The Time Is NOW


Stop, Enough, It Is Enough, Policy

the time for talk is over. the time for waiting is over. the time for speculation is over. i am no longer willing to be a slave to corporations or bogus laws that do not support my Divine Freedom. are we going to keep waiting for change or are we going to demand it by unplugging from this system en masse?

An Excellent, Easy-to-Understand Explanation of the TDA Accounts and our Value


Editor’s note:  This was copied with permission from a facebook viewer.  I have been wondering why and how these TD accounts were created as well as the idea that we are the collateral of these accounts.  A simple explanation for you to consider.  I should add that when I hear people say “yeah but they will remove the money” or “it’s just numbers on a computer screen that can be removed” I say research the OPPT and you will learn these accounts are backed by gold (and I believe silver), all as stated in the filings.  


“It took me awhile to understand this.
The money exists because WE are the collateral. We are the value! When they got rid of the gold, they started backing the money with us…our lives, our energy! So instead of gold, the money was created when you were born. You are the true value-the collateral for the money.”

Tonight’s Message From Sacred Tree


Forest, Path, Mystical, Rocks, Fairytale

Headed out for the evening bike ride and this time as we headed up the gravel road to the tree, I heard “you don’t need to touch the tree to receive the message.  The energies have helped with this ability to receive from a distance.  Tune in if you wish.”  Ok, I thought and greeted the tree as I rode down the lane.

“Go,” I heard.  While my mind began to wonder what this meant, I pulled up next to her and got off my bike, greeted her and placed my right hand on her bark.  (I need to get a picture of her – she is massive – Sequoia – the only one around.)

“Go beyond,” I heard followed by “mystical”.

Mystical.  Mirriam-Webster defines this as:  having a spiritual meaning or reality that is neither apparent to the senses nor obvious to the intelligence.

After I arrived home, I contemplated this message and figured some element of all of my Selves would send me the message.  She did.  “Go beyond the possibilities of the mind and go into the mystical.”


Another “wow” experience and message from my Sacred Tree.  And in alignment with my “go beyond the beyond” message I began receiving a couple of weeks ago.

Much love…


Today’s Thoughts…


We are in the middle of watching Valerian and the Planet of a Thousand Cities.  The opening scene shows a beautiful planet, beautiful blue-skinned beings.  The number of Beings on this particular part of the planet was small.  It was very communal and they were all obviously solidly connected and supportive of one another.  The scenery – spectacular.  Coastline.  They are very peaceful and speak a light language I resonated with.  They also touch themselves lightly on the 3rd eye area when communicating.

Several weeks ago I began speaking (again) in interesting tones and chants.  Also at this time I began touching myself (and at times others) on the 3rd eye area – sometimes in silence – sometimes when speaking.  It feels very natural so seeing this last night was quite emotional for me.

Let me tell you I could pack up a few things in minutes and live among Beings like that.  In fact the experience I had was rather surprising.  The longing to live that way.  For try as hard as I have throughout this incarnation, I do not fit in here.  This is not a judgment on those who do or anything else about the constructs of this current system/reality.  Not at all.  It’s just an acknowledgement – of full purity – that it does not resonate with me.  And I can no longer pretend or fight the feeling.  It comes from deep within and is a feeling that has never once waned.  I simply long for something else.

After showing some of how these Blue Beings live, they are then unexpectedly invaded. Obviously a peaceful species, their solution is to get into one of their ships and vacate their home planet.  I won’t share what happens next, but let’s just say I was in tears.  As the movie progresses, it is obvious they have learned and have still remained very peaceful.  The movie also portrays the concept that there are multiple dimensions and physical beings have the ability to travel between them.  Easily.

It brought out further longing in me.  I am simply bored with this reality and as I mentioned above, this internal experience does not wane.  It becomes rather dormant now and then but continues to make itself visible and felt. I can visit a body of water or a forest, and while I can find beauty, I still long for something MORE.  Different.  I can visit an event and in spite of talking with others, I feel so out of place and lonely.

So last night’s dream experiences were fun.  I traveled.  Expanded on my abilities.  Then I had this little experience:

I awoke this morning and walked into the kitchen to get my child something to eat.  Now before I share what happened next, I need to state that in the first dream travel experience I had of being in this new reality I long for, the experience had me at the kitchen sink (of that house I started seeing back then), looking out the window, a group of children gathered around.  This was before I had my girl, but I knew one of them was mine – a girl.  The kids wanted peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and I was surprised to see myself just intend the sandwich when a loaf of bread, butter knife and peanut butter literally manifested on the counter in front of me.  So now and then I will intend to remember this ability and try with my brain to will it.  It’s something I will do fully conscious – with deliberate intent.  Nothing I seek to do from within (if that makes sense). This morning though, still half awake and not thinking fully, I stand in front of the kitchen sink in this now house when suddenly I felt an energy in me and from within I simply naturally intend for cream cheese, rice cracker and butter knife to appear.  It was a space I have never been in before – awake that is.

I look down and felt a quick surprise, also from within, that all I see is a blank counter.

It was then my brain abilities fully kicked in and I thought “what just happened?  Why did I intend that?  And where did this all come from?”

Things are happening.  Changing.  Patience is not my thang.  Never has been and probably never will be.  It is just part of my Spirit of Who I Am.

However, Love IS my thang.  And I CAN love myself as I continue on this journey of Remembering.  And I will continue with this honesty – that if All Parts Of Who I Am – are good with me seeing this full remembering at a faster pace, I say bring it on!