Today’s Thoughts


The energies of today felt strange.  I felt like I was in and out of two different timelines.  All day long.

Interesting dreams.  John Denver popped in or shall I say I popped into his experience.  I recall thinking “this is how powerful I am ~ I can go wherever I want and choose whatever form I want”.

Many distractions that I allowed to pull me out of what I really wanted to do.  The piano sits unplayed.

Tomorrow is another day to answer her call.

I received a beautiful hand-made bracelet from one of you.  That was the highlight of my day!  I love personal mail and even more when it is a handmade gift.  It reminded me of the connections I have with many of you.  Sometimes I carry those energies with me when I’m feeling unsure or other fear-based emotions.  Now I have a little trinket to add to the inner experience.

My mate noticed HAARP clouds to the south of us ~ which aligns with signals coming into the west coast, showing up on the mimic array.  No worries or concerns though.

Neighbor received his flu shot.  Ugh!  Last year he received it, he was sick for Halloween.  He is older and has no memory of that.  We have tried all we can to pull him out of the left side of the box ~ to let him see Truth is found outside of the box and to see the box for the giant illusion that it is.

But he is one who says “it can’t ALL be a lie”.

Sad.  That’s what makes it an easy sell.

Oh well.  In the meantime I make him homemade applesauce.

I did receive confirmation I will be receiving training soon in the Reiki of the Divine Feminine ~ MariEl.  I have already begun practicing what I naturally do.  Last night I removed my child’s headache and reduced inflammation in my sinuses.  I feel I am taking a new road with this. Healer is indeed an experience I have wanted to share for over 15 years ~ probably more than all of my other gifts.

For now, I am off to couch manifest (in bed).

Much love, magic and quiet moments of contentment…



Couch Manifesting


Editor’s note:  I AM SO DOING THIS!  Because if it involves me on a couch chilled out, feeling what I desire for myself, well then this is an experience I want to do much more of.


I’ve been trying a new tactic using the Law of Attraction. Maybe I’m a little slow and you’ve already stumbled across this amazing way to manifest what you want. It’s what I like to call ‘Couch Manifesting’ and it’s as great as it sounds!

I tried this a few weeks ago when I was ill and ‘bed ridden’ and I never stopped doing it ’cause it worked so well. Read related article: How Learning the Art of Slowing Down Changed My Life


Straight off the cuff — I don’t want to confuse my sloth-like behavior with not taking action. Nothing could be further from the truth in my life. I want to appeal to those of you who have dreamed the dream, affirmed your backside off and taken copious amounts of action to get the ball rolling…but just don’t ever seem to catch that break — or you’re not catching that wave as often as you’d like to.

I’ve been there.

Couch manifesting is when you’ve put all the work in and you just want to sit back and feel those well-deserved rewards just being heaped on top of you.

No More Marketing Nightmares

I’m the kind of anal Virgo who doesn’t stop. Even when I’ve done all I can do, I’ll do even more and stress myself out to the brink of breakdown (I’m sure there are a lot of you who feel the same way). But not anymore…I’ve discovered couch manifesting!

The beauty about couch manifesting is that once you’ve taken the necessary steps to implement your goal — all you need to do is sit back, relax and daydream your result into fruition. You’re going to let the Universe take care of clients streaming in, great job offers clogging your inbox, suitors making house calls or whatever it is you’re trying to experience.Read related article: How to Effectively Slip Into Your Preferred Future

As I said before, I’ve done all the work, gone down the expensive road of advertising, pulled my hair out thinking ‘what more can I do?’ and ending up doing more and more or creating more and more…I felt like the Duracell bunny — just going on and on and on beating that drum!

My Battery Was Pooped

I had to get utterly grounded by the flu to take a closer look at what I was doing to myself.

Okay, what does Couch Manifesting entail? Let me give you my real life experience example:

  • The end of the month was looming, bills needed to be paid.
  • I sat on my comfy couch staring at the wall just repeating to myself, ‘I’ve sold 2 paintings and I’ve got money coming in from royalties too‘ (this seemed believable to me at the time).
  • I felt into that for about 10 minutes until I got to a point where it was real.
  • I relaxed a bit and felt my breathing ease up too — I got to the point where I was feeling my bank account looking healthy.
  • My body felt calm and totally at peace — hakuna matata style!
  • I was good, life was good, everything was goooood. All was well.
  • I started reading my book without feeling guilty or the need to ‘look busy’.

I kid you not. Within the hour — and this was so strange because of the instantaneous result — I got a payment notification. I was being paid for 2 paintings I sold last month that I didn’t know about via a local gallery I exhibit at! Then within half an hour I got an e-mail with a royalty payment…and then another royalty pay out a few hours later!

I’m sold on this.

Letting it Go

I’ve spent so long working my fingers to the bone to market myself, I’ve paid for so many adverts and courses, thought I should ‘do more’ to ‘achieve more’ when all I had to do was sit on my couch and daydream about the plethora of ways the Universe was going to bring more wealth to me with the least amount of effort.

I literally wrap myself over the knuckles when I slip back into thinking that I should be doing more and creating more when I’m simply not inspired to. I’m hard-wired to ‘look busy’ but it’s a habit that is dissolving quickly.

I’m not advocating that you don’t take more action — just do what you WANT to do, when it feels right, and not out of any DESPERATION. If you’ve done the work all you need to do is imagine the sh*t out of your success! You’ve got it already — believe it.

CRDCherie Roe Dirksen is a self-empowerment author, multi-media artist and musician from South Africa.

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This article (Couch Manifesting: The Only Way to Dream Big!) was originally written for and published byConscious Life News and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to the author Cherie Roe Dirksen and It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this Copyright/Creative Commons statement.

Birthing New Earth


The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Within this NOW, multidimensional light is traveling from the fifth-dimension seeking to share itself with all life. Hence, every being – planetary, galactic, universal – and yes even human – is consciously or unconsciously experiencing this light.

Before we only experienced the fragmentations of the third and fourth dimensional light, but now the light is coming into us without that fragmentation into the seven different octaves. A chorus of unconditional love and violet fire accompany this multidimensional light.

The beings of Gaia, meaning not just the humans but also the cetaceans and the members of the animal and plant kingdoms, are consistently creating tunnels of Light. These tunnels of light are also tunnels of hope and unconditional love.

Unconditional love is the antidote to fear and darkness.

As these light tunnels open up from the body of Gaia and journey far beyond the third dimension to collect the fifth-dimensional light and love, they also serve to create a healing force against the fear that is forever trying to increase its impact.

Hence, these frequencies of fear are beginning to dissolve under the impact of the multidimensional Light. Those that have lived in, and ruled by, darkness are afraid of this light, as they fear it may end their life.

Because they have not meditated and because they have not allowed themselves to remember their dreams, they do not have any awareness of the light and love that is just beyond the fourth-dimensional Lower Astral Plane in the Land of Faerie and beyond.

Therefore, these lost ones think that they can only live within the third-dimensional reality and fear that it is coming to its conclusion. Actually, tunnels of light surround them, but their frequency is so low that they cannot perceive them.

These tunnels of light have been opened by the members of Gaia to welcome in the wholeness and oneness of unconditional love and light. This multidimensional light and love is first moving into the areas that have opened the portals.

As that multidimensional light moves through the portals into the core of Earth, Gaia accepts amplifies it so that She can emanate out to the surface of ALL of Her planetary areas. In this manner, Gaia can share Her expanded light with ALL the beings on ALL of Her surface.

Since this higher light emanates, not just from the higher dimensions, but also from the core of Gaia, beings that have not been fortunate enough to be in an area in which there are opened portals, can also experience the higher light.

In this manner, everyone can experience the higher light that has been so generously shared with Gaia via the myriad open portals. As the awakening ones begin to remember their multidimensional selves, they are able to call in their higher expressions of SELF within the Angelic and the Galactic worlds.

In fact, many are asking for, and welcoming, the assistance that the Arcturians, Pleiadians, Sirians, Antareans, and Andromedens are sending to all the members of Earth and to the Mother Gaia, as well.

Because Gaia is a “cause and effect” planet, the process of transmutation of darkness into light needs to be initiated by the beings that first sent out the darkness.

These beings are only within the humanoid kingdom, as the animal, plant and etheric kingdoms live within the oneness of love for their planet. Thus, those wearing earth vessels are needed to send out the antidote. It is for this reason that many higher beings took a human form to assist Earth.

Even though many of those wearing an earth vessel may not have been the ones to send out the darkness, they who took an earth vessel in order to help the planet.

Gaia is also a cause and effect planet, so the dark ones who have put fear into Gaia’s reality must receive that fear and transmute it by unconditionally loving and forgiving themselves, as well as others.

If they are able to do this, if they are able to accept the effects of their cause and transmute those effects with their own unconditional love, they too will be able to join the great event of planetary transmutation. No one is too dark to be forgiven or too fearful to live in love.

Those who use their free will to choose to assist the planet with Her transmutation will greatly expand their consciousness. This expansion of consciousness is because they chose to contribute in the great event of planetary ascension.

Therefore, they have set out the cause of “we are creating planetary ascension,” which brings back the effect of being “a member of planetary consciousness.” Within this expanded consciousness they can create portals that will open wider and move into higher and higher frequencies and dimensions.

These portals of light will be able to accept more and more multi-dimensional light and unconditional love. In fact, these expanded streams of light can more efficiently move:

Down into the Gaia’s core crystals

Then emanate out of from core and onto Gaia’s entire surface

Into Gaia’s aura/atmosphere

Beyond Gaia’s aura

And into and through the fourth-dimension

When this higher light moves into the core of Gaia, then out into the third, fourth dimensional time-bound realities, the NOW of this light releases the concepts of “past and future,” as well as the separation and limitation created by third/fourth dimensional time.

With the release of the concept of separation, the third and fourth dimensions blend into the NOW of Gaia’s process of transmutation into a fifth dimensional planet of higher light and unconditional love.

In this manner, the illusion of separation between life, which was perceived as living on a physical world, and death, which was perceived as living on a fourth-dimensional astral world, is released.

As these illusions are released, they are replaced with the knowing that “Life” is eternal and DEATH is a third dimensional illusion. Even the fourth-dimension is not ruled by the illusion of death, for that is where people go when they have “died” to their third-dimensional reality.

However, once in the fourth dimension, they discover that they are not dead. It is then that they realize that life continues far beyond that of their physical embodiment.

As Gaia expands more and more into fifth-dimensional consciousness, those who go back into incarnation will realize that there is NO separation between life and death. They will remember that there is no separation between the third-dimension and the fourth-dimension.

With that memory, they will realize that all separation is an illusion of the third and lower fourth dimension. They will remember that they are not separate from other people, and they are not separate from the planet.

Then, even those who initially took an incarnation on Earth as beings of darkness to hold a pattern of power over others learn that there are NO patterns of power over others, asthere are no others.

Also, as Gaia resonates faster and faster into the fifth-dimension, any of those of “dark persuasion” will not longer be able to send out any damaging, fearful, harmful thoughts, because these thoughts will immediately come right back to the sender.

Then the sender of fear and darkness will say, “Wait, I can’t do that anymore. I can’t send out darkness because it comes right back to me. However, someone sent that darkness into me.”

Then they might say, “Wait, if I cannot send out darkness, then that darkness that was sent into me can now be released.”

Can you imagine, in fact please DO, imagine a reality in which all those who have ever suffered darkness which tainted them to become members of the darkness, were spontaneously healed of that which first created that darkness within them.

Remember that all of Gaia, all of life on Gaia, all of life on all of the planets, on all of the third-dimension came from the higher frequencies of light that were put through filters to be divided into different octaves.

Then these octaves were perceived as separate. These octaves were even perceived as some being better and some being worse. Then that perception, which was really a judgment, went into people.

In this manner, some people were good and some people were bad. Then the bad people made other people feel bad. But what if the good people realized that they were not separate from the bad people?

What if the “good people” realized that they are the beloved people who have somehow remembered that they are ONE with Light and ONE with Love?

What if they were to share their Light and Love with ALL the people that have formerly identified as bad?

What if there was no separation?

What if those who have defined themselves as bad where somehow able to release that programming and accept the light of unconditional love so that they could unconditionally forgive and unconditionally accept themselves?

Then, would they remember that they are ONE with ALL life? What a glorious healing! What if all of humanity was healed in the Light and all the darkness was released?

It is you, the members of Gaia, who have the ability to create this reality with your own unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness, and the power of your own transmutation via the Violet Fire.

We send you all, good, bad, in-between and whatever labels you have unfortunately attached to your awareness of self…

We send you ALL unconditional love as we Blaze, Blaze, Blaze the Violet Fire.

Blessings, we are the ONE – which the many Awakening Ones have are creating.

Within that ONE, New Earth is born.


Dear Readers, at some point in this article the Sue, who wrote the beginning, became the blend of Sue and the Arcturians, to conclude the message as The Arcturians.

Blessings from us all

Sourced from here.

How and Why California Fires Were DEW Created


My friends parents lost their home and everything in it.  


How and Why CA Fires Were DEW Created

Published on Oct 16, 2017

Schumann Resonance 10/20/2017



Timeline Share


Sent to me by Robin, with much thanks.  


I was on my way home from a visit to the grocery store ‎that occurred without incident and stopped at a light to exit their parking lot. It is a two lane light both entering and exiting directions and crosses a one way street, right turn only. I was waiting to go straight, crossing the street. I was in the right lane. The left lane is for incoming traffic.
The light was red, about to turn green.
A car came up by me on the left, going the wrong direction, and then turned right onto the one way street right in front of me.
I said, “You are unbelievable,” without‎ exclamation or gestures. Though I did honk.
In the past I would have said, “You are a fucking asshole‎,” complete with gestures.
I was grateful I didn’t invite anger into my beingness, and I contemplated the incident as I drove the short distance to my home.
The driver did not have the usual, ‘Jerk’ energy.
I realized in his timeline I was not there. I have no doubt. He did not see me. It was like I wasn’t there. I have had this experience with neighbors not seeing me and I am always grateful.  (she later explained to me:

Neighbors help neighbors. I didn’t mean all of my neighbors.)
This made me realize we need to exercise much caution when we are driving as the timeline is at this bifurcation point. We can likely see them in a distance, but they quite likely may not see us.
Gives a whole new level of meaning to the dangers of the American sheeple.

Energy Update


Linked from facebook…


Wow we are shifting at huge speed now
Hold on to your hats and open your hearts
Keep in the flow of love, hi frequency and positive mind
We are being activated into the super consciousness at a fast rate, many are feeling Vertigo, aches n pains in the body, sore dry eyes, pressure In The head, mistaking it for a head ache, shaking or inner vibration, there are many more symptoms,
it is normal, your whole cellular structure is adjusting to the new higher frequencies of coded light as your DNA is is opening, light coded frequencies are poring into your body, all things on earth and through the cosmos, are receiving this light including Earth herself, everything is being adjusted and raised in frequency,
Your whole consciousness is being expanded as these cellular changes take place
Don’t panic, know that this is part of the remembering process of who you truly are, a magnificent being of powerful light
Keep your heart and consciousness connected but vibrating from a loving aspect when you are dealing with any thing in life, keep in the universal flow, non reactive, calm and at inner peace, this is the way you will sail through this process of adjustment
Go within and Know who you truly are before all the programs and conditioning, there is no longer any need to carry what happened to you in the past, you are regenerating your whole being into the new paradigm, the new human blueprint
Rejoice and be exited as abundance and manifestation power is in natural flow when you are at your highest frequency
Flow flow go with the flow
Much Love Ginny

What Happens To Your Brain When You Watch TV Programming


Person, Human, Girl, Child, Eyes, Face

Two years ago I gave up watching tv programming, which includes commercials.  All of it.  We allow our child to watch some PBS shows. Other than that, when the television is on, we have it on the soundscape channel which plays a variety of soulful music.

Tonight we all watched the Charlie Brown Halloween special.  Given it has been so long since I have watched mainstream television, including the commercials, I can say my experience left me feeling incredulous if not a bit horrified.

I used to watch the commercial’s?  Without any reaction?

Unbelievable.  lol

I watched a commercial showing a husband climbing on top of a trampoline then on top of a yard waste container to replace a piece of drain pipe while the wife stood inside and said something to some machine that in turn operated her dryer.  AI.  So first scene was one of absolute idiocy and the second scene shows an AI doing the “right” thing. Message:  Humans are stupid.  AI is good.

Another commercial showed some new phone ~ lots of lights, noise, total stimulation.  Message:  Lots of lights, noise, total stimulation is gooooood for you.

I even viewed Charlie Brown differently.  Lucy reminds me of some of the kids in my neighborhood ~ bullies.  Charlie Brown and his “all I got was a rock” sadness.  Message:  Bullies are part of life.  The weird (bald) kids who are the most awkward have the worst luck.

Then there were the commercials for television programs still on.  The Middle?  Modern Family?  Seriously ~ these shows are still on??  Aren’t these people like 100 years old by now?  lol  Anyway ~ watching these little tidbits of upcoming shows ~ shows that once made me laugh ~ had me staring, appalled.

I once found this stuff entertaining?  Funny?

I once was able to energetically take in these messages and energies?

Seriously ~ if I were visiting this planet for the first time and had watched tonight’s programming I would be looking much like the little girl in the picture above.


Zero resonance.  Absolutely none.  Whew for that!

Mouth dropped.  Having been a mainstream commercial/tv virgin for as long as I have, after just 30 minutes of this engagement, I feel the need to purify myself.

I am reminded of a movie I watched years ago of a family who had lived off-grid completely including no television exposure who then came into town years later to visit family whereby the kids were exposed to tv programming and video games and their looks were one of absolute horror.  It was comical, sad and so telling all at once.

As I tell my neighbor, who has on CNN or MSNBC on almost all day long, “they call it tv programs for a reason ~ it literally programs your brain.”  Usually I add “I love you…now turn off that damn thing!”

Tonight I saw how unplugging really allows for one to SEE just how real and powerful this programming is ~ and how mind-numbing/soul detaching.

I love you all ~ now turn off that damn thing!  


Schrodinger’s Other Cat: Your Step 5 Countdown (and Step 4 Recap)


I read the cats from time to time and often find some resonance in their pieces. I felt inspired to share this one.  I resonated with the comments on the 3rd eye awakening (as I had the same message come to me 2 nights ago), the suggestion to increase greens and spirulina (this week I had the sudden desire to eat more greens and to begin taking my chlorella tablets again – of which both I followed), the nausea on October 16-18 and the experiencing manifestation becoming easier and quicker.  I appreciated the comment on how the energy frequency only goes up from here.  I have felt this as well.  For me, I dismissed the commentary on how anyone who dies in the false flag events agreed to do so prior to coming into this realm and are helping on the “other side”….they may be helping us transition/awaken/break down the old but as most of you know by reading my pieces – such talk about agreements make me scream inside.  Such talk is programming and keeps the programming going.  It also implies everything is pre-planned before our coming here.  If all is pre-planned, where does free will to create something new, create a new, different choice come in? Yeah…well anyway – overall it is a good one.  Enjoy if you feel so inclined to enjoy.


Well, isn’t this refreshing. The PTW’s dark machinery and “magic words” are now so weak that we can openly predict and advertise upcoming Event Step 5 without worrying about cabal blockage! Welcome to the future. Thus, the new countdown has been posted (which leaked earlier! oops).

It is time for some serious Giving of Thanks. All the False Flags in the world won’t stop The Event energy from flooding in from now on… and note that the insane people doing this (the PTW), while their “power” and money are dwindling, still have mayhem planned. Not sure if it will happen or not. But note that all involved in each fake “terror” event (which sadly have REAL human casualties, not just fake actors) made their plan in their most recent in-between-life to intentionally participate in this, so while you feel for the victims, also know that those who transitioned did so as part of their plan, to help us from the Other Side. And for those not in the know, YES there is most definitely an Other Side. However, those left behind do not know this, obviously, so they need our support.

Step 4 Recap

As for the Step 4 recap… it peaked on 10/16 and 10/17, and was rather painful in chakras 7/6 and 4/3/2. Several of us had head and gut pains this time around, as our chakras were expanded and opened.

Interestingly, the beginnings of Event Step 4 were actually picked up on satellite.

[Oh, and FYI, Frosty rightly guessed the dates, from this below image, so we should give him credit for the catch. We took a page from the cabal’s playbook and “coded” the date into the below image, reversing the numbers for the dates. Kinda childish, but we couldn’t make it that public at the time, to limit interference. Now, it doesn’t matter.]

However, that was then and this is now. The TWBs are GONE (except for one pesky drone ship, arrg). The archons are GONE. And Event Step 4 has now EMBIGGENED your chakras, esp. #6 (third-eye chakra), so let’s activate that newly installed system:

1. Go sit in the sun for 15+ minutes (it may take a few minutes before you can feel it)
2. Note any effects, afterward
3. Drink some water.

Then, buckle up for your next meditation. Our manifestation abilities are 10X faster now, and our power/energy is up 10x. Expect great things, from yourself and your brothers.

10X, baby! Or maybe that’s a touchdown. One of those.


3. Increase your intake of green leafies, and/or spirulina
4. Eliminate meat in your diets (unless your body is craving it; go with food cravings)
5. Note that every alcoholic drink lowers your vibration
6. Drugs/pot smoking are obviously out.

You can’t be high/medicated and raise your vibration (no, really). These are mutually exclusive. If you’re doing these things, then you make your choice of level every time you do what you do. It’s your choice, so choose wisely. The next level is WORTH WORKING FOR, so do it.

In the meantime, things continue to be energetically high…

(BTW, that diagonal line is the gap between activations.)

…and will go up… forever.

Finally, please note to AGAIN be careful in allowing contact with anything but SOURCE. Various ETs from all over the place are actively trolling this planet — from their own planets, mostly — looking for people they can use as footholds for various purposes, pre- and post-Event. We’re not saying that they’re all bad, so stay away. We’re saying BE CAREFUL, at least until The Event… which is a season away. Read that again.

Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf: Court Wrap Up and The Big Picture Unfolding For ALL 10.18.17


Editor’s note:  As I have mentioned before, I was introduced to the One People’s Public Trust earlier this year.  I went into it with an open but cautious mind.  In my heart, this resonated with me.  The mind/ego however at times said “too good to be true.  Never gonna happen.”  Then I heard the thoughts of those who cried “foul” and “she’s just another puppet for the system”.  There are those who say “I didn’t ask her to do this for me!”  Well ok then ~ you do not have to participate.  (Personally I appreciate someone working on my behalf given the enslavement that has been going on.  When the “slave” is being set free do they sit in their little prison cell and say “HEY I didn’t ask you to show up and help me claim my freedom!”  Hell no ~ you say THANK YOU as you walk out, embrace your fullness and go live FREELY as the awesome Source Being you are!)

Then there are the Anna Von Reitz (type) folks who say “don’t follow her follow ME I have already done all of this work for YOU” ~ and yet there is absolutely NO evidence that her (supposed) people are actually doing anything.  Too much “lookit me!  lookit me!”  Very little transparency.  

Lots of ego in this prosperity/abundance community – except from Heather.  She just DOES without fanfare.  And being I appreciated her total transparency, I grew to trust her.  At this point, after listening to her speak numerous times, I have realized you cannot just use the rational mind to understand her.  You have to have that heart open and feeeeel your way. Feel her, feel her energy.  As she says “innerstand”.  I used to see that term or hear it and frown while thinking “WTF?”  Now I get it.  (And it took months to “get it”).  Anyway, here is the conversation she had with BZ Riger after yesterday’s hearing.  


#HATJ- Court Wrap Up and The Big Picture Unfolding For ALL 10.18.17

Published on Oct 19, 2017