Oh These Energies!


They keep on bringing up all of this STUFF.  I don’t want no more STUFF coming up.  lol  But that’s how it is and yes I am grateful for the opportunity taken to release.

I had a dream last night that brought forth a life long, old wound/issue that I have not visited in some time.  The focal point of pain was in my heart ~ no surprise there.  I awoke feeling so comforted in the pain that was being released, I was whimpering like a small child.

Within minutes I began to itch ~ a very common experience the past many weeks.  I was grumpy, on edge and knew at some point today I was going to have to take the time to be in my own space to hear the rest of the story.

I took the opportunity by taking my kiddo to the park and releasing her into the hands of a small group of girls.  I set myself up in the sun on a bench, put out my food, drink, drawing pads, colored pencils and journal. Picking up the journal I began to write.  And write.

And write.

Tears flowed big time.  I shivered and shook.  Nose ran.  I spoke out loud to myself.  (I do this quite often ~ as much as it has annoyed my mate at times it is simply what I must do.  Plus it’s a sign of deep intelligence and high IQ. Seriously.  Look it up.  lol)

It was a beautiful mess I was creating.  There were others around but I was obviously in a bubble of protection as not one person noticed me.

I was grateful for that.  Not that I would have cared.  I stopped caring about things like that quite some time ago.

As I wrote I was guided to bless everything.

Give thanks for everything.

I made a long list of things that have bothered me and pained me for so very long.  I blessed every one of the issues.

After doing so, the following came through me of which I decided to share:

the way home is inward
the first step is acceptance through blessing
then forgiveness through gratitude
and then change through allowing.

After that, my itching was gone.

And so it is on this day – whatever day that is.  


A Moment of Synchronicity


I believe I shared awhile back how I had an experience at the kitchen table, where a buzz of energy starting at my spine traveled up my back, into the back of my neck, head and then out the top of my head.  I then felt this energy literally pulling me up and felt buzzing light wonderful all over.  I then heard/felt “this is how it happens.”

I believe I may have also shared a friend of mine’s wife had the same experience on the same day (I believe it was on the same day – certainly it was the same week).

Well these things often happen in 3’s for me.  I was looking through another blog earlier this evening and saw a comment from one of the owners of the site who said the following:  “But for the first time, last night one of us (me!) finally felt what it’s going to be like: it’s a PULLING UP, with major tingles.”


So there ya go.  Three of us that I know of have had this same experience.

I love it when things line up like this!  I no longer need validation but it sure is nice to experience at times like this.  Perhaps that is why I continue to feel “buckle up” cause we’re going for a “ride” of the bestest kind.  

I have to pause and ponder though ~ what is this “it’s” experience.  Is it as some have said – the “event” occurs and we all literally rise up.  Is it what we experience when we traverse the space into the higher frequency dimension?  A mix of both?  Something else altogether?

I will chill with this one ~ let it swirl around and command an answer be forthcoming when all aligns for the answer.

A Collective Call To The Lightworkers ~ And All Else Who Resonate With This Message


In the middle of paying a bill to the debt criminals when I decided writing this was more important.

I awoke this morning with the strong urge to gather as many of us together energetically with the focus of putting an end to this matrix for good.  I read article after article, comment after comment of beautiful people waiting for this “end” this “shift” as though we have no control over it.



We are the Creator’s!

Reality is more malleable than it has been in a very long time so come on. Join in with me!

Let us make this shift together now.  Let us call forth an end to the matrix grid energies now.  This is OUR reality.  OUR experience.  OUR realm.


What do we want?  Do we want to continue on with the way things are going – with this shift seemingly to take far too long for us?  Or do we want to LET GO NOW and intend the end to this control NOW.

I opt for NOW.

And I hope you will join me in this.  This is not just some piece I write up and move on to something else.  This feels like a MISSION.  A mission to be created NOW.  Not some day down the road.

If you are with me, let me know as I am going to be holding myself and all accountable with our words ~ which must be impeccable at this point.  Not to sound like a dictator.  We have had enough of that.  I am saying do not agree to something – do not agree to this unless it resonates deeply within your heart.

This doesn’t need to be complicated.  Just setting some times throughout the day for a few moments – pause – and say the words and feeeeel the impact of them.  Something like “All energies of control are removed NOW.”  or “The matrix grid as we understand it is OVER NOW.”  Or “I bring down the matrix grid NOW!”  Or “I am FREE NOW!”  Then visualize and feel your life being completely free – in paradise.  Please offer suggestions too.  This is not about my ego so I have NO attachment to how this is done and am COMPLETELY open to hearing your suggestions.

And I am just one person.  One powerful person of course – just as you all are.  Together we can bring down the matrix with our thoughts alone. Months ago I heard “we can bring this down in a nanosecond together”.

So then let’s stop talking about it and DO IT already!

Who is with me?


~please share this with everyone on your social media pages and encourage them to share as well.  i want to make this global and i want to see it started/created asap.  




Feeling the need to go incognito for awhile.  Nothing is happening here for awhile….  Surrendering what I am able…

Trump: “The calm before the storm.”


Hmmm…  More than one way to interpret this.  I have mine.  The fact that he was smiling when he said these words doesn’t indicate this is about war/terrorism or the recent shootings in Vegas or nuclear armament.  We’ll see what transpires in the upcoming days…


Good evening from your substitute pooler. Around 7:10 PM, after a travel/photo lid was called, White House staff hastily assembled the pool to cover a photo spray with military leaders and their spouses before a dinner with POTUS and FLOTUS.


POTUS made no news, but he did offer some cryptic remarks to the press corps.


Pool was led into the State Dining Room at 7:18 PM. A five-piece Marine Corps band positioned in the entrance hall played classical music. It was a piece of music your uncultured pooler did not recognize.


POTUS and FLOTUS stood side-by-side in the middle of more than a dozen couples who were lined up for an official photo. CJCS Dunford and his wife stood to their left. An unidentified military leader and his wife stood to POTUS’ right.


“Tell us when youre ready,” POTUS told the photographer. “Be careful, dont push.


“Our faces are tired,” one of the spouses joked.


A couple of seconds later, POTUS pointed around the room and asked members of the pool, “you guys know what this represents?”


“Tell us,” one reporter responded.


Maybe its the calm before the storm,” POTUS replied.


Whats the storm? another reporter asked. “On Iran? On ISIS? On what?


“We have the worlds great military people,” POTUS replied. Thank you all for coming.


Kristen Welker of NBC News asked, what storm Mr. President?


“You’ll find out,” POTUS replied.


“Give us a hint on your Iran decision,” another reporter asked.


POTUS said “thank you, everybody” and pool was ushered out of the room.

Energy Update ~ Increased Energy Sensitivities


This piece is SO SPOT ON for me.  The past 48 hours have been a chaotic cluster of outbursts of old issues I thought I was done processing/dealing with.  I am feeling extremely sensitive and am very grateful for Jelelle for affirming we are ALL sensitive – to others, to energies, to food, environment and we have been conditioned to ignore this inherent part of ourselves.  When I suppress, I itch all over – in particular my hands.  I itched them throughout the night last night. Body is itchy – especially around my hips – an odd experience.  I feel inflamed throughout my body.  I have felt nauseous off and on for 48 hours and am finding my tummy being extra sensitive to foods I can normally eat.  Drinking peppermint tea – warm and cool.  I feel depleted and even after a decent night sleep last night, I was still wiped out plastered on the floor by 3pm. I was able to get in a nap around 5:00pm only to be awaken by my mate.  I was not happy about that and made this abundantly clear.  lol  Whine whine whine…..  On a more positive note, my mate and I also had a timeline weirdness experience – at the same time – in different parts of the house – unbeknownst to either of us.  After the experience we both walked into the same room and did the “wth just happened to the timeline?”  Very uh what’s the word?  Cool?  Interesting?  aye aye aye….  Overall feeling like a volcano is brewin’ to release….  Anyway, I hope it resonates.  


Increased sensitivities on ALL levels as the upgrades and clearings continue coming in. Experiencing ascension upgrades and the clearings that they push up at the same time WHILE becoming more and more sensitive to the process IS intense! You may be experiencing this through increased emotional sensitivity in the form of new outbursts and more intense reactions from formerly suppressed aspects and emotions that you thought that you were ‘over’ or ‘beyond.’ Activating DNA and your ascension/higher chakras opening up can lead to more sensitivity to missed or skipped time experiences; more ‘loose’ mind and non-dual moments; receiving repeating number sequences and synchs; and increased clairvoyance/vision/psychic abilities and sense of your higher timeline AS your reality in the now.

The densest aspect of our BEIng, our human body, can be the most sensitive right now as it transitions to running on more light, less carbon. The foods that previously brought ‘comfort’ can be more difficult to digest now with sensitivities kicking up toxicity clearings from all those times of previous digestion. Something like ‘lactose intolerance’ can be truly not tolerable anymore as you tune into how sensitive your body really is to the energies in foods you digest. Previous comforts like drinking alcohol or cigarette smoking may lose their appeal as the body protests whatever frequencies of self harm (and the emotional body too) and your cells try to clear the toxicities.

It feels like one of the upgrades we are being offered right now is to feel/remember how sensitive we really are. Our sensitivity is revealing itself again, coming back, and being uncovered. Sensitivity to our own hearts and what lives in them of undigested everythings from pains to goodnesses. Sensitivity to our own souls and what exists in other timelines of our fractal, Metasoul expressions, and to feel how they are happening in the now and not in the past. Sensitivity to what we can remember more and more of our multidimensionality, our links and roots to the stars, our languages of light reactivating again.

We always were sensitive. To our environments. To foods. To energy. To emotions. To metaphysical realities. To each other. To Gaia. Yet, we were taught and conditioned to be insensitive. To numb and to dull down. To cover over. To push away and deflect.

Our Inner Protectors learn to lead with this insensitivity as a main way of protecting us. Better to be insensitive than SO open to feeling and being impacted by it all which could, potentially, lead to harm and hurt. Connecting with your Protector and other aspects of your 3D self can help to navigate this sensitivity remembrance…with reassurance and compassion for what they have had to guard against.

Honoring your sensitivity again is holding space for it, responding to it, not letting a part of you judge yourself as ‘too sensitive’ as you might have heard from others. This world transitioning from the insensitive, often VIOLENT frequencies of 3D to the increasingly sensitive and compassionate ones of 4D and higher NEEDS your sensitivity to keep coming back online. It needs your feeling sensing alive and vibrating, as do parts of you as well. Your sensitive response to yourself firstly allows an increasingly sensitive sense to ALL of life…and, ultimately, to more experience of life and yourself AS love again.

Jelelle Awen is an Emoto-Spiritual Teacher, Soul Scribe, waySHOWer, and co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of Sacred Human, Arising Wonder: Ascension Through Integration Of Your Emotional Body With Your Spirituality and  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond Visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about a FREE intro session with a SoulFullHeart facilitator, group calls, videos, retreats, etc.
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Schumann Resonance ~ 10/5/2017


a wee bit quieter today.  feel the “break” in my body.  yesterday was a rough one for me physically – slept excellently so feel some restoration.  this month i need to get wood for our family – it is our main source of heat (lousy heating in this house w/the front of the house having none). last year i was able to get it for free through the local university. their supply dried up over the spring so now we have to purchase it.  at $200/cord i do not know yet how this money will manifest but it will – the nights are getting down to 40 now and so gotta get this going.  tried to glean it over the summer but that did manifest.  any help as always is appreciated.  we have to keep ourselves warm!  and remember i can make products too!


Gaia Portal Message For 10/4/17


oooh i like this one…  here is what i found on the term “sportification”: Sportification means to view, organize, or regulate a non-sport activity in such a way that it resembles a sport and allows a fair, pleasurable, and safe environment for individuals to compete and cooperate. …


Sportifications of Gaia grids are eliminated.

Temples are returned to the Spirit-filled.

Flags of compliance are lowered.

humanity enrichment begins.

Sourced from here.

Gift From Sacred Tree


On my walk this afternoon, I decided to stop in and see my tree.  Like yesterday, I had this feeling there was no need to walk over to her.  It wasn’t as though she was saying “go away” – but today, the experience was one of I no longer needed to receive messages or validation from her. I have “graduated” from that need.  The only Being – human or otherwise – that I need to seek guidance from is Me.

Interesting too as I am listening to the last few minutes of the Cosmic Awakening Show with Michelle Walling and her friend Sonya and they are speaking as to this phenomena.  After this last shift in late August (eclipse), we no longer need to search outside of ourselves for answers. Not that we no longer need one another.  It is now that we can find what we need for ourselves within.  Tune into that and follow what flows.

I blew my tree a kiss, gave her thanks and went on my way.

And so it is.


Part 2 ~ Cosmic Awakening Show ~ Lightbodies, The Landing And New Earth


here is part 2.  really enjoying this conversation…


Lightbodies, The Landing, And New Earth With Sonya Part 2

Published on Oct 3, 2017