A Strange Thing Happened To Me on the Way to 7-11


I laugh.  The term “7-11” and me do not go together.  I can’t remember the last time I went to our local store.  But today I did to give my daughter the taste of a slurpee.  On the drive there, I was pretty neutral.  Just driving.  Not looking for anything.  Yeah, the whole “allowing” thing.

As I turned down a new street, I was drawn to look off to the left.  I see a woman who I swear looked as though she belonged in the 1800’s.  From her clothing to her hairstyle, she looked completely out of place.  I was drawn to her and she to me.  In fact, she maintained eye contact with me until she rode her (ancient) bike in front of me, where she gave me the most beautiful, pure smile, which felt like a giant ball of Love that went straight to my heart.  It was palpable, amazing, much welcomed and left me bursting out in tears.

Completely unexpected.  An angel from another dimension?  Someone from a parallel universe?

Who knows. Who cares.

It was a gift of Love from a beautiful being.  The last time I had an experience like that was when I was 9 years old, only this happened in the middle of the night and she appeared by my bedside and again, gave me a smile that radiated a Love I had not experienced in this world yet.  Not even from my mom, I recall thinking at the time, which surprised me. There was a different kind of Love?

I am ready to be immersed in it.  I am ready to Remember it is within me. It IS me.

And you.  And you and you and you and you.

After that, the rest of my connections with people were, as they were the past few days, authentic and pure.  Even the rather grumpy clerk at 7-11 didn’t get to me.  When I asked him a question about the slurpee machine and he showed impatience, I immediately shut down my need to judge, shut down that story and instead gently explained why I asked what I did and when he had no answer, I said no worries, then thanked him.

Next, I blessed the man in line in front of me who was spending his hard-earned money on lottery tickets.  I told him I sent him good energy mojo’s of abundance.  We spoke briefly of the topic of money and both agreed ~ who isn’t struggling financially these days?  How unnecessary it all is.

Onto the next stop, I offered up an idea I have had recently on bringing in more food to the local food bank.  Given the volunteer’s reaction, the idea is a good one.  Again, another beautiful connection.

All resulting from a much needed, much welcomed smile from another beautiful Soul reminding me to get out of my dang head and get back into my heart, which is where I shine.

Shine on to me.  And shine on to you.




9/22/17 Meditation ~ The Focus

Drop the veil of illusion, within and without.

Schumann Resonance Today ~ 9/22/17


Huge Pain Today


Emotional pain.  Heart pain.  Feeling I have no purpose anymore for being part of this whatever it is.  Ascension?  Who knows.  Having received no donations and all requests to find someone to help me with this site marketing and monetizing going absolutely nowhere (which I do not get as I was GUIDED/lead to create this site, I have absolutely no “feel” for what step next to take.  Nothing feels right.  I feel like Kevin Costner’s character in Field of Dreams where he goes against what is practical and builds that beautiful baseball field, putting his family, his finances, his home and land in jeopardy, on the brink of losing it all.  He demands “what’s in it for me?  I’ve done all I’ve been told (guided) to do!”

I am right there, right now.

I am tired.  Broke.  Out of ideas.  Sitting here with this feeling of emptiness.

Focusing on creating that my next step IS out of a hollywood movie with a beautiful ending, next step.

A Vision For Judicial Fairness


oh yes indeed.  time for this broken corrupt system to be replaced with fairness and compassion.  


The Vision Alignment Project

A Vision for Judicial Fairness

We see a world where our judges care more for the people than they do for the powers who placed them on the bench; where those who sit in judgment of others are our elders who have been chosen because of their wisdom and compassion, not because they have sold out to a vengeful system for their own personal gain.

We see fairness having returned to our judicial systems whereby any punishments meted out fit the crime. Indeed, we see a world where we have evolved to the point where the game of guessing someone’s guilt or innocence has gone by the wayside because our perceptions have become enhanced so that we can tell, intuitively and accurately, whether a person is innocent or guilty, and, consequently, not one person is punished or imprisoned who is innocent.

And, ultimately, we see a world where courts, judges, jails and prisons are no longer needed because we are all loving one another. In a world such as this, crime cannot and does not exist.

As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too! 
You can align with this Vision
by double-clicking the “YES!” Button below.

September Equinox Meditation September 22 at 20:02 GMT



1:02pm PST here in the states, 4:02pm EST.  I want to see us all doing this daily.  


Today’s Experiences


you will have to forgive the all lowercase tonight.  too detached to be concerned about proper pronunciation.  lol

so today i woke up feeling achy again after another night of also awakening at 3:30am. did i already mention that in my schumann piece earlier today?  maybe i did.  obviously the short-term memory issue continues.  well anyway, another night of being wide awake at 3:30am. and hot. stuffy…even though it was in the 40’s last night.  i simply had to get up and move in my own space.

we have a shower that until today i would describe as “large”.  it is – at least 3x larger than the standard shower stall.  today though?  it was suddenly too small for me.  is it shrinking or am i expanding?  yeah i know the answer to that.  new experience for me – the shower being too small. my mate said he is feeling the same about it.  we also have a king size bed. it’s too small to share.  even our kitchen, the biggest room in the house, is too small for me to share.  i feel like i am literally stretching and expanding.  a huge growth spurt.  explains the ongoing achy pain stuff and the fatigue that is relentless at the moment.

and yet there are also the beautiful moments of pure bliss and serenity.  i am having some unbelievably beautiful connections with others these days.  today it happened everywhere i went.  eye contact.  pure heart sharing.  i can see the light in other’s eyes.  radiating from their hearts and smiles.  this is indeed happening and it is affecting us all and for most, the effects are beautiful.  it’s as though the truth of who we each are is making itself known.  including a neighbor of mine who does not like me.  i never felt at ease around her.  we had a conversation shortly after we moved to this neighborhood.  the topic was homeless people.  her belief was people who are homeless are lazy.  so yeah, not in alignment with me so she not liking me is no big deal.  however lately i have been running into her and i know it is for me to face my discomfort i have around her, heal from it, forgive myself and her AND meet her from my heart space.

which is what i chose to do today.

i greeted her with a smile and gave her thanks for something she had done that had inadvertently had a nice impact on my life and in particular, my daughter’s.  the scowl on her face never left (it never does).  she pursed her lips together and spoke a few words.  i agreed with her words and she said nothing further as she walked away.

what surprised me was how authentic i felt.  i was completely in my own energy space, unattached to her reaction.  and the most beautiful part – i truly wished her nothing but love.  i wished her well.  it was a very lovely experience.  well, at least for me that is.  

emotional outbursts continue now and then.  now when i suppress anything and i mean anything, it can show up quickly in my body as stiffness, achy sensations, itchy skin and the need to spit.  i watched a video by victor otto on youtube earlier and he speaks of these emotional outbursts many of us are having.  if you feel so drawn, check him out and his insights on dealing with these experiences here.  some evenings i seem to live on my yoga mat.  at times on my walks i have had the urge to march – to really move my legs.  i have learned that using our big muscles is very useful when moving deeply held, powerful energies arising from old pains and trauma’s.  earlier today i suddenly began to cry.  i had no idea why and still don’t.  i just went with it.  allowed for the experience.

allowing.  that’s about all we can do these days isn’t it?  surrender and allow.


wishing you all well~



Schumann Resonance ~ September 21, 2017


holy cow!  gaia continue to raise her frequencies and so we keep on doin’ the same!  i keep feeling expansion within, off and on for a year or so, and interesting that this morning my girl tells me “mama your hands feel bigger”.  they don’t look bigger – but i feel my ‘space’ is indeed bigger – my need to move around, that space, indeed bigger.  much bigger.  even this laptop, which used to fit me, feels very small. enjoy the cellular upgrades.  anyone else waking up at 3:30am??


9/23/2017 ~ High Energy Prediction By Pleiadian Ambassador


September 23rd, 2017 – High energy prediction by Pleiadian Ambassodor

Published on Sep 20, 2017

How Does It Feel To Experience Different Dimensions?


How does it feel to experience different Dimensions


Vera Ingeborg
September 20, 2017

We read a lot about ascension, about energy, about different frequencies, about symptoms we experience etc. The information can be not only superconfusing, but also easily keep us trapped in the idea, we have to reach something, and we still have not found our truth.

What if there is no “THE TRUTH” but many different truths, depending on what reality we choose to be in. What if there is no GOAL to reach but just the journey to experience. What if there is no better or worse concerning dimensions, but just a different experience? And what if that never stops, moving from frequency band to frequency band? What if we are about to overcome the belief of finity and understand that evolution has neither a beginning nor an end, but just shifts we go through. And by shifting from one reality to another, it feels like a beginning and an end, and yet, it is nothing else but just another turning point in our personal evolution. The way I perceive it, each dimension has its own truth in its own reality. And we only start questioning that truth, when we start raising our own energetic frequency out of that dimensional comfort zone we have been in. A dimension is a certain energetic frequency band we resonate with. I am absolutely aware, that using the term dimensions (in this case 3D, 4D, and 5D) is just another label to make sense of what we feel.

And there are tons of labels that are trying to describe certain phenomena and it can be overwhelming to work through all the information. Yet, I felt it was worth sharing this overview which was a result of a get together in Bern/Switzerland by Herzraum, on “Living in the 5th dimension” . The most prevailing question that people had was, how does it feel like to live in that dimension and how can I tell where I am at?

So I hope this overview gives an idea on the different experiences. Enjoy and honour your journey and experience, whereever you are right now.

The texts I share are always based on my intuition (“downloads”) and/or on experiences of clients and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage you to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. With lots of love, Vera Ingeborg

Sourced from here.