The Currency Reset – More Arrests Worldwide


Editor’s note:  I really like this guy.  Long before I heard of terms like Nesara, RV, GCR and the like, I was having visions and ideas for a new realm, beginning with a redistribution of the wealth followed by a transition away from a monetary-based system.  I feel it is happening and this video speaks of how long ago this started.  Bless the people who are working to bring this forth.  May it continue forward with divine protection and guidance.  

Currency Reset – Bankers Arrested Secretly Worldwide

The Global Financial System Reset is Happening Now

by Clif High

As we are all too clearly aware, the financial system of the planet is flawed. The flaw has reached the point of ongoing failure. For years now, the creeping corrosion has led the mass consciousness into anticipation of what has come to be termed ‘the global reset’. Those who considered the idea of a global financial system reset have speculated that we would be seeing a ‘New Brenton Woods’, and likely subsequent announcement by the G7 at some theatrically appropriate setting.

It was not destined to happen that way.

In fact, the global financial system reset is happening now, started in earnest in January of this year, and is picking up pace. There will be no G7 announcement that is meaningful. By the time of any formal proclamation by the global political figureheads, the reset will be nearly global, and an emergent reality. Indeed, by the time that the G7 figureheads are even made aware of the reset, it will be complete.

We are doing it this time.

We the people.

Not the central governments thinking themselves to be authorities.

This global financial reset is occurring during, and as part of the rise of global populism.

As an expression of that populism, control of money has been taken away from those who have proven themselves flawed in their thinking and character.

It’s not Nesara.

It’s not giant hidden caches of gold.

It’s happening right now, as you are reading these words!

No government can stop it.

No government can control it. No CFR can manipulate it. No fake news can spin it.

No Illuminati mind fuck can hide it.

The global financial reset is happening now.

It’s here!

They, TPTB, the ‘ruling elite’ have reason to fear. Their world crumbles beneath their feet as ours rises.

They, TPTB have reason to fear.

Antarctica is next!


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Energy Report


I had a serious case of wonkiness today.  A first.  Suddenly I felt I had been someplace else – not having a clue where I had been – and then I had to balance again, ground out, tell myself where I was NOW and what I was doing. 


By Lauren C. Gorgo, 05/24/2017

We’ve all been thru some major changes since the last report…changes that have effectively created a level of instability and unpredictability, in some cases those changes may have been life-altering and/or even resulted in our deepest/oldest fears made manifest.

The good news about a fear made manifest is that once we can see, feel and touch it, we can finally and officially move beyond it. For good.

That said, and for those embodying, the next two weeks ahead promise to take those core-level transformations to even greater heights (and deeper depths) as we approach what is being called the “holy fires” and the climax of our rising life force. 

Kundalini is to transmutation what Holy Spirit is to transfiguration.

Life has been anything but certain lately, but what IS certain is that our release from causality has been enabling us to ground so deeply into unity that “certainty” is finally losing it’s luster. We are finding that as we grow in our stability, strength and endurance to maintain a unified state of consciousness at all times now, that we are learning to adapt to the present moment with aplomb, with spontaneity and full trust in our new human capabilities…confident that the road will rise to meet us now, even and especially when we get (momentarily) stuck in those remaining ruts of our past.

Yes, even tho we have officially transitioned out of the lower world and crossed the threshold into the new, the (empty) patterns continue to present…we still carry the imprint of our old template even as those past parts of ourselves and lives are being uprooted from duality and re-rooted in the heartscape of The Garden.  NOTE: when we find ourselves operating from the old template, we just need to let go now…there is no more “work” here, just the acknowledgement and release of old patterns that limit the higher template experience.

This uber complex process of rooting ourcellves in The Garden is so comprehensive, even dis-orienting, but in actuality it is serving to re-orient us to life in the complete opposite (right-side-up) way by which were were accustomed to experiencing life in 3D (upside-down).

The “rooting” (hello relentless root chakra ) is actually a merging (of spirit and matter) as those ensouling have literally been uniting with all the elements of the earth…a process which is bringing our bodies into deeper union with life as our personal and Universal life Force become ONE.

Our sacred Hearts are also activating…aligning with both with the Cosmic Heart of Creation as well as the Heart of Gaia…which means we are right now evolving into the Sacred Keepers of The Garden. This also means that our memory of why we are here and in what capacity we came to serve at this new level is now returning as well.  We are remembering (thru the visceral intelligence of our body) that WE carry the (Eden) blueprint in our Hearts for all others and the planet, a memory that evokes a deep feeling of assuredness that ALL is well…despite the horrors of the dismantling world.

As a result of this merger, our bodies have been assimilating to a much higher frequency which means panic & overwhelm a much higher fuel Source will soon be needed to regenerate and rebirth our form.  (more on that in the sections below)

Simultaneously, or perhaps consequently, we have also been enduring massive body template upgrades due to (or as the result of) so many personal timeline shifts (ultimately convergences), that the concept of time and space is r-e-a-l-l-y warping our perspective…on purpose…both in waking and dream states.

Past, present & future have officially converged into one continuum making it nearly impossible to make distinctions from within that context any longer.  

Parallel timelines are now more clearly perceptible which means we are able to more consciously shift, or jump, to change the course of the past from the present moment.  There’s a learning curve here, and if you are familiar with that which I speak know that while this will take some getting used to, it is also no longer uncommon to “run into yourself” in a different-adjacent running timeline/reality program…or even to join with that alternate timeline to consciously redirect or alter events and outcomes to suit us in more personally empowered ways.

Time is now becoming of a function of the Heart and as we learn to work with it in this new/higher way, we (those of pure heart), are literally rewriting history, rescripting the human story to include the Truth of our existence.  

As I gain more understanding of this new operating system over time I will report on it, but for now just know that bizarre is definitely the new normal.  ©As LOVE, Inc. 2017 All rights reserved.

Permission granted to copy and redistribute The 5D Report’s FREE VERSION ONLY on the condition that the content remains complete, intact, full credit is given to the author, and that it’s distributed freely.

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The Vision Alignment Project ~ A Vision For Our Children


I love this one so much.  Sent in by a mama of 4 and a midwife.  Pure heart vision she has.

We see a world where children are heard for their wisdom, where we know they are one with the source, where we who precede them delightfully call out to the highest aspect of all souls as they enter life through conscious conception and sacred union. We envision a world where being a parent is a very holy occupation, where many are joyful in helping with the upbringing of our children. To honor the children, adults hold council with them on how to design their education and the creation of community that intends the highest good for all future generations.

We see the children having the freedom to explore nature, to spend great hours communing with the trees, the animals, the weather, the rocks, all aspects of their Divine Mother Earth. Our children easily absorb right action of respect, love of self, and love of all from the adults, as we understand that this gives us our greatest joy. As our children begin to blossom into adulthood, there are rituals to celebrate each of their passages, empowering them and us with true purpose. Celebrations occur freely and often, for all of their great accomplishments.

And we see all children being accepted for their talents, all of them having their inner light shining forth, a light that never needs to be dampened or hidden. All the children of the world sing their songs of freedom, and we are all blessed with the tones.

Be Aware Of False Light


Again, I have been attacked by someone, suddenly.  Those of us who have the purest of hearts and the best of intentions and aren’t out to promote a false agenda are receiving our fair share lately.

I will say this ~ I will not be knocked off my path.  Such attacks don’t hurt me any longer.  I have had such similar out-of-the-blue attacks, leaving me to think “where the hell is this coming from and  who really is this person??”, throughout my life.

Intuitively I know why.  I am here to share my version of Love.

I am here to help clarify what it is and what it looks like – in action. Hence the title of this little site.  lol

I am far from perfect, but I know to every part of who I am that when vulnerability and the pureness of one’s heart are shared, there are beings lined up ready to take advantage of that through others.

Love helps.  If it cannot it does not seek to harm through judgments and assumptions.

I do not understand such behavior.  I never have.


My thoughts to those who are sharing their truths from their hearts~

Stick to the course and promptings of your heart.

Trust in what the Universe sends your way.

Discern.  Discern.  Discern.

And remember ~ there are people who will be dressed in pretty angelic clothing but who are, within, false light darkness.  Or unaware this is what they carry.

When you put yourself out there in this manner, in this world of internet anonymity, you set yourself up for anything and everything.  Most has been supportive, joyful and challenging (respectfully and lovingly) as well.

Such challenges like that ~ I can handle.  But not when they come out of the blue or are handed on an ugly plate of passive-aggressive behavior.

A few encounters have only affirmed my Knowing that dark works through others and these others are usually the type to think their sheot don’t stink.  They are above and beyond that.  They have done all their work.  As such they project all over the place.

NO ONE can tell me or you who you are or what you need to do to make it to the finish line.


For me, this journey is about stripping away the layers of opinions, words, and energy binds attached to me as I Return to Self.  Removing the false illusions of little self.  It is a process we are still undertaking, some “further” along than others of course.

There is NO “right” or “wrong” path to Ascension, ok?  If the intention to awaken is pure, we all make it.  Love would have it no other way.

Actually, I wish to stop calling it Ascension every bit as much as I wish to stop using and hearing the word Lightworker.  Instead I prefer the concept Remembering and a Return to Wholeness by stripping away all of the illusions I have created and allowed to be created.

This is an individual journey.

We take in information, process it and spit out what doesn’t resonate.

To judge someone as being on the “wrong” path and that their path is the true path is the EPITOMY of false light.

Who knows this FOR CERTAIN?

Currently there are many in this community who are pointing fingers at one another.  “They are speaking lies.”  “No, THEY are speaking lies.”

What purpose does this serve?


This is petty.

Self-righteous ego drama.

Love is kind.

Love is strong and determined.

I question everything that comes my way.


Sometimes I stumble.

Then I rise back up.

There is no shame in the struggle.

Either we are in this together or we’re not.

We are here to HELP and ASSIST one another ~ when we can.

Encourage one another.

Love doesn’t walk away ~ unless of course there is power-over and abusive behavior.

Pointing fingers in judgment and a sense of power-over is not Oneness.

It is just another part of the dark agenda to keep people divided and small by triggering them with smart-sounding, pretty words that are nothing more than the classic passive-aggressive behavior patterns.

So – not that I should have to say this – but I will.  I am who I am.  I know what Love is.  And now I know for certain what energetic attacks are about. I can tell the difference between words offered up in Love and those offered up in attack form.

So to those doing the attacking ~ I only get more empowered in my Sovereign Self.  My authenticity comes out even more.  My ability to share my perfectly imperfect self solidifies.

I remain with the desire to continue my journey of healing and remembering and I remain here to share that journey with you.



Little Tidbit ~ Maybe A Sign?


Today I suddenly had the urge to go around the house and say “good-bye” to all sorts of things.  I looked at some of our stuff even, said “good bye”. I had this heart-felt feeling to enjoy deeply the time we are spending with a particular neighbor who has been like family to us.  Enjoy those moments deeply.

I looked at old pictures, reminisced, thought for a moment, would I want to go back to certain times?  No.  I knew.  I knew I was ready to go on.

It was a strange experience and I cried some.

I feel the Event has already begun.

Just putting this out there.

Anyone else feel NOTHING they do in this fading reality works?  It’s this feeling, that continues to grow but also becomes more, what, ingrained within and thus easier to relax into…if that makes sense.  It’s just this feeling that we’re in a holding pattern and we have shed so much and are just waiting for the moment to take the next step into our experience, individually and collectively.

I feel it in my body.

What say you?


More Interesting Changes/Disappearances In Our Eco-System


Here’s my own note to add:  My neighbor, who has lived on his property for over 40 years, has a bush w/red berries all over it.  Every year a specific species of birds come and eat all the fruit.  This year?  Not a single bird and all the berries remain.  A first.  As far-fetched at this seems, I feel many of these species are already on New Earth.  No baby hatchlings??  Nature Knows – often before we do.  Obviously, I am very well aware of the poisons and other crimes against nature/humanity that have been perpetrated for decades.  However, I am remaining positive and having faith in New Earth and Ascension.  

“No Hatchlings”- SE Michigan (Rare) | NJ Farmer of 20 Acres “No Flies”!

Latest Sun Capture


Taken last Thursday.  I am posting because there is something off to the right ~ an image ~ that other youtuber’s and the like are sharing as well.  

James Gilliland Latest ~ As You Wish Talk Radio ~ 5/20/2017


Posting for those who like to follow his video’s (and they are really popular on here, according to the stats that is).  Normally I like his video’s, very much resonate with his overall message, but this particular guest was not aware of the spike in the Schumann nor was he aware of the awakening/rise in frequencies humanity is undergoing.  I had to stop watching 20 minutes in for it did not resonate, but it may for some of you.  Enjoy.  

They’re, Uh, Here?


Is this latest somehow different than the rest?  I don’t know.  This was passed along to me via e-mail so I am sharing for you to discern.  Yeah, I know, we’re all tired of the “D” word…

Andromedan Jaitan just sent this to his long lost (now found) love Martha







PS: The skies will soon be filled with guests. Ships have been spotted in the northern skies of Greece a couple of days ago.

We have electrical storms and a cable modem blow out (we had a backup).

They have been on the ground here for about a week where I am… so far unseen but definitely felt. The Yeti are also back guarding the premises.

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