Dietary Changes



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As most of us are aware, this on-going change is affecting our dietary needs.

At the moment, my desire to stop eating meat seems to be matching the needs of my body as well.  Almost overnight, my body is all but rejecting meat.  The smell.  The taste.  I have intended this to happen for a long time now so we shall see if it “sticks”.  Years ago I attempted the vegetarian thing but felt so weak and run down, I felt my body wasn’t yet ready.

Here is what I am into in this Now moment:  Fruit.  Lots of fruit.  Berries. Melons.  Lemons and limes.  Oranges.  Mangos and kiwi.  Veggies – not so much other than root veggies.

Nuts and seeds.  Chocolate (dark, 70-75% cocoa).

Lots of butter and coconut oil for fat.

Water.  Coconut water.  Almond and coconut milk.  (We stopped drinking cows milk weeks ago.  Had to wean my child on this one.)

Perhaps slowly I am returning to the way I once was.

Yesterday I made these awesome granola/energy bites.  Peanut butter, seeds and nuts, vanilla, coconut oil and some rice puff cereal.  Mix together, pressed into balls and refrigerated.  OMGoodness – even my mate raved how delicious they are.

What are your eating habits right now?


Chart Showing 25 Cities and the Path of Totality for Total Solar Eclipse


I am like a dog with a bone in its mouth on some things.  I want to know why we are having another eclipse and are in the path of totality – again – after only 38 years.  Below is the chart of the 25 cities taken into consideration to determine the mean frequency result (of 375 years).  Obviously we live in some sort of a simulated reality but I still want to know what is there reason for this upcoming solar eclipse.  I have shared this with another youtuber who does a lot of reporting on the sun, space (from the perspective that “they” lie) and the like so hopefully he and his team will have some sort of an analysis.  Until then, the questions continue…


A single asterisk (*) denotes that either the northern or southern limit of the moon’s umbral shadow only grazes a specific city; only part of that metropolitan area will see a total eclipse while the other part sees a partial eclipse.  A double asterisk (**) indicates a date when the now-defunct Julian calendar was in effect.

The average number of years between eclipses turned out to be nearly 534 years. Considering our relatively small survey of 25 cities, this is reasonably close to the once-in-almost four-century rule.


Voices From Meteor Echoes (from ~ A Restream of the Live Stream


Editor’s note:  Check this out, peeps!  This guy, who has a plethora of tech equipment (along w/knowledge), went looking for messages from space, pulled up site – the same site where I have been sharing video recordings we captured – and using different techniques/apps he’s attempting to analyze the different sounds.  He made the request for a recording of the siren sound that had appeared – which I just happened to have – so I sent him the link for analysis.  This is so (potentially) awesome!  

Voices from Meteor Echoes – A RE-STream of a LIVE Stream


A daily mantra…


CNN Busted


Editor’s note:  I’ve been intentionally staying out of the political fray. However, I want to help make this one go viral to show how ridiculous MSM news stations have become.  For those who stay out of this fray as well, you can enjoy my attempt at humor over the Russian narrative that I posted previously.  

CNN EXPOSED IN UNDERCOVER STING! Producer Says Trump – Russia Story Fake News!

The Russians Did It ~ A Bit of Humor


Diane Canfield Latest ~ Embodiment and Activation Of The 12D Core Of Authenticity


By Diane Canfield


We have some fantastic news to report. We are still in the GATEWAY of the Solstice Energy. Remember the Solstice can last up to 10 days before and after the actual event takes place. In this case with the Solar Eclipse arriving in August it will last much longer. This becomes a Gateway unto itself lasting through the Total Solar Eclipse of August 21st.

The PORTAL to Ascension is ONLY through the Portal to our Authentic Consciousness. 

The Gateway that has been occurring and will continue to occur is all about returning to OUR 12D authentic multidimensional being that existed before coming into this Earth Plane. This is Happening NOW. We are transforming back into this LIGHT BEING. You may all remember my previous post about how this is occurring by retrieving lost Soul fragments.

As we step into this plane of higher existence, we have no choice but to embody our TRUE self. If you do not know who your true self is, it is the child you were before the baggage of others came along to influence, program and condition us away from our innocence of the Higher realms we just came from. We are now speedily returning to this innocent way of being. YES this is a big deal. One of the biggest changes to happen to us YET.

You will find in the beginning of your journey into your true self, glimpses of authentic self appearing to you in short spurts. This journey started for me last August and I remember how it came in. It came in with an edge through an ENERGY Wave which I posted an article about. It had an edge but it was also a gentle wave. I  knew this was the beginning OF OUR JOURNEY HOME. Each WAVE we have experienced since this time has brought us closer to our genuine being and 12D crystalline core consciousness.

The Solstice Gateway has not been gentle in this regard. We are being pushed and shoved to make the change over to our 12D authentic embodiment. The higher dimensional embodiment is the childlike innocence- meaning a clear vessel we came in to this reality with along with the capabilities of traveling into the higher realms of 12D and above.

When you embody this new being within yourself, you will feel lighter as if a HUGE weight as has been lifted off your shoulders. You will feel childlike as if everything and anything is NOW possible. You will feel joy, bliss, love,  happiness and contentment.

Look for this to come in short spurts because once again we our bodies and consciousness CAN not take on too much at one time. We as humans becoming Galactics have to go about transformations in stages and the more gentle the better. The galactics which are helping us with this transformation- know this. They know the gentle side to the human race.

The Pleiadians working with the Creator are the ones calling all the shots in this area of giving help to us through these waves we feel as they enter our consciousness.

When you first feel this activation, notice it and then act on it. Act your authentic self as long as you can. Feel the waves of lightness wash over you. You may feel giddy and other worldly. Try to bathe in this light when it comes in, this way you recognize it the next time and can hang on longer to this feeling. In the beginning it will come in short spurts which then start to last longer and longer over time. Eventually we will transform completely into this NEW Being.

To feel these activations as they come in and make progress with them means embracing the upgrades and understanding they are bring us higher vibrational upgrades to embody our authentic self. Here are some ways to embrace these changes in the Ascension Process:

You must be prepared and have the desire to make the change to a Higher State of Being. This means you are ready to move into the next realm of existence along with the Crystalline Earth.

You must be prepared to leave the 3D world behind. Yes this means all of 3D, you must be prepared to enter a NEW Crystalline World that we are creating.

You must be able to put your FEELINGS above everything else. Feelings in the 3D world are routinely discarded and judged by the conditioned as worthless. Yet feelings are the GPS of the Soul and the most important thing we possess. These feelings are Divinely aligned with the Ascension process, as we know to be fully authentic we must be fully in touch with our feelings.

You must take Divinely inspired action based on those feelings. You must be prepared to take action when needed to move into the higher realms of Consciousness.

You must trust that the Universe has your highest intentions in all things. Even if it looks like this is not happening it actually is. The Universe many times takes us down long and winding roads to get to our destinations.

You must be fully invested in the Ascension process. This means Ascension is not a part time hobby, it is what your life is all about.

You must have done the inner work on yourself to rid yourself of programming, conditioning and illusions. This is very important because all beings have been conditioned.

You must be actively searching for the TRUTH. Everyday you must make progress in the search for what is TRUTH and what is not. UNTRUTHS must be discarded other wise the consciousness gets confused about what is real and what is not. This stops REAL progress from taking place in the realm of higher consciousness.

Look for more high energy as we are now in the Solstice/ Solar Eclipse Gateway. Each day is a new day to pay attention to your feelings, be in the moment of NOW and feel those Energy Waves as they come in. They are here when they need to be which means, we must always be prepared.

I love you all !

In Service and Love

Diane Canfield
Ascension Teacher-Psychic Medium-Star Races Contactee-Energy & Wave Expert

Copyright © 2017 by Diane Canfield. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material as long the full article and all links are included

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Some Questions About The Upcoming Eclipse


Well if any of you plan on being out west for the eclipse, let me know as we are in the path of totality.  Our neighborhood’s planning on putting together a little gig, in as much giggin’ as one can do at 9/10am.

Something about this eclipse has been nagging at me.  Am I on to something? Am I missing something altogether?  I don’t know…  But I want to share my observation and finding.

To start with, I decided to do some research as I recalled hearing in February 1979, the last time western Oregon was in the path of totality for an eclipse, that this was a once in a lifetime event for our area.  I was living in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon and can remember watching the sky grow dark for a few minutes as we watched the event on television inside my classroom.


I wanted to know how often the path of totality can occur in the same location for a total solar eclipse.  Here’s what I found: “More recently, Jean Meeus of Belgium, whose special interest is spherical and mathematical astronomy, recalculated this figure statistically on an HP-85 microcomputer and found that the mean frequency for a total eclipse of the sun for any given point on the Earth’s surface is once in 375 years. A value that is very close to the figure that Russell, Dugan and Stewart arrived at.”  (fmi here is the link to read the rest of the article)

Go to this link here to see the path of totality for the 1979 total solar eclipse.  Zoom out and you will clearly see the cities in western oregon that were in that path.  Salem is included.

Here is a link showing the path of totality for the upcoming eclipse in August.  Salem (and other nearby towns) are in the path of totality again.

What the….??

I thought the mean frequency for a total eclipse for any place on earth is only once every 375 years.

Am I missing something??

Comments please!


Situation is Intensifying With Planet X/Nibiru


Editor’s note:  Heads up – there’s some religious stuff in the beginning. Other than that, amazing sky capture’s showing, imho, the dimensional grids continual weakening.  

WSO – Situation is Intensifying on Planet X/Nibiru…Hard to Hide!

Moments of Tenderness…


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Earlier today the little one and I headed out for some supplies.  My mood was one of contemplation as well as a little bit of indifference after spending far too much time last night watching some videos on a fairly new channel I decided to check out. Much of what I listened to simply didn’t resonate with me and it became apparent this person was wishing to instill another hive-mind type system of control with just prettier colors.

Control is control.  Can’t hide that.

I become annoyed when I see people promoting ascension, higher consciousness and the like – as long as everyone complies to a list of rules as defined by them.  As I have long felt and seen, it is our sovereign right to live as we please in so long as our actions are not interfering with another’s right to enjoy the same freedom.

If there is an even higher thought to that, I am open to receiving it.

So we head out and stop at a couple of places.  As we get back into the car to head home, I turn on the radio and hear Jackson Browne’s “Stay” ~ a song that always centers me, puts me back into my heart.  I sit back, let out a sigh, give thanks to Source and release all of the silly stories in my human mind.  I glance over and see a beautiful sight ~ a man and a woman in an embrace.  It was one of those embraces where it was obviously going to last.  An embrace where you could sense their energies of solace.  A moment – moments – in time of two human’s, offering comfort for one another, support.  When there are no words and all you can do is communicate via physical touch.

God, it was beautiful.  Tears formed in my eyes.  My heart opened even more.

Not wanting to pry further into their private moment, I backed up the car and pulled away, silently thanking them for sharing their moment and how it helped shift my mindset and thus, my mood.

I returned my attention to the song and thought of the people who work so hard behind the scenes.  Those often “thankless” jobs.  When in truth, everything we each do provides something of benefit to humanity.  To life.

And how it is my fullest desire that as we continue to expand, awaken, Remember, we will all see the value in ourselves and in one another – regardless of what it is we “do”.  A necessary behavior to incorporate as we break down this system of division.

Returning home, I open up my e-mail box and see a letter from one of you, one who struggles financially (why is it those who give the most often have the least to share?) and yet found it in their heart to pass along a donation.  I was so moved, I started to cry – again.  (Seems whenever my heart is open I cry easily.  Makes me wonder how much is still in there needing to flow and heal.)  And following up with that, as I check my e-mail box again I see another response from this person and in another moment of synchronicity (I have so many of them with some of you lately in our private conversations), they shared it is often those who have the least who share.

So…. much humble gratitude for the people who crossed my path today, knowingly or unknowingly helping me open up this heart just a little bit more and reminding me to stop and take in those tender moments.