Anyone Experience A Moment of Extreme Vertigo Tonight?


Around 6:50pm, pacific time, I suddenly felt extreme dizziness, only the feeling was very unusual.  I almost felt as though I was lifted up, placed back down and could not find my equilibrium.  My mate felt it at the same time.  It took him longer to recover.  I’m feeling woozy contentment.

I remember looking at my mate and even though he was right there, he seemed very far away.

Quite the trip.  Anyone else notice this tonight (10/11)?


Schumann Resonance Today ~ October 11, 2017


kapow kapow wowzer!  this feels wonderful.  feel i am opening up a new door within ~ exploring new “feels” and getting expanded insights.  also working on my ability to move objects and create the space i want.  last night i switched from using my hand to my mind – and with intense focus it worked.  starting off small.  enjoy these frequencies.


A Giant Mysterious Hole Opens Up In Antarctica


Hmm.  I wonder if the meteor bombardment taking place there daily has anything to do with this…  Keep your eyes on Antarctica.  Lots of disclosure will be taking place there.  


“We’re still trying to figure out what’s going on.”

Kate Lunau

A hole as large as Lake Superior or the state of Maine has opened up in Antarctica, and scientists aren’t sure why it’s there.

The gigantic, mysterious hole “is quite remarkable,” atmospheric physicist Kent Moore, a professor at the University of Toronto’s Mississauga campus, told me over the phone. “It looks like you just punched a hole in the ice.”

Areas of open water surrounded by sea ice, such as this one, are known as polynias. They form in coastal regions of Antarctica, Moore told me. What’s strange here, though, is that this polynia is “deep in the ice pack,” he said, and must have formed through other processes that aren’t understood.

“This is hundreds of kilometres from the ice edge. If we didn’t have a satellite, we wouldn’t know it was there.” (It measured 80,000 k㎡ at its peak.)

Continue reading here. 



Friends Parents In Need of Help After The Santa Rosa Fires


A friend of mine from junior high school days has parents who live in Santa Rosa.  Their house was completely destroyed by the fires last night. My friend and her sister created a Go Fund Me page for them.  They had no insurance (renters).  If you are interested, here is the link.  At the very least, please share.  Thank you.

A Thought…

…sitting here suddenly purging some ancient emotions/thoughts/energies.

Watching a video with my mate on Mars when I had a thought – a new thought.

When we see these objects with our telescopes, binoculars, cameras (the sun and planets) what we are seeing is a projection of the REAL THING – captured ~ using high tech to “copy and paste” the image in this realm – to make us “believe” we’re really on this planet called earth in this galaxy system called the milky way made up of all of these planets.

Dropping the “screen” will reveal the REAL earth and the REAL realm(s) surrounding it.  Purely organic objects.  Nothing fake…

Just a thought I had that I am putting out there.

Mandela Effect, Time-Line Jumpin’ And Synchronicity OH MY!


I had two very powerful, wonky experiences within 30 minutes apart of each other.  And oh WOW do I have to share them with you!  I had just been telling my mate how I had read a Gregg Prescott (In5D) post on facebook yesterday and his experiences with vertigo and timeline jumps. I had on The Sound of Music for my girl and I to watch.  It was the end of the movie ~ the scene where The Captain and Ralph are in a moment of confrontation.  I have owned this particular DVD for over 2 years and have seen this movie at least 1-2x yearly since I was 6 years old.  Watching this movie as a young girl gave me the first experience of past-life recall.  I suddenly knew I had lived in or near Switzerland ~ certainly in the area where I could see The Alps.  I just knew in a moment I had lived there.  A visit with an Intuitive 25 some years later confirmed this when she said I had lived a life in Switzerland as a midwife.

So it was interesting tonight as I watched this scene, I noticed the background behind Ralph began to move and swirl.  I like the term “wonky”.  I had never seen this before so I called out my mate, returned to the scene and he witnessed it as well.  I played it for a third time and this time recorded it.  It is below.  It’s a bit harder to see given I recorded it and my hands were a little shaky but check it out.  In fact, if you OWN The Sound of Music go to this scene and see if your movie is showing this same scene.  It is indeed possible we are seeing a Mandela Effect in process.  A new timeline being formed and that particular scene is being changed.  Who knows, ya know?  I just experience these things and gather as much “proof” as I can to pass along to ya’all.

The next interesting experience came about 30 minutes later while in the shower.  Yeah, my sacred woo-woo space.  Suddenly the song “When The World is Running Down” by The Police goes through my mind – loudly.  I don’t think I have ever had that song run through my mind.  I actually like the song a lot but it is not one of those songs I “hear” in my mind.

As the song runs through my mind, I suddenly feel dizzy/woozy and I see the shower wall in front of me move back and forth ~ much like the scene in the movie I describe above.  I called for my mate and he jokingly says “it’s just the water in your eyes” to which I adamantly said “LOOK at my face.  I have no water on my face yet!”  I asked him if he was sensing anything at the time and he said “nope”.

All of this happened at around 8:25pm and 9:00pm Pacific time.

Of interest, the full title of the song by The Police is this:  “When The World Is Running Down, You Make The Best of What’s Still Around.”

Synchronicity indeed (and no “synchronicity” to me that one of The Police’s best/most popular pieces is “Synchronicity” ~ funny how these things work sometimes!  Such a trip ~ I love it!).  Things lining up to shift BIG TIME.  The Matrix is crumbling.  Has crumbled.  And now we just make the best of what’s left until we jet on outta here into the new experiences of truth and freedom.


Color The Archons GONE


This is the piece I referred to in my previous Gaia Portal piece.  Last night my child and I each had what we would normally call “nightmares” and yet there was really no fear there ~ not like in past dreams.  In my child’s dream she was easily able to take control and turn it into a pleasant dream ~ a first.  In my dream, I was drowning in a rather unusual, interesting mix of earth elements.  It was not pleasant at first (I have had drowning dreams throughout this life cycle and they have always left me feeling terrified).  At first I said “NO” ~ but then relaxed – which surprised and confused my brain which was like “what the HELL are you doing??!!”.  I was able to surrender and just observed the experience before I ended it. So we still have responsibility for our own thoughts but I feel it will now be much much easier to just be in our OWN space without outside influence from the spindly slime balls.  Also of interest ~ other people commenting are noticing the same thing w/their dreams.  Then reading today’s Gaia Portal I had to think “ok maybe there is truth in this…”   


For the first time in a long time… a million years?… there are no more archons in, on, or around the Planet Earth. The archons are GONE. They’d been forced away from the Earth and were hanging out around the moon — and were feeling surprisingly invincible — until they messed with some of the Meowracles’ dreams. So, we asked our higher order friends to intervene and… POOF. No more archons. (It was actually quite a battle, but still, it didn’t last long. The female archon was nasty, twice the size of the males. And they really did look like that above pic.)

Only now can we see and feel what it looks and feels like NOT to have some nasty ET species (that were BIG, scaling anywhere from 10 to 20 miles!) meddling with our consciousnesses and our energies. It will be interesting to see what happens. (The TWBs are all gone, too, banished to The Forbidden Zone.) This is serious cause for celebration, folks. The scourge is over.

PLEASE NOTE: If you’re going to claim on your own blogs/sites that the archons are gone, please credit us and our higher order friends. They did do us all a huge service, after all. We are forever in their debt.

Fortification of Ultra-Dimensional Grids Completes


Interesting update.  “Handles of compliance are removed.”  I am wondering if this is in reference to a piece I read that claims the Archons are now completely gone.  I am always sceptical of such claims until I see it with my own eyes or feel it within or have my own experience ~ which I did last night, unexpectedly as did my child.  I will share that in the next piece.


Fortification of Ultra-Dimensional Grids Completes.

Handles of compliance are removed.

Starships enter the Ultra-D gateways.

Hue-Beings flourish.

Energy/Experience Update



Had quite the dream last night.  I surrendered and felt myself drowning in water/sand.  Totally let it go as I knew I had no control.  If I drowned, so be it.  Interestingly enough I didn’t drown – just was in the middle of it as I was pulled out of the experience.  Working with a Shaman is bringing up the strongest levels of emotions ~ emotions I already knew I had.  Gonna do my first journey experience later this week.

Depths of emotions rising making me shake, tremble and want to move my body and be hugely expanded.

Either that or I am going crazy.  Take your pick at this point.

Seems the feelings of bliss increase as do those times where I feel I am losing my mind.

Bottoms of my feet hurt.  I just want to sleep.  Grocery shopping is on the list today as is doing yard work that has been put-off for a neighbor.

Sleep is much more uh I cannot come up with the word.  Desirable.  Yeah, that’s it.

Difficult to get the help I deeply need on this day as my mate feels worse (physically).

Yes, that was a brief moment of bitch and moan poor me.

If I am not authentic with myself at this point those things fester with the rest that remains within and I want ALL that does not serve me OUT.

That is all for now as my hands appear to not know how to move as my mind doesn’t know what words to use.



Thank you for your support of my work!

Antarctica Meteor Read Update


8624.  Okay now…