A Tale of Two Earths ~ Two QHHT Sessions


Another awesome video from Allison Coe, QHHT out of Portland, Oregon. Such beautiful, inspiring, Soul-Resonating information about our New Earth.  I have dreamed of and envisioned our new earth home so much, I feel it in my body.  The more we ALL do and the more we focus from our hearts the faster we bring forth our home to our physical experience.  Much love!  

A Tale of Two Earths…. and Two QHHT Sessions


Today’s Sacred Tree Message



Sequoia, Tree, Large, Cypress, Tribe

I stopped by and visited my sacred tree this evening on my bike ride.  I haven’t communicated with her in a few weeks so it needn’t have surprised me that once I placed my left (receiving) hand on her, I immediately heard “slow down”.  I kept my hand on her, giving thanks and then heard “receive”.

Good message.  Slow down to Receive.

I thought of my typical days.  A-buzz with activity, even when that means staying home.  While I take time to go within and just Be, beautiful Gaia Tree was correct in her wisdom.  I need to slow down on all that I do.  We are receiving increasing energies, which feel like they are pushing us to the extreme to release in order to create our New Human Self and get anchored in the higher frequency realm~ if I do not slow down and ALLOW this to happen, it feels like I will pop.

Slow down to receive.  I dig that.

Currently I have heat buddies on my back, feet on a foot massager and earlier, my little portable massager on my back.  Extreme drug-like sleepiness.  Quite blissful.  Earlier in the day I was on the yoga mat, doing some deep releasing on a couple of rather unattended, old issues.  I was guided to approach the issues in a new way, which I believe is the direct result of a new mantra I was lead to, which basically says I welcome new insights from Source Higher Self.  I had the experience last night with another issue as well.  I give these new insights and opportunities much gratitude.  Well, most of the time.  That is getting easier.

Some days it feels like climbing an endless ladder.  Other days and moments it feels like I’m soaring quite easily with new wings.

And so it goes.

Love and blessings ~



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Opening Of The Lions Gate Portal


Every year the Sun, Earth and Sirius move to specific points in the sky activating the Lionsgate Portal.

The Lionsgate Portal opens from July 26 to August 12, however it is at its most powerful on August 8.

It is on this day that we can receive the full abundance of the magical and powerful energy that is on offer.

In order to understand what Lionsgate is all about, it is important to understand what the three cosmic players (Earth, Sun and Sirius) are all doing.

For the Lionsgate Portal to be activated, the Sun has to align with the star, Sirius which is bigger and brighter than our own Sun.

Sirius is known as the Spiritual Sun, and is believed to hold knowledge and wisdom from higher Divine realms.

When the Sun and Sirius meet during this period, their energies intensify and Earth is able to receive “light energy” from both of these celestial bodies.

Our Sun is already warm and nourishing enough and delivers the energy of life, but imagine what happens when it combines its powers with Sirius.

If we think of this symbolically, it is like planet Earth is being bathed with two of the most powerful lights in the sky.

This light energy can enhance spiritual awakenings, bring about new insights or a new awareness and it can also help to raise the consciousness of the planet.

It is this highly activated and spiritually advanced energy from these stars that help to activate the portal and send an influx of higher vibrational energy for us to use.

The Sun, being in the constellation of Leo which is symbolised by the Lion, is why this star portal is referred to as Lionsgate.

It is also interesting to note that this portal is at its peak on August 8 or 88.

In numerology, 8 is also a powerful number that represents infinity, power, divine connection, rebirth and higher realms.

So, what does all of this mean for you? Here is the message for this year’s Lionsgate-

You must find enjoyment through simply being human.

When our souls came to this Earth we came for a human experience, and many of us are not living up to the fullest potential of our human capabilities.

As humans, we came to explore, to taste, to travel, to live and to experience the emotions and colours of Earth.

But many of us get stuck and trapped in the monotony of day to day living and forget what we came here to truly experience.

While we all have a spiritual core, we need to find more gratitude for the human sides of life.

Being human often gets a bad wrap, but humans are incredible, passionate and compassionate beings that have so much to offer the world.

We need to embrace our humanness and work out what makes us feel most alive.

What makes us feel happy or glad to be alive in our human form? What experiences do we want to have on Earth that make this life worth living?

These are the questions the Lionsgate of 2017 is asking us to explore- we have to get clear about what makes life worth living and then actually put actionable steps into making them happen.

The final message for the Lionsgate of August 2017, is to remove the energetic “pollution” from our bodies. This Lionsgate is going to be very healing and cleansing, as long as we allow this energy to filter in.

A partial lunar eclipse falls just one day before the Lionsgate portal on August 7th in the sign of Aquarius, and we are all going to be called on to let go, heal and release so we can receive the new. (More info on this coming soon. Please subscribe for daily updates.)

In order to receive the highest energy upgrades from the August 2017 Lionsgate portal, be sure to remain a clear and open channel through releasing and letting go of all that no longer serves you.

Happy Lionsgate!

By Tanaaz, Guest author

P.S. My new book the Power of Positive Energy is also being released on 8/8! If you are looking for an insightful, inspiring read order your copy here.

Sourced from here.

Welcome New E-Mail Subscribers and Readers


Beach, Sand, Stones, Heart, Love

The love I am feeling from your support is beautiful and I thank you for it. Each day I open up my e-mail box and I see more new subscribers is just a wonderful experience for me.  Blessings to you all and welcome ~ Victoria

Prepare To Ride The Tsunami Of Light


Editor’s note:  We welcome in these incoming frequencies of unconditional love.  We let them purge our old trauma’s and accompanying energies.  We give thanks for this opportunity to heal, remember and evolve.  So it is.


Greetings, as always from heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj.(KayRy)

The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. We hope you FEEL our LIGHT and LOVE in this message.

We have stated previously that the process of ascension of Mother Earth begun in the 1940’s. This is why you have only witnessed two world wars, and will never experience another again. But it was the Illuminatis goal to have a major world war every ten years. Obviously such a thing did not occur with World War 2 being the last one. Once again, this was prevented do to the choice Mother Earth made, to uplift herself and her inhabitants to a higher dimension.

From the 1940’s to around 1960’s there were very small energy changes that happened on our world. These energetic waves slightly started to increase in the late 1960’s. Explanation for peace movements and rise in UFO phenomena.

The barrier somewhat broke, higher light begun entering earth in 1987 with the Galactic/Harmonic Convergence.

Fast forward to 1996, major treaties were signed in favor of humanity and earth, between the Galactic Confederation and that of the once ‘opposing’ side.

One more time, fast forward to 2001. The world was preparing for great changes, the USA in particular. We’ll say the dream was shattered, or only delayed temporarily. We say this, because the light quotient did not stop increasing on Earth. As a matter of fact it gained speed from 2000 and on wards.

We arrive to 2012. Many more major gates and barriers were brought down, this time much greater and more intense waves of light entering Earth from the Galactic Center via our Sol star.

On the Spring Equinox of 2017 the light on Earth reached the highest point since Atlantinian times. Now, from Spring 2017 to the Summer Solstice, this energy has only been intensifying, much faster than in previous years. On the July 9th Full Moon the light quotient once again increased and will continue to do so without slowing down, all the way to the great and so unique Eclipse of August 21, 2017.

The light has long prevailed on Earth, but it is only now that victory will be recognized by all. We say to you now prepare to ride the tsunami of light. For once again the light is about to increase, only this time it will be threefold, continuing all the way to the Autumn Solstice. It will be felt by all, it will cleanse all. It is entirely up to each individual how they choose to experience this energy.

We will however emphasize, spend as much time as possible in nature. Meditate. Eat light, vegetarian diet. Drink plenty of water. Avoid being pulled into negative situations. For there will be many who will ‘snap’, do to the cleansing. Choose your words and activities wisely. Emanate only light/love.

The greater the light the less room there is for darkness, lies, secrets, and all negative ideas of 3D reality. All that which does not serve the Greater Good must come to the surface and be transmuted. It is now that the show truly begins.

Unity is the key to a peaceful, prosperous world. The people of this planet must NOW decide what kind of a world do they want to create and CREATE IT. Humanity wishes to be FREE, at the same time they continue to ‘act like prisoners’. This must end now. The great changes at hand will NOT be postponed any longer.

The Era of Light is now manifesting on Earth whether you are all ready or not but I must say to those who refuse to align with their Divine Selves this transition will be harder on you than the rest.

YOU, the Starseed/Lightworker are here to shine your light now brighter than ever before, for it is greatly needed. This is YOUR moment. Think, speak, be light/love. Breath in light, breath out love. Breath in light, breath out love.

In every thought, word, and action, let love be your intention.

The brightest light shines from within. I am Kejraj.

Sourced from here.  

Beautiful Video On The Upcoming Eclipse


Editor’s note:  Wow.  What a powerful video.  What began as an evening of me wanting to find a video on this upcoming event and any spiritually-related associations with it, one I resonated with, this one magically pops up.  I have been in this little area, life continuously keeping me here and a couple of times, bringing me back.  I believe this is the reason.  This upcoming eclipse.  This is not to say people have to be here in this area of totality to experience the energies.  Watch the video for more information on that.  As most of my readers know, I have known for a few months or so that this is not a “natural” event in terms of how often total solar eclipses occur in any given region.  I have thought at first it was a controlled-type, cabal related agenda.  I did not like having this thought and have pondered it.  I then have begun saying I did not come this far to experience some ugly event.  No way.  I also began to feel there was something quite magical about this upcoming eclipse.  Given what I have read from others and felt within, the timeline has been changed and sped up – quite dramatically.  Some have speculated it will not be the moon eclipsing the sun but the planetary object known as Nibiru, which I have always felt is a positive in our Ascension process, consciously guided with the ability to traverse dimensions.  I will be following the suggestions and will be encouraging others in my area to as well.  I also encourage all of you to participate in this event, no matter where you are. Alone or with others.  Share share share this information.  Intend the energies within your own being and anchoring here on Gaia.  So….Enjoy the video.  And enjoy the one below Allison’s as well.  When you watch the video you will see why I chose to share this song.  ♥

2017 Solar Eclipse Energy Preparation – Client QHHT Sessions



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INSANE Reality ~ Mutton Bustin’


Does this picture look odd?  Upset you?  Horrify you even?

It’s real, as I found out today.

Our local county fair is coming up soon.  I inquired to see whether they were having their pony rides for the children.  There are a few ponies that ride in a small circle, slowly, while young children ride them.

I was told this event will not be put on but instead the fair will offer “Mutton Bustin” ~ which instead of riding a bucking bronco, young children, up to 55 lbs. are placed on the backs of sheep and hold on until they are kicked off.

W T F??!!

I had never heard of this practice.  Isn’t this child abuse?  AND animal abuse?  (I deplore most rodeo events for the animal abuse.  But now we have child abuse thrown in the mix??)

I found this article that shares some more details.  I have contacted our fair requesting they cease this activity for the reasons stated in this piece.

For awhile our fair did have what they called an exotic animal exhibit.  Beautiful animals such as lions and bears and panthers, locked in small cages, approximately 2/3 of a football field away of the main stage which blasted thumping music 12 hours a day (when musicians weren’t performing equally as loud).  They paced in their cages or hid, obviously stressed out.  We were horrified and complained.  Enough of us did so that the fair no longer has this exhibit.  But the people who run this charade still take their animals to fairs, expose them to traumatizing, unnatural settings while the programmed populace ooh’s and aah’s and takes pictures.  Some, we saw, even walked up to the cages to attempt to pet them in spite of the yellow tape.

Just one more reminder how this family does not do this reality.  Where are the higher conscious activities?  Educational models?

Here is the article so you can read and ensure your local county or city fair does not engage in this horrid practice.

This is True. No, that is True. Finding Center in the Realm of Chaos.


The last 24 hours have been a ride.

We live in a giant sea of “stuff” and we are supposed to just know what is “true” and what isn’t.

Seems everyone has a different perspective on reality and ascension and fill-in-the-blank.

People push this agenda as truth.

People pushing that agenda as truth.

Share the “wrong” truth and people will call you out on it.


This is going to happen tomorrow.


Time passes.  Or “time” as we understand it, which again, all is fuzzy on that and other concepts.

The system still rolls on.

Pedophiles continue to destroy the lives of innocent children while those who investigate get taken out.

Politics as usual.  Trump meets with the Pope and people see this as a good thing.

A greedy rich billionaire meeting with a Satanist.

Change is slow, I am told.

Why?  Why does it have to be slow?

I have arrived at this state where I DO NOT KNOW what is true anymore – other than what I desire in my heart.  And that I believe in absolutely.

Does this mean what I believe in and desire in my heart will make its way out into this realm and morph it into what I envision?

Being in Truth is about having an open heart, an open mind with solid footing in the ground, which includes having a scrupulous eye, which for me says I will fully believe it to be so, these “happenings” those keep saying are “coming/being created”, when I see it manifest.  Until then, all I can do is intend without giving my power away.  No one or no thing or no idea gets that any longer.  No longer will I fall for this “look over here at this carrot I am dangling your way”.


No desire to deal with another disappointment here Source.

I do not do this “blind” faith business.  Not anymore.

A couple more things.

  1. I could use more donations.  I have pressure on me. And I need to buy some supplies for the products I am wanting to make/sell.  I spend a lot of time keeping this site going each day and I am worthy of receiving regular financial support to continue this work.
  2. I do not need anyone telling me to join their MLM nutritional support system.  Thank you but that is not my “thing”.


A Discussion of the Recent Crop Circle ~ July 18, 2017


Editor’s note:  I have a lot to say about this one.  First of all, it is important for you to look at this picture as often as you can.  You can view it here, in the video below or on the main page of my site.  I listened to this video and was blown away. Blown!  lol  (i hear george from seinfeld) I originally posted this crop circle picture here on the 19th, one week ago.  A lot has happened to me since that time.  First I have been in new classrooms.  Second, I keep feeling this process is really speeding up (and we are doing this with our INTENTIONS – they are therefore assisting – so keep intending beautiful Souls).  The most powerful…  Three days after posting this crop circle piece here, while in the shower, I saw a vision on the wall of a lion-being that I felt was from the Sirius system.  He was part lion, part human and he was beautiful.  He radiated old old ancient wisdom.  The kindness in his eyes and smile was a kindness I have yet to encounter from another human.  It was powerful, strong, solid and felt so protective.  I felt I knew him.  Throughout this year, I have also had visions of a short, stocky male being with the same hair as this being.  I feel he is my protector and I feel a very deep connection with him.  In July 2oo9, I had this telepathic encounter with a glowing white orb that called to me to come outside.  When I did, there it was, communicating with me.  I received an impression of who was inside.  They looked very human and the first thought I had (other than “MY FAMILY”) was “from the future”.  I’ve been thinking of this encounter a lot lately and, again after seeing this crop circle below, I had this thought the beings in that orb/craft I saw in 2009 were actually a mix – the humanoid/lioness appearance and they made themselves appear humanoid as to not frighten me (at the time such an appearance would have frightened me for I knew NOTHING about other races of beings other than the grays and reptiles).  I recently, just for fun, took a quiz on my true spirit animal. The result?  The Lion.  Anyway, listen to this amazing piece and you will understand why I was BLOWN away in a very wonderful way.  Enjoy!  And again, if you so resonate with the idea, look at this circle and see what happens.  And share any results if you so wish.  Much love!  

In5d’s Michelle Walling Discusses The Cley Hill Crop Circle With Sean Bond