Becoming a Crystal Human, Do You Have These 11 Symptoms?


Oh yes indeedy ~ each and every one, especially the first 4.  Began almost 10 years ago.  I should be pretty “Crystallized” by now, eh?  🙂


There are people who make the transition in a relatively gentle way, but there are many who experience a crisis when this happens. These are usually the people who have chosen to open up to the higher dimensions. This choice is not made logically by the rational mind, but is rather a soul choice made in response to the available transitional energies of the Earth herself


Below are a list of the symptoms experienced in the process of crisis or breakthrough:

1) Sudden extreme sensitivity to people and environments.

A person who has previously been sociable and active suddenly finds they can’t bear to be in shopping malls or in crowded environments such as restaurants.

2) An increase in psychic ability and awareness.

This most often manifests in the ability to almost “hear” the inner thoughts and feelings of others. This can be disconcerting if the person imagines that everyone else can also read their thoughts and feelings.

3) An extreme sensitivity to negative energy in certain environments or people

Including the inability to tolerate certain people who had previously been close. This increased sensitivity can lead to panic attacks or anxiety attacks. These can occur at any time, even when the person wakes up at night. Often there is no valid reason for the attack, although the person will often seek to find a reason.

4) The person might also find themselves “zoning out” for long periods of timezoning out

Just wanting to sit and do nothing. This can be irritating to someone who has previously been very energetic and active. This is just the consciousness adjusting to spending more time in the higher dimensions and less time in the 3rd and 4th dimensions. Related to this is the need to rest and sleep for far longer than previously, and a general slowing down.

5) Obsessive anxieties about humans being destroyed (by pollution, lack of resources, aliens, technology etc).

This is because multi-dimensional consciousness can access all levels of the group mind, including that part which holds the fears and anxieties about the survival of the species. Since the person is often concerned about their own survival, they tend to resonate with this part of the group mind or morphogenetic field.

6) An obsessive need to understand what is happening

Leading to the mind becoming overactive and the person fearing they are losing it or suffering from “burn-out”. Also a fear of going mad and being unable to cope with everyday life in the future. Again, psychologists and doctors seem able to offer very little help.

7) Depression for no reason, or related to the crisis state

This is often just the consciousness clearing out old layers of energy that need to be released. It is not necessary to “process” or relive the experience, just allow the body to release the energy. Have patience with the process and know that it will pass.

8) Disrupted sleep patterns


Often waking up to 3 times a night, or just at about 3am. Again this is just the consciousness adapting to new cycles of activity. Higher consciousness is often more active at night since the lower dimensions are quiet at this time.
-Feeling strange electrical energy waves through the body. The Crystal body is incredibly sensitive, and feels solar and lunar waves, cosmic waves, and energies from the galactic centre. Often these energies are assisting in the process of “rewiring” the body to carry higher energies

9) A whole range of physical sensations and experiences, usually related to detoxification

The Crystal body holds no toxins, but allows everything to pass through it. In fact the eventual trick to being Crystal is just to allow everything to pass through and hold onto nothing. The ultimate state of detachment. But at this stage the body needs to release years of “toxic” waste, whether physical, emotional or mental The release is always through the physical body, which presents symptoms such as intense fatigue, muscle and joint pains especially in the hips and knees, headaches, especially at the base of the skull, and neck and shoulder pains.

10) Increased appetite and putting on weight

This is because the body needs huge amounts of energy to power this process.

11) The ability to see beyond the veils

That is, to become aware of spirits, devas,E.Ts and angels as a reality and to communicate with these. This can be very frightening if the person is not accustomed to this kind of other dimensional awareness.

Celebrate your transition. You are becoming a Galactic human, the next step in human evolution! You are entering into your birthright. 🙂

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Schumann Resonance ~ August 22, 2017


Schumann Resonance Today


Google Giving Us Some Disclosure On This Eclipse Day?


had to laugh…  seeing pics of others who, like us, captured ufo’s and other “paranormal” objects while viewing the eclipse.  also of interest, earlier today i had the thought that Nibiru actually moved the moon (magnetics), creating the eclipse, which (perhaps) explains why we were having another one in this region just 38 years later when back then we were told there would not be another one in our lifetime in this region.  

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Late Night/Dream Time Experiences of My Mate and I


Interesting experiences we both had last night whilst asleep…

  1. Mate’s dream.  He was fleeing a two-story house that was crumbling quickly.  Hillary Clinton was in the house, came out, told him what to do. He threw a carhood in the water.  Clinton jumps on his back and orders him to hop on the car hood.  It doesn’t hold them both.  She’s sinking like a drowning rat.  He goes to shore, something tells him to go back so he does and rescues her.  She was then on short panting, looking at him like oh my goodness you just saved my life.  Dream ended.  Very telling I would say for what’s going on with the cabal.
  2. I had an experience where I felt mostly asleep while also partially awake.  Maybe I was lucid dreaming?  It was a first time experience so I have nothing to weigh it against.  Anyway I was hearing some bright massive light telling me “The Christos is here.  The anointing of the Christos is here.”
  3. I also woke up to the thought that Nibiru would be a part of the eclipse (I did capture a shot that showed something massive off to the right of the sun – totally unintentionally – did not see it with our eyes at the time) – and that the beings on it are ancestors of those who originally altered our DNA and created this experience of separation (and control, etc.).  They have returned to essentially return to us with energy frequencies what was originally altered.  Rather like a large group of American’s going around the globe to those cities and towns and regions the cabal has targeted for destruction and returning to them what had been taken.

All in all a rather blessed, magical day.

Solar Eclipse Capture ~ White Orb ~ Possible Nibiru Too?? ~ August 21, 2017


UPDATE:  Uploading another photo ~ one of the shots I took of the chemtrail also had several white orbs in the sky ~ that were not visible to the naked eye.  YAY for infrared on our digi cameras!  Anyway, this pic is at the bottom and the white orbs are on the upper left.  Will upload more if I find anything else.  I sure do wish and intend to have full vision capacities so I can see this stuff with my own eyes/brain.

Editor’s note ~ Ignore the date.  My camera was showing today at August 20 for some reason.  Time glitch?  lol  Pretty amazing experience.  I was surprised at the chills and strong emotions I felt.  You couldn’t hear the people all around cheering in the background.  Below the video are photos I took of a variety of things, including a white Orb we saw appear right at the totality.  It wasn’t the balloon we saw released by NASA (who was here for a presentation) as that had already drifted well due west – plus had an lime-green attachment at the bottom of the tether.  They released a bunch of balloons today to sent into the upper atmosphere to measure bacteria. Actually the balloons are releasing bacteria to simulate a mars-like environment.  Something like that.  Read about it yesterday.  I included a photo of the balloon.  I also included a photo of the bastards laying a chemtrail just minutes before the eclipse right at the position of the sun – after a totally clear morning. Coincidence?  Yeah, I think not.  Now I just noticed as I uploaded that chemtrail shot – check out that weird round reddish object off to the right. Did not see that when I took the shot.  WTH??  I know when people capture nibiru this is what she looks like.  Will send it off to a couple of folks for analysis.  Anyway when we saw the white object off to the right at first we thought “what’s that?  a star?”  But then when the totality was over, it remained and another appeared.  And they moved – slowly gaining in altitude until they winked out – one first then the other.  And for fun, the last one, our local squirrel who, during the lead up to the totality, went a little wild.  Caught him in a leaping move.  Anyway, check it all out and enjoy.  And share if you want!  Much love!  ♥  


Solar Eclipse ~ August 21, 2017 West Coast 

Magenta Pixie ~ The Solar Eclipse Gathering – Critical Mass for the New Plasma Body Formation Blueprint

The Solar Eclipse Gathering – Critical Mass for the New Plasma Body Formation Blueprint

Published on Aug 20, 2017

Recording The Eclipse

UPDATE:  Scratch that.  I don’t have filters to put on my camera.

Being as I am in the path of 100% totality, I am charging up my video camera and will be recording it tomorrow, linking it on my youtube site and sharing here.  Intending for clear weather.  The bastards were chem’ing throughout the day – no surprise really.  Anyway, just to let you know if you aren’t in the states or in the 100% totality area, I will be sharing it from our vantage point.


Healing/Energy/Personal Space Update


So…………  deep breath…..

I made myself get out of the house and we took our child to a local street fair.  Thousands of people.  In the heat.  A recipe for discomfort for me but I made myself do it as I knew it would not only be a good experience for my girl, but it may bring me something useful as well.

Walking around, I noticed a yoga class in the grass.  A ha ~ I can do that. So while my mate took our girl to the play equipment, I plopped down on the grass and said “ok Self Source, guide me, let me release”.  As the instructor spoke (in this beautiful, gentle but also powerful voice, which was just what I needed), she guided us to “release what is weighing on you deeply at this moment.  See if you can relax it some.”  Immediately I think of my thoughts and emotions I had earlier, brought them up and breathed it out loudly.  Tears began to form and fall.  I didn’t care.  Crying in public no longer an issue, thankfully (thank goodness screaming in public is something I refrain from because I wanted to do a bit of that as well).  I stretched, breathed and cried. I’m sorry.  I’m sorry.  I’m sorry. Over and over I said this.

After some time, I was guided to look up.  There in the sky was a cloud in the shape of a dove.  Wow.  So much gratitude filled me.  I was seen.  I was not alone.  (Yes, I know this is true.  But sometimes, well sometimes we all need these moments to remind us of this truth.)

I did some more guided moves and again was told “look up”.  The cloud dove was still there, in spite of the winds and other clouds changing shape.  Wow.  The “I’m sorry” part of me was changing back into the “thank you” space.

After we came home, my girl and I delivered a little hand-made card and flowers to a neighbor whose birthday was yesterday.  On the way to her house, I noticed two birds – doves – that flew up onto the roof just as we entered the property.  

I can now fully admit that letting myself feel love for myself – from myself – from others – from Source of ALL – is hard.  Really hard, which explains so much of this life and a few of my memories of previous incarnations.

And I can fully admit I create this experience.  I certainly participated in it.

And that was then.  And this is now.

I am right on that cusp of letting go and being willing to dive into something new.  Self love.  The kind that permeates.  Without doubt.  To REMEMBER again.

Letting love IN.  Oooh, I could just take a year long bath in that energy. Unconditional love.  This has been missing on this planet ~ among all of us ~ for far too long.  And I have a feeling that for myself, I am just touching this energy.

More than anything, I want is to remember it and feel it and Be it once again.

This experience is of no coincidence given what I believe is coming in now and strengthening with the eclipse tomorrow.  Every month or so I have this come up again for me – it used to come up once in a long while – sometimes years would pass.  The year of 2017 it has been monthly.  The urgency to feel it and let it go to let the NEW in NOW is palpable.

I intend this experience for me.  And for all of you.

Let’s intend this unconditional love experience for one another.

Another Flatliner of a Day


Not accepting today.  When will this end?  When will I feel good for more than one day at a time?  This up and down shit is, well, I have had enough of it.

I had a dream last night ~ a reoccuring dream I have had since childhood. A bear wants to come after me.  Harm me.  Or so I think.  Once I gave it a hug and it melted into me.  It was much calmer back then.  Today it goes up and beyond rage.  In my dream I called on a friend who passed.  He came with a shotgun.  I said “take it out”.

Was this the answer?  Who knows.  I don’t know anymore.  I don’t have any answers.  I feel sick.  My body hurts.  Inflammation throughout. Weak. Heart area especially feels very weak.  Winded easily.

I just want to BE LEFT THE FUCK ALONE by hassles.  I want to FEEL ME. FEEL the ME I was before I decided to come to this shit hole.

Pardon the expletives.  Not feeling the “love and light” energies.  Or as I hear “bullshit” in my mind.

Good on those who have mastered this.  They have had more help.

Some of us have walked alone for eons.  Dismissed.  Disrespected.  Raped.  Tortured.

Today I thought – perhaps I did this to some people along the way.



Dumping my pain on another person.  Horrible thing to do.

Letting myself by manipulated into engaging in such darkness.

Horrible thing to do.

Am I forgivable?

Are any of us?

My belief within says everyone else is forgivable except for me.

In fact, I am pretty sure Source or an Angel could show up and tell me I am forgivable and I wouldn’t believe any of it.

Am I beyond healing?

The deep dark stuff coming out.

Who put this shit in me?


How is one person supposed to deal with so much heaviness?

Peel back the onion, get some relief, think you are going to be able to BE for awhile – then some fucking spiritual”lesson” kicks you in the ass again.

I never should have come here in a physical body.

I don’t understand the systems of being here.  Of being a person.

Of being ANYTHING OTHER than the “live and let live” philosophy.

Can I just admit that I failed?

I wave the flag, Universe.

I did my best.  And I failed.

Somewhere within I am pure.

Feeling it though is like walking through fire.

And I am tired.  Tired of the journey.

So be it.


Schumann August 20, 2017


Schumann Resonance Today