Another Capture from Live Meteors


wt???  this one went on and on and on….


I Created A New Category ~ People In Need of Help


Friendship, Help Black-And-White, Hands

For about 20 years or so I have intended for the kind of financial abundance that would enable me to call myself a “philanthropist”.  My idea has been simple ~ I hear of people in need of help due to financial reasons and I write them a check.  No questions asked (other than to make sure there are no abhorrent behaviors or addictions creating the situation).  No strings attached.

I know each of you reading this is fed up hearing this “hurry up and wait” crap the “intel providers” continue to spew, seemingly solely for ego intentions at this point: “lookit me lookit me – I and MY people have the financial answers for YOU – but you will just have to wait”.  Same message, repeated ad nauseum day after day, week after week, month after month.  You get the picture.


Too many have suffered for far too long.  Too much damn struggle while well-meaning but misguided people tell such folks the answer is to change their thoughts. Such individuals need to be telling those who created this deplorable economic system and who have profited tremendously off it it and us to employ new thoughts.

So I decided I can to my part in some way.  I created the new category “People Who Need Help”.  Brilliant title, eh?  lol  I like to keep things simple when I can.  Anyway, when I see/hear of someone in financial need, I will link it on that category.  It is my wish that you then turn around and share the story with people on your social media feeds and donate if so inclined.  We can even turn this into the “It only takes $1” campaign.  Enough people donating $1 can help tremendously – when the numbers are high.  I know myself at times when I have seen others in need, I feel like my ability to contribute just $1 or $5 or even $10 isn’t enough and it this has stopped me at times from donating.  But I have since changed my perspective and I know that the $1 or $5 I feel inspired to contribute has a lot of heart behind it and can lead to great abundance when shared with enough people who hold the same intention/perspective.

You know the saying.  Sometimes all it takes is one kind word to turn a person around.

And sometimes all it takes is a dollar.

Here is the link to the first “person in need” story in case you missed it.

Blessings of abundance and thanks ~



James Gilliand FWD ~ ECETI Community Member In Need Of Help


Mona Fundraiser

Aloha Everyone! James asked me to forward this message to the ECETI community if you are able to help Mona – and if you can send blessings her way we appreciate that heart energy as well! Heart Hugs, Ashli

Hi James…you know how badly I was injured when I got hit by the speeding car. I have lost my business and 90% of my income…but the biggest problem I have right now is that Lane County is trying to foreclose on my house for back taxes. The GoFundMe page for donations is on my facebook page with various ways people can donate but I don’t have a lot of time left. It was a simple error on my part but I have been so sick for so long it was an easy thing to miss. I thought I only owed 300 bucks and had until January to pay it. Actual damage is that I’m in foreclosure for $1,550 bucks which I don’t have. I put up a GO FUND ME campaign and wondered if you would possibly send it out on your email list. Last time, when I needed healing so badly I got an awesome response from all of the people on your list. Apparently the county wants my property but I’ve been here for 15 years but they don’t care. Thanks much…I miss all of you. Mona

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What Day Is It Again?


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I had a first-time experience today ~ I had no clue what day it was.

None.  Zero.  Zip.  Nada.

Thinking about it didn’t help.  I honestly didn’t know.

For the past year or so, off and on, I have been losing track of the day of the week.  Usually I can go by the feel if my thinking brain cannot figure it out.  Today, neither feeling nor thinking brought me the answer.

My daughter said it was Saturday.

My mate didn’t know the answer.

I thought back to this past week and was able to ascertain it’s Sunday.

And yet is it really?

Where are we?  What season are we in?

My body tells me we are aligning with new physical space/realms.

My body tells me we are headed into fall.  Each year when the seasons switch, my body (in particular my nose ~ I feel the pressure change ~ I know, it sounds weird but that is my radar) tells me when the new season is entering.  My body is saying “fall”.  Certainly the smell is in the air, the nights are very cool, nippy lately.  Leaves are changing on trees around here.

A quickening.  That’s what feels like happening.  After this lull of “time” seeming to proceed (at times painstakingly) slowly, I feel it speeding up again.  Speeding up, leading to the next leap of awakening.  This one is feeling like a big one.

Buckle up, let go and enjoy the ride.  And just Be.


Your donations of support are greatly and gratefully appreciated!

Schumann Resonance Read for Today ~ July 16, 2017


Hellooooo…  Image result for wow image


Schumann Resonance Today

Destroying the Illusion ~ Interview With Cynthia McKinney


One awesome woman.  One awesome interview.  Of note:  interview ends at 1:01:44 and I write this up the clock says 11:44.  Schweeet…….

Interview w/ Dr. Cynthia McKinney – Corruption in Politics & Meetup Suppressing the #UNRIG Campaign

Interesting Seismograph/Heliplot Reads


Another Impromptu Piano Concert


Purple Rain – Cover, Prince
Ordinary Day (Original)
Ordinary Day – Cover, Duran Duran
Hands of Time (Original)
Invisible (Original)
Imagine – Cover, John Lennon
Angel – Cover, Sarah McLaughlin
Boogie in D Minor (Original)

Images of New Earth/Beyond The Matrix Grid Abound ~ Triple Purple Rainbow

Check this out…  And just a couple hours from where we live too.  Wow!  Feeling like one day I’m (still) in hell, another day, heaven (new).  Today the trees again seemed so vibrant, shimmery.  Amazing!

“Triple Purple Rainbow” – UV fried bushes/trees – Blood Red Moon

Understanding Your Self Fully So That You Can Intentionally Change “That” Program

Accessing and Gaining Higher Dimensional Knowledge
July 13, 2017 Newsletter
Lisa Transcendence Brown
Aloha beautiful love family,

Higher knowledge and Mastery is not looking “out there” and pointing the finger. That is duality and being a victim to a program and belief that each hold within. The true POWER is SEEING the program and REALizing that is YOUR CREATION and that the PROGRAM for THAT is held deeep deeep deeep within. The Gift and Ability that each one of us have AS Multi-Dimensionals is to go inside and FIND THAT PROGRAM and shift it, clear it, work through it, transcend it …. OUR SELVES….

The key is EXPANDING OUR CONSCIOUSNESS beyong the physical everything to SEE and REALize what we could not before. The KEY is to actually want to, to care to, to do this… and not wait until we don’t have another choice…..

Your TRUE POWER is AS LOVE, yet in the beginning we have so much else going on. We have story and a plethora of feelings all buried inside, that we tucked away for that rainy day…. well guess what? That rainy day, that hurricane, that tornado, that chit-storm…. it’s here, if you are holding onto anything at all. The beauty? You have the POWER to experience EVERY REALity CONSCIOUSLY and however you so desire. Unless you avoid/ignore and keep trying not to, then that option goes more and more until it’s completely gone….

More are realizing that realities are shift-able, transformable, completely re-creatable the more each are able to Master Expansion….. HOLD and Expanded state and honor the moment however it presents. To OBSERVE everything, from every perspective…. not just the one that used to be the easy/go-to/habit one…..

Do you SEE, truly see…. how EASY it is when you CHOOSE? Do you realize how much amazingness and magic is available for you? Do you look beyond what’s visible, do you look deeper inside? Do you SEE and FEEL the ENERGY and separate it out so that you can READ THE ENERGY/FREQUENCY of what is really going on? Do you thank yourself for the brilliance of “that creation” and what it shows you about you, what it shows you FINALLY that you could not see before? Do you take this “new realization” and decide how it fits into your NEW WORLD? Do you look at everything and see if it fully aligns with your NEW TRUTH, your NEW HIGHEST ASPECT of you AND your NEW Earth Reality too?

Do you SEE the bigger picture? Do you expand your heart and mind… constantly…. opening up to the wonders, the magic, the exquisiteness that’s available every time you do? Do you see YOUR OLD PROGRAM and what it’s trying to show/teach you? Do you hold LOVE AT YOUR CORE when you observe all? Do you see YOUR OWN JUDGMENT and the limits that old realities hold? Do you see why you kept choosing/creating those before? Do you EMBRACE your GIFT OF CHOICE (and full RESPONSIBILITY) for your ENTIRE REALITY all of the time???????

Your highest WISDOM is available when you let go of the old fixed mindsets & mentalities, when you stop insisting that realities are a certain way and when you EXPECT BRILLIANCE to come through by STAYING CONNECTED all of the time…. so that you can CONTINUE to experience the magic that’s always all around you, just waiting for you to vibrationally and fully shift….

These powerful activations are wow, as usually… constantly more wow’ness all day every day now. Working through any emotions that surface to clear, working with the holographic field, working with what you do have access to…. and realizing that every moment….. there are different dimensional experiences running side-by-side/on-top of each other and that you can shift in and out… all that you desire….

The more POWER you hold, the more RESPONSIBILITY you hold too, for every thought, action, essence… activates a reality for you. If you transmit out blame, not enough, judgment or manipulation, then this reverberates back to you. If you transmit out love, kindness and generosity, then this does too…. De-coding your own Matrix is huge part of this process, just as re-coding is too. Your total presence, connected and focused energy returns all of these natural (forgotten) abilities to you.

The exquisiteness of these higher timelines are beautiful, yet we all have to release all that no longer supports, no longer inspires or brings joy. We all have to realize what no longer fulfills your highest purposes here, without judging it and realizing it did serve a very important purpose. It got you to this most magnificent space that you are in now. ♥

Humans see lack and wrong and judge everything that they have no clue to why/how things are really occurring from a higher dimensional realm perspective, because all they have is Old Programming to apply/compare to, and this is beyond distorted and they do not even know it…. Many of us have been working on THE GRAND PLAN DESIGN PROJECT for years, utilizing every re-SOURCE we have access to, often with no linear support, we’ve done everything according to highest guidance/vision/seeing/knowing/access, yet to humans on the outside watching and judging, they mis-perceive everything, because they still apply old equations and scenarios to what they think they see….

As we move into these higher vibrational timelines SUPER FAST, take care in what you judge, take care in pointing the finger and assuming what you “think you know”, for you might just be surprised. Much is “going down” right now to shake realities up, to shake many at their CORE and to UNEARTH everything not PURE. Human aspects don’t yet know what purity, honor, integrity, respect and simple love are. The chaos/confusion and working through great duality and lack within themselves is how they figure this out. If you get caught up in this, then it’s not theirs, it’s yours. Recognize the purpose of separation and you understand how much energy there is creating the chaos that must dissipate or be expelled before each’s heart and mind can open fully to FEEL the CONNECTION to each other, Gaia/their own Universe again. Realize that in a disconnected state, that they are not operating as love and realize that if you are, then what they do won’t matter…. because you will dictate/hold your own reality in place yourself. ♥

Your physical REALITY depends on it….

Until HEAVEN ON EARTH is your new permanent home again, keep practicing and doing this to shift your whole body/you: Close your eyes and connect from deep inside and expand this out far and wide…. keep doing this until you FEEL NEW EARTH ALL AROUND YOU and when you open your eyes to the softness, the fuzziness, the crystalline and energetic particles floating all around you, dancing in the air, as your pineal gland opens further for you to see the holographic field, you will REMEMBER how easy all of this is again. ♥