Today’s Insights ~ Oh So Close To That Finish Line


Good evening folks~

Going to type this one up quickly as I am semi-cognizant.

I felt something in me shift today.  It was subtle but noticeable.  It’s almost as though a bag of fear left me.  This came a couple of hours after I received a message in my message place (in or near water).  I suddenly could “see” my people, who are currently in the higher dimensions, those people I shared a life with where I came from before I set out on this mission lifetimes ago.  I heard and felt I did indeed choose to be a part of Earth’s Liberation.  I could have chosen to be a part of this mission in a higher dimensional plane, but instead wanted to be here on Earth, the “ground crew”, carrying out the mission.  I can see my feisty self saying “Those bastards took us out.  No way am I going to miss out on being in on that gig to help reclaim what was and is rightfully ours right at ground level!”

I knew I was part of the original higher dimensional human tribes on this planet.  I knew this was a risk and there was no guarantee as to how many lifetimes I would participate in in this lower dimensional reality until the Liberation.  We continued to return here, knowing about the reincarnation grid of the matrix and the controls put in place, but we did so in order to keep the planet and well, the human race, from becoming completely “deadened”.  Little sparks of Truth, if you will.

Am I making any sense?  It came to me so fast, I was recording myself and talking very quickly and animated.

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Strange Anomaly Frequency Reading Continues in Enshi China


Current read ~ 8:14pm PST.

Heliplot Image

Schumann Resonnance Bursts And Its Effect on Human Consciousness

Editor’s note:  The video I said I would be sharing.  VERY good explanation. Watch, enjoy and consider becoming a subscriber of this young man’s channel.  

The Schumann Resonance Bursts and Affects on Human Consciousness


Strange Alien/Unknown Frequency

Editor’s note:  This signal, not seen before, showed up on the Heliplots (which I follow).  As of the publishing of this article, it had been going on for 24 hours continuously.  

On April 19, 2017 a very strange seismogram signature shows up from the middle of China, near the ancient city of Enshi.

Reports of strange events throughout the world continue, like the caldera of the Turrialba Volcano in Costa Rico which exploded unexpectedly on April 17, 2017.

I don’t know if UFOs were involved in the sudden eruption of the volcano but it is remarkable that two unidentified flying objects have been spotted close to another volcano (Irazu volcano) in Costa Rica days before the Turrialba volcano erupted. The sighting is reported to The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) under case nr. 83221.

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Has The Event Already Begun in Asia?

Editor’s note:  You know my thoughts on channeling so please use discernment, as always.  I am posting this because according to this piece, this “event” began on Sunday, which was the day the Schumann went off the charts as I mentioned in this piece and an unknown frequency began emitting out of China yesterday, the 19th (which I will be posting).  Plus there was a huge pulse of energy that came in on the 18th, which I reference here.  Put it all together and well, who knows, right?  I will tell you intuitively I have felt there will not be a WW3 played out on this planet (certainly not on the timeline I am intending and creating).  I recently had a dream as well where I saw the Solar Flash (which is likely part of the Event – perhaps the final piece) – and what it did to the skies and the people.  I wrote about it here.

Montague Keen via Veronica Keen – April 16, 2017

Sananda April 19, 2017

Montague Keen (channeled information)

This is an important message for you, my friends. The tables have turned and the Cabal now finds itself in difficulties. Two sets of ETs prevented the recent missile attack. This operation will be repeated over and over, no matter who fires the missile. Control has been taken out of the hands of the Cabal. They are quickly coming to realise that their game is over. They find themselves exposed for all to see. It has taken some time to achieve this, but their claws were everywhere, so we had to be thorough.

On Sunday 16th April 2017, the EVENT began in Asia. It was necessary to begin the process there. On Tuesday 18th, the Event extended all over the world. Be alert for all evidence of this, as the Cabal will do all in its dwindling power to prevent you observing it. Two leaders of the Zionists will be captured. They are responsible for all the death and destruction that is happening everywhere. The head of the snake must be removed first, then all will follow as it should. Work together to salvage whatever you can from the carnage left by the Cabal.

We, on this side of life, have had to work very hard to bring this about. There were only a few on Earth who could take on board what we were working towards. 2017 and 2018 will show clearly what our plans were, and continue to be for the future. Fear is being pushed on you by the Cabal through their TV and newspapers. You are being lied to. Do not believe their lies.

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4th Density Portal and the 5th Dimension


Editor’s note:  Appreciate the easy-to-follow explanation.  

There is a lot of information from both the metaphysical community and the main stream quantum physics community in regards to dimensions. The question is what are dimensions and how do they tie in to the ascension process that is happening on the planet. The ascension portal that we are going through is synonymous with a dimensional shift. Channeled beings such as Bashar and Adronis and metaphysical/ancient scriptures have spoken about a time where humanity will shift from the current reality or paradigm into a higher vibratory one. This new paradigm is called the fifth dimension or the fourth density. This is the 4D portal that we are currently going through. From my research and understanding, we currently exist in the third density (not the third dimension). The third density is the 4d portal known as the fourth density. So for example: if you are living in the fourth dimension you are also in the third density; if you are living in the 5th dimension, you are in the fourth density. We are moving into the fifth dimension. This dimension represents 3 dimensions of space and 2 dimension of time. The importance of this information is that we currently exist in 2 dimensions of space and 2 dimension of time (which is why time is linear). With two dimensions of space we have duality and also we have a beginning and an end. Time is linear within this reality. In the next reality we move into 3 dimensions of space so time becomes more fluid and is no longer linear.

To the individual who knows nothing of what I am speaking about, this may sound confusing. Here is a breakdown of the 4d portal that we are going through and what is occurring on our planet… The vibration of the planet is increasing. We are all made up from atoms that vibrate. These quantum particles are measured in hertz. There are tools, practices and energies that influence the vibration of our atomic structure. Low energy and low vibratory emotions such as hate, lust and anger vibrate very slowly, whereas higher vibrations such as compassion and unconditional love vibrate at a faster speed. Due to some galactic and universal alignments, our position in our galaxy, the end of the Piscean zodiac and beginning of the Age of Aquarius and the conscious awareness of self-realization occurring on our planet… our collective vibratory frequency (measured in hertz) is raising.

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Massive Disclosures In Babylon 5 TV Series

Editor’s note:  A most FASCINATING read.  Covers everything.  Truth is there when we seek it.  

Posted on

Out of all of the movies, television shows and other forms of media used to disclose various truths to the public this show has to be the crown jewel. It has almost everything. The solar flash, the operations to liberate Earth, the Cosmic Anomaly, the Jesuits, super soldiers, the Resistance, the Galactic Confederation, a secret space program, Blue Spheres, Ascended Beings, the Illuminati/Freemasons and much more as you are about to read.

I took 9 pages of notes and binge-watched 4 seasons of this show with 22 or 23 episodes for each season. I couldn’t believe how many dots were connected and how information-dense this show was with each passing episode. As you will see someone deep within-the-know was feeding the creator/writer of this show very high-up information and intel.

I found the easiest way to organize all this information would be to alphabetize it and organize everything by category. I have pictures and videos of everything that I thought was significant enough to record and document.

First I will provide a synopsis to the show to give the readers a baseline idea of what the story line is. The show takes place on a 5 mile-wide Earth-based and taxpayer-funded space station that acts as an intermediary for other E.T. races to come and create peaceful and diplomatic relations and trade, kind of like our moon.

It is located in a neutral area of space and acts as an officially recognized embassy by Earth and by the associated non-terrestrial beings who are referred to as ambassadors that are appointed to represent their governments. It is the result of a devastating Earth-Minbari war that took place in in the recent past.

  • Ascended Beings

Beings that call themselves the Vorlons use Organic Technology (the ships are alive) and exist inside encounter suits to contain/hide their true form. In one episode the being ambassador Kosh left his suit to save the captain of the crew and all of the beings that saw him saw their version of their religious leader; Jesus and so on.

Kosh once said he couldn’t leave his suit or else everyone would recognize him. This gives more credit to the idea that we create our realities and the higher beings identify with what we believe and take that form in order not to frighten us upon contact.

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Yes Dorothy, Life IS Supposed To Be Easy!


Unterwilzingen, Community, Village

I was such an annoying child.  Well in truth I was deeply curious and wanted to know WHY to everything.  In fact, when I was around 3, long car trips with me would annoy my parents so much, they would bring along those jujyfruit candies.  They were chewy and long-lasting, making it difficult for me to talk.  Today I don’t know whether to laugh or cry over that.

It’s just Who I Was.

So the questions continued until I had heard “Oh Victoria you…” (fill in the blank) enough times that many of my bubbles and observations became an inward experience.

The questions, however, didn’t slow down.

I can remember wondering why my daddy had to spend all day doing things he hated.  Why did he have to be gone so many hours of the day? And what was this “retirement” I kept hearing him talk about, hearing enough that I learned this “retirement” thing would bring him relief and happiness.

Why couldn’t he have retirement now, I wondered.

And why did we have to pay to eat?  And have a house?  And keep ourselves warm?  Why?  I didn’t get it.  (Thankfully I was never forced to go to church, thanks to a dad who despised religion and saw the hypocrisy of it or else I would have had some very strong thoughts on that deal – even as a young child).  And why did I have to sit at a desk and memorize things I ended up forgetting?  (However, I learned the desk could be used as a nice place to nap.)  And why oh why did I have to get these shots to make me healthy?  I thought someone had told me God gave me an immune system to keep me healthy.

I can remember one moment in my teen years when I finally burst out, “Screw this!  Life is supposed to be EASY!”  I was young but I KNEW it in every cell of my body that I was speaking a profound truth.

That earned me, uh, zero support.  lol  Just more looks.  (Yes, I do drink a special kind of kool-aid.)

The questions kept coming until I exited the public school system.  Oh so thankful the indoctrination didn’t silence my curiosity or my mouth.

It was in my mid-20’s when the visions began to accompany the questions.

A way of living that was, easy.  E A S Y.

Tribal living.  Technology that kept us off the grid.

We grew our own foods.

There was no money and no need for it.

We were vibrant and healthy.

We had healers.

And yehaw, some of us could fly and travel anywhere we wanted – IN OUR OWN BODIES.  Or with flying cars.

Governments?  Didn’t see any of that.

War?  Nope.  No need (see the above).

It wasn’t as though there weren’t problems or challenges.  There were. However, they were solvable ~ with little effort.  (Remove the middle man, bot drama and laws that violate our Sovereignty and solutions are easy to employ.)

At the time I was both excited and perplexed.  It felt so familiar to my body, I knew I was not only seeing the future but also the past.

However, I was also perplexed because, still only in my 20’s, looking around at the outer world, such a way of life seemed impossible.

Today, I obviously hold an altogether different perception.

This way of living is not only possible but an absolute.

For we learn NOTHING useful when we struggle.  When we suffer.  When we get sick.


This is why I get annoyed as anything at some of the Spiritual Community who fall for the trap of “suffering is necessary for growth.”


Much of human suffering is unnecessary for it is caused by the very systems of darkness that create it to begin with.  Disease.  Poverty.  Divide and conquer.  Indoctrination of lies in our schools and churches.  GMO’s. Chemtrails.  Pollution in our water and foods and air.  And lastly, the strands of DNA that geneticists like to call “junk dna” which of course as we know by now were really turned off and altered by off-world beings who robbed us of our way of Being and put in things like the cancer cells and viruses and gave us their lovely reptilian brain and blah blah blah. You all know the story.

Remove ALL of this darkness and restore us to Sovereignty and Health and Tribal Living and you will eliminate almost every bit of suffering.

And hey, isn’t that a much better way to Live as Christ Conscious Beings?

So those in the Spiritual Community, you can go ahead and let yourselves suffer away, thinking you are somehow advancing and learning.

I myself prefer to have the damn Truth of Who I Am fully returned and the freedom and means to live as I outlined above with my Tribe.


Without intrusion or hassle.

A life where pushing the “Easy” button is not just some annoying commercial but a Reality.



A Vision For Freedom From Debt

Taken from the Vision Alignment Project, which you may sign up for and receive beautiful global visions 3 times/week.


A Vision for Freedom from Debt

We envision a world free of debt of all kinds; a world where all debt has been forgiven, all usury stopped, every slate wiped clean, every heart opened and mind freed because people everywhere are giving and sharing with each other.

We see a system of exchange based on abundance instead of encumbrance, equality instead of slavery, conscience instead of competition, opportunity instead of obligation, gratitude instead of greed. We see all peoples, everywhere, enjoying equal access to all good things, and with this comes a blossoming in the soul of humanity such as has never before been seen throughout the whole of time.


Hold On Ascension Folks ~ Big Incoming Energy Wave Arriving Tomorrow (4/18)

Editor’s note:  I found this person’s blog going through my comment section – he/she happened to leave a comment.  I decided to take a peek (check it out yourself – it’s a great site) and found this article which stood out.  I have felt like a zombie all day and have had ringing in my ears (now my right ear – switched from being in my left – maybe this means I am balancing out).  

Big Wave Inbound

Several of us had the same dream, so we decided to share. Here’s M2’s version:

The following is METAPHORIC, not literal…
In a dream last night, I saw what I’ve seen in dreams several times — though this time with a difference. I saw a massive tsunami rise above the Pacific Coast, rising 20,000 feet in a massive wall of water… which alarmed me at first, causing me to run UP some stairs at the beach to get away from it… but I paused at the top, as something was different from previous dreams. As I watched, the whole wave suddenly broke into a bazillion droplets, fizzing into a massive fall of rain all over the length of CA. I then saw the state from above, as a vast mass of water in the form of rain inundated the state. Just before I awoke, I saw smaller blue waves coming in, gently, some with whitecaps.Note that the following has to do with ENERGY. I asked my guides and they said that this massive Wave X influx of energy was coming 4/19. This is NOT The Event, but is a significant — and unstoppable — energy influx. It was gynormous in the dream, so how can The Event be any bigger?? No idea. The PTW cannot stop this energy. Nothing could. I expect it to be more dramatic than the 4/2 energy event.

We also have this latest from Diane Canfield that’s a must-read, as well as the latest from Sophia Love. We’re not sure how this is going to play out, or what the effects will be, but this date is within 7-10 days of when sunspot AR2644 reappears. Stay tuned.

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