Cosmic waiting room or extra time, earth warriors vs the elite?


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Is planet Earth, and maybe even our solar system, in a cosmic waiting room? Are we in an orchestrated glitch of the time space continum? Buying us time to reach the tipping point for humanity raising our frequency. A holding cell or decompression chamber to allow us to integrate upgrades to our dna? Gaia is shaking off lower dimensional vibrations and raising her game, the new earth is being created. So why aren’t we there yet? Why are we still waiting? Are we in a manufactured time loop? We go round and round the same issues, the same problems of pyramid control, but what is changing?

Are we in stasis to give us more time to come online, mind body spirit systems energetically fluid, balanced and aligned. When we are fully activated as quantum beings it should organically follow that we would be taking care of our planet and each other. Higher frequencies are by definition positive emotional energies. If even half the planet’s population were to wake up and embrace higher vibrational living we would put empathy, compassion, love and peace on the world stage agenda. We could rebuild, recycle, redesign and redevelop our cities, our energy sources, our eco system and our future. Fair and free distribution of resources. A financial reset, releasing hidden funds around the globe, establishing equilibrium and abundance.

We can see how we change things and we know why we have to. So why does it feel like nothing is changing? Or it’s not changing fast enough? 8 billion people is a vast number to empower, even with the web as a tool for global communication. It still comes down to the individual to take on the establishment in their own lives to speak up and be counted. In a world where we are watched and monitored, where a sinister web of control underpins our society, disclosure, transparency and truth are long overdue.

Sometimes the matrix is revealed to us in uncomfortable ways. Passport control at airports and stations, whole body x rays, hostility in the eyes of the uniforms searching you, your bag, your kids buggy. It’s degrading. It’s frightening. It’s disturbing. We are jolted out of the comparative safety of our little bubbles and exposed to hostile scrutiny. We are reminded of violence and fear when we see policemen armed like military soldiers. When we see the needy, the vulnerable and the mentally ill begging on our streets, we are reminded all is not well in our world. The news, global politics, popular culture and organised religion continues to manipluate us with twisted rhetoric. We go about our daily business but where is the change?

We are waiting for war to end. Poverty and unnecessary disease to end. Cultural narcissism to end. Meanwhile the Trumpocalypse rolls on in the US and May and her DUP cronies continue on their merry way, destroying the fabric of British society. Europe has lost its global voice. South America and parts of Africa continue to try and extricate themselves from the violence of imperialism and the fabricated war on drugs. Scandinavia, and Portugal, storm ahead with progressive social and political reform. South East Asia continues its nervous existence sandwiched between secretive and foreboding China and North Korea. The globe shakes with frustration. Her seas continue to fill up with plastic, poisons and pollution. Rainforest is still being destroyed. Animals and humans are hunted as trophies or sold to the highest bidder. All the darkness bubbling up, spilling out into our vision, into our souls. We demonstrate. We sign petitions. We change our habits. We wait.

Google tells us, based on its search data, we are a lot more racist, sexist and homophobic than we appear outwardly. We have been pushed so far apart we no longer deny the polarity. We accept it. Lightworkers continue to be devastated by dark workers depths. Service to self folk continue to gape at those lefty, commy, hippy, do-gooder, interfering, conspiracy theorist, paranoid, over thinkers. So is this a stalemate of sorts? A waiting room for awakening to tip over to mass awakening and peaceful revolution? Are we waiting for our alien comrades, and possibly enemies, to show themselves finally? Disclosure? Where is it? Is it all really biblical after all and we are waiting for the fire and brimstone to release us like phoenix from the fire. Ghostbusters was right and the souls will rise from their graves etc?

Are we in extra time, all to play for, earth warriors versus The Elite? A few years ago the words ‘the elite control our news, our culture, our religions and our economic welfare’ would have provoked accusations of paranoia. The label conspiracy theorist is believed to be one of the CIAs most sucessful strategies. Yet this language is now commonplace. People are much more aware of how the matrix operates, politically, economically, culturally and spiritually. We see the traps, the deception, the corruption and the greed. We understand there is a depravity at the heart of this cabal. That we have been conditioned to apathy and paralysis of our sovereignty. There seems no end to the grooming of this planet by the Big Bad. The freemasons, the elite, the lizards, the AI…whatever they are, they are not Good and clearly need to be vanquished from our beautuful, sacred lands. This has to be the end goal. Restore sovereignty for Gaia, free will and liberation for humanity. Establish grown up contact with intergalactic neighbours. Be part of the cosmos, more than a slave planet in an obscure corner of the multi verse.

The veils are lifting on the four horsemen of the apocalypse – the church, the crown, the state and the financiers. Truth will out. Mainstream media is being exposed as a mouthpiece and key programming tool of the elite. Quantum awakening, conspiracy theory and ufo rhetoric has penetrated the mainstream. This is the activation of our collective consciousness, waking up to ideas beyond the established narrative, on a global scale. The world wide web has shrunk the planet. We have daily access to ordinary people like ourselves all over the world. People power has become a real threat to the establishment. Heart led leaders, whistle blowers and earth warriors are leading a global revolution of ideology. Empathy, compassion and interconnectedness are back on the agenda.
Nature, animals and birds are interacting differently with each other and with us. A universal language is making itself known and our interaction with nature, with each other and with ourselves is where we learn to speak this frequency. Disclosure is pending, hello cosmos! Timeline loops, cosmic waiting rooms, extra time or time out? We’re in it for the long haul friends, anchor your light to Gaia’s grid and hold your space. Everything is changing, at a foundation level. Fundamental and profound.

Meditation can be hard when we are frustrated by this sense of waiting. Irritated by the slowness of it all. This static energy breaks up and degrades the flow of energy through our trinity beings. It brings us down. We are challenged to haul our vibration back up to where hope rests, belief in a better world. Meditate meditate meditate is the consistent message from our spiritual intergalactic comrades. Raise those vibrations, anchor our light to Gaia’s grid and breathe love. Stay positive friends, we are changing our world one ripple of high frequency love at a time. In love and light beautiful people. Namaste.

Mantra: I am one with universal love frequency.

I share love, I receive love, I am love.

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Accessing Your Value, Part 3


Welcome To My New Subscribers


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Apparently a piece I wrote awhile back made it on Cobra’s site.  Email subscriptions went through the roof today, likely as a result.  So as I have done in the past, I wish to welcome all of you new people and say thank you for giving me a chance.  As my main page says:  I hope you stay awhile and return. I seek to do my best to make your visit worthwhile.  


Possible Theories Behind This Upcoming Eclipse


As I mentioned in an article I wrote previously, there is something being hidden from us about this upcoming eclipse.  According to science it is impossible for this region of the world to be having another one so soon (38 years) after the last one in 1979.  Science states the average number of years that each region experiences a total solar eclipse is 375 years, or every 3-4 centuries, with the frequency ranging from 91 to over 1000 years.  I have wanted an answer since I learned of this and have yet to find one.

In the last 24 hours though my mate directed me towards this video (here is the youtube link:  watch?v=oH0bFo1SQeM&t=133s) which states it is Nibiru that is involved in this event.

Then there is this article that states August 21st (the day of the eclipse) is the supposed date of Jesus’ birthday, according to the Urantia Book, although there is confusion as to whether that was according to the calendar of the time or today’s calendar.  It was sent to me via e-mail from a website owner who I wrote inquiring as to the reason behind the eclipse and they said they contacted someone who sent them the above referenced article.  This “someone” claims Jesus’ birthday and this upcoming eclipse are directly related.

I do not resonate with the Religious or Biblical perspective.  I am sensing possible psyop/controlled event.  Tech exists to move planets, make solar system’s, etc.  (I believe we have been living in such a simulation).  And I am sensing there is a positive behind this event (or another one corresponding with it) that could be used/turned into a psyop.  I wish to everything I knew for sure.  I will most definitely share any new insights I receive (and please share your own here too).

I have read pieces and recently saw a video that spoke of two upcoming events ~ one “negative” and the second, “positive”.  The false ascension, the real ascension.  The false harvest/landings then the positive landings.  Goodness knows I have read countless people’s comments who speak of being ready for the rapture, hoping they are deemed worthy. Makes me wish I had the power to reach through the internet and say YOU ARE WORTHY OK STOP FALLING FOR THIS SHEOT.

aye aye aye

It’s enough to make your head spin.  It is not my intention to be a spreader of fear-porn.  The only thing I can advise (as I will be doing this myself) is to be in the Observer mode, grounded in YOUR Higher Self.  As a youtuber says “eyes open”.  Heart and mind too.

A Pledge of Allegiance For All


i never did much care for the american/system version…so i came up with a new one

I pledge Allegiance
to my Higher Self,
the Source of All That Is.
As I commit to Remembering
All that I AM
I live my Truth
more each day…
And quietly inspire
those around me
to do the very same.

It is so.

It is done.

I Manifested Boysenberries


The harvest (after two females enjoyed a feast).  

That’s the best title I can come up because that is indeed what I was able to do tonight, only not in the way most of you are probably thinking.

Before the berry manifest, I had engaged in a one-way conversation with my Higher Self on paper.  I was angry and I let loose.  Did not hold back.  I wrote how I felt I was doing most of this journey alone and I am tired of the struggle.  I questioned how the “f” am I to Remember it all when my energetic memory was wiped.  I intend daily that I remember my abilities and who I am.  I demanded – show yourself.  Prove yourself to me.  I want to Remember.  I want to KNOW.  I wrote out every last bit of frustration until I had nothing left.  I sat there for awhile, did some breathing and went about the task of getting my child an ice cream cone.

About 30 minutes later, she and I headed out on a walk.  As we headed home, we walked by a house that has several boysenberry bushes.  The people who own the house are generous and have invited us to pick from the bushes whenever we want.  My girl asked if we could pick and I said we didn’t have any containers.  Boysenberries are not the type of berry you pick and place in your pocket.  So as we head past the house, the front door opens and out steps the husband.  “Hey girls,” he said “aren’t you going to pick some berries?”

I said “we don’t have any containers, but thank you ~ next time.”  He said “hold it right there,” disappears inside and reappears with two containers.

“Thank you!  That’s really kind of you,” I said.  (I should add I had this strange little feeling inside – the kind of quiet when you feel you are being guided and to just go along without questioning.  It’s hard to explain in words as it is purely a subtle feeling I receive.)

So little one and I go to check out the bushes.  At first we really didn’t see much.  We glanced over the spots we have normally picked on and just didn’t see anything.  Then something weird happened.  My girl walked back out into the street, I looked over at her, call her back and then as she headed back my way I felt a slight shift inside my body.  I then look back at the bush and I swear to you – the thing was laden with berries.

W O W.

I call my girl over and said “check this out!” and as she looks at the bush she said “wow mom there are berries!  Where did they come from?!”

We began to pick and I felt that quiet voice and feel within that left me with the impression that THIS is one of my abilities.  Instant manifestation.  And it was not something I forced.  It happened on its own.  In the flow.  It required no special meditation or crystals or chanting.  It was seriously easy and effortless.  Well other than following the flow of Source that brought the guy out to speak with us and offer us containers to pick from his berry bushes.

Also of interest ~ I had this inner feeling I could have manifested MORE berries if I had been in my Pure Being state of Worth.  If I had Intended more from this state.  Even though we were invited to pick berries, I have this issue with feeling guilt when I help myself to something that isn’t on my property ~even when it is offered to me.  Something needing to be examined and healed.

I am like a kid in a candy store with stuff like this.  I want to expand on this ability. I am super curious to see what will happen next.  In the dream-state experiences I have had of myself in that higher dimensional realm, on this New Earth experience, I did see myself having instant manifestation and while my Self in the dream was not surprised, the part of me still in this third dimensional reality was.

And of course I also gave thanks to my Higher Self.  Humbly apologized.  I really do wish to feel her more.  I really do strongly desire to Remember and to feel and experience and relearn how to use my abilities, in particular instant manifestation.  And yet I know the blocks to this are false beliefs needing healed and released by me, beliefs such as there is not enough to go around and how I am to make sure everyone else has their share before I take anything.  That and the thought I am not as worthy as others are in having their heart’s desire.

Oh ouch, ouch ouch on those, especially that last one.  As we say around here:  Time to change the record!

Also of note ~ last night before drifting off to sleep I had this question pop in my mind – what power would I like to Remember and Utilize.  It was a toss-up between healing myself and instant manifestation, with the very slight leaning towards the instant manifestation ability.

Will I experience this again tomorrow?  Tonight?  Next week?  Next month?  I don’t know.  It’s up to me.  Supposedly from what I have read, our ability to manifest is becoming easier.  All I know is I had a berry manifestation experience that I cannot explain with my human mind.

The proof is almost two pints of delicious boysenberries.

And another human/ego/spiritual experience of humble Remembering and healing.


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Schumann Resonance Read Today


Interesting ~ seems to be offline.  Not surprising given how I have felt all day.  Anyone else feel like we took a “hit” from the other side?  Skies have been so amazing here for weeks – until today.  That and other news plus a dream theme of mine last night showed they’re still putting up a fight – although it is a weakened version.  Let us hold onto that…


Schumann Resonance Today

New Moon Healing Ritual


Editor’s note:  I received this via e-mail from a group I belong to ~ The Global Sisterhood Team (here is the link fmi).  It is my opinion that this can be done by anyone and at any time of the month. I say that because I believe we live in an artificial simulation, which means the moon is not a natural object plus I believe we give it far too much of our personal power. I also feel this can be done alone, in front of a mirror.  Other than that, this can be quite a powerful ritual.  Love to you all.  

(To be done with 2 or more people)
Objective: To heal the shame around hiding parts of yourself, by sharing in a safe space, with love and acceptance. To have the opportunity to share a really awesome part of yourself that you might have been too shy to share because either you feel it’s not humble to share, or you have doubt about it.

1.     Begin by setting the sacred intention to be in full acceptance and love of yourself and the other people participating, creating a judgment free space and a safe environment for sharing and healing to unfold.
2.     Each person will have the opportunity to fill in the blank and share out loud so they can be witnessed. Each woman will say the statement before the group moves onto to the next statement.
3.     For the first round of sharing, each woman will share something they feel some shame around.
a.      I hide ___________________    (ex: “I hide that I sometimes think I am not good enough, and I get jealous of others.”)
b.     The woman/women listening will respond, “Thank you, I see you, I love you, you are beautiful.”
4.      For the second sharing, each woman will share something really awesome about themselves that they may have been too shy to share about before.
a.      I hide ___________________  (ex: “I hide that I am really smart, and I am an amazing dancer.” )
b.     The woman/women listening will respond, “Thank you, I see you, I love you, you are beautiful.”
5.     You can repeat steps 3 and 4 as many times as you want either going around in a circle or going back and forth between two people until you feel healing has occurred, and there is a feeling of deep connection and peace.
6.     Close the exercises with each woman looking into the eyes of another woman, acknowledging her, accepting her, and loving her.

Another Live Meteor Capture


We seem to know when to tune in when it shows signals like this – around noon-1pm, PST and late at night.  According to comments in the live chat, this particular signal had been going on all morning.  

July 19, 2017 Live Meteor Capture 

Another Huge Spike in the Schumann ~ July 19, 2017


This could explain why I feel shaky all over with the desire to go outside, intentionally shake my body and roar like a lion.


Schumann Resonance Today