Schumann Resonance ~ 10/23/2017


Editor’s note:  Well here you go.  Not feeling a connection with these spikes the past few days.  Will link an article later today that resonated very much with where I am right now ~ feeling a lot of inner gunk, lots of emotions coming up.  Let’s just say it was nice to hear that raising your vibes ain’t always the answer.  At times we just gotta sit with it.  Be with it.  For that IS love.



David Wilcock Update: Something Very Big is Coming, Part II: Is Wikileaks About to Drop the Nuke?


Are we on the verge of stunning, public announcements that will change everything we thought we knew?

In 2009, we began providing direct insider leaks from “The Alliance”. Everything they told us is now coming true.

The 4Chan insider from our last article is “singing like a songbird” and we will summarize the newest intel in this article.

If what we are hearing is true, Wikileaks is on the verge of dropping a much more damning set of information than October 2016 — literally at any moment.

This would then set the stage for a much larger announcement that will directly expose the ugly secrets of the FBI, CIA and Fed for the last 60 years.

The Vegas mass shooting may well have been a desperate attempt to distract the public from these impending, epic geopolitical developments.

We have every reason to believe that this collection of data provides signposts that a very big announcement may lead to a defeat of the Cabal.


Just to briefly review what we discussed, the Vegas mass shooting was almost certainly not the work of a “lone gunman” with no clear motive.

Instead, there were multiple signatures of this being orchestrated by a powerful international organization we have been calling “the Cabal”.

Las Vegas is just 13 miles from Nellis AFB, which is enormous — and less than three hours from Groom Lake, site of the infamous Area 51.

Multiple insiders have revealed that there are secret elevators in these casinos, leading to underground shuttles that take you to these very bases.

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Something huge is about to happen in the Cosmos


Short and simple piece.  What are your thoughts?  I feel the “something huge is about to happen” part just need to tune in to the “cosmos” part.  


Something big is coming. I’m feeling it in the flow. Never felt anything this strong before.

Unlike most of the energies since 2014 this energy feels masculine in nature and will cause changes in everything. It will not stop until it’s complete.

It’s movement within the ALL.

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10/22/17 Energy Update: “Growing Pains”


Wormhole, Time Travel, Portal, Vortex

I just had the thought that there needs to be a website for all Ascension-type folks to go to to share their personal experiences.  Sometimes when I go to someone’s site and they share their current experiences/symptoms, I find I either relate or can’t relate at all.  Or there is the occasion where I where read of someone speaking in very technical terms, highly tuned-in to the exact energies incoming and the exact symptoms they induce.

How do they know these things?

All I can do is share my own experiences so I hope any of you reading this, if you can’t relate to my experience don’t think “wow, am I doing it wrong?  Am I missing something?”  I say that because until this year, I would hold the same thought.

So without further ado, here is what I am going through in the past 24 hours…

Going to sleep last night I felt this growing tight ball inside of me, in great need of expanding.  I stretched the parts of my body where I felt this energy ~ trying to make room.  As I did this, I felt my cells vibrating.  This stretching/expanding/cells vibing experience continued until I fell asleep.

I awoke early this morning, thinking about the experience I had had before going to sleep.  I felt my Highest Self guide me into letting go, allowing this process for She is who is in “control” of this process.  She has already made the choice to do this experience.  Let go and trust, I felt. I also heard (again) all parts of Who I am are returning as One in this body.

I again felt that energy needing to expand so I stretched for a bit then drifted off to sleep.

Then had a uh, “experience”.

Out in front of our house there is something special energetically.  I have had numerous experiences (waking visions and sleeping dreams) where I have “seen” a portal, an energy vortex.  I have seen the physical environment change.  I have seen people suddenly begin to fade away.  I have been able to transport myself out of this realm and into the realm of my choice (did that one in a waking vision/meditation).  And early this morning, I witnessed a first:  a friend of mine from the past suddenly “popped” through it ~ seemingly coming out of nowhere.  He looked very bewildered and it surprised my human self but my Soul was expecting the experience (or else just going with the flow and allowing it to happen).  He was lying in the street and He started to get up, then got noticeably dizzy so I walked over and said “go slow you’ve just passed through a portal” then I helped him up.  He seemed to be totally surrendering to me in his trust although his confusion and bewilderment remained so I decided to change the scene and put me back to a place I once worked when I knew him as a teenager.  He sat in the background, watching me, still looking confused but nonetheless trusting me.  I said I would be with him “soon”. Then the dream ended.

The dream wasn’t so significant (to me) as was the fact that I had another “far out” experience in that area near our house.

Waking up, I felt called to stretch more.  I was again having that desire to expand my body to “make room” for what is within wanting/needing more physical “room”.  This time I could see and feel my feet wanted to expand as did my chest.

After a couple of minutes of stretching, I walked out into the kitchen and started putting away dishes from the dish rack.  I grabbed some fruit bowls I used last night and as I reached up to the top shelf, I noticed I didn’t have to stretch like I normally do.  The night before when I got them down, I chose to stand on a chair to reach them comfortably as stretching for them had me concerned I may drop them.  This morning, I was able to just put them away with a little bit of a stretch.  At first I thought I was standing on our floor mat, but nope, I was on the floor.  Slippers?  Nope.  (Yes I had to look on both counts.  I am not a morning person so it takes me awhile to become fully aware/awake.

I called over my mate.  When both of us are in our stocking feet I can fit under his chin pretty comfortably.  Today?  Nope.  He had to bend his head back more than normal and it was too uncomfortable for him.

Did I actually physically grow?  Who knows.  I decided to just let it be.

When I shared my dream with my mate he said “that’s it!  You HAVE to show me exactly where this spot is and we will mark it!”  Ok then we can do that.  I remember before we moved to this street, I made my mate drive up and down it frequently.  Something in me said I HAD to live on this street.  When we weren’t finding anything available, I remember saying “Universe ~ WHY aren’t we finding a home to live in on this street?”  I didn’t get it.  I let it go.

6 months later, it worked out.

So what else am I feeling today?  Oh yes…I am feeling achy ~ all over.  “Growing pains” as I am calling it.  The strong desire to expand and stretch continues.  That ball of energy within simply needs more room (much like this house has been feeling too small lately).  I used to think the moments of intensity I feel were about my ego.  Nope.  My energy itself is what is intense…. and vibrant.  It takes me back to the first time someone read my energy on a whim.  I wasn’t sure what it meant but something within me was fascinated and very open to the concept.  She was a gypsy-type – someone my mother worked with – and I loved being around her.  She said I had one of the biggest brightest energy fields she had ever seen on a person.  I was only 20 at the time but those words have stayed with me ever since.

So back to the achy all over thing.  Also very tired, wanting desperately to just be alone so I can focus on what I want… and interestingly enough, I am also highly intolerant of noise, interruption and downright ignorant stupid behavior.  Not that I enjoy any of such things but my tolerance for these things just isn’t happening.

So for now I am off to take a much needed nap.  I hope this piece makes sense.  I feel I am in another zone, another reality typing this one.  The line “ET Phone Home” is what I am hearing as I end this so I will leave it at that.

Much love,



I love your support.  I appreciate your support.  I validate your support. And I need your support.  (how’s that for a new phrase?  that is what i feel in my heart like typing on this sunday afternoon.)


Energy Report Update by Tiffany Stiles

Yesterday we had a major shift come in. In the afternoon many may have felt shakey, confused, off balance. In the evening the shift swooped in so quickly it could not be ignored. It may have stopped you in your tracks to take notice of your “reality.” There was a massive increase in vibrational frequency that swept through the collective consciousness. Did you feel it?
I purposely did not post this Energy Update last night, and instead did a little test. I posted a simple message that said: “How many Beautiful Souls are in my reality right now vibrating at the same frequency? If you can see this, that’s you!”
I purposely didn’t say what frequency I was speaking of because I wanted to see who “Felt The Shift” sweep in like a wave of a massive unloading of toxic energy all at once! WHOOSH!  CLEAR! And this could have affected each in their own way:
You may have felt love exploding from your heart center and the utmost gratitude.
You may have felt the unwavering need to forgive yourself, or someone else.
You may have had some major Ah Ha moments that changed your perception about everything you thought you knew.

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The Council Via Ron Head ~ October 21, 2017


This one had me in tears over the magic of Life…


The Council – Now You See It. Now You Don’t.

Let us, once again, revisit one of our favorite topics, and look at it from yet another perspective. We are going on a short journey in your imagination, your imagination being able to take us anywhere in creation.

Look at something in front of you. Get a good mental picture of it. Now close your mental eyes. Don’t close your physical eyes. You will need them open to keep reading.

Now, as you observe the mental picture of your object, get closer and closer to it. Keep going until you are almost touching it. Pick a spot and focus on it. Now make yourself smaller and watch the spot grow as you do. Keep getting smaller until you begin to see the molecules that make up the surface of the object. Keep going until you can see the spaces between the molecules. Good.

Now, pick a molecule, just one. And watch it as you get close enough and small enough to see the atoms that it is made of. Can you see that there is an unbelievable amount of space between the atoms? Can you see that they aren’t even standing still? Pick one. Pick an atom. It doesn’t matter what kind. And get so small that the atom grows until you can see what it is made of.

There are lots of teensy little bits that scientists have told you are “ons”- protons, neutrons, electrons, photons – there are all kinds. And these little bits – they look big from this angle – are whizzing around like crazy. Let’s do it again. Pick one of these little bits, chase it down and get close to it. Watch it closely and think of what you have been told about it.

They said that it is only material because we want to see it that way, right? If we want it to be a wave, it will be. Okay. So now we want it to be a wave. And as a wave this little guy is oscillating at a frequency. So, its energy, right? It’s energy because we want it to be. We wanted to see it that way.

What happens if we want to see it as a particle again? Does it stop being energy? Interesting thought. So, now it’s a particle, and with our magic it has become so big we can stand on it. Look around. What do we know about this place? Well, those scientists have said that the next particle is so far away we can’t see it from here.

But we cheated and brought our hobby telescope with us. And with this we can see other particles whizzing all about us. It looks like the night sky looks up where we live.

Now we will do what we came here to do. I want you to pick a particle that is part of that thing you looked at in front of you. And I want you to pick a particle that is not. Do you see the problem? First, they are all pretty much alike, at least all of the electrons look like electrons, etc. And besides, everything is so big, and there is so much space, that you can’t tell where one ‘thing’ starts and where it stops. From here, you can’t even tell what is it and what is you, can you?

Now notice something else that you can see from here that you cannot see from where you usually are. These little teensy guys are winking in and out of existence. They are all doing it. “I mean, hey! Stop that! You’re supposed to be part of my table.” This sort of upsets the apple cart, doesn’t it?

So let us summarize this little experiment in a new way. Reality, as you observe it, does not exist. The key here is the phrase ‘as you observe it’. Your observation of the energies around you are organized by you into a representation of your world. And we mean your world, not Jack’s world and not Susan’s world. And it is not solid nor in any way permanent. And this brings about a problem. It means that everything is changing, every moment, always. And we do not like that, do we?

Humans do not like that because we want things to remain as they are. If they don’t, if they can’t, then humans can’t either, can they? And that means that the fact that you can’t puts your own impermanence front and center. Forget that your favorite toy is not really yours, nor will it last forever.

But there is good news. You just saw that you are exactly the same as everything else. Right? Same particles. Same waves. Same energy. No difference. Period.

In fact, that same ‘stuff’ has been zipping along for billions of years. Sometimes it zips as part of a chair. Sometimes it zips as part of you. And you are you, regardless. Enough for now. Think on that. Thanks for going with us.


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The Starseed Mission Is Almost Complete


Copied from facebook

October 21, 2017
Via Michelle Walling

“The Starseed Mission Is Almost Complete!”

Starseeds are beings who “heard the call” from Earth and the council that oversees Earth to come help a lower consciousness stop from destroying itself and all of it’s unique creations. This consciousness was created by power, greed, lust, and control. Many lessons will have been learned and much experience and wisdom will have been accumulated by the close of this level of consciousness.

Starseeds inserted themselves into the timelines of the great stories we have been told of the gods. They became family members to those who carried the so-called psychopathic and self centered behaviors. Since this is a free willed universe, anything was allowed to happen as long as a few creational “laws’ were not broken that would end up affecting the rest of the Universe.

Earth as we know it is not what we think it is. It is a construct that is a mirror image of the actual consciousness. When that consciousness fell in vibration, it morphed into a mirror of itself so that those who created the fall could learn why creational laws cannot be broken. This construct what I call “the matrix”. It is a copy in a way of the original, and is a failsafe way to fix something that is not in balance. Transmutation and balance was needed in order for the consciousness to join its original self again, although it would not just be the same but expanded with experience. Since time is an illusion, it could be done in one cycle or many cycles (the easy way or the hard way), however there was always an end to all of the cycles. We now find ourselves at the end of all of the cycles and can see that humanity chose the hard way.

As Starseeds incarnated into this lower construct consciousness with all of the beings and thought forms that were created, their job was to dive in from the lowest realms to the highest realms and to spread love and to mirror back to the unaware what they were creating. By being who they are as already “ascended masters”, they would show others compassion, empathy, forgiveness, sovereignty, and unconditional love. Although some still exhibited the traits of the lower consciousness by being a part of it, they still held their experience and vibration of who they really were within. It was not an easy job, especially for those who dove into the very depths of hell. Each time a difficult situation was presented to them, they weathered the storm and eventually took the high road.

This consciousness needed to be raised from the bottom up, until all of it was cleaned up and packaged neatly enough to fit back through the “eye of the needle”. I suppose you could also call Starseeds janitors, and the worst part of their job was toilet cleaning, when many of the ones they were helping could care less if the toilet was clean or not.

There was much help given to the Starseeds to “wake up” from the amnesia of who they were, however that did not happen for some so that they could keep falling deeper and deeper in order to bring the base up. Some Starseeds waited until the last minute to trigger their awakening. They felt as if they weren’t good enough for awakening sooner, and that just isn’t the case. Some that had awakened since birth or had been awakened for over 20 years at the time of the shifts had a really, really long wait. All had a specific mission.

Volunteers happened in waves. Awakening happened in waves. The last codes of the DNA are being activated in three waves. Since time does not exist, the “when” of the “exit of the matrix” construct has not been relevant. Most people have no clue (even the Starseeds) about how many times Starseeds jumped to the future to the highest and best outcome and pulled everything and everyone back in time to the present. The actual viewing of what occurred will be available once they are on the other side and will be absolutely fascinating.

The EVENTS are the best indication of how soon things are occurring as well as when this will come to a close (vs. dates). The prophecies about this time were written by adepts who volunteered to dive in, look into the future, and document what they saw so that the awakened in our time would know when to choose something different that would lead to a less desirable timeline. Certain events that lay on “node points” of the overall timeline that would always serve as markers and would not be changed. These markers were deliberately shared in many gnostic texts so that Starseeds would know when the time was near.

Many Starseeds time traveled at night to collapse their own probabilities and possibilities that they had created by unconscious thoughts, words, and actions. They also helped earthbound souls raise their vibration to a higher place where they could peacefully await their exit from the construct. This transformation in the fourth dimensional astral realms involved schools, healing centers, and boarding houses. Other Starseeds worked on collapsing matrix grids and connecting new consciousness grids to the human and nature collectives. Many Starseeds attended council meetings inside of the Earth or off planet to discuss the difficulties as well as the successes. The reincarnation machine was destroyed and many Starseeds know they will never return here again.

The event markers have been unfolding in sheer numbers faster than ever before. Many adverse probabilities and possible timelines that were unconsciously created were compacted and layered began to collapse at a rapid rate. As the Starseeds helped raise the collective consciousness and vibration of the construct, the ones that they came here to help also learned many lessons and began to be more responsible for their conscious creation. The more this happened, the faster the collective traveled to the end of the game.

Humanity now finds itself at the extreme separation of those who are service to self and those who are service to others. Both are having a hard time existing together. Some Starseeds have found the “void” or zero point where they can raise their frequency to a point of being able to see but not be seen. This has certainly helped the empaths and compassionate beings who have had enough of feeling for the collective and feeling the suffering. In fact, the more that they are at this zero point, the more their individual reality around them changes into something positive, which affects the whole as well.

In the moment or event timeline that we are in right now, we are experiencing the last of the “show me” experience. Those who are experiencing “bad” things are being shown what they are creating by their actions, thoughts, and words. It’s like a final wave of mirroring so that they can see what created the construct in the first place. As the Starseeds are “in the world but not of it”, they continue to feel and transmute the consciousness that they are in, but they know they did not create that consciousness. However, as being creators themselves, they have been guiding people how to create their own bubble of reality that feels like exiting the matrix until the final exit from this consciousness occurs.

The sign posts are pointing to a new definition of “soon”. A huge setback occurred in 2011-2012 because of CERN. When Starseeds traveled to the future, they eventually worked their way back to that time before CERN set humanity off on a parallel reality. At the same time, within that parallel reality, Starseeds and humanity worked side by side to raise each other’s consciounsess to a level that would unlock the latent DNA codes.

We are now set for the final waves of light to transform our DNA which will allow the exit through the “eye of the needle”. The codes are here, all of the players have been present, and the door is ready to be opened.…/starseed-mission-almost-co…/

Schumann ~ 10/21/17


Nothing significant…


Trump To Allow Release Of 3,000 Never Before Seen Documents On JFK Assassination


Get out the popcorn…


Following years of delays, President Trump announced on Twitter on Saturday morning that he will allow the release of more than 3,000 of classified documents from the FBI, CIA, and Justice Department on the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The unexpected announcement means that a trove of previously unseen documents will be released by the National Archives by October 26.

“Subject to the receipt of further information, I will be allowing, as President, the long blocked and classified JFK FILES to be opened,” Trump tweeted.

Subject to the receipt of further information, I will be allowing, as President, the long blocked and classified JFK FILES to be opened.

In 1992, Congress mandated that all assassination documents be released within 25 years, unless the president asserts that doing so would harm intelligence, law enforcement, military operations or foreign relations. The still-secret documents include more than 3,000 that have never been seen by the public and more than 30,000 that have been released previously, but with redactions, according to CBS. Trump’s decision means that thousands of formerly classified documents related to Kennedy’s assassination will be unveiled next week in compliance with the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992, which states that the federal government must release them by Oct. 26, 2017.

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Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) discovers 50 km cavern beneath the Moon’s surface – Artificially or natural created?


Artificial construct.


The Japanese space agency JAXA has announced the discovery of a cave hidden beneath the lunar surface.

 Illustration of an opening/cavern.

Using a radar sounder system that can examine underground structures, the orbiter initially found an opening 50 meters wide and 50 meters deep.

The enormous cavern in the Marius Hills area on the near side of the moon stretching for about 50 kilometers exists beneath the moon’s surface.

Marius Hills on the near side of the Moon. Image credit: Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency.

It offers a possible protected site for future underground lunar bases and could provide shelter from cosmic radiation and menacing temperatures, while water or ice could be used as fuel, JAXA said.

It is widely believed the moon was rocked by large-scale volcanic activity until about 1 billion years ago whereby the cavern, likely created by volcanic activity, has not collapsed, reports

According to The Hollow Moon hypothesis, the Moon is either wholly hollow or otherwise contains a substantial interior space which is supported by countless pieces of evidence from astronomers and NASA scientists who reveal that some 3-5 kilometers down there appear to be dense layers of metal have led that scientific experts, including NASA investigators believe that the Moon is hollow with a shell about 32 kilometers thick.

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