Two Components To The Energy Waves


Editor’s note:  Much appreciation for this piece.  And some good points in the comments section as well.  

article by: Jenny Schiltz at: 5th Jun 2017

The other night while the house slept, I sat in meditation, I did so with the intent to understand how to help people through this process with greater ease.  It was not long after my form relaxed that I felt myself being pulled from the state of simply being into one of co-creation.  I soon found myself standing in front of the Venusian Council.

I explained to them that people are hurting and I wanted to understand a better way to help them, that I felt like something is missing. They agreed that many are focused on only one aspect of this process and were neglecting a very crucial element. That indeed something is missing.

We are being hit from all sides energetically at the moment, with the full purpose to dig up beliefs, resistance and old patterning that simply no longer works This energy is coming in waves from the CME’s, solar flares, planet & moon alignments, but also from our own inner earth. There is a mass effort to awaken humanity, to show clearly the dysfunction, the upside down thinking that has been our reality. These come in waves, peeling layers off until nothing is left but our own individual heart centered truth.

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Healing Adrenal Fatigue And More With Earth Grounding


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Editor’s note:  I love grounding.  Walking barefoot in dirt or grass, especially when you walk on those clumps that nicely massage the acupressure points on the bottom’s of the feet ~ wonderful feeling!  I’ve even begun walking barefoot when going out for walks with my child.  I walk slowly and with intention, which has its own benefits.  ♥


Did you know that connecting to the Earth with bare skin may offer a host of health benefits – including healing the tired, stressed, and holiday-weary? This practice of connecting with nature is called ‘grounding,’ or ‘earthing,’ and it should be tried by everyone.

Do you remember running in green grass at the park with bare feet? Or sitting in mud or sand piles building castles? Even walking around on an earthen floor can electromagnetically ‘ground’ us, causing our bodies to absorb negatively charged atoms from the Earth. Since our bodies are naturally positively charged, the negative ions ‘neutralize’ disease and strain. This might be why gardeners feel so good! They are always re-charging their bodies with negative ions form the Earth.

Adrenal fatigue is caused by the ever-presence of stress, causing our adrenal glands to be overloaded. It can arise after prolonged periods of emotional crisis, but also after physical illnesses like the flu or pneumonia.

In the most serious cases of adrenal fatigue, the activity of the adrenal glands is so impaired that you may have difficulty getting out of bed for more than a few hours per day. With each increment of reduction in adrenal function, every organ and system in your body is profoundly affected.

This means that our ‘fight or flight’ system, which is largely comprised of the adrenal glands, is switched to a constant ‘on’ with no ‘off’ switch easily accessible.

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Very Strange Tiny Rain Storm In Italy


Editor’s note:  My headline doesn’t do this justice.  My guess?  The firmament dome we live in and under is breaking down allowing the water that’s above us to cascade down.  And just as I typed that, I heard the owner of this youtube channel offer up the same analysis.  (I need more categories ~ “Fake Space” and “Fake Weather”.)  

ULTRA Bizarre Event Caught On Cam Over Italy

List of 400 Companies That Do Not Use GMO’s In Their Products


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Editor’s note:  I’ve noticed a trend that now certain companies will put a label on the front of a food products telling you the product contains genetically modified organisms.  I don’t know whether to feel gratitude or angst.  It’s like admitting yes we are poisoning you.  We won’t be changing that.  We leave it up to you.  

All too often we rely on the state to tell us what to eat and which companies are ethical. And all too often the companies that the state deems ethical and safe are proven to be quite the opposite. The giant agricultural companies that produce GMOs and use millions of tons of chemicals are able to do so because of monetary support. As long as we continue to purchase their products they will continue to pollute the environment and our bodies.

You and I have the power to stop this madness. We can choose to support those companies that do not use GMOs. The best way is to buy from a local organic farmer, or to grow your own; however there are plenty of ethical companies out there that you can support who practice sustainable methods and source from farmers that do not use GMO. Below is a list from the NON GMO Project of brands that offer, specifically, NON GMO products.

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Destroying The Illusion Interviews Robert David Steele

Interview w/ ex-CIA Robert David Steele – #UNRIG, Suppressed Technologies, & How Trump Can Win

Intending The Event


Escape, Race, Freedom, Hope

Awhile back I wrote a piece on Intending New Earth.  I am feeling it is equally important on intending The Event.  As I have seen it and feel it, it is a special (for lack of a better word) energy pulse that returns us to our heart-space, elevating our consciousness so that we fully remember who we really are.  It affects us all and it is immediate (although the need to get clear on what just happened will be necessary ~ along the lines of awakening from a deep state of sleep suddenly.)  I don’t have all the specific left-brain analysis of this ~ I am a visionary and receive visions which I attempt to analyze.  While I know awakening does require us to use some of our brain matter, it is mostly a higher mind and heart/feeling journey.

In the dream experience/vision I had of this, I was surprised at not only what I saw as the Event (which until this dream I was leaning more towards the arrival of other Beings) but also how it transformed people – even those who I thought would take years to awaken/open up.  Not only that, I also saw where this Event crumbled dimensional veils, revealing the other planets that always surround our system.  I can confidently say there will be far more to that story once it is revealed.

However you view this, whether as a story or something that is really going to happen or even as disinfo, we are master creator’s, so let us create this scenario by intending the illusions drop.  Our hearts, awaken. Our awareness of Self, returns.

And so it is.


Life Coach Recommendation


Anyone have any leads on a Life Coach?  Thank you!  

Ensuring We Stay In Our Full Power

I am spending some time re-reading some material I have read at times throughout the past year.  Here is the link.  I believe the following phrase is of the most importance for us all:

Not to belabor this, however, an important key to remember in all situations is to preserve your Life force, your personal power – as directed with your full intention – by retaining the Self Sovereignty and Freedom of your Being. You are God, Period. You are the Cosmic Sovereign Law Made manifest, and it is your divine right to state your claim as such! Stay away from anything that is sucking on your energy, wanting your worship or claiming power or elitism over you.[4]

Awakening to our Higher Consciousness does not mean all is love and light, all the time. Returning to Unity does not mean you will mesh with everyone around you.  Coming from the heart does not mean one must be “nice”.

All of this work is about Remembering Our Eternal Source Within.

Each of us is Source.  We are One, but we are not the same.  (Love that line by the U2 song.)

As we continue on this journey of awakening, remember the words “You Are Source”.  Be conscious of your energy.  I have been noticing how I give mine away, at times quite easily ~ easily because I am not fully conscious of what I am doing.  Bad habit that must be scrapped now.  I will not let others words and behaviors dictate my own Sense of Self.

Deep within I simply know no one can tell me who I am.  No one can proclaim to know something about me.  The only one who holds my truth is ME.

I have been practicing, diligently I might add, by noticing when I do give my energy away, give my attention elsewhere, asking myself “is this what you want to do with your personal energy?”  I am also doing this when I am in social situations.  Pay attention to the body.  Check in.  It doesn’t lie. Only the brain plays tricks with rigid rules, should’s and fear-based programming.

I have also been practicing, just as diligently, noticing when I suddenly feel “small” and then saying “Source Is NOT Small.  I Am Source.  I Am here to be Fully Me.”  Share it.  Shine on Brightly.

Be in the heart and of the mind.

We got this.


The Homecoming ~ A Bedtime Story Poem

Youth, Active, Jump, Happy, Sunrise
Once upon a moment
in a time so very close you see,
there is to be a grand gathering, a feast,
to celebrate our return to Unity.
After a most glorious event,
humanity is to be gifted you see,
to be on the receiving end
of a Universal kiss from the most highest of Divinity.
For after thousands of years
of playing the separation game
of forgetfulness and control,
humanity finally will return Home Again.
Home to the heart,
a return to Love.
With freedom and sovereignty
our inherent gifts from within, below and above.
On the day of this celebration,
reunions from all over take place.
Humanity, male, female, young and old
tearfully, joyfully, embrace.
Dancing and feasting.
Laughing in delight.
The celebration continues on,
Long into the night.
And as the break of dawn
takes the shape of a New Day
humanity in its Wholeness knew,
the Love is now to be the Only Way.
Happy Soon-To-Be Homecoming EveryOne

Science Unravels The Mystery of Telepathy


Buddha, Buddhism, Religion, Asia

June 2, 2017
Buck Rogers, Staff Writer
Waking Times

There is a rift between the world as we see it and the world as it really is. Science and spirit are our primary tools for closing this gap in our understanding, and at the edge of this rift has always been psychic phenomenon like telepathy, premonition and the familiar sixth sense.

Many people experience these phenomenon with regularity, yet they escape scientific explanation, even though a large and historically deep body of experiential and anecdotal evidence exists. This library of evidence prevents dismissal of the psychic as either a figment of the imagination or the existence of an archaic belief system that still has imprints on the mind. This evidence implores to investigate further rather than reject.

Some examples of psychic phenomenon are so common that they don’t even really stand out as having significance in our day-to-day to lives, as they are just seamlessly woven into reality. No one demands a scientific explanation. We’ve all experienced them before. The curious moment when a friend or loved one pops into your mind seconds before the phone rings, with them on the other line. You suddenly think of someone you haven’t seen in ages and a few minutes later that person texts you. These are the everyday tell-tale signs that the human psyche is always one step ahead of the human mind.

Unexplainable, perhaps, but why is it that mental telepathy seems to be so commonly connected communication? Is it the brain acting as a radio transmitter, sending and receiving information at immeasurable speeds, or is it something more akin to quantum entanglement?

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