Guan Yin Message ~ September 20, 2017


I read this and think “hmm, yes, disclosure ~ now would be a good time.”


Important message from Guan Yin
September 10th, 2017
By Linda Li

Guan Yin says, dear heart, I am Guan Yin. I come today with important news. Humanity has come to an point that Divine is ready to tell the truth. The truth about Divine and the truth of humanity’s history. Yes, the time has come and we are ready. Besides that, Divine is also ready to let light workers and humanity know their existence on earth, and how their existence will influence the planet earth and humanity alike. It is time for the disclosure, period.
I love you dear heart, I am Guan Yin. In the next few days and weeks, Divine will work hard to make sure the disclosure happens. Not only to the light workers but also to humanity. the whole planet is on alert now for that, for the disclosure. We are ready. I hope you are ready too dear heart. Getting yourself ready is essential for Divine and getting humanity ready is what we are doing. So far so good. Yes, there are always souls who are barely ready, or not ready at all. That is unavoidable. We understand the risk, and we have informed those souls and they are ok with it. It is at soul level. So, even if they appear not ready, but at soul level, they know it is spiritual law, they need to follow the Divine plan, and they will follow. It is just that simple. If it is spiritual law, then all souls should respect and follow. There is no such thing as exception. In the face of Divine and spiritual law, all souls are equally treated and equally Apply themselves. No exceptions! So, that is the disclosure. Get yourself ready dear heart. It is coming.
Besides that, Divine is going to make sure that all who are involved in the disclosure, it doesn’t matter who you are, either you are a light worker or not, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you do your job. If you are tasked by Divine to disclose information Divine deemed necessary, you need to disclose, do your share of the entire plan. There are half dozen souls who have been tasked by Divine to make the disclosure. We have worked with them individually as well as collectively, and we deemed they are capable and they are ready. So, go ahead dear heart, if you are one of those souls who is supposed to make the announcement, Divine wants you to go ahead, do your job, make the announcement. Make the disclosure happen. Divine is ready. You are ready. Humanity is ready. This is Divine decree. Don’t take it lightly. It is a matter of breaking spiritual law. So, act on it and get the ball rolling.
Besides the souls who are being tasked for the disclosure. Divine also tasked few souls to play the sidekicks. Send confirmation messages around the globe. Let humanity know that you are the messager. The message you bring this time is the disclosure, global wide disclosure. I want these souls to hear me, global wide, not just the country you are in but all countries, global wide.
Dear heart, it is time. Divine and the company of heaven are so ready. We want to make it known. We want humanity to know that we are here, walking on earth, helping Gaia and humanity. It is enormously important that humanity know it by now so that humanity can have a chance to work on themselves and work on their ascension. It is a tremendous time, and it takes tremendous effort for humanity to ascend. Sooner or later, humanity will realize that we do them a favor by disclosing what is happening and how to ascend. It is time.
I love you dear heart. In the next few days and weeks, after the hurricane passes, Divine is going to make further announcements related to the leadership of the United States, and announcements related to the changes. More changes indeed are needed, desperately by Divine and the company of heaven. We are at a threshold and we are all on board this time. Divine and the company of heaven, we are all on board for these changes. Time has come. Immediate changes indeed. I am Guan Yin, I love you. So it is.

WSO ~ 8.3 X-Class CME Arriving in Next 48 Hours


According to this video, this CME is not a “normal” event and points to the idea that something outside of our solar system is influencing this.  Galactic Central Sun?  Nibiru?  

Planetary Burdens Unveil and Dissolve


feeling this one, yessssss…….


Planetary burdens unveil and dissolve
by ÉirePort

Planetary burdens unveil and dissolve.

Fortunates are liberated.

Presumptives come to the fore and primaries are installed.

hu-beings become Hue-Beings.

A Moment of Synchronicity on this September 11, 2017 Day


This showed up on my social media feed.  It gave me chills as this morning I awoke and told my spouse that the timeline that was supposed to have been created 16 years ago has come full circle and we are back in “alignment” again.  Words don’t always suffice when trying to explain these things I feel, but this is as good as any I can come up with.  Then I see the words below an hour later.  


Interesting fact
Today is 911, Sept 11
11 years and 9 months ago today there were two hurricanes. One named Harvey and the other was Irma! They hit New York and DC causing a great deal of damage.
Is this the reverse 911 we have been awaiting? Food for Thought. 

Thank You Prayer/Intention Warriors


It looks as though our thoughts and intentions in bringing forth love and calm to Irma have worked.  While there was destruction, it was not as intense and chaotic as had been predicted.

Good work everyone!


Schumann Resonance Today ~ September 11, 2017


Oh yeah baby!  This with the continuing CME’s this week is really going to be affecting us in magical, beautiful ways, if not a bit challenging at times. Ascension.  DNA activation.  As I heard one guy say this morning, these energies are coming from somewhere outside of our Solar System, which was perplexing him.  Galactic.  Central.  Sun.  This is what we have been waiting for.

Schumann Resonance Today

RS Today’s Peaks:

  • At 9:00 UTC Peak 26 Hz
  • At 9:30 UTC Peak 30 Hz
  • From 12:30 to 12:50 UTC Above 40 H

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Jenny Schiltz ~ Temporary 5D Timeline Now Available


Ascension, Celestial, Planet, HeavenTemporary 5D timeline is now available.

In meditation, I was shown where souls are being moved into temporary timelines. It was an amazing sight, each soul was receiving an energetic boost and a clearing. I asked what was taking place and they told me that each one is being reminded of who they are and their intention of ascending. I saw each soul get a little lighter, brighter and then they were then put on the appropriate collective timeline.

Temporary timelines

They explained that a temporary 5D timeline has been made for those souls who are ready to leave the 4D frequencies behind but are unable to hold the 5D frequencies for long amounts of time. This temporary timeline allows each person to continue working on their soul, moving away from duality, victim hood, and belief systems that no longer serve. This temporary timeline is in line with the 5D and beyond timeline and as each soul masters holding the higher frequencies in their form for longer times, they will be moved onto the dedicated Ascension timeline.

At the same time, those who have agreed at a soul level to ascend, but have not yet awakened are finding themselves being moved from the collapsing 3D frequencies and into the 4D temporary timelines. This is a very large group of souls and it will create a mass awakening that may look like mass chaos as many awaken to anger and conspiracy. This timeline will also be in parallel with the other two timelines but for a shorter duration of time. It will be important that this grouping is not met with New Age dogma and beliefs but with unconditional love and understanding. It will become more and more apparent that one does not need to even know of Ascension on a conscious level in order to take part. All that is required is the honest desire to reconnect with one’s heart center and soul. How that looks will be different for everyone. It will be important that we advise those looking for answers to go within instead of being outward focused.

The Ascension timeline which is of 5D frequency and above is fully functional and ready for all who can maintain the lowest frequency consistently within their form. Each of the temporary timelines is designed to funnel into the next highest until all who are willing to do the inner work are on the same collective timeline. This is not a one shot deal as we have agreed to ascend as a collective. This agreement does not stop people from moving forward but rather those that have moved forward are being asked to be the calming lighthouse for the others.

This experiment shows us that even if we are against something, we are still feeding it. That in order to strip the power from something, it is best to simply not give it energy. We can know that it exists as awareness of what’s “out there” is valuable, however, we don’t have to continue feeding it. This is a lesson we are all tasked to learn as we take responsibility for our creations.


Continue reading here.

CME’s and Schumann Kickin’ My Ass


Cat, Cat Face, Sleep, Exhausted

I was going to use another noun at the end of the title, but it is fitting for what I am experiencing this weekend, today in particular.


An intensity of a whole new level.

Woozy and floaty and “what was i just doing/saying” and “where did i put there” and “where am i what day is it”.  OUT.  OF.  IT.

Get out of bed?  Really??!!

We are headed to a block party here shortly.  Really?  My motivation is free food and I don’t have to cook dinner.  I did however manage to put together an apple/blueberry crumble.  Don’t ask me to share that experience.  I don’t really recall very well putting it together.  But I did. And it’s in the oven and smells delish!

Another thing – MAJOR deja vu’s – two today already.  I feel like all of these separate experiences of me are bringing brought back together, also inducing a feeling of “I have been experiencing this loop over and over and over again” and now ALL is merging back into ONE.

That is as good of an explanation as I can provide you.

Now here is an interesting deal.  Which I will finish when I return as I just realized I need to go pick up my child…

Back.  Continuing on w/the interesting deal…  Had interesting talk with my child’s friend mama.  She isn’t really into any of this but is very open to it and I have a feeling she will be into it from here on out.  She is experiencing strange sensations in her body and mind. Feeling light-headed and woozy.  So I shared with her briefly about ascension and the Schumann and the CME’s.

And speaking of the Schumann ~ check this out:

Schumann Resonance Today


Spikes peaking at 40hz.

Combine that with these back to back intense CME’s that show no signs of letting up, and what you have is Beautiful Ascension and All Returning To One with Source Frequencies Behind it All.

As I told my friend (and need to hear it myself):  REST.  GROUND.  DRINK (water).  BE.  Short term memory is about shot at this point which means zero point NOW is oh so close.

And guess the lyrics of the song I am NOW hearing on my child’s cartoon?  “Things are changin’ and that’s ok…”

I will leave it at that.

Much love ~



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Gem Analysis: Black Obsidian, the Smoking Mirror


Editor’s note:  I have black obsidian in each room in my house.  I often carry one with me when I leave the house – if I am not wearing my necklace w/the stone.  


Gem analysis: Obsidian is a volcanic glass produced by rapidly cooled silicic lava. Due to the fact that obsidian is a hard volcanic material it was used to produce sharp instruments and ritual artifacts. Atzecs referred to this rock as the Black Mirror, Smoking Mirror or Even Shining Mirror and they associated with the god Tezcatlipoca. Tezcatlipoca is a god associated with North, Earth, cold and night sky. He is a frightnening God. His qualities were both negative as war, temptation and strife but also very positive as divination, magic and Beauty!

A stone of Power

whose name in fact means Smoking Mirror, Obsidian
His name itself means Smoking Mirror, an epithet used to describe the Obsidian. For Aztecs the stone itself is a manifestation of the God and an instrument to access his qualities! When dipicted Tezcatlipoca’s right foot is an Obsidian while sometimes the gem .
Obsidian is one of the most Earthly Stones, dark and mostly black is associated with the Element of Earth and its planet it Saturn, the lord of time. Therefore the powered day to practice with Obsidian is Saturday.
Obsidian’s association with Earth makes it a perfect insturment for Grounding rituals and Meditations.It helps us connect with our deeper selves our deeper feelings and insticts. Worshipers of the God Tezcatlipoca were sorcerers and warriors of the Aztecs.
The Smoking Mirror of Dr. John Dee,
Queen Elizabeth’s alchemist and sorcerer
An item that can be found in the British Museum
Aztecs used the black one to make sharp ritual instruments and Mirrors to be used as divination tools. The power of the Smoking Mirrors (as the Black divination Mirrors are usually called) was so famous that the alchemist and sorcerer of the Queen of England Elizabeth the First, Dr. John Dee used some for his work. The legend sais that the Angels appeared in the Mirror and instructed him. It was brought to the possesion of the Queen after the conquest of Mexico by Cortés between 1527 and 1530.
Were they Angels? Where they Demons? Just Spirits? No one really knows.

Magical Powers of Obsidian

But what we do know is that Smoking Mirrors is maybe the most powerful instruments of Divination ever created. This is mostly because of the freedom it provides to the Mage/Witch/Shaman who preforms scrying. We will post soon an article on Smoking Mirrors and how to use them for Divination and Also magic.

But lets take a deeper look now to the magical properties of Obsidian, the magical properties of the Smoking Mirror. Use Obsidian in:

* Grounding and Centering Rituals and Meditations
Protection (the obsidian is a projective stone and acts protectively absorbing magic)
* Alluring and charming Spells

Simple Grounding technique utilizing the Obsidian.

Take one in your hands and close your eyes.
Take a few breaths and exhale reminding yourself that with each breath your relax and your feel more secure.
Stay there with your eyes close for few minutes and repeat a mantra like “I am safe, I am powerful”.
Repeat the words till they make no sense. Keep breathing slowly, easily.
When you feel ready open your eyes.
Go and wash your obsidian with running water. Its quality of absorbing magic makes it a very handy tool but we have to cleanse it from negativity.
You can find more Gems and Enchanted Jewelry at love prices HERE!
Change Yourself, Change the World!
Discover, Play, Love!
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The Crystalline Earth, The Old Earth and the New Power Returning! Part 1


Finally!!  A day in the field, alive, vivid and so informative.  I had three readings on my schedule, each and every one couldn’t be more different from the other.  There was one intense constant however, the love that came thru the field with each and every reading.  The for us, the love for Life, the love of the earth, it was so big, so encompassing, so….. total.  That is the purpose of all these energies, storms, earthquakes, its all intensifying the field of Love.  I’ll explain that more in the reading it came thru as I get to it.

Even tho I had my voice back and it held steady thru the entire day (into even now,) the moment I connected with each lovely lady, OMG the coughing.  My first connection created such a massive storm in my lungs and mouth that the intensity of cough saw my upper dentures (my lowers were still in the jar lol) fly right out of my mouth!!  Screw that, I kept them out until all the readings were done!! lol  Thank god I get my permanent implanted dentures installed next month!!

Wait a minute, I just got ahead of myself.  Before my readings started, I took a shower.  In my shower, I was begging for the ability to see and understand and keep my voice thru the day’s appointments. Until that moment, I had not seen one preview of what the field looks like at all.  In my shower, I was given a glimpse.  it was so beautiful, but very confusing too.


Throughout the entire earth were these new patterns of lines that reminded me of fishing line.  These clear lines were criss-crossing every which way, in no particular pattern that was recognizable.  Each and everyone of these fishing lines had little drips of clear fluid running down them.  At first I thought it looked like clear oil droplets, later, once I shared the vision on facebook, I was told they are liquid crystalline droplets.  

Throughout the entire earth were these new patterns of lines that reminded me of fishing line.  These clear lines were criss-crossing every which way, in no particular pattern that was recognizable.  Each and everyone of these fishing lines had little drips of clear fluid running down them.  At first I thought it looked like clear oil droplets, later, once I shared the vision on facebook, I was told they are liquid crystalline droplets.

Throughout the entire earth were these new patterns of lines that reminded me of fishing line.  These clear lines were criss-crossing every which way, in no particular pattern that was recognizable.  Each and everyone of these fishing lines had little drips of clear fluid running down them.  At first I thought it looked like clear oil droplets, later, once I shared the vision on facebook, I was told they are liquid crystalline droplets.

Imagine my surprise when I connected to my first lady and her ground looked like it was made of tons of aqua aura crystals.  Just the tops of the crystals emerging out of the ground, this amazing blue luminosity to them.  There was no dirt, just these cyrstals popping up thru her field.

aqua aura.jpg

Honestly, I didn’t even think aqua aura during her reading, only after it was finished and I started pondering it.  It was stated that these are all clear crystals with the blue luminosity reflecting off of them.

It was also explained that those who live on the “new plane of earth emerging” the ground is made of this energy system.  Powerful Source energy infused in the ground we live on, in the bodies we work from and the air we breath in.

In the last several years, anytime I seen the essence of Source/Creator/God in a reading, it always held this amazing blue color.  Gold in my readings always represent the highest source of spiritual energy I can see.  So connecting with the aqua aura crystal afterwards made perfect sense if we look at the spiritual qualities of the way its made: Aqua aura is created in a vacuum chamber from quartz crystals and gold vapour by vapour deposition. The quartz is heated to 871 °C (1600 °F) in a vacuum, and then gold vapor is added to the chamber. The gold atoms fuse to the crystal’s surface, which gives the crystal an iridescent metallic sheen.

So aqua aura is the closest visual we have of really understanding what we are made of and how.  Now our duty, and truly it is a duty, is to learn how to use this amazing power, that is the ground, that is us, that is the air we breath in and out.  Do not look to the properties of the actual aqua aura crystal, wayyyyyy to limiting!!!! 😉

It was also explained that the ground and air and her (our) bodies are still coming together in form.  In it’s fullness.  She asked many an amazing question, the replies blew our minds.  Most of which, I am going to save to share until tomorrow, otherwise I would be putting out a novella today.  The one thing I do want to say that came thru, there is no future that is set, yet.  It will not be set into a true form until we pass the equinox on the 22nd.

Many people are still deciding who they are day by day, minute by minute.  Just like the constantly shifting path of the hurricanes, so too, we are shifting back and forth with each conscious and unconscious decision we make.

I was so curious to see how my second lady was going to unfold in the field.  For many months now her team strongly suggested she find a way of of her current living situation for her and her baby girl.  She is living with a man who is not nice at all and fears for her life should she leave.  So the staying I completely understand, which is her choice.

Her reading opened up so drastically different from my first lady.  She was planted in the earth from her waist down.  From her waist up she was covered in the deepest, darkest dirt (mineral rich) that I had ever seen.  It covered her completely, save the whites of her eyes.

It was explained that she is completely grounded into the old earth that will be ceasing to exist over the next generation or two.  (It will take that long for all those still aligned with the old earth to leave/die off.)

However, she is not completely helpless or even dis-empowered.  Quite the opposite to our delight!!  Because her actions and her heart are pure and true, she is bestowed with all the elements of the earth to assist her in her desires and demands.  We all have fortified the old earth with much power and energy that is still available to those whose hearts work from love but their entanglements keep them grounded to the old earth.  This is not only the people we live with, or jobs we endure because we are afraid of not having enough money, but the series of thoughts that keep us there too.  None of that takes away from the love of the heart, which allows the power of earths elements to cooperate and work with those on the old earth.

She mentioned something about her baby daddy and instantly I seen him, as a loose root system floating above the ground.  No connected to anything, not formed as anything .  He really kinda looked like this:



We all know how powerful the elements of the earth are and I was stunned to hear her practice sessions with the elements once she reminded me that she lives in South Florida.  We all know there is a massive steam cleaner heading that way and the winds are a powerful force on earth.  She was instructed to use the winds of change that are coming, completely partner with them, and let them wrap their circulation around these flimsy roots and do what they can with them.  Not to tell them what or how… the wind is highly intelligent and very conscious.

Let me take this moment to tie in my last lady of the day.  Holy freakin shit batman!!  I really figured I would see either crystals or dirt… hell no!!  The moment I bent over to connect to her field, with the fastest of motion, something slithered under my deck and stopped just below my feet!!  The focus was not on the field itself, there was no field visual, it was all on this massive…. MASSIVE serpent that slithered under the deck.

It’s girth was easily the size of a softball, HUGE.  It had these scales, come to think of it, more reminiscent of the scales of a fish than a snake that were so iridescent in the sunlight.  The majority of the body were many shades of green.  The top of the head was the most beautiful red I had ever seen.  He lifted his head up so we could see what would be his throat area and the amazing blue… OMG, so stunningly beautiful!!

What he explained was that he was the power (and that is a word he is very very adamant on using) of the earth, what we would consider her Kundalini.  He is also my ladies power, her kundalini energy, partnered fully with the earth energy.  (The new earth as well as the old earth.)

He explained that is from the same serpent clan as the original serpent the fable of adam and eve sprung from.  (Just for the record, it is the serpent that called the story a fable.)  He explained that he and the clan (others like him) are very real and reside in another plane of existence, but are making their return as they partner with humans open to receive and harness the power of their existence.

My lady asked about dragons, is he related to dragons.  This is where information I had been waiting to understand came thru.  He explained that the dragons, lizards and such are part of the same Tribe, but he is of the serpent clan.

He never came out from under the deck and did explain why.  He was in my root chakra energy field, which was why his head was red.  He was using our ability to talk/communicate, which is why his throat was blue.  His scales will change color and frequency depending on what he is doing.

I found it kind of funny when she talked about magic and he quite sternly said he is not associated with magic but power.  Pure power!!  He even made us say it in a sentence to feel the difference in vibration.

I Am the power of the earth.  I Am the magic of the earth.  There really is a difference in feel and frequency.  He explained that it is the power of the earth that is doing deep and major house cleaning for the love of humanity.  The earthquake off the coast of Mexico, the series of hurricanes here in the USA, the storms brewing elsewhere and the more that is to come.

This is how the garden of eden 2.0 becomes restored, brought to life.  Any good mother will do deep house cleaning.  Any good (or hell, even bad) mothers will appreciate the children’s help with the cleaning.  But don’t stand in the way and block the broom, it must get done!  It WILL get done.

He also explained that the earthquakes that are taking place are digging up all the deeply seeded, very hidden dense energies and thoughts that have been buried.  The winds and the storms are transmuting it into pure energies for new in-powered use.

Now let me come back to my first lady for a moment.  She had asked so many wonderful mundane questions.  I have to say this especially since it was said back to her yesterday, we are living a mundane life spiritually.  Do not ever think for a moment, to ask about your personal life or the personal lives of others is not focusing on your spiritual path. IT IS your spiritual path.  It is all one and the same.

If we continue to separate our physical lives from our spiritual lives, we are going to see our spiritual lives bloom and our physical lives plummet.  What good is having spiritual attributes if you cannot afford to eat??

Before I close for today, I do want to include what I had seen of the last quarter of this year, after the equinox closes its door on our choice points.

Even tho there is no future to see until we cross the plane of the equinox, we were shown the temporary situation of the last quarter of this year for those who made it thru to the other side of the doorway onto the full crystalline earth.  It is one thing to align with the Source of All life within our hearts, it is a whole other ball of wax to live 24/7 as that.  In continuing unconditional love and non-judgement.  The powerful ramifications of even the slightest old ego thoughts can be catastrophic.  So the way I had seen this last quarter was like a large spiral that we will walk towards the middle.  I found a picture, had to laugh that it is at the Vatican, only, this is flat or even with earth, not going up or down.





At the center was a trap door.  If one could not hold the pure vibration of love consistently, the trap door opened and away they went.  I can only assume they went to the old earth, but the clarity of where was not revealed.

We cannot be in fear and love at the same time, not with the pure powers of Source energy in all we emit.

Let go of all fears and become a living, loving partner with the earth.

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) of Power United!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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