Heliplot Anomalies Continue


Pitcairn Island in the South Pacific, which has been having unknown readings this past week.

Heliplot Image

Check this out.  Tiksi, Russia.  WTH??

Heliplot Image

Antarctic Continent Splitting In Half


Will link a couple of strange Heliplot reads in a bit too.  

Antarctic Continent is Splitting in Half- Strange Events Detected Worldwide

A Proclamation of Abundance


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I am inspired to write this.  What began as a conversation with my husband, resulting from a radio show, turned into me saying “I need to write this down and share it!”

The spiritual community, imho, seems to miss out on the abundance factor.  It is somehow lower vibrational frequency to WANT, well, stuff. While yes I agree we live in a mass consumerism-oriented society, that is not what I am talking about.  At least not for myself.

I am talking about me wanting to live in a spacious, beautiful, off-grid house that I OWN (no more enslavement to landlords and housing insecurity), complete with a flying car so I can travel between this home and my beach home.  That is a serious issue I intend regularly.  For if you have never lived with housing insecurity, it teaches you nothing and is one of those things that fall under “unnecessary suffering”.

I am talking about me wanting a baby grand in my living room and a music room with a couple of more guitars and percussion instruments and recording equipment so I can finally create my masterpieces.

I’m talking about wanting my own office space, a little cottage on the property where I can create in peace and quiet.

I’m talking about wanting to trade in these worn clothes and actually go on a little spree where I buy myself locally made, beautiful clothes that make me FEEL prosperous.  Or heck, I’ll get an awesome sewing machine, hire a sewing teacher, and make my own clothes!

I’m talking about using the health modalities that will heal myself and my spouse.  Such things include weekly massages and sitting in a sauna for a good soak.

I’m talking about buying a camper or small RV so we can take the family camping.

I’m talking about having beautiful dishes that match!

See where I’m going?

A point was made in the video tonight, a thought I have often pondered myself and that was the following:  part of our ascension includes being in a state of Abundance.  And for all that is good, why not have a release of prosperity funds for the good of all?  (Eventually we are headed to a society where there will be no more money.  Not necessary.)

Being in a state of Abundance is a challenge when you are living in poverty and/or living with health conditions that you are unable to treat properly due to not having the necessary amount of money.  And I get royally offended when I hear others blame the victim by telling them “You’re poor because of your thoughts.  Think thoughts of abundance.”

Yes, consciously careful focused thought is powerful and effective. Thinking and feeling thoughts of abundance.

However, in my heart of hearts, I just feel Love says “People suffering due to lack of money?  Give them money!”

There is AMPLE wealth for ALL to be PROSPEROUS.  Right now!

I will no longer fall under the illusion that Abundance is limited to this thought or that thought.  Or that wanting “stuff” – nice “stuff” – is somehow lacking in true spirituality.  I KNOW I have pushed money/wealth/financial abundance away from me by thinking small.


Abundance looks different to each of us.

There are no right or wrong ways about it.

So I agree.

What better way to instill Abundance – true, lasting Abundance – by sharing the wealth with ALL?

Sure, there will be some who squander it away irresponsibly.  Being able to respond to such wealth requires some thought.  And assistance.  (Good financial planners and the like for sure.)

However, I always hold out Hope that most people will do good by it.

So let’s imagine what we want for ourselves.  Yes – imagine the THINGS and STUFF you want.  No limits.  Feel it.

And KNOW you are worthy and deserving of it.  And the time is coming very soon for our liberation.

Our Core Wound ~ Separation


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I read a piece tonight that says the Core Wound in us all is Separation.  Our Separation from Source Creator.  (it’s a long piece, btw – about halfway down it speaks of this core wound – also very interesting thoughts on new earth – much in alignment w/my own – a good read)

I felt that today.  Felt that separation.


As those of you who read my piece “Hurting” know (and thank you for those who did read it without judgement), I was feeling some serious stuff.  The vulnerable things.  Abandonment.  Needing love.  Support. Attention. Validation.  And yes, money too although it was more about what I stated previous.

Even though I openly express my feelings on this page, at times sounding wise, other times more like a scared, angry small child, I do take time to reflect.  Who wants to stay stuck in the mode of pain?  Not me!

Well, not for long that is.

So I spent most of the day crying.  Getting angry.  Then crying again. Then got to the point of writing it all out where I reached a point where I had no choice but to surrender so the wisdom could follow.  The Truth.

I feel alone.  Now, I have thought about this concept and felt a little bit of it here and there but today?  I felt the totality of it.  I suddenly felt completely alone.  Oh god, that was painful to feel.  Horribly painful. Gonna have to take that one in pieces.

I was in the bathroom taking out a load of laundry from the dryer when this little beauty overcame me.  Caught me by surprise, how strong it was actually.  “But wait, I’ve already dealt with this.  I KNOW I feel alone.” But I had to do more than just KNOW.  I had to feel.

Today, I peeled back a big layer.

Yes, I am under no illusion I totally transformed the core one.  I know it has more layers and many tentacles that bring forth and touch all of my issues.  (Can we have another word for issues please?  Any thoughts? It seems too cliche at this point.)  But I know without a doubt I finally reached it.  And given the moment of synchronicity tonight reading that piece that spoke those little words ~ that is the core issue for all of us is the pain and fear of being separate from Source.

Which has me thinking.  I have heard over and over from those in the spiritual community that this separation is an illusion.

And yet is it?

Isn’t it possible that it is both Truth AND illusion?

Certainly this controlled matrix, lower-frequency earth has certainly kept us unconscious and thus trapped, away from our full Awareness of Source, right?

Perhaps it’s like the concept of freedom.  There is no little bit of freedom. You are either free or you aren’t.  Maybe Awareness of Source is like that.

I look at it like a child who is taken from the parents only to be placed in a reality that is often scary, where the child is expected to behave in ways that are contrary to whom they are.  The LOVE of the parents is always there, always resonating out to the child.  But the new construct in which the child resides makes feeling that love more difficult with each experience until the child is left feeling absolutely abandoned and completely alone.

Not that we are children.  And not that we are separate from Source as we ARE Source.  However, separation was part of the control matrix creation. As Souls, we are simply accustomed, if you will, to being in Unity.  We knew of no other experience.  And while I am still not fully aware of or knowing of the story behind this separation, I do know, I do feel, this separation in my body.  And I know it has been a very long “time”, hundreds if not thousands of lifetimes of this separation.

And my intention is to return to this state of Unity by remembering fully Who I Am and healing those painful energies of separation.

And perhaps, like the beautiful scene in the movie Contact where Jodie Foster is communicating with the other-dimensional being, manifested in the form of her father, what makes the loneliness bearable is one another. This means sharing our vulnerabilities.  Sharing that pain and fear of separation with one another.

So sharing my words earlier today (where I hesitated for quite awhile before posting them ~ the vulnerability and concern/fear what others may think about me issues rearing their heads) set about a motion that lead me to this insight.

And for that, I am grateful.

Thank you for hanging in there with me as I navigate this ride.


Signs You Are Waking Up And Recognizing The Mind Control Responses of Friends and Family

A fairly new you-tuber I was introduced to tonight.  I like to support the newbies on such subjects so please consider subscribing, too.  Pretty sure all watching can relate…

Signs you are waking up and recognising the mind control responses of friends and family

Energy Report Update ~ Tiffany Stiles


Editor’s note: Another resonating energy-update piece.  Those gamma rays pack a punch…

FB_IMG_1494893466508Over the next three days, (5/15- 5/18) we will experience high gamma rays coming in. These oscillate​ all within, and turn one’s thinking around, inside out and upside down to gain higher perspectives through the higher self.

Understand that through these high vibrational frequencies change occurs; emotionally, physically, spiritually, through DNA rewiring and connections. You can expect things in your life to “change” through this energy signature; residential moves, relationships, your job or career may take a different form and shape in your coming days. Be open to the new as gamma rays oscillate in and through, they allow you and assist you in releasing density. A feeling of lack will change to a feeling of abundance as the connection​s keep taking place for you, and the dots will keep connecting.

Continue reading here.

Blinded By The Light ~ New Crystalline Systems Fully Online

Editor’s note:  Well this may explain why these ancient issues of abandonment and needing validation are very much in my heart at the moment.  I still don’t know how she knows these things of the energy nature but I can usually find something that resonates with me.  This piece is certainly no exception.  In fact, I have so much to say about this piece, I am going to highlight/bold those standing out for me and adding my own comments.  I have a lot of admiration for Lisa and the pure love she exudes. When I feel my own insecurities kick in reading her words or listening to her videos, I tell myself I have had far more earthly lower-vibe lives so I’m a little more dysfunctionally human.  

And we “thought” it was POWER-FUL before…. We ain’t seen nothing yet. Here we go loves….

The completion of out “newly” Christed/Crystalline Gridded StarGate Systems have enhanced the amount of light “delivered” all throughout our Galaxies, to our Earth and our Earthly Physical Body Forms for the upliftment of humankind here and every dimensional existence simultaneously as well. The abolish all unconscious everything at a rate like we’ve not experienced in this incarnation yet….

Walking around foggy groggy on a daily basis (again, for we did this years ago), staying “high” and experiencing density in our physical body/reality more strongly so that we can purify, cleanse, clear all of those programs that we held deep within…..

This is a continual process where we are always ascending into higher light/less dense vibrational realities, where we expand and contract continually as Gaia/Galaxies breathe, shift, activate, move….. as do we. As Cosmic Light BEings, as SOUL’s emerging from within the physical body fully and integrating with these physical forms that were not originally constructed to hold this amount of PURE LIGHT, this profound sacred and powerful energy of LOVE, this is a continual process of all that is not pure, all that is not love, all that still holds lack/separation in any way is activated to dissolve, cleanse, clear the physical form and field of consciousness all around you/us…..

Every time our StarGates activate (we have our own StarGate System as well), our body goes through a huge tuning process, a huge body-field alignment to re-align everything on a higher dimensional plane of existence, where we jump timelines in exponential ways…… this enhanced StarGate System Upgrade means that this enhances our capABILITIES to do all of this much easier, faster, instantly…. IF WE ARE ONLINE OURSELVES….. (i need to increase my “online” focus)

Coming online with NEW Earth’s Energetic/Crystalline Grid Systems, means a re-vamping of all. This re-vamping process works through our physical bodies, our physical realities our everything…. our intentional, conscious and totally inner-aligned participation is KEY for us all.

This Blinding Light is as all things are, the opposite of what it seems. While OUR LIGHT WILL BE AMPLIFIED beyond anything possible before, shining the LIGHT on all things that were unconscious before, radiating out soooo much LOVE and LIGHT that it’s presence cannot be mistaken anymore…. it is also how the VEILS OF AMNESIA ARE LIFTED for all…….. Which means, more foggy groggy, more sleep, more slowing down, more presence, more VISIBILITY (blinded means we can finally see) ….. for us all.  The presence of PURE SOURCE LIGHT means that all things “not this” shall be visible easier and it’s what we DO that matters here.  (foggy groggy needing to go slow yes yes….and all things not Love being seen easier…yes yes)

PURE LOVE sees no boundaries, limits and has no polarity, no struggle, no stories, no fight. It needs not defend or “try” to do anything at all… It JUST IS…..

PURE LOVE is also the most POWER-ful energy there is…. it can obliterate all things…. just by BEing….. and anything that is of a different density can be dismantled/dissolved easily…… for all things “less” come from a place of separation and fear…. and this might be LOUD, obnoxious, forceful and even manipulative…. yet does not stand a chance when one STANDS AS/IN FULL LOVE and says “NO”….. not anymore…. I CHOOSE a different journey/path/existence NOW……. (i have been practicing this – when faced with situations where another is attempting to control or dominate, instead of dominating back/cranking up the voice volume, i am going within to find my Voice – the real one – and being from that place of Love and asserting the “no” boundary that way.  it does work.  and i have had it done to me as well.)

These very powerful and softer StarGate activations shall become more frequent now. This does shake loose all density and activate all separation/unconsciousness to surface….. this does CHANGE PHYSICAL MATTER FORM at an exponential rate, this does affect the physical earth, physical bodies, physical realities….. for all of these things are a culmination of physical matter and vibrational frequencies….. and when these higher/lighter/finely tuned ENCODED LIGHT FREQUENCIES permeate then the physical dimensional plane begins to de-materialize & re-materialize more substantially….. as all vibrates in and out different physical dimensions at an unprecedented rate as well.

Your eyes, mind and body…. must open up fully to understand…. each will start to SEE what was not comprehensible before. Comprehending Multi-Dimensional EXISTENCE to the full magnitude of HOW ALL TRULY IS….. for our human (in the beginning) is mind-blowing…. which is the point. Our hearts must be FULLY open for our minds to be FULLY OPEN too….. what was previously “not possible, not real yet”…. more shall start to UNDERSTAND how REAL this really is….. 

Collectively many are starting to awaken to “debate” what is true and real. This is the “beginning” of the heart finally opening, yet for awhile it’s all ego mind until the heart fully opens for one’s higher-mind-consciousness to activate for full understanding to occur., for the human (mind-driven) cannot discern what is true and real yet. They still look at the outside reality first and need “proof” or to prove something, not realizing that what is REAL is a culmination of inner beliefs, focused energy and vibrational frequencies held in the physical body, AS WELL AS the INVISIBLE (energy) that can only be seen/hear/experienced through a PURE OPEN HEART-MIND presence….. (i really needed to read this as lately i have struggled with needing proof – for myself – or proving my inner experiences to others as well.)

This is a process. It takes awhile to expand beyond “physical tangible proof” realities by relaxing into a FIELD OF ENERGY to allow for new/higher dimensional realities to come forth. Visibility is through heart-activated senses, feeling and inner hearing/seeing that occurs when the human mind is allowed to relax and “get out of the way”….. Truth is no longer what it once was…. Truth is what we see/know inside….. It takes PURE alchemy, mastery and patience to CREATE VIBRATIONALLY AND WAIT for all to MATERIALIZE INTO PHYSICAL FORM (last night in bed, during my nightly meditation, i again heard “study alchemy”.  the patience thing too….yes yes yes groan groan groan…lol)  as we continually raise our own vibration, focus on our own vibration, releasing everything dense in order to FINALLY VIBRATE into/onto a higher density plane PHYSICALLY….

Control is by way of surrendering our human to allow our highest aspects to come through/emerge from within us so that we can actually EXPERIENCE all of the magic, (there’s that word “magic” again – i keep seeing and hearing in my mind – to remember i am magic and Life is magic)..magnificence, brilliance and abundance that is infinitely available to us all….. Vulnerability becomes our POWER, letting go becomes freedom returned, (again, words my higher self has been trying to pass along to my stubborn self….let myself be vulnerable….let go/surrender….)  believing what’s not visible to humans is a GIFT that we have…. our BELIEF is so strong that it CAUSES the physical to shape into form for us. (i LOVE that line – also frightens me some as some of my beliefs aren’t so pretty – more work more inner work…) because all we are doing is believing what is already real, what has already occurred, through utilizing our “prophetic abilities” to see the other dimensions first and then choose to activate and anchor them in our physical here. Our actions DO this…….

Many are unaware that they are here to OVERCOME all Karmic Debt of all Existences, not just what is visible/occurring in this physical one here. To break those “Vows of Separation” (lack), each one of us must overcome/transcend all through UNITY again. Unity Consciousness is how each does this without struggle/suffering anymore…. Full Unification in every way collapses Separation of all existences and uncleared programming for all to RETURN to their “rightful” PROMISED LAND….

Before we all incarnated/walked-in here, we knew that we were here to GO TO SLEEP and enter the lower density realms of unconsciousness and that this would be a beyond challenging journey of RETURNING TO FULL UNITY/CHRISTED Consciousness again…. and we all agreed, to every bit of this…. This was our Sacred Contract that all now can mark “paid in full” and choose to dissolve/clear that contract instantly and WRITE A WHOLE NEW AWESOME ONE…

This is always a FRESH START, an opportUNITY for unimaginable exquisiteness available to us all. The only difference is “how” and “when” we CHOOSE/ALLOW this to occur for us all…..

This GateWay OPENING NOW is a NEW BEGINNING ….. are you truly truly truly ready and embracing with every thing that you are? Powerful is an understatement. Buckle up and let go…..

There is soooooo very much PURE LOVE available when you allow yourself to FULLY REMEMBER from INSIDE and to experience the magic and mystical too. ♥ I love you.

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Guardian/Gatekeeper/Gridkeeper/Light Anchor/Frequency Holder/WayShower/Embodier ∞


I don’t know why I’m here on this earth anymore other than to be a mother to my child.  And yet how am I supposed to do that without money?  Love doesn’t buy anything.  In my version of reality it does, but hey that isn’t here yet and how do I know for sure it is really happening? Those visions and dreams and intentions ~ how do I know for sure?

I don’t.

Going on blind faith has never been my “thang”.

What started out as a website I thought was to help unite many of us has dissolved into nothing.

I no longer know what I am supposed to do.

I no longer feel a sense of purpose.

I am trapped against a wall as I have said with no vision of how to get out.

I’m so desperate I am taking survey’s online now – which turns out to be maybe $3/hour.

Why can’t I get you all to commit to just $1/month?

This tells me you do not value what I do.

To those who have donated, I am so grateful.  That has not changed.

It just has not been enough for me to continue putting in the time on this site for free.  I have myself and a child/family to think about.

So with that, if anyone knows of someone who would like to buy this blog, let me know.

This is just another situation, again, where I put my heart into something and end up being abandoned.

I have visited this issue and done all I can to heal from it.

I just want to feel like I belong and that what I DO has value.

Why this ongoing rejection, I don’t know.

Surrender it all.  Which I do.  Daily now.

But still I wake up with a heaviness in my chest.

Why do I write these words?

Who will read them?

Who will respond with anything useful and truly loving.

I made a mistake coming to this reality.

And I made a mistake creating this site.

Expectations I have – yes I set them high – when I follow my heart.

Perhaps my ex was correct when he said “you wear your heart on your sleeve.  You do that and you will get eaten alive.”

I have been eaten alive.  He was right.

And I despise him for that as he is one of the 99% who refuse to awaken to their hearts, instead continuing the same pattern of darkness, projecting it onto others, dismissing suffering and calling foul when someone speaks from their pain.

God forbid someone asks for help, right?

I know what Love is.

I know what Love does.

That’s all there is to say.



Farmer Makes Unusual Discovery In Michigan ~ No Flies or Ants


Editor’s note:  Ok my brain is scrambling to come up with an explanation for this.  It isn’t like there was a reduction – but an outright disappearance of flies and ants when normally, given this is a pig farm, this is a breeding ground.  Environmental?  Or perhaps something else ~ perhaps given the frequencies are rising this will disallow all lower, pestulant/destructive life-forms to exist.  This is happening.  We are switching.  Upgrading.  The separation of the wheat from the chaff.  And of interest, along the lines of synchronicity, tonight my little one and I were discussing the venus fly trap.  She saw her first one over the weekend at a local nursery and placed her finger inside. Fascinated, she wanted to study them, so we did.  Ended up with her in tears as she watched a video of one of these things killing a fly.  We discussed the new earth tonight and the venus fly trap and she and I both agreed that on this higher vibrational frequency realm, there will be no energy space for such life forms. Perhaps they will simply be transformed into something else Light-based.  

Farmer makes very rare observation | Everyday life form has VANISHED from his farm! Disappeared?

Ubuntu Plan ~ One Small Town

I’m behind this 100%.  Anyone know of such a small town?  Let me know! I have waited 25 years to be a part of the creation of such an economy.  

ONE SMALL TOWN – Full Video – Motivation & Plan Of action