Schumann Resonance Today ~ This Last Day of July 2017


even gaia needs a break every once in awhile…


Schumann Resonance Today

Abundance Intention For This Site ~ Love In Action Now


Please intend the following with me.

Every day, more wonderful people subscribe to my website blog.

My readers regularly and abundantly donate money to me.

Money flows to me through this site in great abundance and with Ease.


I am inspired daily to write pieces and share pieces that in turn inspire my wonderful readers to become more inspired and abundant themselves.

Let’s all share in this love train of unlimited abundance!

Thank you!


When Everyone Says Enough Is Enough!


Editor’s note:  Thank you to one of my readers for sharing this one with me.  I have felt “enough is enough” for too long, especially when it comes to the financial slavery system.  I honestly don’t know how much more inner “oomph” I have on this issue.  This one single issue alone keeps me up far too often.  I release, find center then it comes right back up.  Why?  Because we are still under the same damn system that keeps on jacking up every damn thing without recourse. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  Let’s say this collectively daily.  NO to every element of this stinking rotten dark broken system of lies and corruption and fraud.  And YES TO ABUNDANCE and FREEDOM.  And TRUTH.  My thought at this point is I am not going to participate any longer in this enslavement system and I welcome input from the Universe to guide me.  Along those lines you will notes in the article below about the TDA accounts.  Accounts with OUR names and OUR SSN’s attached to them.  A mass fraud has been perpetrated on us on this issue alone and the system is creating bogus charges in their arrest of Heather-Ann Tucci Jaraff (creator of the OPPT) and Randall Beane.  Heather’s first hearing is tomorrow.  Let us ALL intend TRUTH prevails NOW and the OPPT process is allowed to carry forth easily for us all, NOW… and the return of this money (which is in the trillions that have been made using OUR names) comes back to where it belongs – to you and me.  



Most people suffered a continuing drop in living standards, cuts in wages, loss of pensions and benefits, loss of secure employment, etc.

What was the answer given us for tolerating such a continuing catastrophe?

Trickle-down economics. Wealth would trickle down from above.

But nothing ever trickled down. There were folks catching every possible crumb.

There was a maelstrom of activity on the stock market, with mergers and acquisitions, junk bonds, all manner of Ponzi schemes,  and other forms of corruption that are only coming to light now. (1) All of this was milking value out of the economy. Or so it seemed to my layman’s mind.

I went back to school. I stayed out of the economy for the next four years. I got paid to write.

All the time I was hoping the economy would recover and that jobs would come back. They never did.

It was as if the tide went out one day and never came back. This was the new landscape: A constantly shrinking job market, workers being replaced by automation, a buyer’s market for labor.

Goodbye, trade unions. Goodbye jobs. Goodbye careers. Goodbye professions, trades, entry-level jobs, vertical companies. On and on and on the dominoes fell.


Suffice it to say, that the business philosophy called Social Darwinism ran wild after 1982.

Everything became about nimble raptors, going for the jugular, he who hesitates is lunch, etc. Business was war and loyalties depended on the dollar. (2)

The newly-hip wanted to be in the big money crowd. Business was hardball. It was change or die.

We didn’t know what was happening at the time. But we were watching an economy implode. The efforts of the cabal to dominate the world and reduce its population to a manageable 500 million had failed and everything the cabal controlled began to fall apart.

Social Darwinism was exposed as a rationale for greed.

Nature ran red in tooth and claw, as the business Darwinists said it would. But it largely affected the cabal and left the meek to inherit the Earth.


The cabal blew up their own nation’s buildings, started wars for profit, ran the world narcotics trade, organized Al-Qaida and ISIS, ran pedophilia and sex-slavery rings, etc.  When will it end?

Archangel Michael told us when it will end: When all of us agree to repeat, like a mantra, “Enough!”  “Enough, already.” “Yo, enough.”

Not exactly like Howard Beale, who wasn’t going to take it anymore. (3) But the message is the same – “Enough!”  From a loving space. From a centered place. In service to the Divine Mother. “Enough!”

We don’t need to erect barricades or march in protest. A simple setting of our intention that we’ve had enough of greed and conflict is sufficient. (4) Our mere peaceful resolve will affect events, as we’re coming to know, through the collective consciousness and the permission it gives the NPTB to assist us.

There are a hundred ways of saying “Enough!”  I invite some aspiring moviemaker to make a movie – Youtube or otherwise – of 144 people saying “Enough!”  Or … no, impossible, or is it? … 144,000?


(1) A typical fraud – which I think the white knights have now taken over – was the “Strawman Accounts,” an account linked to everyone’s social insurance number here in Canada, social security number in the States, I believe.

It was the original way Illuminati members paid their bills. I believe the funds are now sequestered for NESARA. But I’m just repeating hearsay.

Another Illuminati scam was the “trading platforms” – historic assets that were sold from one Illuminati member to another, each taking a cut, only to have the public pay full dollar for ultimate redemption. They are now being redeemed by lightworkers as another source of funds for building Nova Earth.

(2) What went on at the international level Michel Chossudovsky called “financial warfare.” (“Michel Chossudovsky: Financial Warfare,” at

The international trade wars, fraudulent runs on currencies, new IMF debt bondage, theft of natural resources characterized this time of unregulated, cabal-backed capitalism.

The dot com bubbles, mortgage scams, foreclosures, exposure of the Federal Reserve fraud, the IRS fraud, the mind reels at the corruption of those days. Where does it stop?

(3) Network (1976), Peter Finch as Howard Beale, had enough.

He hadn’t seen anything yet! The worst was yet to come.

(4) Invoke the Divine Mother and the Universal Law of Intention, for her assistance in the fulfillment of your intention that chaos be stopped. Enough is enough.



Schumann Resonance for July 30, 2017



Schumann Resonance Today



Invisible.  Copyright 2004

Do I appear Invisible to you.
Do you even care that I exist.
I’m really not so different from you.
You know it’s true.
Just look in the mirror.
And you will see
me staring back
at you
through the same eyes.

How can you and I live in the same world
when all you seem to care about is yourself.
People are dying in their hearts.
Their sense of self
is slipping away
and people like you
who say you care
but when they reach out their hands
you just walk away.
Pretending you don’t see.

When I appear Invisible to you.
You really are Invisible to yourself.
For we’re all apart of the same Life.
Look inside.
You know it’s true.
Reach out to me
and take my hand
and we can walk together
into Eternity.

Noticing Beautiful Changes in Animal Behavior


Dove, Collared, Bird, City Pigeon

Some new experiences lately.  Butterflies and dragonflies flying in very close and hovering, following.  Our local neighbor cat who seemed to be intently wishing to connect with me.

Then today.

Since living in this neighborhood, we have had the pleasure of listening to a pair of Mourning Doves daily during the warmer months.  They often hang around our house and on neighboring properties.  We have spoken with them.  Greeted them.  They always remain at a distance.

Until today.

All three of us were out back when our little one noticed one of the doves up on our roof.  It seemed to be listening to us.  We greeted her.  She then flew down to the grass, just a couple of feet from all of us, and sat there. We all crouched down, speaking with her.  She bobbed her head and stayed put for a few moments before flying away.

It was so awesome.

I said it’s like we are all learning how to be a peace with one another again.

Never Before Seen Frequency On Live Meteors


Outside enjoying the nice day earlier when something said “go to live meteors”.  Took some shots.  There was a continuous red line band streaming for minutes.  The frequency at that time was 51.260 hz.  Then they changed it two times to 55.260 to 57.260.  This happened within moments.  I captured the very strange image at 57.260 hz.  Never seen this one before.  In the live chat one of the folks said “wth is that??!”  No one had an answer other than an interference of some sort.  (pardon the visual of yours truly – sun reflection – which is why the next shot was taken in the garage.)


Some Words to Ponder On Reclaiming Our Power


Acrylic, Painting, Inspiration, Love

I write this piece every bit as much for myself as I do for you…


I used to read channeled messages and believe in them.

I used to follow folks like ArchAngel Michael and the other “Arch” angels. The Galactic Federation.  Commander Ashtar.  Sheldon Nidle.

My heart wanted their promises NOW and my desperation was so powerful, it made rather silent the Inner Voice that was ringing the b.s. bell.

Read the words of others.  However, please pay attention that you are not “following”.  Following as defined by accepting each word as Truth while dismissing your own inner voice.  Also defined as looking outside of yourself, ultimately, for the answers.  For the truth.

It’s easy to fall for this deception.  Been there – more times than I can count.  Think about it this way.  Many of us who are here for this Ascension Process ~ this journey of awakening to remember and release and heal and return again to Pure Source – we have had it tough.  Much of this third dimensional reality feels foreign to us.  Many have had abuse and health issues, ongoing quite often, and the like which we then choose to isolate ourselves from the world.

Isolation can lead to that state of desperation.  Again, been there – and continue to pull away from that state.

Tell yourself “I Am Source”.  As often as you can.  Even if we don’t “feel” it, keep saying it, as affirmatively as you can.  Say it slowly.  Say it loudly. Say it softly.  Just keep at it until you begin to feel the words in your body. Feel it in your Core.  In your Heart.  Keep at it and you will begin to experience the connection again in your body.  You will know when you have come Home.

One other issue I have dealt with is the need to please.  The need to show others who I feel have wronged me “SEE?  See how RIGHT I am now?  Do you approve of me now?”

D I S E M P O W E R I N G.

The only one there is ever to “please” is thyself.  Ever.  And even that is an illusion for being in our Full Source Power is just about Being and Knowing and Creating from that power.  We don’t stop to make sure we are doing ok or pleasing ourselves.  In Full Alignment we just know and thus Do.

So my personal rule for thyself is this:  I may choose to read these channeled pieces.  My red flags are anything that begins with “dear ones” and any information that says “we are working hard on your behalf”.

Ah, that last one.  We are working hard on your behalf.  So just wait dear one and trust in us.

While I believe we have Source Light Beings helping with this, far too many of these beings aren’t of pure source.  IMHO that is.  Pure Source gives forth energy that empowers.  It doesn’t dangle carrots of “hurry up and wait”.  In fact, as I am seeing and feeling it at this Now moment, I see that our Intentions of Remembering are working with and assisting the TRUE higher dimensional Source Beings.  A collective gathering, building energy that, working also with Cosmic Energies, are all creating the breaking down of the old false matrix energies.  It’s a rather quiet process too.  Not a lot of fanfare.  Just Source Beings DOING from that state.  None of this “lookie what we are doing for YOU.  Just hurry and be patient dear one.”

Does that make sense?  Let me know if it doesn’t.  I have moments I experience such as writing this piece where I FEEL the experience within but really struggle with coming up with words and sentences to explain the experience of knowing I have.

And another thing that I have read and resonate with.  When Source and Higher Self Source communicate with us – it isn’t with words per say.  It is usually with impressions and feelings that we then use our human brain to put into words so ALL of our Being can have the insight.  It’s also supportive. Loving.  Feeeeels gentle.  Solid.

I see the difference today.  I have indeed heard words of a masculine voice – authoritative.  False Light Crap.  Indeed NOT helpful.

ANY words of “we know best” or of doubt or judgment – toss that shit aside.  Say I do not consent to this.  Break down the agreements to follow this stuff.  And as we do, command and intend the return of our own energy we gave away to such agreements.

ANY words of “you are special because you are here to x y z…” – toss that too.  We are all special.  Such language is not Source.  It’s meant to feed on our fear of separation and loneliness and not being enough.  Our need for validation at the expense of going within.  No one is above another.  

Something else I notice ~ when I get a new insight and it feeeels so true and powerful – that inner doubting voice usually says “too good to be true”.

Again, TOSS IT.

Formula:  I receive an inner feeling and knowing that feels Pure and Source and All Possibilities.  Believe it.  Toss out the fear-based programming.  That’s all it is.  Programming.  We all know what fear is. No one escapes falling victim to that program.  But we can all break out of it.

So TOSS IT.  Give it a kiss on the way out.  Say “thank you – but no thank you”.  No need to go into drama over it.  Get to the place where it’s the same energy movement as is throwing away a tissue.  There are no stories surrounding it. 

I will leave you with this:

The mystic is not a special human being ~ every human being is a special kind of mystic.  Br. David Steindl-Rast, OSB


Schumann Resonance Today ~ July 29, 2017


oh yeah baby – feeling this.  whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on that began late last night!  


Schumann Resonance Today

More Interesting Live Meteors Captures ~ July 28, 2017

This was quite intense for about 30 minutes earlier today.

Live Meteors Capture ~ July 28, 2017