Another Thought About Tonight’s Game


This is very odd coming from someone like me – who almost never talks about sports.  I had this thought during game 3 ~ that what we were seeing was another timeline shift ~ for the better.  The Astro’s, being from Houston, were a representation of the suffering that has been caused by the cabal ~ in this case, weather manipulation.  The Dodger’s, being from Los Angeles, which is home to some of the darkest behaviors and actions, represented the cabal agenda.

Again, this was not a reflection of the players themselves.  This was a reflection of what has been our history and what is happening to this matrix realm.

I suddenly knew at that moment – the Astro’s were going to win.  It had already been determined.

The experience was very similar to what I felt last November after the U.S. Elections.  I knew the currently running timeline had crashed – big time. A new one had been put in place.  The feeling was that palpable in my Being. And it wasn’t so much about the players as it was that the old energy grid was not gonna be allowed to play out anymore.  A new one had come online to enact some much needed change, a new direction.

Spiritually speaking, our Truths of Who We Are are permeating this energy space, changing the old codes (which are just frequencies) of control, enslavement, abuse, fear and transforming it into Truth.  Love. Freedom.  Abundance.

All that from a baseball game, from a woman who normally finds most professional sporting events of a low vibe.

Who’d of thunk…

An Experience With Instant Manifestation


A few weeks back I heard Michelle Walling speak of her sudden ability to manifest at times instantly.  I started to notice I was having this same experience ~ at least a couple of times.  Resulting from the plethora of energies and their specific frequencies, what they are doing to our physical bodies plus our work in releasing what is not truly serving us/not really Who We Are, are making this experience, this ability, blossom.

Two nights ago, I thought of this as I watched game #6 of the World Series.  Twice I intended to see a home run in a particular batter and each time a home run was the result.  I forgot about the experience until tonight.  I had the game on and was checking one of my pages.  I saw a post from Gregg Prescott where he shared a personal experience in instant manifestation.  I thought of my experience in manifesting two home runs and thought to try it again.  As the next guy to bat for the Astro’s, George Springer, stepped up to the plate I said “I want to see a home run”.  I checked in to see if this was possible, heard “yes” and said I would like to see a home run out of this player.  Anyone who watched the game know he came through with just that.  That is when I heard/felt the Astro’s would take it – 7 to 2.  I was close – 5 to 1.

Still refining my abilities.  

HATJ ~ A Concise Description of What’s Going On Now


We are helping to keep this exposure/disclosure stuff snowballing.  Keep it up.  Keep on intending the end result:  Freedom, Abundance and Truth for ALL.  Regardless of one’s political/social affiliation, belief, this is what we ALL want for ourselves, isn’t it.  


#HATJ A Concise Description on What is Going on Now 10.31.17

Published on Nov 1, 2017

Energy Update Share


another piece that touches on the “invisibility” factor…  i resonate with some of this – indeed the throat/glandular activations.  speaking w/my mate the other day about how my glands are just plain “weird” feeling these days and he was wondering what the cause was as he’s having the same experience i said “activations”.  the go-to word these days isn’t it?



My Heart Family,

Massive quantum jump by The Heart Collective last night as it feels we went up two levels in frequency. This can make you feel very disoriented and unable to anchor to the grids, like you are floating out in space. Spacey…

As we once again expand, our pineal, well of dreams and hypothalamus also begin to expand, as these energies are directed to anchor the New Neon chakra system within our brains for the forerunners to 5d+.
Pain can be felt, or a strong ache in the back and side of the head related to this.
Headaches can be extreme.
Dreams can be quite lucid, and/or bizarre.

Ask your medical team to assist,(yes you have an amazing one), if the pain gets too severe, you can ask your higher dimensional self to pull your avatar so you can sleep quickly.

All our extra sensory perception gifts are coming online so we can assist in this massive shift of Ages.

Expansion can be painful, but passes quickly.

We feel the most extreme physical pains so that the awakening collective won’t have to do so.
This is the soul contract we agreed to as forerunners.

It is a great honor To be at the forefront of embodiment.

Our nose, ears, throat and glandular chakras are coming online.
We get ultra sensitive to sound and can hear every little thing.
Our nose chakra as well, for all frequencies correlate to a smell. If you smell something foul, you are in a descension 3/4d Timeline. Be aware.
Also, the nose can begin running at the weirdest times…and hacking from the throat is also common. Like a cat…hairball…hack hack hack.

All these new chakras are being activated by incoming Galactic Source Energies in synergy with our Sun.
It is all divinely perfect.
As our Heart Chakras expand to the new NEON chakra system of 5d there can be fluttering and sometimes sharp pain. Breathe and tell your body all is well.
For indeed it is.

Our Hand and feet chakras are also activating.
As our hands activate there is sweating and burning. Eventually they feel as if your are wearing a golden second skin or gloves.

Our feet chakras activate as well so we can anchor to the Planets higher vibrational grids. Again, sweating and burning is present.

This also begins to bring forth the divine gifts of radar, sonar, lidar as well as telepathy and expanding third eye visions.
Also as we vibrate higher we are often not seen.
The Celestine Prophecy does a wonderful job of explaining this. It is a book and can also be seen in you tube.

While this sounds amazing, with this expansion comes great responsibility.
Be aware, especially when driving or out and about.

Shield and Seal your Divine mind, for as the Well of Dreams Chakra activates we are susceptible to massive psychic attacks.
Seal your Akash and raise your frequency out of the astral to Source Frequency White Light so none may interfere and access your Akashic records.

Surround yourself in the Light of Source and open your Heart to Shield in The Golden Ray of Unconditional Source Love.
Bring in the Violet flame to transmute.
Cloak yourself, as this is a new tool now available to all.

This is all part of chakra expansion remembering as we become multidimensional and walk across all dimensions in service. The third(earth) dimension and the fourth(galactic) dimension, are still separating, and shielding and transmuting are necessary.

State your sovereignty and stand in your Light.

Downloads are now being anchored to activate and access our Merkabas for multidimensional travel.

Tomorrow is 11/1,(1)…or 1/11,(1)….either way, many know it as All Saints Day. It is a beautiful Day so DREAM BIG!
And know in your Heart everything is Divinely Perfect.

Honor your body and remember to play, do what you love to do.
Have no fear and be in peace within.
We are Love, for love is all there is.
And we have all the love necessary to assist all that pray for help, for love.
Miracles come from the Heart, expect them.

I send my Love to All.

Gregg Prescott Quick Energy Update


taken from my facebook page…needing an unbelievable amount of sleep at the moment….off to zzzzz now


Gregg Prescott

QUICK ENERGY UPDATE: Oct 30, 2017 – D R A I N E D !!! The last few days, I’ve needed a lot of sleep, plus naps! When I’m awake, I feel GREAT but the call for sleep overrides that feeling. 

We’re entering a Full Moon on November 4th and many energy sensitives and empaths will begin to feel this a few days beforehand. In our dreams, we become multidimensional and can carry out many different jobs while in the sleep state. 

ALSO: You may be experiencing drastic MOOD SWINGS. For no reason, you may find yourself crying or feeling like you want to cry. 

Listen to your body… it knows what’s best for you on so many different levels 

Gregg Prescott, M.S.

Feeling A Little Bit Invisible?


Editor’s note:  While I have been “invisible” throughout this incarnation, it took on a new meaning this past year where I have had a few occasions where I have known I have simply not been seen by the person(s) around me.  I certainly see and am experiencing people leaving my life – being pulled away.  Definitely feel that energy.  Anyway, I lifted this one off of facebook and thought I would share here as I know some of you are experiencing this.


Tiffany StilesFollow

As we have gone through this last shift, and increased in frequency more, we are becoming invisible (shifting to higher dimensional frequency) to those who are vibrating at much lower frequencies.

I was out catching up with a friend. The friend got up from the table to use the restroom. In the meantime, two people just sat down at my table with me sitting there. I had no idea who they were. I said, good evening, how are you this evening? They didn’t respond, and looked as if they were looking right through me. I’m looking at them, and they don’t even see me or hear me. My friend came back from the restroom, and I said do you know these people? The response was no! The two people could all the sudden see me, because my friend brought them into my reality by talking to me. They looked and said, when did you sit down here? Ha! Gotta love it! It gets more interesting by the day. ❣️💝❣️

Have you experienced this recently?

A Vision for Positive Questions


I love this!  Ready set go NOW!  


The Vision Alignment Project

A Vision for Positive Questions

Today’s Vision comes to us from Debbie Friedman from This is the second Vision Debbie has shared with us and she calls it “A Vision for Positive Questions being asked.”
Thank you, Debbie! 

I see a world where the old habits of worry, doubt and fear are things of the past. A new age of enlightenment has filled the consciousness of every being on the planet, and we are now asking positive questions that focus and strengthen our intentions.

On a personal level, we may be asking: How did my life get to be so filled with Love? Why is each new day so full of Joy? Why is everyone responding so positively to me? Why is everything I do so easy and such a great success? Why does money continuously flow to me in increasing amounts? Why does every experience delight and excite me? How may I be of service and make a difference in the world today?

On a global level, we may be asking: Why is everyone on the planet so quickly and easily living a life filled with peace, harmony, compassion, love and prosperity? How did we rise so quickly into a time where everyone’s needs are met – where everyone everywhere enjoys the reality of plenty?

As we ask these positive questions, the Universe joyfully responds and our new world is brought into physical form and experience filled with love, abundance, ease and resplendent celebrations.

As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too! 
You can align with this Vision
by double-clicking the “YES!” Button below.


Destroying The Illusion ~ New York Terror/Podestas/Antifa/Natl. Blackout Drills


10.31 – New York Terror/Podestas/Antifa/Natl. Blackout Drills