of movement.


The Myth Of Over-Population and Finite Resources


I am finished listening to those who espouse the mantras of over-population/finite resources/not enough resources for the number of people we have.

NONSENSE.  These are leftest agendas promoted by people who are really practicing eugenics.

I remember years ago listening to video of a Scientist who was speaking at a conference on over-population.  There was talk of actually allowing certain viruses and the like to spread without human intervention/assistance to reduce the population.  Those words earned him a standing ovation.  I was appalled.  Would he or any of the other bots applauding him be willing to sacrifice any of his family members, let alone himself, for the “common good”?

Number one Gaia has PLENTY of land mass to house us.  And given we have been lied to by every facet of the system, it wouldn’t surprise me to discover we actually have more land mass than what we are being told.

Number two Gaia certainly does provide ample resources to provide for our basic needs.

The problem is the people running the system and how they have farmed the land, their gross management of public lands, and the pollutants dumped into the air, water and environment that destroys life.

We also have an archaic, unsustainable, spiritually bankrupt infrastructure.  Given humans only occupy approx. 10% of the land mass, the infrastructure (highways, biways, corporate farmland) composes approx. 75%.  Well more than half the population lives in urban areas ~ which are very unsustainable. Human beings ~ Spiritual beings ~ are not designed to live clustered together.  By design, we need and desire to live in nature.  Cities are a place to visit ~ not live in.

We have lost our roots, our connection w/nature.

We have lost our connection with one another.

This happened because we lost our connection with Ourselves.

We need to return to living in small communities.

We need to put an end to corporate farming and return all of that land to Organic Farmers.  Community farms, providing for the food needs of their local community.

We need to eliminate the big chemical companies who are guilty of poisoning our food, water, air, environment.

We need to eliminate the concrete jungles of highways, biways and the like.  Instead let’s release the flying car tech and introduce us (again) to the ability to teleport.

Taking to heart the words of John Lennon, there are no problems, only solutions.  Those solutions are doable and often right under our nose.

7.1 Strikes off the Coast of Chili


Of note, once again, the heliplots are registering this earthquake globally – all except Enchi, China, which continues to show the strange signal.  I’m saying it’s a 7.1 as Dutchsinse (youtube and patreon channels) called it as a 7.1 and says the USGS has since upgraded it from the 6.9 read below.  

Magnitude 6.9 earthquake
41 km from Valparaíso, Chile · 2:38 PM

Heliplot Image

Enchi, China read




Current Solar Wind Speed ~ 1.618 Million MPH


Converted from km/sec.  Kapow!  Current read via spaceweather.com.  


Solar wind
speed: 723.7 km/sec
density: 8.4 protons/cm3
more data: ACE, DSCOVR
Updated: Today at 2310 UT

X-ray Solar Flares
6-hr max: B1
1812 UT Apr23
24-hr: B3
0306 UT Apr23
explanation | more data
Updated: Today at: 2300 UT

Thoughts On Boundaries


Self Confidence, Self Safety, Heart

Well, what an interesting week this has been.  There have been some challenges for me, as I have shared.  And I am processing and dealing so that I may let go.  Today, over my left shoulder, I heard “it’s ok to love yourself and be gentle with yourself as you heal from this”.  I felt my Higher Self embrace me.  I immediately softened.

My internal dialogue, after I have been hurt, is something like this:  “Why did this happen?  I don’t understand!  Why?….Ok, why did you let this happen to you?  What’s wrong with you?”

Obviously none of that is helpful.  lol

So today, after I wailed on my punching bag, I took some deep breaths and went about making lunch for the family.  That is when I heard my Higher Self speak.

Healing from my pains must include being loving and gentle with myself. No exceptions. 

The challenges of this week surrounded boundaries.  And I had begun to backslide into self-blame (after I went through the anger stuff) on this issue until one of my awesome readers pointed out that there are people who will simply be unable to respect the boundaries of another, even when the individual has made their boundaries clear and solid and consistent.

I was very grateful for those words of Truth.  For this was most indeed my experience, overall, this past week.

And it was no coincidence these experiences cropped up in such a big way after the energies that began last weekend.  The dark is clinging onto all it can, likely finding pieces of our ego’s that are still in doubt and fear to grab onto and try and provide sustenance to those seeds of doubt.

See through the Illusion.

It’s all bullshit.

Make care-taking of YOU #1.


Be so Authentically Bright, others will either repel and run away or will be inspired.

Gaia is goin’ up.

And we are going up with Her.


I will be working on a new piece this week on Lemuria.  I had another experience last night while I slept ~ this time I left my body and traveled back to that particular time period and saw myself.  I received such profound information, I know it is meant to be shared with those of us who resonate with this “Lemuria Is Calling” experience.  It was a very moving experience.  Anyway, look for it this week sometime.