Starseed Preparations/Training For Earth


so many things about this one resonate and pack a very strong emotional punch.  to begin with the eye of the tiger has been my “go to” song since i first heard it.  i have also had a strong draw to home “out there”.  i let that go earlier this year, shortly after i started this website actually.  i don’t know why really – i think i got tired of waiting for answers about who i am/where did i really come from.  but those desires came back strongly today.  first with this video and second, we have a little doll house with a doorbell that began going off by itself about 2 years ago – when i began the next step of my awakening journey.  i would walk into the kitchen and it would go off – always late evening – always when i was alone and the house was silent.  at the time something drew me to a video program that spoke of how our star families will find ways to communicate with us – sometimes they will literally knock on the door or ring our doorbell.  ok then.  heavy on my mind today is the experience i had 9 years ago where that beautiful white orb called me outside – greeted me by name.  i saw the being’s on board.  and for the first time since i can remember (likely in most of my lifetimes if past life memory has been accurate) – the feeling of homesickness was completely gone.  completely.  i broke down in tears, begging to go home with them but was left with the message “we will see you soon”.  at the time i was deeply depressed, feeling i had no further purpose (this was before i had my child) and if it was my time, i was willing to move on to my next experience.  that gave me hope to go on.  on my walk today i sent out a message to this family i feel a connection with. when i arrived home, i went to the sink to wash dishes.  the doorbell to the house went off – a first in over a year.

yeah.  deep breath followed that one.

truthful answers.  that’s all i want at the moment. truthful answers.

enjoy the video.  i know it will be powerful for some of you.


Schumann Resonance ~ 10/4/2017


the blackened portion is for tomorrow.  the spikin’ over 40hz continues.   feeling nauseous today, body discomfort, extreme fatigue at the moment – very sensitive to the energies of low vibrational people.  saw such a person on my walk and put “go that way” (away from where i was walking) and she did.  exceedingly in need of quiet and wow am i getting tired of being asked questions of ANY kind.  the desire to return to my homeland has returned again today – very strongly.  i am weary of this “waiting” experience.  i am not enjoying it.  i find little things to occupy me away from that emotional state but it is still there and has remained there for this lifetime and today has returned strongly.  after 51 years, i am in need of the NEW – NOW.  not when it’s convenient for the masses to “get it” and be prepared for it – but NOW.  service to self – gotta take care of ME because no one else is going to do that.  and ME needs liberation and healing and freedom.  NOW.  in a nutshell i am feeling my human self as well as the rest of me – whoever she is – wherever she is from.  it’s a complex relationship.  lol

be well ya’all.  


What Reality Am I In?


What the hell is going on?

What reality am I in?

Do I have ANY control in this experience?

People are incommunicado.

Feeling a huge disconnect from it all.

In a lot of back pain.

Homes that had sold in our area are now back on the market again suddenly.

Feels like another timeline was reinserted.


I do not consent.

I command to be out of this reality.

I command the veil drops now.  NOW.

I feel it.  I see it.  I experience it.


And so it is.


Cosmic Awakening Show ~ Lightbodies, The Landing and New Earth


the authenticity of this woman is beautiful – humbling – humorous.  a good listen.  this is part one of two.


Lightbodies, The Landing, And New Earth With Sonya Part 1


Strange Hologram/Object


WSO – Strange Hologram/Object, Weirdest Thing I have Ever Seen!

Published on Oct 3, 2017

Today Is An Interesting One…


That’s about the best description I can call today.  Interesting.  I am seeing how I can completely alter my reality by just changing my focus and inner dialogue.

I do sense great change “out there”.  A friend of mine has been saying to watch for system changes with the banks, stores, corporations and the like.  Glitches and the like.  I believe it!  Yesterday I placed a phone call to one such bank to clear up an issue and wow – for some reason – the csr says he could not get me to an associate.  I waited for over 10 minutes and was willing to wait longer.  He was very embarrassed, said this doesn’t normally happen, but I would have to call back (which I did not consent to doing, btw).

My mate went to the store today – a big ‘ole corporate owned store.  The items he picked out, well he ended up getting them for free.  Why? Apparently there was a HUGE system “change” leaving the clerks scrambling to figure it out.  Stuff was coming up in Spanish, not ringing up correctly.  This particular clerk was so frustrated she handed the items to my mate and said “forget it – they’re free.”

Ok then that’s how things are supposed to be!

Is it the energiezzzzzz?  System changes already put in place, now coming online?  Both?

There is just a feeling of wonkiness in the air and certainly agitation collectively since the events in Las Vegas Sunday evening.  Trying not to get caught up in that drama – but the seeker of truth in me already knows the whole story is not being told.  I already listened to one video that clearly shows the sounds of two vastly different weapons being fired. Certainly there was more than one “shooter” and everything in me says this was staged (or allowed) to lower the energies, instill more fear and god knows what else is up these lying thieves sleeves.  Was the accused shooter a mind control individual?  Did he do this willingly?  Did he really even pull the trigger?  Who knows.  Questions, questions, questions ~ it is easy to get lost in them.  I’m too tired to dive much into this one.  I just know capturing the truth in these tragedies is akin to holding water in the hand.  No one “wins”.

What can people like you and I do?  Keep the vibe high…  Send out thoughts of peace and healing to all…

After such events, if you speak your thoughts and views on what you feel to be true, some will support what you say, others won’t.  Emotions run high at times like this and the energies of division come in strongly – again – which is exactly what the controllers want.

I will leave this with what I got from my sacred tree today.  I didn’t go up to her.  I didn’t feel the need.  I stood at the end of the gravel road, acknowledged her with my heart on my hand until I felt the connection with her.  We are all One.  And yet we are all each on our Individual Journey’s.  Specks of amazing Source Truth within each of us, experiencing life in these physical forms, gathering experiences and perceptions that shape Who We Are and Who We Are to continue to become.

And that’s ok.  As Tom Petty (et al) sang (had to include him in this one – may he continue to create beautiful music):  “Well it’s all right.  Remember to live and let live.  Well it’s all right.  The best you can do is forgive. …  Well it’s all right.  Even if the sun don’t shine.  Well it’s all right.  We’re going to the end of the line.”

Schumann Resonance Today ~ October 3, 2017


Energy Update: Breathe Into Higher Frequencies



The energies are really whacked out at the moment. The Great Shift we have all just passed through has left everything a little bit topsy turvy. It’s all getting glitchy people, really glitchy. There is a lot of static in the atmosphere, wired up energies causing people to feel like elastic being pulled tighter and tighter. For others this energetic static can cause fuzziness, hazy, cotton wool head where staying on top of daily routines can be challenging. Think mercury retrograde ten fold. Expect delays, obstacles, cancellations, mix ups and general weirdness with appointments, arrangements and plans. Issues with technology can be a problem, stay calm and push through glitches with patience, to fret and feel angry will feed the interference. Stay patient with love shield up.

To expand our consciousness we let go of preconceived or preconditioned ideas of God, mortality, the cosmos and our inner soul being. This is a profoundly challenging transformation and one that can really take it’s toll on us. The world we live in is bending, it’s fluctuating, it’s rippling in front of our eyes. Dimensional slippage, being aware of alternate timelines either visually, telepathically or in lucid dream state, increases as we raise our internal cellular vibration. Time anomalies can occur. We become increasingly hyper awarene of the energy in everyday situations and interactions. We can feel overwhelmed one day and raring to go the next. Many people are reporting flipping between needing to sleep all the time to barely sleeping at all. Others are experiencing vivid dreams, astral travel, epiphanies and deep karmic release. We each upgrade at our own pace. We only get what we can handle. We can say stop at anytime to catch our breath and regroup.

The overhaul of our mind body spirit trinity being occurs at DNA level. Dormant strands embedded for future evolution are being activated by cosmic waves triggering gateways and portals releasing higher frequencies into our atmosphere. It all comes down to our breath. We breath in a very shallow way in the matrix. This keeps us vibrating at the lower end of the universal frequency spectrum. By lengthening and deepening our breath we are tuning up our cellular frequency. We are raising our vibration. This has a calming effect on our trinity system. Our heart rate slows down, our mind clears, our spirit wakes up. All in the breath. By breathing into our throat, chest and stomach we draw Gaia energy into our core, we release matrix static, stress and anxiety as we exhale. After practising and incorporating deep breathing into our daily lives we become able to draw this chi, this higher frequency energy, through breath, into our sacral and root chakras. This in turn activates release of denser karma and improves our ability to unplug from the matrix.

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Sunrise “Off” In Antarctica


More weirdness in Antarctica?  Site problem?  Who knows.  Just saw this, thought “hmmm…” and decided to share.  I did find another website that lists the sunrise at 6:13am and not at 5:46am as shown in the video below.  However the sun still did not rise, according to the video, until close to 8:00am.  My head is spinning at the moment so I am moving on to something else.  lol


WSO – Sunset, Sunrise OFF in Antartica by 2 HRS Plus Weird Sub Shots

Published on Oct 1, 2017


Little Moment of Synchronicity At Sacred Tree


Headed out for one of my mama walks.  Along the way I decided to stop in and see my sacred tree.  I had been listening to some recorded tunes on my digital voice recorder.  As I walked up to my beautiful tree, I decided to pause my music.  Something said to look down at the screen, which I did.

I happened to pause the music at the 11:44 minute mark.  Power magic number for me.

Ok then, I thought.  I did indeed need to stop here.

So I greet her.  Felt the usual buzzing.  And I received one word.


Moving towards union.

I’ll take it.

We all will.