Schumann Resonance Today ~ Sept. 26, 2017


my impression/feeling?  we are going to do this massive up and down as i feel we are in a period of adjustment (which can feel like that void – as in “where are we – where we going?”) – allowing all of gaia’s inhabitants to get used to the higher frequencies (i myself prefer the higher ones – once i am adjusted/released into them) – until we hit the sweet spot.  got a message in the shower yesterday along those lines – and how the term lightworker is simply one who is here with the purpose of being a conduit to these incoming energies.  how it is shared and/or grounded is up to each Soul Being.  


Ascension Signs ~ Are We In The Void


Good piece and very much in alignment with what I am experiencing/feeling. Along the lines of what I wrote earlier – of feeling in a neutral zone at the moment.


A Rather Neutral Day


Today has a certain feel to it ~ one of neutrality – and as though we are in a brief limbo period.  What is coming next, I have no real feel for at the moment.  Just enjoying a bit of inner AND outer calm.  I seem to feel the energies and emotions of not just my own stuff and those in my household but the world at large so perhaps I have just naturally detached from whatever chaos may be flowing “out there”.  Oh well… It feels rather nice to feel detached and in just my own space.

I had a nice experience at the store today.  There was a man in front of me in line.  Business attire.  He pulls out his wallet and as I hear the velcro rip open, I had this sudden urge to put my arm around him and say “doesn’t this feel like a game to you?  Are you ready to stop playing?”  Not to be arrogant – not at all.  This came from my heart.  I simply want ALL of us to be liberated from every single control, seen and unseen.  I want us all free.  We are such a beautiful, wonderful species ~ especially when we are in our full heart-spaced selves.  I can see that.

Instead I just sent him this heart-space feeling of “I see you.  We are all One.”  Then I began to look at the other people in the other lines and saw the beauty in every one of them and had that sense of knowing – we are all One.  And how we have forgotten that.  I love those moments of seeing others for who they really are behind the roles

How funny it is when you think about it.  We each play our particular roles, whatever those are and forget the main reason we are here: connection.  Heart-space connection.  I am grateful I had another such connection today ~ even if it was only seemingly one way and without words exchanged.  After the filth I purged earlier in the day (the core ugh issue/thought I have held about myself for who knows how many lifetimes), I was grateful I was able to bounce back to Who I Am so quickly.  Today what motivated me was that much louder/easier to hear inner voice that speaks with such a solid energy field – it feels my body is too small to contain it at times – and she reminded me ANY such belief in such an illusion only feeds the very energies and entities I seek to dissolve/transform.  Looking at myself in the mirror, I simply said “no” – and meant it.  Completely.  Moments later, I was able to feel beyond the lie and into my heart.

Also had 3 beautiful moments, over the course of the afternoon, here at home, when I was quietly guided to look at the title of the songs on my music channel we have on each day in the background.  Song #1:  Star Seed.  Song #2:  One Step Closer.  Song #3:  17 Seconds To Anywhere (my go-to title on time-traveling)

That is all for now.

Schumann Resonance Today ~ Sept. 25, 2017


feelin’ this all night long, into today.  i told my mate “i’m having intense bi-polar like states” – given the sudden spikes that return back to normal that makes sense.  one of these nights i will actually sleep again ~ as will my child, right?  unusual black line too.

RS Today’s Peaks:

  • Strange behavior today, seem like there have been sudden spikes to above 40 Hz and than back to normal… from 00:00 to 9:30 UTC


Gaia Portal Update ~ Sept. 22


interesting.  just one sentence…  have the elder families all come on board?  is this a cosmic or metaphysical reference?  i have spent the past two days feeling this one out…  (cryptic messages are not my thang, btw)



Enter the Dragons.

Have You Been Affected By The Eclipse?


i know many of you will appreciate this one.  i certainly did and can particularly relate to the experience of wanting to have NO part in the usual routine of human life.  i want someone doing all of this “stuff” for me.  i hadn’t really given that new attitude much thought until i read this piece.  and the oft-experienced mind-numbing fatigue has been at a new level too since the eclipse.  would be wonderful to sleep deeply through the night too – that is making the fatigue kick up its feet.  yes we sensitive types feel this stuff the most, don’t we?  



Sunday’s Message ~ 9/24/17


Yesterday afternoon I received a text from neighbors saying their dog has cancer and we were welcome to come say good-bye today.  Our kids play together at times and while we haven’t spent a lot of time with their dog, she is literally the coolest dog around.  She also happens to be a near spitting image of our previous dog so hearing she has cancer and is being let go brings up all sorts of stories in my mind and heart.  The memories of having to make the agonizing decision to let our beloved fur baby go due to illness spilled out into my heart, leaving me in a big ‘ole pile of tears and many questions.

Question #15,236:  Why do dogs only live so few human years?  I get the frequency vibe thing – they “live” in a different frequency than we humans.  Just like flies and other species.  But still – 10-14 years (for us) is simply not enough.

Question #15,237:  Why this beautiful animal?  Why is it the truly horrible ones like the Rockefeller’s, the Clinton’s, the Dick Cheney’s etc. etc. are still around?  We need MORE beauty.  We need the psychopaths to be removed.  Yesterday.

So that lead me to this line of thinking…

So much talk that this “removal” is going to happen.  When?  We’re all Source, right?  Let’s join together and intend their removal now.  I recently heard someone say the “dark ones” are afraid right now, not sure how to give up their power and we have to be patient with them.

Patient?  Seriously?  So we sit back and let them continue to create mass suffering?  (gonna drop an f-bomb here so you have been warned)


Nowhere within Me does this “be patient while we let the criminals perform a few more dark rituals and crimes” feel ok.  Maybe if I let myself get lost in the la la land of ungrounded bliss ~ for a few moments that is until the parts of me that say “remember” kick in and I then realize the NEW that is within me that says “I lost myself.  I lost my power.  I own that.  I was trusting.  But no more.  Now I have honed the tool of discernment and in doing so, I trust myself in who to trust and who not. And while I can say ALL is of Source, that doesn’t mean I am blind to the truth that there are also human vehicles making some pretty ugly choices that impact the population at large that need to end TODAY.  Not when THEY are ready but when you and I say “time’s up”.

Time’s up, I say.

I pondered that thought for a time and the quietest (and thus most “solid) message I received was “stop feeding it”.  I recently responded to a youtube video speaking of all of the chaos and the like and I said “what if we all just stop giving this nonsense and chaos our attention?”  Is this naive?  I’m not convinced it is.  I am having more experiences where I see the simple act of holding the desire of what I want creates the necessary energies to let those desires flow into my life with ease.

Still… all of these stories and “stuff” going through my mind had me feeling doubt about the whole ascension/remembering/awakening/changing journey.  Is it all a farce? Another program within the matrix?

As I began to go down that next mental dialogue, I decide to let it ALL go and listened to the inner voice that said “go outside and enjoy the beautiful, warm, sunny day.”

I listened.

As I sat in my chair, soaking up the rays of the sun (or whatever that object is), I was watching my girl be a kid and my mate interact with her. I was relaxed.  Smiling.  My mate started to say something to me when I felt something very strange in my brain and body.  Woozy.  Then suddenly I am feeling something from the time I was about 10.  A memory from summer – only I couldn’t remember it in my mind – but instead felt it in my body.  I put up my hand to stop my mate from talking, saying that “I need a moment”.  A few moments passed and the sensations disappeared.  I felt fully present again.

The best way I can describe it is I experienced another piece of me from a different timeline merge with the me in THIS moment.

So ok then.  Yes, something is indeed happening to us that is outside of the realms of control.  All that was hidden and in a stasis of separation is being united, returned again.

I leave this piece with some words of “see you later” to our awesome neighborhood dog.  I’m sure you will have many happy dogs waiting to play ball, many beautiful fields to romp and play in as free as the wind and Source long to see you be.  Be in freedom and peace sweet spirit.


Schumann Resonance ~ September 24, 2017


RS Today’s Peaks:

  • Time 4:30 and 5:45 UTC Peaks 28 Hz

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A Vision For Joy


The Vision Alignment Project

A Vision for Joy

We call this one a Vision for Joy, however Debbie Friedman from originally entitled it, A Vision for the time of Joy, with the rediscovered pleasures of play, fun, work doing things we love. You’ll be hearing more from Debbie as she has contributed several very insightful Visions for you to enjoy. Thank you, Debbie! 

I see a world where Joy abounds for everyone. Fully present in our physical forms, we rejoice in this new age of celebration.

No longer slaves to the manipulative control paradigm of the past, the time for Joy has returned. Play is honored as a natural expression of our very being, and with childlike joy we lovingly rejoice and explore. We delight in simple pleasures and the wonders of our world. We engage in community and conversation and connecting with each other. The fun of living in this third dimensional world has been restored and the Universe constantly amuses us. Laughter is particularly revered and we hear the joyful noise wherever we go.

Open and connected to Higher Wisdom, we are inspired, and creativity is fully expressed without bounds. Every moment is embraced in pure delight as we purposefully and passionately honor our earthly journey and adventure.

As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too! 
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Sleeping Until The “Event”


Baby, Baby Girl, Sleeping Baby

Anyone else have this random thought and feeling, which now feels more intense, that we need to just sleep our way into the event/the shift (meaning just sleep as much as you feel called to which for me right now feels almost constantly)?  Obviously for practical purposes this is not possible for many of not most, but darn if I don’t have that desire.  Off to zzzzzz right now.  So tired at this moment I will likely not remember typing this.