Timeline Shifts, Solar Plexus Activation and Enlightened Unity Consciousness


Editor’s note:  Very much relate to this one.  The symptoms, indeed.  The conscious choices of timeline creation.  Overall a good analysis of current experiences.  And the number 44 and 444 is all over the place for me and my mate lately.  I pull up this video and notice it has “444” views.  Yeppers…  Be gentle with self.  Go with the flow.  What else is there to do these days?  


Timeline Shifts, Solar Plexus Activation and Enlightened Unity Consciouness

Seismologist Confirms Strange Heliplot Signal At Tiksi, Russia


Editor’s note:  You know we’re in strange times and a whole new paradigm when the “experts” have no explanation.  A lot of garble when all that was needed to say was “We don’t know what is causing this strange signal.”  The mystery continues, the plot, thickens.  

TIKSI: Seismologist confirms “strange signal” at seismogram | Magnetic North Moving?

They’re Heeeeere!


Editor’s note:  First clip in this video shows a craft off the Oregon coast. We are in that vicinity.  And I will say the past two nights we have sky-watched, we see craft.  Tonight, my spouse and I both had this feeling “they” were “out there”.  So he heads out first while I’m in here doing some business when he says “honey get out here I see something!”  So I run outside and sure enough, there’s a large light in the eastern skies, heading south.  Just as we’re watching that we see something due North – it is large, much like the object seen in the video along the coast and it is rising quite quickly, moving east.  I run inside to grab the camera – and the damn “change battery pack” message shows up on the screen.  ARGH!  So I said “the new video camera!” (a friend gave us his video camera he doesn’t use).  So I’m quickly trying to figure out in the kitchen how to use it, get the basics, run back outside and turn it on only it was too late.  It had disappeared.  (I can hear people say yeah right – first your camera needs a battery charge then the video camera thing.  lol)  It was glowing white, rising in the northern skies.  Quite awesome.  A couple of nights ago it was a craft moving slowly, also in an eastern direction.  Amazing, new times we are in.  Watch the skies if you feel called.  

UFO sightings reported over USA !!! May 2017 – Updated


On Top Of The World ~ Starseeds Getting Hit By Blissful Energy


Editor’s note:  According to this recent piece below by Diane Canfield, “blissful energy” is hitting all starseeds at the moment.  What’s interesting is I awoke this morning to the song “On Top Of The World” going through my mind, the lyrics “Everything I want the world to be.  Is now coming true, especially for me.”  So a part of me, I knew, is getting impacted by bliss and light, calm, knowing what I have envisioned for so many years is manifesting.  However, my heart is very heavy at the moment, playing catch-up with recent situations, dragging up stuff from the past needing some tending to and purging.  So I am on the fence, one foot in bliss, one in extreme fatigue and deep sadness.  An interesting space to be.  Still dealing with this debilitating fatigue ~ ran into a friend at the store who also said she has been feeling extra tired lately and had no explanation.  Ok…  Here’s the article, and below that, The Carpenter’s “On Top Of The World.”

By Diane Canfield


Tonight blissful energy is streaming in from the Cosmos. This energy comes from the Divine Creator and the Galactics.

They know we need a rest now with all of the transformations we have gone through in this past 2 months. (for more details see my articles)

This Energy is Blissful, Calm and Serene. It is our gift to overcome the obstacles we have jumped over in bringing more light to all of EARTH and it’s inhabitants. Tingles centering around the Crown Chakra and spreading to the facial area are occurring.

As more LIGHT Streams in, more of the Creators Energy automatically also streams in to bathe us in the Divine light. The Galactics who occupy a higher plane of existence are also more in tune with this same energy.

The Galactics know what the Earth has gone through and what needs to be done to solve the issues that remain. They are helping us through downloads such as the energy tonight to raise our vibration and become more in Harmony with them.

As Diamond and Crystal encodements continue to pour in, we must accept them. Relax and accept this energy as your own. For we are a part of the higher consciousness and all that exists. This is why we are here, for this time.



I love you all !

In Service and Love

Diane Canfield
Ascension Teacher-Psychic Medium-Star Races Contactee-Energy & Wave Expert

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Another Good Destroying The Illusion Video ~ Plus Some Of My Own Words


Editor’s note:  Another good video.  This entire drama around this supposed typo by Trump – covfefe – is perhaps a message.  Ancient Aramaic.  The violence growing in the left community is startling to me. More than one of my neighbors has pulled a Kathy Griffin towards Trump in their talk of him. And it comes out of the blue ~ their anger is so at the surface and reactionary.  Nothing more to add to that one.  I do not engage.  I feel we’ve entered new timelines that are splitting. Last night during my nightly meditation, I ventured into 3 different realities/timelines.  The first one was down the path of the Trump/Political agenda.  That felt like molasses energetically so I left that time/space.  The second one was down the road of the RV/Nesara and the like.  That felt a bit better than the current reality but not what my heart is seeking.  Then I ventured down the road to New Earth Realm and that felt lovely – very buoyant and light.  Thus that remains my focus regardless of outside distractions. Stay in Love.  Observe.  And I say those words to myself as much as I do with you my readers.  Enjoy the video.

5.31 – Aerospace Exec Spills the Alien Beans, Trump Tweets & Civil War in Congress?

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