Spoke Too Soon…


No sooner had I posted the Schumann and said I felt the “break” ~ 30 minutes later something went through me.  Mate felt it too at the same time.  An unusual anomaly came up from south america (will link that later) around this time, although it doesn’t show it heading much farther north than mid U.S.  Brain blitzes – took me 6 times to spell anomaly correctly.  Oh well ~ no biggie.  Can’t hardly pronounce the word either.

Can’t speak well either.  And fingers not functioning well.  Body is indeed changing and I am along for this beautiful challenging amazing ride.

So…….  All I know is I feel it in my bones suddenly.  Heading to the park to be in nature, color/sketch and let my little one play.

Schumann Resonance Today ~ August 11, 2017


I can feel the “break”.  It actually feels like we jumped into someplace new last night.  I felt it around 1am.  Strange sensation…


Schumann Resonance Today

Vision Alignment Project: A Vision For Family




A Vision for Family

We see a world where we have expanded the definition of our family; where we are not only family to those with whom we are blood related, but that we are also part of a larger family – a soul family that is made up of those we made arrangements and agreements with before we came into this lifetime for the purpose of learning lessons and helping each other in our evolution.

We see ourselves understanding that the members of our soul family do not always provide us with pleasure and beneficence, that sometimes they come to provide us with adversity and challenges so we can become stronger of character; and as we let go of our self-importance, we are better able to recognize these soul family members and the gifts they bring to us.

We, then, see a world where we recognize that everyone we meet, everyone we share this beautiful, abundant Earth with is actually part of an even larger family that has come here at this time to experience a Grand Oneness together. Indeed, as we create this Oneness, all opposition and judgment is set aside forever, and we, once again, see the wisdom in redefining who our family is.

For, at this point, we are the Family of One.

As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too! 
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Tonight’s Sunset Captures


Today’s Energies ~ August 10, 2017: Remembering The Child Within


Human, Children, Girl, Hat, Together

Well another day where I have been off about the calendar day.  Each day has a “feeling” to me and this one felt like Friday just as yesterday felt like Thursday.  The calendar ~ well SOME calendar as I somehow lost the one in our kitchen and have made no attempt to replace it or look for it ~ says Thursday.  I’m still sticking by my “today is Friday” though.  In perhaps the New Reality.

The Schumann Spiking today and corresponding energies had me thinking about returning to my Original Self ~ the one who I was before I experienced trauma’s, made some decisions that were not in my Highest or best interest.  The girl, the Being within the woman who is trusting, deeply kind and compassionate, giggly and silly and even naive in some ways.  Today I was hit hard again by how much I miss her.  I don’t like this apathetic, doubting, distrustful person I have become over the years.  This is NOT WHO I AM.  It happened slowly.  I really didn’t even notice it. Which is why I didn’t notice it until much later.

I want her to come home again.  I want her to come out and play again. Embrace the world again.  Embrace life.  Adult Wise Woman there when needed or necessary.

Along these lines I received some help in this area this week.

We have new neighbors, very close to our home, who also have a little girl. Our girl and their girl have played together several times already.  The joy it is bringing me watching these two girls play is growing.  Expanding in my heart.  It is bringing me such pure joy in seeing my girl so happy. There has not been a girl her age in this neighborhood since we moved here and oh how we have intended – both of us – for a girl her age to move in.  Just one week ago, at the end of the rope was I in trying to arrange play dates with other parents.  Block after block kept falling in place until I said I had to let it go and Surrender.  Trust.  Allow that the Universe would provide an answer to the intentions of both myself and my girl for the right child for her to play with.  Be besties with.

One week ago this was.

And now today we have created this, manifested such a situation.  A perfect situation.  I don’t know who is more excited over this – me or my girl.  Slumber parties.  Giggles.  Dress-up.  Barbies.

And while I am receiving a gift in expanding my joy again, opening up my heart in new ways in observing the happiness in my daughter, I am also receiving a gift through my interactions with the mother.  She radiates kindness, maternal softness, joyful enthusiasm.  In the past I would likely have pushed the experience away.  But today I find myself savoring it. As we spoke about the city north of here ~ where we both lived and hung out at the same or similar places ~ I could feel my inner girl being return. Excitement building.  A few times we both giggled and got excited ~ just as I did when I was younger.


It hit me quite hard how powerful this was for me.  How healing it was for me.  This gift from the Universe is not just about my daughter.  It is also about her mama.

At this point, whatever my Higher Self and Source send my way to heal, I welcome for nothing is more important to me than that I release all of the stuff that has kept me from Being Who I Really Am.

My Request For Help


After having my own intuitive feeling for awhile now and then having one of you “sensing” the same thing, I have decided to see a Shaman.  There is a local woman in my area who I have spoken with and she charges $50/session.  I just need the money to do so.  So if any of you feel the desire to do so, I could really use the donations to see her.  I have felt “stuck” (fragmented is more the word) with an issue for over 25 years and things like counseling and even energy/body work have not helped.  I had an intuitive read a couple of years back by a man who saw the same “stuckness” and while he claimed to remove it (he was not a Shaman and his technique was far too simple in my mind), I noticed no improvement. Just more of an “oh yes now I see”.

Anyway, it would mean a lot to me.  I want so much to be healed.  Thank you!


Schumann Resonance ~ August 10, 2017


This is getting quite predictable…

Schumann Resonance Today

Links To The Books Written Over 100 Years Ago That Outline Countless Synchronicities On Trump




Crop Circle from August 7, 2017


I have never seen anything like this one before…  My first thought was “upcoming eclipse” ~ article alludes to this same thought too.  


Sourced from here.

Once Again With Feeling ~ NOW is the Time To Intend Our Desired Outcome


I was listening to a video awhile ago that spoke of alchemy and a couple of corporations that create technology that has enabled the elite to see the future outcomes of their plans and adjust accordingly.  Pretty sick and twisted, but no surprise.  Heard of this practice years ago.  And yet because we HUGELY outnumber them and because so many of us are awakened ~ I would say well over half of the entire population can at LEAST feel within how wrong – certainly “off” everything is.

It is time to step up and INTEND our desired outcome.  Master Alchemists we are.  Awesome usage of Energy.  We do it ALL THE TIME with our own thoughts.  Which is why for so long, nothing changed, nothing improved. Our internal dialogue went something like this: “they have too much power.  i don’t have the time/energy/knowledge/ability.  other’s can do it.”

etc. etc. etc.

Most of us know different though.  Know different.  DO different.

This court case involving the State against Heather Tucci-Jarraf, which I see as a case against you and me – all of us – and our right to freedom and sovereignty – has the controllers scrambling what to do.  Their desired outcomes are not turning out as planned.  Too many of us know.  Too many have awakened.  The Many have stood up and are taking back their power.  Plus we have some amazing very Powerful Beings at the helm of this, working diligently on our behalf to bring down this Ozland Curtain.

So let us intend they back down, drop these ridiculous, fraudulent charges, release Heather.  Release Randy (Randall Beane).  And grant us the rightful access to our TDA’s (Treasury Direct Accounts).  Whatever you wish to label them, this is money used to trade in OUR names using OUR personal identifying information.  Without permission.

The very definition of Fraud and Theft.

Intend a peaceful, righteous outcome vibrating in the Most High.

All Is Well for You and I.


Thank you~