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Rick Jewers – Every Reality/ Dimension is sustained by a complex energy grid. The type of reality enjoyed, depends upon its frequency, vibration and how it is charged; negative, positive and even neutral in conjunction with the degrees of polarity. Gaia and all events are governed by this complex energy grid. You are governed by this grid (but this is changing…).

As Your consciousness evolves while You are in Human Form, Your vibration/frequency rises/changes. As Your frequency/vibration reaches a certain higher stable point, it starts to have a stronger effect on the overall complex energy grid that sustains the reality for everything and the Sentient Beings AROUND YOU.

The old 3D operated on a set of frequencies, that once the limitations of these frequencies were surpassed to the higher side, the frequency became 4D. Upon a stabilized 4D frequency for Gaia being sustained, Universal Law in regards to what is allowed to play out/experiences and what prowess may be enjoyed by certain Souls, also changes. So as You grew in consciousness and in frequency, You also affected the entire frequency of Gaia to change, as well as the complex energy grid, from a 3D frequency, to a 4D frequency. You have mainly been in a 4D Frequency, since 2012. Some of You have had 5D Trips, to bring back experience and knowledge of that higher frequency, to assist and propel others forward, closer to the 5D.

Everything written on the old 3D complex energy grid, will not apply to the 5D Grid. Explanations and accepted sacred geometry will not apply to the 5D Grid. The New 5D Grid operates on different geometry that will go well outside of any prior written information on Ley Lines, etc. This is because, to sustain a reality at a higher frequency, the whole dynamic structure of an existing Grid much change. This means, that old 3D Ley lines etc, will no longer be in the same places upon Gaia, as well as a totally new array of electro magnetics are/will be established, to sustain the 5D anchors.

The 5D Grid, where You will reside upon, while still on Gaia, is complete enough Now, to sustain You and mostly all current life upon Her. As consciousness and frequency raises, it becomes compatible with 5D, and therefore, 5D Timelines are set up and secured. Each One of You has contributed in making this possible. There were/are Ones among You, that were responsible for laying the foundation for this transition. These Ones learned and trained, at Divine levels, while still in Human form, to assist others and Humanity forward as a whole. As a result, the more empowered You became, Your frequency rose, and became stronger than the stabilized frequency of the old 3D Grid, allowing You and others to affect/effect and transition the entire Grid to 4D with fluctuations into 5D. The stronger YOU BECOME, and as more are Awakened and raise their frequencies, the more sustainable a full 5D experience/existence, will be.

You Now Know, that YOU AFFECT/EFFECT the complex energy grid that determines what dimensional timelines You enjoy as a whole. You affect the energy grid in several ways; mentally, physically and consciously. The full allowable affect You may have is always overseen by Divine Council. Having said this, You have the ability to direct and focus Your energy consciously, to any specific point on Gaia; this is IMPORTANT and leads us to the upcoming Activation on Wednesday.

We ENCOURAGE AND REQUEST that Your thoughts be directed and focused to the Activation areas, with the intent to anchor as much of the 5D Frequency, into this Now. Your intent will come from Your pure Light Hearts, of all that is good for Humanity and set the frequency for Humanity to evolve beyond war, poverty, enslavement, etc. Wish hard on the great good change You wish to see develop promptly for Humanity, and wish to transition into 5D. This is a Collective effort to once again raise the entire frequency of Gaia higher.

Love and Light

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Accessing Our Original Value


I am following this one very closely…  Learning/understanding as I do ~ rather a crash course that began 2 weeks ago and since then the floodgates of information coming to me have been overwhelming.  Here is my understanding thus far: These Original Trust accounts are our Social Security accounts, birth certs, passports and the like ~ all of those accounts the government and banks and the like have used for their $$ benefit.  Take out your soc sec card ~ you will see on the back a series of numbers and a letter.  That letter shows which bank holds an account under your social security number.  You use that letter to find the routing number of the bank on a federal government website.  People are using these numbers (routing and account #’s) to pay off debt, pay bills and some are beginning to use it to purchase goods and services.  It is really a huge arena, as I am discovering.  However there isn’t always success.  There are rejections and reversals, but I have read and been told these “kinks” are being worked out.  This is really about our WORTH (some say essence) and how, as I see this, we don’t have to PROVE a damn thing to ANYONE.  ALL are One, All are Source and thus ALL are deserving of ALL of the awesomeness and ease life truly does offer (before it got hijacked by the rat bastards).  So….  For now I am following and simply observing and will share as I learn more. 

And as an FYI I received this via e-mail moments ago:  

Note from HATJ-
“I am almost done with the documentation of proof of ownership of accounts, with all underwriting, origin of funds, history of funds, title, etc, for everyone…it will all be done today and i will ask for help to have it posted in numerous places for everyone.
my complete gratitude and love for all and all done…
that will be what you give to anyone attempting/doing reversals, returns, freezes, etc.”

Access to your Original Value


There are some people in the USA who have been having some success accessing their Original trust accounts.  Seems to work the best now at paying off credit cards and mortgages online, but not all things work yet…. like direct purchases.

This is all being researched by a team of over a hundred researchers and on the banking side Heather is working through the glitches with the systems… if this were software you could say this is the “beta release”… and its not for the faint of heart…  you have to get the details right and you have to do the research and be responsible.

It will soon be easier to do and at that point I will be posting more here.  International details are being researched and not all the data is in yet.  

For those of you of strong mettle Brian Kelly has a Facebook page you can reference for the currently known information.

PS: …. and no I have not had a success yet with this… but then I don’t have any credit cards as I have been on a cash basis since 2009.  But I am looking at other means to test it.

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Programmed Responses and Behaviors Plus Tackling My Sense of Separation


Earlier today I caught myself both saying something and doing something that I suddenly knew did not come from my own creation, but rather what I copied from others.


This is a growing awareness of mine ~ seeing even further down the programming hole for myself.  The feeling is rather icky.  I can feel these energy tentacles attached to me, much like Neo when he was still living inside the pod.  It is sticky and heavy and I want all that off of and out of me.

I had a conversation with someone who is so deeply programmed, when they attempted to dissuade me to drop my questions over an issue, I saw how tightly the most programmed cling and how passive aggressive behavior is used as one of those tools to keep the awakening questions away from their safe zones.

I have been there myself, although overall not very often.  I have always had this need to question and understand – KNOW – everything.  I was just too afraid to, aloud that is.  You get hushed up enough when young and lack encouraging adults around you, life becomes a solo journey in the area of awakening.

I remember as I entered high school, I desperately wanted to and needed to challenge every single thing these teachers of mine were passing down as “fact”.  I wanted to rebel.  Break the shackles.  Why did I have to sit in some damn hard, wooden desk in a stuffy, smelly room and be told I had to memorize (false) history dates, play sports I had no interest in, and learn how to cut open frogs.  Eat the crappy cafeteria food.  Have to tolerate the clicks, the gossip and the drama.  My adviser told me I would go much farther in life if I took more math and less writing (my passion).

Good thing I didn’t listen to the little twerp.  Talk about programmed.  All I wanted to do was cut class, be free, smoke a little grass and talk all things philosophical.  Which I ended up doing, most of the time, solo. I learned early to have solo conversations with myself, hence to this day I deeply love my own company.  A real gift given much of what I hear from others is how they fear being alone.  They always want someone around them.  Claustrophobic nightmare for me.

Which leads me to my next issue ~ the ongoing growing awareness of the pain of Separation.  I was writing about this a few days ago.  How do I fill up what feels like a hole?  Something missing.

Money won’t do it.

Connecting with others is never permanent.

And being of service to others isn’t the answer either.

Everything authentic comes from within.

It’s a paradox it seems that I can love my time to myself while still longing to “fill something up” within.  And that within space is about as deep of a layer as I feel I have.

My insight at this time is as I continue to Remember I will continue to feel the authenticity that is Me.  And remembering requires me to feel and release and heal the pain and rage I have gathered over the eons in what has been an experience in separation, which some say was a controlled agenda and others, purely one we willingly chose.

I’m sure by now most of my readers know which theory I feel is true.

That’s all for now.



Destroying The Illusion ~ Solar System Changes, New Crop Circles…


7.10 – Solar System Changes, New Crop Circles, Pedo-Elites Running Scared

A Mini Concert ~ As Performed By Me


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I was playing the piano earlier and decided to record myself.  It’s a few originals and a couple of covers.  You will have to pardon the quality ~ I used my digital voice recorder and the recording is unedited.  (Truly a live performance.)

The first song is titled “Surrender”.  I have lyrics for it (if anyone is interested let me know and I will share).  Composed in 2004 when I was in the middle of another huge awakening.

Second song is titled “I Know You’re Out There” ~ written when I was obsessed with UFO’s.  More awakening-inspired songs.  Melody only.

Third song is titled “Life” and was written for a family member who was battling cancer at the time.  Composed in 2004.  Have lyrics for that as well.

Fourth song, my rendition of SRV’s “Cold Shot”.

Fifth song, my rendition of Elton John’s “I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues”.

More songs to share in the future.  (There are 3 more in the right margin on my soundcloud account ~ those are better recordings – I made them on my digital piano and added in additional instrumental sounds.)

Anyway, enjoy!  

(linking you to my soundcloud account)

Today’s Observations ~ Gaia Is Ascending


Does the energy feel different to you today?  I awoke this morning, shaking almost violently.  It took a good 30 minutes before I fully awoke. I was unusually groggy.  It felt like I had been doing something intense before the calls of my child “MAMA WAKE UP” awoke me suddenly.

I “recovered” as best as I could.  Later I packed up the car and headed to the park with the same little child who awoke me earlier.  Smiley, Lilac, Ball, Emoticon, Funny

After we arrived, I noticed the skies were brilliant blue.  Puffy white clouds.  Not a chemtrail in sight.  I was guided to take a pic of the sun, so I aimed and took the shot. You will note a rainbow-like very defined object on the right. Any ideas?

The trees seemed vibrant, one in particular, which I took pictures of and have included in my collection below.  It seemed to speak to me.  I could not take my eyes off it.  I sensed she was raising her frequencies.  I felt a sense of joyful energy radiate through my center.  I thought back to The Celestine Prophecy and how they speak of seeing the aura’s of plants and trees.  I could literally see this tree shimmer.  The picture doesn’t do it justice.

After a picnic and some playtime, my girl and I took a walk.  We came across a deer (included in pictures) ~ a young female ~ alone.  Very unusual behavior.  We have seen her before on our street a few times, always alone.  I then noticed a butterfly was flying all around my head, almost as if it were dancing with me.  I smiled, spoke with it, giggled and took pictures (as best as I could).  I finally captured it – a bit – it’s the bottom picture in the collection.

A bit later we ran into a neighbor on the walking path.  He had his dog with him.  The talk turned to 4th of July and he said his dog behaved in a new manner with the fireworks.  This is the fourth such encounter I have heard from local dog owners, all saying the same thing: their dogs behaved in a new manner this holiday ~ all of them showing much more sensitivity than in years past.

It’s the energies.  What is old and of lower frequency is simply showing itself it can no longer be.  Explosive fireworks are in that category.  Not only are they harmful and traumatizing to the ears of animals and some adults and children, they also emit toxic fumes that affect all life (my nasal passages included).  I only went along with it this year as my daughter begged us to get some fireworks, although after her reaction (she was disturbed for the first time in her young life by the loudness and the smoke), this will be the last year for this.

The closing of a chapter to welcome in the new.



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Intending An End To This “Groundhog Day” Experience


I dedicate this one to my mate…


I have read numerous times lately that people are tired of experiencing “Groundhog Day”.  This feeling that nothing changes in spite of people’s intentions and focus on healing, ascending, transforming out of this reality.

My mate says the same words ~ and he doesn’t read the things that I do so he obviously tuned into that collective feeling and thought of “when is this gonna end??!!”

I read another piece on incoming energies and the ascension process and what this group of energies are doing to our bodies.  I have been following such intel for about 2 years now.  However I am reading comments by people saying they have been reading this information for 5, 6 years or more.

And here we still are.  People are starting to ask questions.  Frustrations are being shared.

I do believe things are playing out on a certain “timeline” for lack of a better term.  Kind of like the game of dominoes.  Stack them all up in a pattern then push one to get things going.  They don’t all fall at once. They fall one-at-a-time.  (I sure hope that explains my theory.)

As I continue to state (and feel deeply), I do not believe we must be fully healed and at this state of “perfection” in order to reside in the New Earth frequencies.  We keep being told to stand on our own, heal ourselves ~ that we have this power if we can Remember.

I am intending that I remember Who I Am daily.  I know many of you are as well.

And I am also intending for this cosmic flash (it is something beyond the solar system, imho) to come in which I feel, which I have seen, will allow us to Remember.  Fully.  At first I “feel” it starts off as a feeling.  Like the mask coming off (great metaphor for this is one of the final scenes of The Last Mimzy when the humans remove their masks and walk into the light together ~ and yes it does happen in a flash ~ and there is a look of confusion in their eyes and on their faces ~ but they intuitively know what to do).

I read over and over again where we fell.  I like to say we were pushed. Without going into the semantics of that, let’s just say this:  We are not doing this experience alone.  Love is grander than that.  Supportive for certain.

We need this energy event.  NOW.

We are already receiving assistance with these smaller events.

Obviously not all are awakening or showing signs of awakening.  Most everyone in my daily living would say they were not familiar with the concepts of ascension (taking place now) or this cosmic flash/event.

Nonetheless, I feel all will be affected.  What happens after that will depend upon what one chooses.

I feel there are a variety of energetic realms within this New Earth frequency.  No doors will be closed.  All will be open.  Where we reside though will be completely based on our vibrational resonance.  Which means ALL ARE FREED from this separation experience.

I realize I may have gotten a little off track here.  I see this as the most loving parents welcoming ALL of their children ~ all of their creations ~ into their loving energy space, regardless of whether all of their creations are at their caliber, regardless of who they are or what they are.  It is the intention that counts.  And if one intends from the heart to return to Source Self and Remember and Heal, that is what matters.

Speaking as a parent, I cannot imagine doing anything but that for my child.

(I need to add I do not see the relationship we have with Source as a parent/child relationship.  I am of course still feeling out just what the relationship IS and Who/What Source is and how does it manifest within Me as Higher Self.  I am using the analogy of the level of love I have for my child and how I see her as absolutely equal to me in terms of worth and value and how I welcome her anytime she wishes my presence and comfort and Home.  If she got lost, regardless of circumstances, I would do all I could to end the separation.  I also realize too that the level of Love I have for my child still falls short of the Love of Source.  But that’s ok. Like the rest of you, I am still awakening and remembering.)

So back to this groundhog day experience.

Just like the movie itself with Bill Murray, it is his new perspective on himself and those around him that got him out of that experience.  Did he need this experience to awaken him?  It seems that way, yes.  And when he knew he was ready to end the experience, when he felt it in that state of absolute calm knowing, it indeed ended.

I think there’s a little metaphor of truth in there with that one.

Let us intend it is over.  Say it outloud.  Continue to say this until you feel it at every level of your being.

My experience of feeling like nothing changes is OVER.  In this now moment it is DONE.

I accept myself as I am NOW.  I accept others as they are NOW.

I now embrace this next stage, this next step in my evolution.

I now embrace and accept with gratitude the cosmic flash that will provide me with the Remembering and Healing we are ALL seeking.

Thank you.  It is done.

(or as my mate says, “make it so”)




A Shift in Thought Brings Softness and Healing


Heart, Hand, Hands, Love, Symbol

I was all set to post a piece on some additional challenges I faced this week.  But I hesitated.  Why do that?  Why make that the focus?

Why not instead present myself as the Healed Woman I am creating instead of just the pained woman?

I pondered that as I did the dishes.  I then began asking my Higher Self some questions, which included asking her why she didn’t speak to me earlier in the day regarding a situation I ended up wasting almost two hours of my time on.  Without going into much detail, I thought my local co-op had been ripping me off, not giving me my fair owner day discount. I checked my figures three times on the receipt and concurred there had indeed been an error.  This particular co-op has gone very corporate in the past couple of years so the original spirit of a community-owned store is almost non-existent and it’s sad.  I’ve been shopping there for 20 years.

Anyway, upon visiting the store again I was told that owner day discounts do not apply to sales items.  A policy created awhile ago. I as an owner had not been informed of this.  (As I said, it’s a corporate environment now.)

So while my math was spot-on, I had not taken into account all of the items I bought on sale, thus throwing off the discount.

Ok Higher Self, I said, hands in soapy water, Why didn’t you notify me of this error?  I wasted a fair bit of time on this when I could have been doing something enjoyable.

She spoke.  Here is what she said (translating feeling energies into words as best as I can):  “I would have but you would not have heard me, so I simply observed.  You were wrapped up in your head.  I speak to you through your heart space and as you sat there, grumbling and punching in numbers, going on about corporate this and corporate that and money this and money that, even if I were to of spoken, you would not have heard my voice.”

Talk about taking my ego down a few notches.

You’re right, I said matter-of-factly.

And earlier in the day I had received an e-mail on being in the heart-space.  As much as we can.  Good reminders.

This week I was not very much in my heart-space.  Some of my social visits were a challenge with one being particularly painful.  When I feel I am not able to make an emotional connection with someone or feel judged or put aside, my heart shuts down and out come the chattering monkey’s with their judgments.

So as I pondered both what my Higher Self spoke and on the words of the e-mail, I took a deep breath.  How can I change this?  Hmmm….

How about we do something different, I told myself.  How about when we do have such a situation arise with another, instead of focusing on the critical thoughts and stories, we find just ONE positive trait about the person.  Put the energy into that activity instead.

Well now, that could work.

So tonight as I headed out, my heart was softer again, more open.  I ran into a neighbor who, much like my own family, is struggling financially. We commiserated for a bit, not to just gripe but to really share our pain. We spoke of how draining it can be to wonder how am I going to make it through this month?  We spoke of the inequalities in wealth distribution and why on earth if this system has forced us into boxes saying “you make this amount and you make that amount” ~ but then says we must all pay the same price goods and services.  (I have never understood that one ~ although I could say I do today given I know the system has done this intentionally to make those who do struggle the most to add in that extra sense of guilt, shame and embarrassment while feeding the rugged individualist’s equally programmed thoughts of how “better” they are than those at the bottom.  Such a waste of time – all of it!)

So….We left one another, each sending the other a blessing of love and abundance, from the heart.  It was a beautiful exchange.

I sensed the energy shifting again ~ all due to my own change in self-talk and perception.  I felt that if I hadn’t shifted my perception earlier, I would not have had this encounter and exchange with my girlfriend.

After I arrived home, I noticed a text from another friend, saying she had been thinking of me and how much she appreciated my compassion and loyalty.

Well that put up my heart energies another few notches and I wept as I read her words, writing her back, thanking her, telling her what her words meant to me.

All of these episodes of pain and the stories we tell ourselves about them…

Brings out both pain and laughter in me.

Mostly though, to be honest, I am most grateful for my ego who surrendered to listen to the wisdom of Higher Self.  And for the idea some other part of me presented as a means of alleviating the pain I experience when being in a challenging/conflicting situation:  Find One Thing Positive about the person.

Even if it’s just “they have nice teeth”.  lol

It is the energy that matters.  The focus in finding something positive – moves me higher up the vibe frequency scale.  Serves myself.  And serves the other (whether they know it or not).

And isn’t that what Higher Consciousness Being is about?

Blessings to you all and to all of the pieces that make up who you are.  



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July 8th ~ Latest Crop Circle ~ Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire


Editor’s note:  I saw this and did my OMG face.  Check out these images. The images outside of the circle look like the pieces out of the game Tetrus – which was referenced in my previous Daily Notes piece.  I had to laugh ~ and now wonder ~ what does it mean?  I realize it may not be a part of the crop circle creation and may be samples taken by the farmer (although the shapes are a bit peculiar) … the “coincidence” of it is quite intriguing me at the moment…

Sourced from here.  Click to view more photos.  


The farmer, at Hackpen Hill, had requested time to organise a pathway suitable for visitors going to the crop circle in an orderly way that causes minimal damage to his crop. This is the  reason we delayed the information regarding this crop circle. Paul Jacobs and CGI will be raising money for charity and  administering this field as they did last year for this farmer.



Schumann Resonance Reading


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