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Dog, Sleep, Lazy, Tired, Relax


Well, after having a pretty good day, decent energy, I crashed and burned hard around 8pm, which happened to be the time of the 8 minute Global Meditation.  I sunk quickly into the meditation, right ear suddenly buzzing loudly – very loudly – and moments later my body screamed “lay down NOW”, which I did, and promptly fell asleep for about 45 minutes.  I awoke to the enthusiastic callings of one small child yelling “mama mama!” who wanted me to tuck her into bed.

Did that mean I had to MOVE, I grumbled in my mind.

So I pull myself up, crawl into my girl’s bed, snuggle us both up and read a couple of stories before giving the normal million hugs and kisses. Feeling like an absolute slug, I pull myself up yet again out of another bed, walk back to my bedroom in a zombified state and pick out clothes to wear after the nice long hot shower I intended on taking.

Didn’t go quite as planned.  The picking out of the clothes part.  I was looking for something in particular ~ and could not find it.  You see, the weather has gone from 85 and sunny to 55 and rain in a matter of 48 hours and my body is trying to play “catch-up”.  I suddenly want yoga pants and comfy tops.  I could not find my comfy tops at first and given my almost drunk-like mindset tonight, this suddenly had me feeling like a little girl.  I wanted my comfy top, the pink comfy top in particular!  Tears formed in my eyes and I stomped my foot.

Then I drooled a bit in my state of fluster.  (no joke)

Yes, I was quite a sight.  Wow, I am that tired and that affected by these 40 hz plus continual spikes, I thought.  What began as a feeling of bliss and calm this morning manifested into a toddler storm by evening. Whoever wrote of these times bringing out bi-polar states was not kidding.

After a long hot shower, I am now parked on the couch, cup of hot tea, feet on my foot massager, hot buddies on my back.  And obviously typing at the moment, although it has taken me longer than expected. Apparently along with my inability to balance my check book, find my calendars and keep track of all of this 3d reality “stuff”, I seem to be having a difficult time typing.  Spelling used to be my forte.  Now my fingers struggle to type the words my brain is speaking.

For now.

I also sit here and ponder the big question:  Why isn’t everyone having these experiences?  These days I am not as shy about asking others “how you feeling?  feeling anything new or unusual?”  I have been relieved to find a few people around here who ARE noticing the body aches, the dizzy and spacey feelings and the absolute exhaustion some days.  Most however give me the “look” and say nope, they feel just fine.  I have noticed that those who DO experience these symptoms are either into or open to ascension and indeed wish and long for a new world reality.  Those who don’t have the physical experiences either don’t care or are fine with the way things are.

What will happen to them?  Are they simply not here to go through this?

Who knows.  I can only answer for myself these days, right?  But at times I get a little annoyed that the most clued out seem to be just fine and think the rest of us are the crazy ones.

Oh well, so it is.  I’m happy with my role of “crazy woo woo chick”.  Who for now is going to put my body onto my massager, for heat alone is not cutting it.  Then I will be watching a QHHT video on new earth which I saw linked on one of my favorite ascension-type youtuber’s, Allison Coe, QHHT, out of Portland.  She said watching this video gave her chills and was in total alignment with what she is feeling and what her clients are sharing in the sessions.  Which, btw, when I clicked on the link to the video, it showed someone had watched it until the 20 minute mark.  I knew it wasn’t me and it turns out, it wasn’t my mate.  Another timeline we began watching it and are now to continue it?  A message of synchronicity from the Universe to begin watching there at that time?  I will share anything “cool” about that when we watch it.  I will link it later. For now, I am happy to hear there are others who are getting the same/similar messages and feelings about where we are and where we are going.

Validation is good.  Almost as good as finding that pink comfy top.  (which yes, I did find and am wearing)

That is all for now.  Much love…



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Calling Everyone to Hold Highest Vision for Extreme Global Conditions – 8 Minutes at 8PM



In Mexico today (Tuesday), there was a 7.1 magnitude earthquake.

In the Caribbean, Category 5 Hurricane Maria is bearing down on Puerto Rico.

In Yemen the people are starving and dying of cholera.

And hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims – a stateless minority in the Buddhist-majority state Rakhine – have fled Myanmar for Bangladesh. . .

Please join us, 8 minutes at 8PM, to respond by holding the highest vision of Love and peace, everything in balance, for our Nova Earth.

Thank you.


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Powerful 7.1 Earthquake Hits Outside Mexico City


Editor’s note:  Sending forth healing soothing energies.  Let us all do the same.


A powerful earthquake has jolted Mexico City – measuring magnitude 7.1 according to the US Geological Survey (USGS) – causing buildings to sway sickeningly on the anniversary of a 1985 quake that did major damage to the capital.

The extent of damage or injuries was not immediately clear, but people fled office buildings along the central Reforma Avenue.

Mexico’s seismological agency estimated its preliminary magnitude at 6.8 and said its centre was east of the city in the state of Puebla. That municipality is about 40 miles southeast of the capital.

Live Updates

Officials in Mexico say they fear the death toll is still likely to rise.
The federal interior minister, Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, said authorities had reports of people possibly still being trapped in collapsed buildings. He said search efforts were slow because of the fragility of rubble.

“It has to be done very carefully,” he said. And “time is against us.”

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A Vision for the End of Suffering


A Vision for the End of Suffering

We see a world where suffering has ended; where all living creatures – the plants, the animals, the people – are living in a state of exaltation and joy because no one is harming anyone else, no one is in competition with anyone else, and no one is encumbering or enslaving anyone else.

We see people feeling safe, feeling secure, feeling serene, and it is in this environment that our potentials begin to blossom. Creativity in all its wondrous forms is now expressed by all as we bring forth the gifts we came here to give. We have transcended the dark and stepped into the light of all things great and good.

Such is the world that is inside us all, awaiting on us to let it come out.

As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too! 
You can align with this Vision
by double-clicking the “YES!” Button below.


Schumann Resonance ~ Sept. 19, 2017


WOMP WOMP WOMP!  lovin’ these frequencies.  makes me feel sleepy and at times achy (which indicates a need to purge/release) but otherwise pretty neutral and peaceful.  


  • From 8:30 to 9:00 UTC above 40 Hz
  • From 16:15 to 17:00 UTC above 40 Hz

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Upgrade To The Next Level of Now


Editor’s note:  This one gave me chills…  I love the gentleness in it.  The flowing energy of acceptance.  We are all on our own paths and there is no “one” way.  Perfectly divine words…


High Vibe Tribe, Contributor
Waking Times

All things are new. The old systems and paradigms are crumbling before our eyes and minds. Outdated mechanisms of knowledge and understanding have shifted and are passing. For those who are open and ready, it’s an amazing time for letting go.

It can be conceived as timeline or dimensional shifts and bleed-throughs if you like. For those experiencing and tracking these changes you will understand, others may sense something fundamentally different but are having a more difficult time just yet, but all will continue to progress. For those wanting to move with this energetic shift it will come, and more understanding as well as awareness will seep in. It can be subtle, or sometimes one psychic or transdimensional experience can trigger a big leap forward.

While we have so much in common we are all on unique paths. There’s no “one way” but there are commonalities that we all experience.

This energetic shift simply requires letting go into it, because it just is. As sure as we’re alive and Source eternally exists, our progression is assured one way or the other. The move “forward” is always there if we’re willing to move into it, but even if we hang back the overall field is moving anyway. This gets to the crux of our learning experience here, as there are several paradoxical aspects to all of this.

Those who’ve been seeking and learning and growing and working to bring about a better world as well as a more realized self expression have gone through much. While our most profound realizations are incredibly simple, all we’ve gone through to get there has been essential. Each of our paths are distinctly individual, yet we are a form of collective soul at the same time, each yearning for mastery of our being with the best possible outcome for all. This obviously does not apply to all those we share the planet with at this point, but the opportunity is available to all.

While many of us have striven to bring truth and openness to a deliberately darkened world, we’ve gone through many stages in the process. We’ve been the dreaming child, the system slave, the dropout, the student, the philosopher, the hungry researcher, the activist, the warrior, the preacher, the pundit, the angry cynic, the tired observer, the insider, the outcast, etc. The list is long, but these stages, whatever they’ve been, were essential to our development.

We eventually learn we cannot impose receiving the truth on anyone, only offer what we individually have learned, and it’s up to others what they do with it. Increased communication has been one of the driving forces for this recent acceleration of awareness that’s sweeping the planet, in addition to other unseen influences. For those engaged in these activities it’s right at whatever level they’ve chosen, but we must be aware of being drawn back into their vibrational level.  We need to help in whatever effective way possible but we can’t force it or interfere with free will, despite the fact that the matrix operates this way.

It operates on a judgmental frequency. Source does not.

Whatever our outlook, a rising tide lifts all boats.

And the tide is rising.

The Dissolving Past

Not only is the external structure collapsing, albeit somewhat violently, old manners and frameworks of perception are dissipating. How much each old system is sustained depends on how many cling to these often self-projected or believed paradigms, as nothing can override our choice to progress or hold on to the status quo. This is causing a separation of worlds in many respects, as realities split apart, much like worlds or timelines.

This is real.

This is not always obviously manifested externally, certainly not to the satisfaction of the skeptic or naysayer. It is evident, however, in changed lives, raised and lowered vibrations, new discoveries and ideas surfacing, and new social trends taking hold. In fact, it’s quite remarkable once you can perceive them.

A Place Called Now

For the sincere seekers, our search has been for meaning, for the full experience of living, and the Truth that permeates all things. We look for answers to the fundamental questions of life and eventually come to realize we’ve contained them all along in our heart of hearts . We have a knowing about a Source that emanates from within and without and have always been set out to connect with it.

It appears in the timeless state of Now. We get glimpses of it; our feelings draw us towards it, and our hearts long to experience more of it. A certain amount of information helps us along the way, but the reality we seek is beyond it, as what we perceive through this limitation only provides arrows pointing towards the unspeakable which we experience in moments outside of time.

This has long been known, yet even this experience is transcending the old concepts and belief systems. We’ve accumulated many helpful understandings from past teachings, yet in the light of this truly new energetic shift even those are outdated in many respects. Reference points can be anchors if we’re not fully conscious, which is clearly seen in the fullness of a truly fresh Now experience.

The Now is a portal. It’s always there, it’s always here. The Now is the ever present zero point everyone is striving for, yet it is always with us. It exists – over and over, yet timelessly. It’s we who have the difficulty in turning into it fully. Again the paradox, finding no time while inhabiting a world seemingly bound by time.

The Now just is, yet we struggle to find it, to understand it, as it slips through our fingers. Or so we think. In fact we’re flickering in and out of it continuously. Sometimes we can feel its ecstasy, sometimes not. We know we should live in it, yet time sweeps us along like the current of a mighty river, only allowing temporary glimpses of the majestic Now. Our minds then scurry to understand what only the heart can perceive, our ever present conundrum in this denser world of duality.

How do we escape time and explore this amazing realm of Now? It’s not always easy, yet it happens spontaneously with little or no effort. Mind gets in the way to make work of it, or identify when it is happening. Filtration mechanisms working overtime dull our nowness. Concerns and habits shroud our sensibilities. Circumstances and physical conditions blind the senses. Ever new as well as old ephemeral belief systems cloak our awareness.

Yet inspiration opens the door continually. Imagination lights the way. Each of our developmental stages were paving stones that led up to now, and they will continue, albeit in continued transformational manifestations. Yet those too must be let go of in deep energetic and forgiving ways in so many respects so as not to hold us back from previous perceptions.

Everything Is New

The truth is we can all be more in the Now than we are, but the inspiring realization is we’re there a lot more than we think we are. Besides always being in it whether we’re fully conscious of it or not, our lives are filled with breakthrough Now experiences.

Techniques such as meditation and more quiet time and deep experience in nature enhance this, while moments of emotional release, insights and creative imagination and inspiration abound in our lives, often spontaneously, resulting in the same. Making room for more of all of these aspects being a higher priority than ever in our lives soon goes without saying, once we’re really serious about this transition personally as well as for all of humanity and our planetary condition.

Therein lies a commitment to be made.

The Letting Go

We each experience a great falling away of many things in this process. Old unfruitful relationships, locations, living conditions, modes of expression and cherished belief systems. All of these shift or evaporate altogether. Let them pass. The new will manifest almost immediately and in many cases concurrently.

While we may experience times of isolation and solitude, it’s all a wonderful growing opportunity. It can be quite an emotional journey facing ourselves honestly and seeing former close acquaintances or beliefs fade from our lives. The beauty here is that our true friends and family become manifest.

And we are many.

Depending on our rate of acceleration as well as preparation, this shifting process can be a bit disconcerting. While our previous efforts may appear to have been off course or pointless in light of what we learn down the road, they weren’t. Many ideas and concepts and viewpoints will prove to have been quite off course in relation to what we come to learn is true, but they were what helped get us here. It’s seeing that and letting the old go that are at issue.

It’s easy if we’re malleable and trusting. Call it faith in the divine nature of it all, but that is something we can all be securely confident of, despite the seemingly bizarre nature and consequences of many of the choices that have taken place on this evolving planet.

There are no mistakes. There is no condemnation except what we personally ascribe to. Outside of us everything is beautifully neutral. There is no judgement. We invent and comply with that, in accordance with separation. When we realize all is One in different facets and stages and in the process of expansion we don’t judge, we accept, and in love, seeing the wonder of Creation both seen and unseen.

The Paradox of Three Dimensional Life

Yet paradoxically there is the part we are each here to do, most of all to truly awaken and raise in conscious awareness and enduring unconditional love. The ultimate solution. Nothing to wait for. Just be it. The rest will follow as we let go of old triggers toward less fruitful endeavors. It’s very tempting to get into the fray and all things reactive and fight it out in our minds or on the streets or in the staged informational platform at their low density level, but it’s to no avail and only muddies the waters.

Steer clear. Don’t feed the miasma. Be aware of it but don’t even touch it. It’s a tar baby designed to short circuit our connectivity to Source and who we truly, deeply are. That’s what they fear. Not our activism or exposure, although that’s all part of it. It’s us getting the real understanding of our true power as well as what energizes them and keeps them in business, which we then refuse to supply as we rise to a higher vibration with much more effectiveness.

That’s non-compliance.

Get free. Stay free. Help raise the planetary vibration. Share love, speak truth, live in the true joy of real Knowing that transcends these tricks and traps and manifestations of ignorance. Live according to your passion. The world is starving for love, kindness, gentleness, hope and happiness. We’re awash in it if we look around. Don’t let them drag us down to their level.

Let’s rise up and be the living solution. All is well and right in the grand scheme of things, the BIG picture.

Creation keeps expanding and learning, and we are an amazing and integral part of it all!

What a wonder!

About the Author

High Vibe Tribe is a contributing author to Waking Times.

This article (Upgrade to the Next Level of Now) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to High Vibe Tribe and It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution and author bio.

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Preliminaries of Gaia Ascension Have Completed


Preliminaries of Gaia ascension have completed
by ÉirePort

Preliminaries of Gaia ascension have completed.

Subsequent Higher Energies are released, and accepted by Humanity.

Fibres of intent strengthen.

Maritimes complete the mission.

Mandela Effect In My Own House and ‘Hood


After posting the piece on our realities splitting just two days ago, which discussed things disappearing from our lives, I have had two big mandela experiences.  Both occurred yesterday.

  1. We have somehow lost a large radiator heater.  It is not in the house or garage and we have looked everywhere.  Honestly my first thought was “it’s in the new house on the new earth”, which I thought “naaah” and kept on looking.  It is not at our neighbor’s house either – where we have been known to store things at times – only this time NONE of us can recall asking him to store it – just 4 short months ago.  Zero memory of that.  I was awake last night at 3am – in a very peaceful state – and I thought of that heater and I suddenly felt as though that was a timeline that was fading.  I could feel the experience in my body.  A silly memory/experience of having a radiator-type heater in our house, which we used all last winter, was suddenly feeling as though it had happened to someone else.
  2. On my walk with my girl last night, she stopped at a driveway on a street that over the past 5 1/2 years we must have walked past hundreds of times.  There has always been two piles of arranged rocks, surrounded by black rubber, in a cut-out piece of the sidewalk on either side of the driveway.  ALWAYS been this way.  I have memories of walking my girl as a toddler and until this past year, she would always stop and want to pick up one of the rocks and take them home.  Last night?  There was only one pile on the south side.  The pile on the north is not only gone but THERE IS NO HOLE CUT OUT IN THE SIDEWALK where the rocks were.  It is literally as though the hole and the rocks never existed.  I thoroughly checked out the smooth sidewalk, looking for where maybe the homeowner removed the rocks and filled up the hole with more concrete.  Nope.  It is the original sidewalk.  I had my mate go check it out today as he found our story hard to believe.  He came back, eyes big, saying WOW!  Where did the rocks go?  Where did the hole go?  He too checked over the concrete (he used to work in a concrete lab) and he said the sidewalk is the original sidewalk and in this reality, never has there been a hole cut out of it, filled with rocks.

Which reality are we in?  More and more I am experiencing the straddling of two different timelines, certainly experiences.  More and more I feel, overall, calmer, trusting my Highest Selves to lead me.  Releasing worry. Fear.  Doubt.  Certainly more confident, solid in Who I know I Am.  I had a phone call today with my mom and noticed when I spoke of my abilities and talents I did so from a place of pure Knowing. It’s as though all of that muck is truly leaving me.  All of that energy of the stories I once believed.

What’s next?

Teleportation?  Flying?  Instant manifestation?  Instant healing?  Morph into the new earth realm?

Let’s do it!

Schumann Resonance ~ September 18, 2017


oh drat it all!  i simply need to stop writing the date – it took me a bit to figure out the month let alone the calendar date.  feeling this today – sooooooo sleepy floaty. several spikes at 40hz and above.   


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Allison Coe, QHHT ~ A Season of Political Change Beginning Sept. 23rd