A Healing/Clearing Technique


Pendulum, Metaphysical

I certainly felt an energetic “stab” yesterday, collectively, yet another attempt by the disappearing PTB and their staged event yesterday in Manchester.  22 killed on the 22nd.  The gunman being 22.  You can’t make this shit up anymore.

This is not to dismiss those who were killed.  It is a tragedy.  It is horrid. And it should enrage every truth-seeking, heart-focused individual to know this was just another trick to keep us afraid and willing to give up more rights ~ definitely to lower the collective rising energies of you and me.

Not.  Going.  To.  Happen.

In my own city, we had a violent attack yesterday as well.  This was a highly unusual event here.  And watching the news (for the first time in ages) to get more information on what happened here, I was privy to other acts of horrific violence that occurred yesterday.

As an empath, I felt this in my body.  The fear.  The horrible sense of loss. I went to bed and woke up shaking.  Again.

Enough.  (And I just heard James Gilliland in his latest presentation say “we need to align in the higher frequencies” as I typed “enough”).  Thank you Divine Providence.)

So after getting out of bed and getting onto my social media page, I saw someone’s message on clearing out energies as a result of the situation in Manchester (or you can use it anywhere actually, imo).  I decided to share it with you.  If you feel inclined, please consider doing this in your own way or as outlined.  The only thing I did differently was I used a pendulum instead of the Diamond Mandela as was used by this facebook friend.

So, here it is.

*The transmutive code to use:  9947391 (I chanted this code as I worked my pendulum.)

  1. Spin the pendulum counter clockwise, down into Gaia, breaking up all densities, in action and word, that occurred and transmute it back to Light. To the Higher Vibrations.
  2. Then spin the pendulum clockwise to lift all of the heaviness back up into the Divine, rendering the space clear and pure again.

I noticed I immediately began feeling the heaviness in my body so I had to focus on being the observer and whatever I began to take on, I released it. It was an amazing experience, quite beautiful actually and I will be doing this again.  I have done some gridwork before, when done collectively, but I haven’t really done much earth/energy work, transmuting, etc. on my own.  I have changed my mind after today.  As my readers know, insecurity has been an unwelcome disease in my life that I continue to purge as I step more fully into my power and damnit, even if I turn out to miss the mark some, the very ACT of saying “YES” to whatever I feel called to do and DO IT, is healing and empowering and will only feed itself energetically.  And it is long past time for me to BE this being and fulfill this role as Healer.

If you decide to give the above a try or wish to talk further about it privately, feel free to contact me.

Blessings and Peace to you all~



Tiksi, Russia Heliplot Read Continues


Last night the top 1/4 was covered w/the rest remaining blank.  I thought perhaps the signal was weakening.  Not so according to this latest read.  It has picked up again.  Mind.  Blown.  

Heliplot Image

Quick Update


I am rather quiet right now ~ dealing with some ugh bug.  That and this sudden heat and I am just down for the count for a time.  (5 days ago I was wearing winter coat, scarf and boots.  Today it was 93. !!)

I did create a $5 gig on fiverr if anyone is interested.  Very old Chinese Card Reading System.  Something I’ve been doing for fun w/self and friends/family for about 20 years.  Check it out here if you are interested.

For now, I am off to rest and heal.  Hope everyone is wonderfully well. ♥  

The Original 11

I have heard this term, “The Original 11”, a few times the past couple of years but never gave it much thought.

The past few months I have been guided to several new people to follow/read.  The term recently returned to me and as I saw some of the names of these Original 11 folks, I saw a pattern.  Many of the new people I was guided to follow are (said to be) of the Original 11.

Coincidence?  I leave that up to you, but given I know there is only Synchronicity when searching for higher self truth’s, I believe I am opening up another door in my Awakening Journey.

Here is a link to a piece that outlines who the Original 11 are said to be, here in physical form at this time, to help us as we transcend out of the experience of separation and return to Oneness.  They are not above us. They originate from Source just as you and I do.  This is what I was told.

Still trying to understand it all.  Just thought I would pass this along.


A Prayer

I wrote this a couple of years ago.  It gives me comfort during the challenges.  May it provide you comfort as well.  

Tea Lights, Church, Light, Prayer
Where there is regret,
let there be the Promise of the New.
Where there is anger,
let there be Forgiveness.
Where there is sadness,
let there be Hope.
And where there is fear,
let there be Peace.

Sleep In Progress…

Too tired to write/do.  Over and out. 

Sleep, Bed, Woman, Bedroom, Sleeping


Russian Heliplot Read (possible) Theory


Perusing youtube earlier, I see where another person had noticed that very strange anomaly heliplot read coming out of Tiksi, Russia.  He said it looked like sacred geometry.

I got a chill.  Then my mate and I remembered a book I am reading, Anastasia by Vladimir Megre.  It is the first book in the Ringing Cedars series.  It is a book of magic.  Of where earth is headed.  Future events. Call it prophecy.  It is a beautiful book based on the author’s real experiences with this woman who lived in the Siberian Taiga who called herself Anastasia.  It was literally like a magical kingdom in a way.

So we thought “hmm, where is the Siberian Taiga in reference to Tiksi, Russia, which is in the Sakha Republic?

Turns out the Taiga forest covers almost 50% of the Sakha Republic.

Just putting this out as a possible theory.  Far-fetched perhaps.

But I am always looking for not only logical responses but those that contain magic.

Whatever the case, this read has continued for 2 days, unchanged.  Check it out again below, marvel and theorize.

Heliplot Image

Thoughts For Today ~ May 19, 2017


Well, I had it happen again.  Received information while in the shower.  I swear, I need a waterproof recording device so I don’t have to “hurry up and finish”, grab a towel and head out to write stuff down or record.  Is there even such a thing?  Who knows.

Anyway, so here’s what my higher self or whatever that part of me is that gets these pictures and images that come through my center like the speed of light, racing up to my brain, leaving it to try and put it together in some sort of a logical sounding story.

Separation is ending.  Unity/Oneness is incoming and will culminate with the flash.  The event.  Whatever label one wishes to put on it.  We will feel that Oneness again.  I have seen this.

This also means, as I have written on before, that our multi-dimensional Selves are merging back.  In fact, I also felt we can call on them now.  I did it myself at the time by calling on the part of me that is well and immediately elevated my mood.

This coincides with a vision I had a couple of nights ago during my late night meditations/intentions.  I wanted to know more about this multi-dimensional self stuff.  I asked for a metaphor as that is what I more resonate with.  It is easier for me to understand otherwise difficult-to-grasp concepts with metaphors.  In fact, it makes me laugh as I am a writer so I should like words, right?  Well I do like to put them together and form a story – quietly – on paper.  But speaking?  No.  I prefer and long for the realm where we can just project pictures if speaking with the vocal cords is not desirable, especially when I am struggling to explain something.  A not so unusual experience.

Anyway the metaphor I received was a pebble in a pond.  We have the pebble, which is fully Us, and each ripple is a representation.  Make sense? Good!  Then can you please explain it to me because I am still trying to wrap my mind around it.

Returning to the shower message.

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More Proof The Sun Is Off


Editor’s note:  More proof showing the sun is indeed off, setting farther north than it “normal” (whatever the hey is normal).  We continue to notice it both setting and rising farther north than it always has this time of year.  Keep your eyes open on the skies.

Can’t You SEE the Sun is OFF???


OWS Explains “The Event”

One Who Serves Explains “The Event”: A Galactic Pulse Of Energy Is Released, And Then This Happens!

Q: What do we mean by The Event or the series of events?

OWS: The Event is when the Galactic Pulse of energy is released from the Galactic Central Sun and reaches the Earth and spreads a consciousness wave, a shift of consciousness across the entire planet all at one time. And from this there will be many other shifts and changes that will come as a result of this. As to the exact sequence we cannot say yet at this time and as to the timing of this no one knows but the Prime Creator as to when exactly this will be. This is even in your Bible that that was spoken of here.

Sourced from here.

Editor’s note:  I have come to believe that I saw this in a dream earlier this spring.  I walked outside, looked to the south, the skies were weird – very white.  I could see the faint outline of other planetary bodies.  I felt like I was in a very calm, yet foggy state.  As I walked up the street, I saw some neighbors who are not particularly friendly.  Certainly they never smile.  And yet, here they came out of their home, smiling at me and my child.  I remember feeling surprised.  I woke up and thought there was something significant to hold onto from the dream.   Did I see the result of this energy pulse?  Time will tell.