Kauilapele Update ~ 10/7/17


This was for yesterday and was exactly my experience as well ~ only I ignored the desire and had the dog experience.  :::ahem:::   Still feel the same way today.  And am listening… so instead of writing my own piece, I’m doing the “lazy” thing (love his insight for this term) and sharing KP’s words.  As my late beautiful friend Susie used to say:  Don’t let anyone, including yourself, shit on you with the “should’s”.  


Today (the 10-6-17) was a complete un-connecting from what I had been doing, and essentially was a disconnect day from anything. I took no walks, no leaving the house, barely able to prepare anything to eat, and not doing anything.

Part of this has to do with an upcoming Energy work that has been “calling” for some time. I’m not really feeling “ready”… but sometimes I never do. I’m not looking anywhere beyond the next two days.

There are a lot of “planetary occurrences” been going on, and my interest in them has been essentially zero. And will likely remain that way for an indeterminate time. There will be such things happening, but this is what many of us have done our Energetic Works for. The dissolving of the old paradigms (and connected energy grids) combined with a massive uplifting of the “New Paradigm” energies of the planet. Old stuff is falling apart… New stuff is coming together… all because of that “Energetic Work” stuff we did. Stuff like that.

The next of my own parts in this comes very soon. And it is a key for the planet. That’s what I’m getting. And I’m not telling anyone, really, where it is, and when it will be. It is mine to do, and it is mine to BE on that journey.

There’s other things I could “report on”, but I’m feeling no draw to do so. Yes, some could say, “I’m just lazy”. And that would be correct. I’m “lazy” to do anything I’m not fully drawn to do. I don’t follow the “rules” like, “I should be posting 10 articles a day”, “I should be doing perfectly all the 3D organizational things”, “I should eat a certain way”, “I should take care of my 3D body in the standard Western medical way”… and a bunch of other things that the ego wants to put a “should” in front of.

I’m still releasing some of those ideas. I ain’t perfect… in those ways, at least.

We’ll see where all of this goes. The planet is going to be okay. I just know it.

Aloha, Kp

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Schumann Resonance ~ October 8, 2017


apparently i am, overall, used to this.  i go within to experience the effects – and it is a nice zone.  


A Message From The People


YES!  YES YES YES!!   The people have spoken.  The people continue to speak.  The matrix system and all of its lies and deception and unlawful crap are O V E R.  (As I have learned – there is legal and then there is lawful.)  Listen.  Share.


A Message From The People~

Published on Oct 2, 2017

A Vision for Gentleness


yes – this is the world i desire and do what i can to create it daily – which includes looking at my own darkness.  i tried to take the step of peace today with the dog – sending it the message of we mean no harm and we are here to walk the path too.  this did not work. i still continue to intend such a world of gentleness as that is the way of my heart…


A Vision for Gentleness

We see a world where gentleness has surfaced in every nation, in every family, in every business, in every home, in every heart; where our inclinations to act out in anger have entirely disappeared and have been replaced by a sweetness, a softness that tells all others that we mean no harm, that we only seek to help in whatever way we can.

We see a world where the rough edges of life are gone now, and looked back upon as a step we had to go through in order to reach the place where our acts, both individual and worldly, are caring and compassionate; where we learned, through our pain and sorrow, that our hardness and our harshness took us away from the happiness we sought, and that our gentleness returned us, straight away, to the love that was within us all along.

As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too! 
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Fire Erupts on Roof On Fed Reserve Bank in Manhattan


Editor’s note:  Hmmm.  Cover-up?  This is the one that is said to house most of the gold.  With all of these stories talking about arrests and other things going on behind the scenes, which have included intel on the Federal Reserve, I find it interesting one of their main players caught fire tonight.  I said this earlier on social media and I will say it again but I believe we have now entered the storm. Stay in your Highest Self.  Stay in kindness to self and others.  And as I experienced today ~ do not take any shit either.  Throw it back and move on.



Dozens of firefighters were fighting a blaze on top of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York on Saturday night, officials say.

The fire broke out sometime before 8:40 p.m. on the roof of the 14-story building at 33 Liberty St. in Lower Manhattan.

Video shows numerous fire trucks and firefighters at the scene around 9 p.m.

The FDNY said a generator on the roof of the building caused the fire in a chimney.

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Today’s Energies ~ Taking This Time Seriously


After reading last night where lightworker’s are getting “distracted” (attacked), and after what happened today to myself and my child, I am seeing that it is not being fearful to be aware of such experiences.  While I continue to do energy work around “not in my reality/not in my world”, protecting myself before going out, I am seeing it is still necessary to stay alert and LISTEN to inner voice when it says “stay home” while still in this lower paradigm of lower parasitic idiots roaming around (for now).

I did not listen today.  I wanted to get out of the house.  Wanted to take my girl and go out in nature.  Do some meditations and just enjoy the scenery.  Of interest, on the way there, I had a sudden bout of stomach upset that forced me to turn around and go home.  It got better immediately so we went back out again.  Same thing happened.  I ignored it and kept going.

Sometimes the signals of the body are an alert to PAY ATTENTION.

So we head to a local walking/hiking/biking area.  We walk a ways, cross another road and head up another path.  As soon as we get to the top, my girl freezes and says “mom let’s go NOW”.  I look down the path and there’s a large dog – great dane.  Off leash.  No owner in sight.  It is staring us down.  No, I said to myself and outloud.  Great Dane’s are docile and gentle.  I call out for the owner and hear/see nothing.

I could feel the dog was trying to figure out what to do.  As I was sending it peace but also a sense of “I can be here too” it decided to run after us.

“RUN!” I told my girl who was already ahead of me running.  She clears it back across the street and is safe.  The dog is still chasing after me.  I’m running, yelling for the owner (and saying all sorts of beautiful words to accompany my yells), waving my water bottle at the dog.  I get to the end of the path – there are cars – I cannot cross just yet.  I turn around – the dog is still coming my way – slowly – barking – and I wave my bottle, yell at the dog.  I turn back around and see the cars have stopped – obviously seeing my predicament.  So I wave “thank you!” and jet on across the street.

It is at this time the owner calls for his dog.

My heart is pounding.  I am comforting my child.

I pull out my cell phone, yell at the owner who has casually decided to appear to stay put – I am calling the police.  He holds up his leash as if to show me “see I am leashing my dog” to which I yell “too late!  That dog is aggressive and should be on a leash at all times when in public!  I have a small child and she is traumatized because of your dog and I am too!”

The guy refused to comply with my wishes – which of course did not surprise me.  Irresponsible little coward.  No words from him either.  No apologies.  He just kept walking.  My call was answered – the guy had disappeared.  I reported it anyway and of course expected no results as I didn’t get a picture.  My phone is old and I have to go through 5 steps just to take a picture.  Given my hands were trembling strongly it is a miracle I was able to dial the police line.  And as I said to the woman on the phone who asked why I didn’t take a picture:  “getting myself and my child to safety across the street was my priority!”


We then head to a park – a safe park – children only.  We see one of the neighbor children who ends up hitting my girl in the stomach.  I was like that’s ENOUGH!  No playing with her.  The dad handled it – sort of.  The child was allowed to stay and play and there was no apology.  I would have handled it differently.

I have had it with dark energies.  I have had it with bullies.  I have had it with this entire lower bullshit of this realm.  It cannot crash soon enough for me.  I am ready to feel SAFE when I take my child out.

For now, given what I have read, if you’re Light – if you are peaceful and trusting that is – of which both my girl and I are – you may be a target right now.  I am not feeding that crap by letting myself believe it as my reality – but I am also not going to be in denial that there is still floating shit around looking to create a little fear.

And I will be listening to my body and inner voice when it says STAY HOME.  Not out of fear – but out of higher reasoning.

As I comforted my girl I told her new realm will not have these experiences.  They are not welcome in our reality.  People of higher vibrational thinking and behaving do not allow their dogs to behave in such a manner.

Until we shift on outta this realm, I just don’t want to be around the masses.  Certainly not during these high energy times.  And as much as I do not want to say this, I can not only sense when something is “off” about an adult or an animal, I can also sense it in children.  Purity does not know age I have come to accept.

Be alert.  Be grounded.  Be in your truth.  The ride continues…



Schumann Resonance ~ Oct. 7, 2017


I awoke this morning and told my mate “the schumann is really spiking right now”.  It’s just an inner experience I am tuned into – I feel some symptoms but it is my emotional experience that is different.  My Soul loves these energy frequencies and as a result I just feel more relaxed, serene to the point of blissful sleepiness.  I also had beautiful amazing dreams early this morning of my hands glowing, a big awakening and having a conversation with Tom Petty.  


Tonight’s Photo Captures ~ “Clouds”?? I don’t think so.


The black tube-like object is not a screen anomaly as we first thought as it doesn’t show up in every picture. (What is that thing??!!)  We also could not see this with our naked eye so we didn’t see it until I uploaded the photos.  These “clouds” hung around for well over an hour.   Enjoy!

As The Earth Rumbles (Great Changes Occurring)


This is AWESOME!  Beautiful!  Fully resonating!  Let us invite these changes.  Let us welcome the activations.  The time is NOW.  Woo hoo!!  


The Earth is rumbling. And as it shakes, sleeping giants awaken. All sacred technology, texts, devices, rejuvenation chambers, crystals from unknown origins, pyramids, mounds, temples, altars and treasures are being awakened too. These objects: hidden, buried, stolen, seized, hoarded and guarded will emerge, beyond ownership, claim, rights of state, rites of church, and earthly laws.

Offices of the Vatican and Offices of the Bishop of Canterbury are on notice. These positions of false gate-keepers will step aside as gold, jewels, currency and advanced technology will activate, unleashing and assisting with the “consciousness renaissance.”

Keep putting your crystals in the ground and let them serve as capacitors for this new surge of freshly awakened power coming into being.

For this is Ascension Power: beyond the beyond. It is the power of purity, of love and a life we have yet to know on Earth. Walk as a pillar in this power and quicken the process.

Great change is here.

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The Ground Crew: Straight From The Heart


Thanks to Robin for sending this my way.  I can relate to this one in a few places…  


Dear Ground Crew,

         First, I want to thank you for being the lightworkers that you are and for being dedicated to the planet and to the Ascension process. It’s taking everything that we’ve got right now to move into the light. Most everything on the planet appears to be insane. Nothing makes sense. Perhaps this has become nonsensical because we are in higher consciousness. We are looking at the world through different lenses. We are moving up the trajectory into the light. The last vestiges of the darkness are playing themselves out.

Many of us lightworkers have been attacked lately. The dark attacks can come through individuals. My definition of a dark attack is “a distraction.” Things that upset us, take us off of our focus for our work are examples. Sometimes these attacks make our brains race and we are unable to shut off. It’s like being plugged into an uncomfortable high frequency circuit.

Some lightworkers have experienced disturbing anger. Perhaps this is another dark attack? It’s an opportunity for us to do more inner work and to clear like there is no tomorrow. Uncertainty is rampant. Old issues that need to be cleared can feel as if they have a grip on you. Even though one has worked on themselves for their entire lives you can feel like these issues are insurmountable. It all is a matter of making new choices that are of a higher frequency and higher consciousness. Getting rid of the old core program issues is paramount. I have been helping a lot of my clients with these issues.

Many of us have experienced physical pain and health issues. Teacher, Jim Self, told us in a recent talk that our spiritual bodies are moving faster than our physical bodies. The physical body is having a challenging time adjusting to the higher spiritual energies. They get stuck in our bodies. This is a definite sign that a clearing is necessary. Once the emotional cause gets identified it can be released.

Have you noticed how much more sensitive you have become? You might be losing your preference for certain foods, drinks, or even supplements. Some of us are even allergic to things we used to be able to tolerate. Our nervous systems can feel like a razor’s edge. Some people could become untenable to be around. Sometimes I feel allergic to 3-D. How about you? The language that is used on the radio and mainstream media is like reading one of those rags at the checkout line at the grocery store. You might feel like burying your head after hearing what they say. The dark forces are trying to instill fear and lower consciousness every way they can. In addition, our sensitivity allows us to transparently view people and situations to glean the truth.

We have the utmost compassion for all involved with the catastrophe in Las Vegas on September 30th. Our hearts, love and prayers go to all involved. While we are still reeling and feeling overwhelmed from the recent earth changes in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, Florida, Houston, and Mexico and other places, this happened. For some of us who are intuitive the story doesn’t track. It seems surreal. We can’t figure out how this could have occurred. (In a way I think the light is getting smarter and the dark is getting dumber.) The story doesn’t seem to have any glue. Is it another one of those planned false flags to instill fear and to remove more rights? Are we blaming it on psychopaths? Is mental health in this country and abroad a natural disaster or an unnatural disaster? We’re certainly experiencing a plethora of narcissistic, sociopathic and even psychopathic behaviors from world leaders. Those who have all of the money think they can do whatever they want to do whenever they want to. When we start digging deeply we can feel the pain of the many people who have been injured as a result of such darkness. The planet and humanity are in pain. This is not the way our Creator intended life to be on the earth.

A couple of weeks ago I had a session with my teacher of many years, Archangel Gabriel. Karen Cook is a full-body channel. He has been with her since she was 2 ½ and she called him “Silver.” At the age of 35 part of his soul came into her body and then her soul took a rest. This has been going on for more than 30 years. I told Gabriel that I have observed some channels on the Internet who can usually see into the future, including a friend of mine. They were unable to see the energies in October. I asked him why. He remarked, “There is a total change of energies; they are chaotic and different. . . The East Coast is going through evolution on an individual basis. . . He said that we “are now in the fourth dimension and that Prime Source changed the fifth dimension to just be a pool of energy from which you can manifest.” He mentioned that we “could be going into the sixth dimension in October.” I asked him what the sixth dimension is like. He said “It is indescribable. And you can manifest easily in the sixth dimension.” Sounds pretty good to me.

With all of the massive earth changes recently, I also queried Gabriel if people were starting to get their lessons. He responded, “Very reluctantly.” He said, “This month is going to be strange, interesting and chaotic.” It’s only early October and one can feel it already.

A while ago I also remember Gabriel telling us that “people who are unbalanced will be having a hard time with these energies.” Please be careful when you are driving. It is getting worse at least where we are in the San Francisco Bay Area. Pay close attention to what you are doing and what others are doing.

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