Sandra Walter ~ Palpable Unfoldments: Cosmic, Global and Internal Reformations


Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

Gratitude to all holding space during this Full Moon week integration. Obviously, this is a strong series of clearings and restructuring initiated by the August Gateway and eclipse. Even though it appears to be USA focused at the moment, this will radiate out from the eclipse activation (North America) soon.

Our Full Moon integration week brought strong X and M class Solar Flares, Geomagnetic storms from CME impacts which will unfold throughout the weekend, and associated Earthquake, elemental adjustments (weather), and plenty of Service work for all Lightworkers to attend to. Choose your area of expertise and assist in stability, integration and balance as these eclipse and timeline-split related frequencies provide a more palpable, physical experience for the entire collective.

As always, the effects on the body vehicle are what they are. Be sure to take note of the shifts in your consciousness; changes to the energy fields, heart center, visions, thought patterns and choices are amplified during this phase of our Ascension. The experience of collective UNITY consciousness, rather than personal symptoms, is a clear indication of timeline choice. More on that next week. Gatekeepers, Gridworkers, and those in Service are busy assisting – not preventing – all of these clearings and adjustments to unfold with as much ease and grace as possible.

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Be The Eye Of The Storm


Another beautiful piece by Sanna.  Received via e-mail.  


Sanna Tarnstrom

Be your inner eye in your storm through your heart!!!
Dearest Heart – family !!! 

In September we will have 3 major events coming after one another that is important and significant to our future and for unification to take place. Hurricane Irma is one of these 3 events.

I don’t feel all events has to be weather intensity. It is about balancing out, collective purification and bringing back harmony to all the living, the elements and our creation.

These events goes way beyond our planet. At this moment their are similar events on other planets, in other roams/realities and existences. This is an organic multidimensional purification for our entire universe and beyond.

We are all connected to all chaos from within. It is all energy vibrational consciousness going through us. We get purified in the process. We open our hearts.

Be the eye of the storm, through yourself. Be the eye, center and anchor into your heart and see, truly see your truth…it is your truth you see… We all create our own reality, so see the chaos through the eye of the storm… Find the balance within, calm your creation, your truth…through your inner vision (3rd eye) and balance it all out by taken the creation/energies/chaos down to your heart and embrace it with love and care.

Be the balance in the storm, through yourself and embrace it all. After these 3 major events so much will be clear and understood. Trinity has spoken.

I will be doing a Free healing session, sending out divine love of grace frequencies for anyone who wants and needs to receive it.

This time, I will also focus on the intense unbalanced weather pattern energies all around the planet, like hurricane Irma for example. You are welcome to join in…embracing and calming the intense weather and bring in heartfelt divine love to it. ♥

When: Saturday 10 of September at 8 PM CEST (central European standard time) & 11 AM PST (Pacific Standard Time).

You can read more about it here on my Blog or on Facebook.

Let’s join together in a calming tender loving embrace, balanced through our hearts and be the zero point in the storm/chaos/intensity.

I’m sending all my love and balanced energy throughout the world for loving purification and harmony through my truth-center – my heart!!!


Deep Breaths


Taking them in and out.  Today had another PITA (pain in the ass) moment.  This one cost me $149.50.  And the new printer that was gifted to me is having printing issues (cartridge).  Mate also having a stress-related health issue at the moment too.

Deep breathes, Victoria.  The money will get replaced.

I began doing work with the Shaman ~ at a distance for now as she is out of town for a couple of weeks.  Have no intention of stopping that so Divine Abundance, Financial Blessings are forthcoming with much thanks.

Other than that, I awoke shaking – the whole cells vibing.  And had a couple of heart palpitations.  Solar blasts.  I was deeply exhausted but this little “expense” took up most of my day.  I did have a glimpse of the new earth this morning and there was some question about the house I have seen but I cannot recall what it was.  It was so fleeting – just as I wanted to know more the sounds of “elmo’s world” interrupted.

Ah…………..ok then………

The house has been saged.  Frankinsense, myrrh and copal resin is burning.  Dinner, cooked.  Child tended to (past couple of days has had mama occupied elsewhere).  And for now, I am done with any “doing”.  Being is the talk of the moment.

That is all for now.


Houston ~ After The Flood ~ The Rescue (the beautiful human element)


I absolutely had to share this one.  Thank you to my beautiful reader/friend Catherine for sending this to me.  In her own words:  “we need each other”.  You bet we do.  

Today’s Message ~ 9/7/17



As Kauilapele says “PITA” moments.  Pain in the ass.

Our beautiful Gaia experiencing hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, displacing her beautiful people.

And yet here I am feeling frustration over a PITA moment that took up much of my time today.

I pause to reflect.  I know this moment brings up a couple of long-term issues that, to be quite honest, I surrender to.  I simply do not know how to resolve them any longer other than to bless them and accept myself as I am, and in doing so, be in a state of responding instead of losing myself in reaction.

And I look outside of my own world for some calm, grounding and humbleness.  I have shelter.  Food.  Warm bed.  People around me who care.

And for that I find some inner peace.

That is all for now.


8.1 Earthquake Strikes Mexico ~ Tsunami Threat


This past week my friend David said he strongly felt a very large earthquake was imminent.  Those x-class flares are causing some intensity for Gaia and you and I.

9/08/2017 — Extremely Large M8.1 earthquake strikes Mexico — Tsunami threat across region


“Tsunami alerts have been issued for the west coast of Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Honduras and Ecuador.”

A Brief Overview of Where We Are…


Sent via e-mail…

The Original Paradise known as Earth was separated into 5 “earths”, and 5 of those have returned and innergrated with Earth for what comes next. These represent energy bands or frequency bands which other beings lived, formerly known as densities/dimensions referred to as 3d, 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D, etc… Other Galactic Sphere supply other missing frequencies.  What was was bound is unbound the same way .  Within these bands or octaves of frequencies ran parallel “CONSCIOUSNESS STREAMS”, a bit like how separate computers can run similar computer simulations (but these were REAL experiences) in parallel.  It is thes e “CONSCIOUSNESS STREAMS” which are now merging into ONE STREAM.   ALL THOSE IN FORM WILL BE IN PHYSICAL AND ALL WILL FEEL WHAT THEY DO TO OTHERS. THE ABILITIES OF THOSE IN PHYSICAL WILL BE VASTLY AND MINDBOGGLINGLY EXPANDED as the inner technology unveils (I-TECH, ICOMMS).

Schumann Resonance Today ~ September 7, 2017


RS Today’s Peaks:

  • From 00:00 to 5:00 UTC Peaks from 12 to 16 Hz
  • From 9:00 to 15:30 UTC Peaks from 12 to 18 Hz

Schumann Resonance Today

Sourced from here.

A Response To Those Asking Us Not To Meditate On Weakening These Storms and Fires


something i shared tonight on my social media.  there are some (otherwise wonderful, well-intentioned) people who are encouraging others not to participate in these meditations to ease the storm and wildfires, claiming these experiences are for our spiritual lessons, going so far to say those who live in these areas chose this for necessary growth. i have such a strong feeling about these words – i had to say something. here it is.  (oh and it is 1:00am and i am still waiting to feel some sign of needing to go to sleep.  ain’t happening. energiesssssssss.)


oooh i just have to say this. i am reading some words from otherwise beautiful, well-meaning people who are encouraging people NOT to meditate/intend on weakening the storms and fires. they hold the belief there is a spiritually-based reason for these circumstances, which are leading to necessary soul lessons. i thought we were beyond the old matrix paradigm’s of “lessons through struggle and the like”. please stop with these words. children have died. where is the lesson in that? the benefit? how would any of these people feel if disaster visited their home and community? or if they learned of a coming disaster. would they welcome it and embrace whatever “lesson” they feel they needed to learn – even if it meant the death of their child or other people’s children? their mates? family members?

right – likely not. now…even when these same people admit these events are being manufactured, they say to engage in meditation to stop the power of these storms/fires is to participate in the “us versus them” and keeps us in victim mode.

this is exactly one of the states those creating these storms want us to be in. to feel like we “deserve” these experiences to “learn”. WE ARE LOVE. we do NOT need to experience struggle or pain in order to KNOW LOVE. YES – while we forget that we are LOVE and when we DO finally begin to awaken/remember who we are, we DO go through painful experiences – just as we do while we are asleep to the Love of who we are. remembering is yet to be a pain-free experience. however that does NOT mean we HAVE to experience this pain. there is NO UNIVERSAL law that says we must have pain to know love. that we must know and experience struggle to know ease and peace. Source. God. call “it” what you will – does NOT require this of us. dang it all…this is just part of the new age dogma. and dogma is dogma. no matter how pretty it is wrapped up.

continuing on….being a spiritual being does not mean being a doormat. if one is violating your (and others) freedom and right to safety and the like, you do not remain in the state of observer much less remain passive. you assert yourself – protect yourself and all those around you. please let us move beyond these words of lessons as they imply judgment and duality. YES we are all ONE but there are those who do not see this and sadly some of them continue to create realities that harm the ONE. as such, creating the reality based in Love that WE want instead through intention and action IS the spiritual choice. 

Sophia Love Update ~ How To Activate Your Superpowers and A Few Words From One

Super Heroes, Group, Costumes, People
There can be no mistaking a great day, a beautiful afternoon or a perfect moment. These, although cosmetically different for each of us, contain some key attributes that are similar – perhaps identical.

Things like peace, freedom, joy, comfort, stimulation, laughter, excitement, vitality, abundance, love, honor, pleasure, beauty, fun or challenges fill us up and satisfy us, bringing forth some sense of gratitude.  Our dreams for a better world inevitably contain one or more of them.

We know what these things feel like. We can conjure happy, fantasize freedom and imagine abundance.  In order to effectively co-create our new world, these need to become the emotional background of our moment to moment thoughts. Sort of like a walking meditation; a constant living prayer.

We’ve heard this before: “You can’t afford the luxury of a negative thought”. It’s true. Right now, as we step further into conscious creation, it’s like we’ve activated our super powers. The current frequency supports all of our intentions and magnifies whatever it is we believe to be true. We can contribute to catastrophe or amplify peace with equal effect. The choice is ours.

There is so much happening. Remember, we are not bystanders to this news. We are co-creators of every moment.

I’m heading away for a few days, and will be out of range and off line. This doesn’t mean I will be leaving my ability to contribute. I will be affecting the field with love, laughter, fun and a bit of solitude, as I spend time with family and in the mountains. The air is clear there; our vibes will expand without interruption.

It’s been suggested that we each start a daily practice of meditation. It’s a great idea! Perhaps you have done this already. If you haven’t, here’s a good place to begin – here, and another one – here, thanks to Victoria and Cobra. This timing is maybe not as critical as the doing of it; if you miss a scheduled event, do it anyway and anytime you remember and are able to. We are so very powerful.

There is a message from One included here below. I’ve also heard from the Pleiadians and have set a special blog page, “Pleiadian Pipeline”, on the website for them here. Sign up to get their messages as it sounds as if they will be having more to say now!

Earlier this summer, K-town at Mysterious Radio Podcast interviewed me about my book, “Inclusion”. Check that out here!

The choices of focus today make my head spin. They seem to shout “Look at me! Be afraid!” What we can do without fail is come back always to source.

That source is you, is love and is evident in your light. Everything else, as scary or shocking or wonderful as it may seem, is merely costuming and special effects.

The real magic comes from you. You are an anchor for the light.

You are the ones we’ve been waiting for – let’s do this.
A few words from One…

September 5th, 2017

It is I. It is One. There are things to say now.


Where you find yourself now is a tenuous spot.  Much rests on these next few “moments” of linear time in the earth construct.

This means not that the outcomes are ultimately altered, but that the process by which they are reached can be. What is of utmost importance now is focus and belief, belief and focus, intent and acceptance, focus and belief.

For the human being has before him now, his opportunity to alter the collective history.  In a very real sense this is always true. At this now moment it is a conscious opportunity.

The energy present and available to the race not only speeds things up, which is felt by everyone. It also makes manifestation a more direct and instantaneous outcome of thought. Lines are blurred a bit. Crossovers are possible and happen.

This is evidenced in the recent flooding in the USA.

What the lightworkers are called upon to do now is to focus their combined force towards the outcome they desire and keep it there.

You’ve said, Sophia, that you are anchors for the light on the planet. Yes.

How this works is that the focus amplifies outcome – outcomes can be catastrophic or near misses or relatively peaceful – it depends on the intent and belief of the populace.

No longer are you being shielded from your possibilities.

You are not bystanders to these end times. They were written as they were and when they were because the far-seers of the time saw them that way. This does not guarantee truth.

For sure, something is happening that follows closely the predictions of ancient, in some cases, and recent, in others, texts. Yet, and here is what I wanted to say to you today –

the human is unexpected and at this now moment has surpassed prior expectations for compassion and for generosity of spirit – for love. 

This changes expectations and, as a result, outcomes.

Realize now that you are not bystanders but co-creators.  This includes the weather, your government and military forces and any current programs or systems.  You have not only the power and opportunity for this, but the responsibility for this. Lightworkers – this is why you’ve come to this planet at this now moment.

Never has a regular habit of meditation been more critical. This is how you determine the outcome.  This is how you create the outcome you desire.

Realize you’ve already altered the plans of those who still believe they run the show.

Your power is held in your belief. This is so vital to this moment that it bears repetition.

Your power is held in your belief.

There is nothing you cannot create. Hold on to the truth that you are not, in truth, changinganything. For nothing happens until it is created.

See what the world is presenting now as happening as little more than a pivot point – create the view you desire. This could be the view of your breakfast, the path of a storm, the actions of a police force or government body.  Hold on to the desired end result and do not allow your focus to be altered by any presenting “facts” along the way.

Your world now moves into new frequencies. Rest comfortably in them and hone your creative power.

This is why you are here.

That is all.

Thank you.
That’s it for today.

With so much love and gratitude,

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