Latest Lisa Brown Newsletter ~ Make More Space to Allow for More Integration Time

Some solid guidance and reassurance in this wonderful piece.  
Lisa Brown
Aloha beautiful love family,

It’s challenging for our human body to go through such integrations as these. Our physical reality will present us with many things to observe and see.

Once we fully surrender to this process and let go of the need to control or fit “ascension/embodiment” into a box, this gets much easier and can actually be a lot of fun! We stop trying to fix what’s not broken, and instead come to realize this is a continual upgrade/re-calibration process where we are constantly integrating “new codes of existence”. 

During high integration times, high template wipes/re-coding times, high “processor offline” or high processing times, we must constantly adjust, adapt and flow… with however presents for us…. our bodies (Crystalline/Light/Plasma/Etheric/Energy) basically tell our human how this goes. We have to “learn” to function AS ENERGY, as LIGHT and with a physical body that’s constantly trying to integrate high amounts of light into this physical early form that we walk around in….. 

How your body stores energy, utilizes energy, processes energy… this becomes paramount in y/our daily lives. Quantum/Super Quantum existence is very different than it was when we had dense carbon-based bodies. This continual evolving/evolution BACK to highest consciousness existence, and existence beyond the amnesia and illusion of the unconsciousness is moving everyone into higher timelines, by pushing up/out anything suppressed and out of tune, as our body comes alive to FEEL and exist in a whole new reality that is PURE.Here, we are constantly synchronizing with Gaia/Universally/Galactically and the ways of the old dissolve.

Sleeping is different, waking state is different, the physical world is different and our physical bodies are way different. Everything functions on LIGHT and whatever supports the integration of this. 

We now move further into higher integration phases that will require more self-care, more self-kindness, more patience, more presence, more unification, more opening up to a whole new way of existing.

Being blasted in light has many purposes. It overrides our human’s capability to hold onto old unconscious realities/control, it cleanses our body of deep hidden cellular programming (and toxic thoughts/emotions too), it re-codes our bodies/structures/realities for us and dissolves that which no longer serves our highest purposes here, it removes the “focal point” of what we used to care about and shifts it onto something that’s more in alignment with our Soul’s purposes/path, it “pushes” us into what we would otherwise resist and it moves us out of caring about things that don’t matter here and into caring about the things that truly do, and it assists us with resolving all of that separation energy that we held inside, so that we can connect back up again, truly see, gain new clarity and be totally free of the constructs that we believed as truth/reality before…

Moving beyond the veils is a huge transition for us all. Unity Consciousness of WE replaces separation of the old. WE are here to unite, WE are here to come together, WE are here to anchor Heaven on Earth, to inspire and live the dreams that didn’t seem possible before. WE are here to usher in the “new”, the perceived unknown and all exist AS LOVE in ways that were incomprehensible before. First, we have to “get over” (see) our own stuff/programming, so that we can choose to move this out our selves and resolve all back into love, fully, from within. Then we can unite, come together, support, create and inspire, share and not “have to go back” to realities where any lack exists….

Look at your own reality and see where you hold fear, don’t trust yet, disconnect, judge, hold back and have emotions that influence your own decisions instead of allowing yourself the freedom of peace, the bliss and the magic that exists and the full abundance that’s available too. Look at your own reality and realize that you hold the programming for all within. Look at your reality, take the blinders off and see what you didn’t want to see and realize that’s just ENERGY and that when you fully connect inside and REMEMBER again, that you are just ENERGY too.

Beautiful, Divine, Perfect, Awesome, Amazing Essence Energy here to make a difference just by being and loving you, just by sharing you, just by opening your heart so fully that you don’t ever want to close it again, because the amazingness that comes forth BEYOND THE LACK OF TRUST/FEAR is worth it and that that is what you are here to REMEMBER in order to shift INTO A VIBRATION that brings forth all that you desire here.

Powerful everything continues to increase… awareness and full consciousness are key. ♥

If you are slamming out awesomeness and playing in the magic, IN-JOY! If you find yourself challenged, look for any resistance, stories, what you have convinced yourself of, continue to participate in/allow and where you are continuing an unconscious program (in your head) and do whatever it takes to get your heart open fully again. It doesn’t have to be hard. You just have to choose and do this constantly until ease and flow are your new natural way here. ♦ ♫ ∞ ☼


So The (Energetic) Consensus Is…



Forest, Path, Foggy

….leave.  me.  be.

We’re all feeling overly-sensitive now, aren’t we?  I have heard from some of you, either on here or privately and from others on my social media and we’re all about ready to jump out of our skins right now.  Thought I would put up a quick list to reaffirm this is part of the process, we’re all ok, we’re not alone in this – even though at times we think otherwise.

Without further ado – here’s how it is:

*Difficulty or outright inability to be around other people – some more than others.  I have noticed the past few times being around someone who has been a friend for many years and it saddens me to now sense – stronger w/each visit now – an energy misalignment.  I literally feel the energies between us clash – like friction in a way.  I mourn that experience.

*Difficulty or outright inability to withstand anything of lower vibrations – conflict, drama, aggressive behavior, even images of violence or other 3d worldly atrocities.  (not that any of these things are ever easy on the body/mind/soul – at this point they are downright impossible to withstand energetically).

*Absolute inner repulsion in being interrupted, especially when in deep concentration.  For me it is such a strong sensation – one that has only grown.  I have asked myself – perhaps I am being too sensitive.  But that immediate inner response of “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO” is there.  What I can manage however is how I respond to the one doing the interrupting.

*Which leads to – a growing love affair with one’s own company.  This is quite beautiful to me.

*Inability to watch television.  For me – complete inability.  Can’t tolerate pbs anymore either.  Movies, nope.  (just have the soundscapes channel on these days)  I know just by walking into the room if the tv is on anything mainstream oriented.  There is truth to the fact that “they” put certain frequencies in those stations, meant to literally jar us out of our own energy space.


*Crying easily and frequently.  (I used to be able to say I was feeling sad or having a difficult time without showing the emotion.  Today?  I say the word and express the emotion at the same time.  When I apologized to my mate’s friend earlier today over my withdrawn behavior – sharing that my behavior had nothing to do with him – it was about me and my own stuff coming up – my voice broke and the tears flowed.  His response to me was so kind – touching my already overflowing heart even more – increasing the tears. There is such beauty in that, you know?  I literally melt inside when I am around such kindness ~ I intend more of it!  It is so healing.)

*Intense desire and need to be in nature.  To hear animals and be around animals.  Gave myself some of that today…

I leave you with an image to breath in and a song (“Night” by Ludovico Einaudi) that soothes and centers me.  It’s rather haunting in a way, but it just does something for me, especially how it builds up and just ends in a way that surprises and deeply satisfies. Rather like how I view the journey we are on.

Be kind to and gentle with yourselves, friends.  


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Energetically Flatlined Today


Emotion, Expression, Life, Face, Girl

I woke up this morning with deep heaviness in my heart.  I had experienced a dream of a childhood sweetheart who I am friends with today.  I had thought about him before I went to bed and felt a bitter-sweetness to the thought.  He’s battling cancer and in the dream, he turned into a little boy and I was trying to help him put on his shoes.  He was so sweet, little, innocent.  I was able to get his shoes on before I woke up.  I checked my facebook page later on and see his entry – he’s still battling and had a small setback today.

As I pulled myself out of bed, I noticed an unpleasant smell in the living room – that of a neighbor – who has deep deep unresolved issues, one of which includes bathing being a rarity.  They had come over yesterday – unannounced – and stayed for just a moment.  I can’t be around the energy right now.  In fact, the energies of everyone are overwhelming me at the moment.  Any type of conflict or visual images of pain/suffering put me into a tailspin.  So back to the smell – I immediately cleansed/cleared and lit my resin.  Will have to be more assertive in what I allow into my personal space.  Can’t really be around friends much either – noticed that again last night.  I immediately now sense if there’s a disconnect.  JUST CANNOT DO IT!  If I force myself to be in such spaces, my body revolts.

My mate had a friend over and when he arrived, I was quiet.  Unusually quiet.  He later asked my mate if I was angry with him.  Goodness, no. Just feeling a lot of old pain today and am rather reflective/introspective.

The tears started about an hour ago and have continued.  Tears over lost connections with family.  With friends.  Pains from the past.  Those things I wish I had done and those things I wish I hadn’t done.

Allowing myself to be a verbal and emotional punching bag far too many times.

Allowing myself to keep my heart to myself out of fear, shame, embarrassment.

Not teaching myself boundaries earlier.

Wishing I had been stronger in my younger years.  More assertive.  Wiser.

Wisdom with courage.  A necessary combination if one is to make it in the world the way it has been.  That and a lot of support.

Just when I think “I have released this one” up it comes again.  Another layer.  For release.  With love, comfort and absolute acceptance.

Will I get this healing stuff right?

Is there something else I could be doing?

I have no answers today to any of that so for now, I’m just Being with who I am in this seemingly never-ending but always changing story.


A Couple of Interesting Experiences In The Last 24 Hours


Ok, so I am somehow finding energy to write this up but wanted to share.

Last night, I had finished doing my nightly meditation and getting comfy, ready to go to sleep.  I closed my eyes and suddenly I see this yellow glow in my mind’s eye a flash and then I am seeing myself – a younger version. Probably in my mid 20’s.  Hair is still long but it’s curlier.  No glasses.  I focus more and realize I am inside a merkaba-type craft.  And I knew this is how I will transport myself.  I have read about this and how we each have the ability to travel with the gift of the merkaba.  Here’s a little something I read recently about it: “The merkaba is perhaps one of the most accurate representations humanity has of divine energy. It spins, it flows, it grows in all directions at all times. It balances and harmonizes, and takes you where you want to be, into the life you are wanting. It does this both in the physical and the spiritual dimensions: yes, you can actually travel with the merkaba. Or you can use it to become who you want to be. The merkaba is the infinite circulating flow of the divine trinity and the four directions, the four elements. It is all, all at once.” ~ Eden

Fascinating, isn’t it?

I knew and felt and heard I was being given a gift to see myself in the “future” and how I was manifesting that right now with my intentions, which have included the ability to move my physical body wherever I want simply with my own intentions as well as returning myself to how I felt and looked when I was in my early to mid 20’s as well as having my entire health restored (with the wisdom of today ~ and then some!).  I started to see the image fade and I willed with my entire might to keep the vision going, but it blinked out in a flash as quickly as it appeared.

Very wild and awesome experience that I did not intend nor expect.

Then tonight I suddenly had my vision blur as I attempted to read a bottle and I felt like all I needed to do was take a step forward and I would be in another dimension.  I shook my head and my vision returned.

And I asked myself “are you ready to take that next step?”

Goodnight, all.

Tonight’s Sky Capture ~ June 25, 2017


Taken at 9pm, PST.  All four directions were lit up.  We saw something in the western sky that looked like a planet (the infamous nibiru?) – photo #4.  Linking those shots here for you to figure out.  I’m exhausted and not into speculating much at this point.  At the moment, they’re just sunset photos to my brain.  

More Live Captures from


Hey everyone.  So my intuition told me, about 20 minutes ago, to check out  I did and the following video footage is what I captured.  The one signal on the left is still going on – some 20 minutes later.  I was disappointed when, after the new signals and that siren sound were captured, they changed the frequency and the signals and sound no longer registered.  However something told me – no worries – what’s happening will find a way to be seen again.  And here you go.  I am posting this around 7:15pm – and the signal is still continuing. I read in the chat room where earlier the signal was even stronger with more structure to it.  I feel a bit like I’m Jodie Foster’s character Ellie in Contact.  Not sure if this is solar-related, occurrences in the ionosphere, CERN or something else altogether.  Just interesting to observe and ponder…

Struggling with Patience


This day has challenged me on many levels.  Money.  Faith.  Health.

I am doing the best I can.

Recently I reached out and asked for marketing help on an ascension community board and was told to read an article on healing the self and if interested, I could pay for some of her healing services.


Did I ASK to be healed?  Noooooo.

So before I receive promotion help, I have to be healed?



Is this what this ascension community is about as well as the 3d system? Do it on your own?  If you can’t, that’s your issue not mine?  Aren’t we supposed to be in UNITY here??  Returning to Unity?

I’m not seeing it.

That has been part of my problem.  I have done MUCH of this 3D living on my own, certainly in the areas of promotion.  Creation.  As my mate says “you have tried so many things year after year on your own” about my efforts to make a decent income.

So do I have something deep within that is telling me I am not worthy?

Sure I do to some degree.  But I sure as anything work on it, work on myself.  Daily.  THAT IS NOT THE ONLY ISSUE.

Who doesn’t have inner issues?

Don’t we ALL have inner shit, some of which we’re not aware of?


What gives these people who are promoting their own services the right to tell another “you have to do this alone” or imply “you don’t really need marketing help (meaning you don’t know what you really need – only I do).  What you need to do is read my article.”  Oh and after that, pay me for my services.

I’m telling you folks, I am putting on a real happy face some days on this site, especially since I was criticized for being real and authentic with how I feel and what I think about this 3D system.  Criticized and then not offered anything in kind.  If you’re going to judge me and claim I need to do x y z then you sure as hell better offer me help with that.  Other than that, you’re just another mouthpiece for the very system in which I speak out against and yes, rage against some days.


I don’t know what to do at the moment – on these issues that keep popping up in front of my face to look at yet again.  I really don’t.  Today I’m yelling at them to go the fuck away.  Other than my child, I can’t seem to satisfy or please much of anyone.  And yes I know, please thyself.  I get that.  I do.

How do I heal from this money issue?

I think of song lyrics that inspire me.  Shoe the children with no shoes on their feet.  House the people living on the street.  This is not complicated. You don’t tell them to go heal themselves first.  And you don’t assume you know best for them.  Spiritual Ego is rampant in the ascension community. If you really are of Source, you ASK what is needed and if you can provide, you do it.  If not, you STFU.  As I like to say when it comes to business, mind your own and stay out of mine.

Maybe my struggles with money aren’t just all due to my own thoughts (which I admit have been a part of this struggle).  Maybe I am to be used to share these conversations on money.  On helping people for whom financial struggle has caused such unnecessary struggle and suffering by being a voice.

This is one topic the masses need to talk about, get real about.  Now. Including those in this spiritual community.  In my area, just to rent one room will cost you $550/month – and that’s without utilities.  For just ONE ROOM. I saw a chart that said the MINIMUM wage people need in each state just to afford a one bedroom home/apartment.  The average was $14-$16/hour.

Then there are utilities, which our electric company conveniently jacked the kilowatt rate.  We have no say – doesn’t matter if you petition your legislature.  Speak out about it.  (both of which I have done, btw)  They do whatever the fuck they want to do.  Then the water rates were jacked and more taxes-disguised-as-fees were added.  Totally illegal, btw (these “fees” – as it did not include a citizen’s vote).  So we speak out.  Nothing changes because again, they get to do whatever the fuck they want to do. Without consequence.

Oh but let’s attack those who are struggling and experiencing all the unnecessary suffering as a result of the burdens put on them/us by these very criminals.  Why?  Because it’s easier that way.  It’s easier to say “pull yourself up jack” than it is to do what’s right – and that is to show some LOVE.

Then there’s food prices.  Those keep going up.  Gotta eat healthy and we do.  We spend a god awful amount of money on organic foods.  Fresh.  We don’t eat out.  I cook 99% of all of our meals.  From scratch.  I make my own bread.  We have a garden growing.  To help keep the vibes up and to have good health it’s imperative, especially when health insurance is limited and in some cases, non-existent.  I need glasses.  I have no vision coverage.  I have very limited dental coverage.  My mate has none and he recently had a dental emergency so add in another bill to the collection.

I am so tired of being told it’s ME when so much of it is the god damn fucking system that doesn’t ever seem to change.  WHY CAN’T THE PEOPLE IN THE SPIRITUAL COMMUNITIES AT LEAST ACKNOWLEDGE THIS??  Do I have to be the only one??

I hesitated to share this given some of the comments I received from others.  The criticism.  How sad it is that not only are there people who behave in such a manner instead of using that energy productively by asking hey, what do you need?  But equally sad that I let myself get affected by such comments.  And yet, I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t. Unless you’re a machine.  Or fully awakened.

I am neither.

And I do not apologize for that.

Creating That Stairway to Heaven


This song has been running through my mind off and on all year.  One of the most beautiful songs ever created.  (imho)  I decided to begin playing it on the piano again as well.  The lyrics contained in the picture below have been going through my mind a lot recently so I found it quite beautifully appropriate to find this image tonight in my searching.  Be well everyone.


Image may contain: people standing, grass, outdoor, text and nature

There’s Nothing Wrong With Us – It’s Just Evolution


Editor’s note:  A very interesting piece.  Comforting too.  She also talks quite extensively about the book The Nine Waves of Creation ~ a book I have heard of and am going to look out for a copy.  Any of you read it or familiar with it?  

Sea, Seagull, Bird, Seevogel, Water Bird

January 31, 2017
Helen White

There’s an incredible book that I recently finished reading and its been like a missing piece of the jigsaw for me. Its called “The Nine Waves of Creation” by Carl Johan Calleman, PhD and its an astonishingly audacious yet entirely coherent  perspective on our human experience. I’ve reviewed it more broadly in my other blog (here’s that post) but what feels most important to share, in this space about health and personal wellbeing, is how relatable its quantum perspective is to the consideration of whether we are thriving (or not) in these particular times in our human history. The book has shed so much light on why I and others like myself may have struggled to thrive at a very fundamental level and that is so often played out through our health; and why we are now at a change point that offers us a remarkable advantage…if we choose to see it and work with it. In fact, I would go as far as saying that what I am about to share with you feels like the most important information topic I’ve ever written about here.

What’s the quantum-holographic perspective got to do with how I really feel?

I talk a lot in these posts about the yin and the yang and how I regard the “sacred feminine” aspect to be a particular quality that was missing from the world and which has been trying to return in order to bring the planet back into balance. Without getting deeply into that here, since such ideas might sound too abstract in the context of health, Calleman’s book helps to bridge that gap in a way that is far more scientific and relatable for those who aren’t already seeing its significance in their own lives. Calleman has a PhD in physical biology from the University of Stockholm and is well respected in the scientific community, in addition to being a world expert on the Mayan Calendar. The way he handles this somewhat abstract concept, which he refers to in terms of the left and right hemispheres of the brain (and, indeed, the planet), is so compelling; also, supported by both conventional history and a huge amount of anecdote, to which I can now add mine.

He talks about evolution as something that “comes in” to our planet in very distinct waves omitted by a cosmic “tree of life”, which are downloaded by human beings all at once, as aspects of the global mind (you can imagine, somewhat like a computer receiving an upgraded version of a software package, which adds new features that simply weren’t there the day before). Suddenly the human mind is reassessing its world and finding features that it has never even noticed before, which alter their whole perception of reality since it is now seeing everything through a completely different filter. This profoundly affects everything going on for them, from what they think life is all about, what they feel capable of, what their priorities are, how they relate to each other and to the planet or the universe in general, and so on. These waves oscillate between “day” and “night” periods, reflecting peaks and valleys in their particular influence. That they do so is supported by correlations between “day” and “night” periods with with some of the most remarkable peaks and troughs in our human history; times when we took a huge evolutionary leap by started to innovate in a brand new way…or when certain behaviours, often whole cultures, went very suddenly and inexplicably into decline. These include moments such as the so-called instant flowering of brand new, incredibly coherent cultures that built pyramids (all around the world, all at the same time) which has long baffled historians, leading to some extremely unsatisfactory theories until I read Calleman’s book.

Without needing to go deeply into the history side of all this (I recommend you read the book), what is so key to know here is that we are living in remarkable times; an era when some of us get to experience not just one or two waves but even, sometimes, THREE in a single lifetime. This is because the frequency of the waves increases by a factor of 20 with each one (up to a total of nine according to Calleman) becoming faster and less spaced-out over time. Therefore, the Seventh Wave (which had been around for over two hundred years) only just went into its night period, the Eighth Wave got properly started in 1999 and the ninth wave came in on 9th March 2011. If you just loosely connect these dates with the timeline of your life, see if you can’t detect how your experience made needle jumps from one track to another at around these times; I know that mine did.

The Waves of Creation and chronic health conditions

What probably relates most to you, as a person interested in your own health and wellbeing, is that the Sixth and the Seventh Waves had very different preoccupations and outlook to the Eighth and the Ninth and both were active until very recently. So for those of us that are three or more decades old, our lives have ended up being the bridge that is attempting to make sense of these transitions. There are many more features to these interactions but, most importantly, the Sixth Wave set our process of civilization in motion; along with agriculture, cities, literacy, money, duality, war, monarchy and religion plus the Hologram of Good and Evil (something Calleman discusses at length), contributing to mental slavery, one of its themes. The Seventh Wave triggered the industrial (and political) revolution and made science the be-all-and-end-all of everything. Under its influence, we mostly gave up on the idea of god (except in so far as it could be used to control the masses), having taken a two-footed leap into the deep pool of empirical theory. We prioritised ownership, money and power, all very “yang” in their perspectives (in fact the “yin” hadn’t been around for the best part of 5000 years and women knew all about that since their experiences reflected this). If you’re my age, you are probably very familiar with the whole package of the Seventh Wave. It brought us some of our most memorable wars (as well as some of our milestone innovations) and our parents and grandparents, who were resoundingly “of” those times, likely saw the world through a very different filter to ours when we were growing up. This play-off is what saw the peace and love movement of the 1960s, which was the pre-wave of the Eighth Wave in reaction to the Seventh.

Continue reading here.


Schumann Spikes Continue


Riding the waves.  4 “surges” in 48 hours.  Feeling these…  (Copied from the Schumann Diaries facebook page.)  


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