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Today’s Energies and Experiences ~ Or “Can I Live In A Pretty Spacious Quite Bubble For A Little While?!”


Soap Bubble, Huge, Large

I was a bit surprised yesterday to see the Schumann and not feel the bliss I normally do.  It’s like I had to search for it.  The spiking continued into today and I have felt anything but bliss today.  On top of being absolutely exhausted, I am feeling anger, impatience, frustration.  In my “leave me the frig alone” space.  Today if I could have teleported my body to a beach in Brazil I would have.

I belong to a few private groups and one, which is quite popular, pulled the censorship card today by banning a topic altogether.  This is a group that seeks the truth and so far, a plethora of topics have been discussed.  If I see one I’m interested in, I join in. If not, I scroll on past.  Simple enough, right? It triggered me.  Aren’t we after Truth?  Aren’t we fed the fuck up with not being Free?  What came out of me was NO ONE TELLS ME WHAT I CAN OR CANNOT SAY.  No one.

Not a cool move and I for one will not be following it.  If I get removed, so be it.  What’s as surprising are the number of people who support the decision. I have noticed something kind of creepy about people who hit it big on the internet ~ they tend to create a cult-like group of followers who blindly obey whatever the master decides.  I am witnessing this first hand.

People are people.  No one is above another.  I used to want to be big like Prescott or Walling.  Not any more.  I do not want the experience of anyone looking to ME to have their answers nor do I want anyone blindly agreeing with me.  And I also don’t want anyone willing to allow me to put myself up on a pedestal and proclaim “You will do as I say”.  If I do, tell me to eat some humble pie (w/the flaky crust ~ goes down easier for me).

On to another experience ~ the ongoing revealing of the human trafficking, especially the children.  This has to be the biggest, most awful, most difficult red pill to swallow.  One tiny bit at a time.  The pandora’s box was opened and I can feel some of that filth, that heavy slimy energy.  I can feel some of the rage these beautiful people are being allowed to fully feel now that some of them are being freed.  And it also brings up the experiences I have had when I have been abused by others claiming the “power over” behavior.

There are no words.  All I can think, over and over, is “they’re children. They’re our babies.  We are supposed to be PROTECTING them.”  I don’t get it.  I don’t want to get it.  I never will get it.  As my mate and I did a release tonight together to end this practice now, I about passed out from the intensity that came through and out of me.  You know the saying.  If looks could kill.  Yeah…

For now, I wish for some UNINTERRUPTED time ~ just me.  No other voices. No demands.  No one asking me questions or saying I need to do this or that. My inner ME still has quite a bit of things she wishes to say to me.  And given after many years of attempting to train myself to be fully in alignment with Who I Am ~ even when around other people ~ when I get to that space of quiet, all it takes is one word or noise to pull me out.

Someone once said to me “No one lives in a bubble.”

Today, with all that is going on “out there”, that sounds quite pleasant.

Schumann Resonance ~ 11/26/17


One last post before I go to sleep.  The non-stop spikes continue into a new day…


I’m Free


This song has been going through my mind first thing in the morning, quite strongly lately.  I think we can now begin to sing this song, loudly, daily.  


Cosmic Light Wave Coming Our Way


Editor’s note:  Love this one!  



A great tidal wave of higher frequencies is heading our way, bringing 2017 to a close with a cosmic crescendo of love vibration. Unearthing secrets and lies, exposing harsh truths in our lives and on the world stage. Reconnecting us to nature, to each other and to the cosmos. We have weathered stormy seas of transformation. Waves of upgrades activating karmic release through chakra clearing. Our conscious work has been to face dark nights of the soul, seeking authenticity through self awareness and self knowledge. To learn self care, to reconnect with our body and our soul. On a global scale we witness the beginning of full disclosure of the cabal’s depravity and greed, the matrix hologram and our intergalactic community. 2017 has been pretty full on!

This light filled cosmic tidal wave opens gateways to higher dimensional planes of existence, offering timeline shifts from fear to love. The 3rd December’s full moon rays will ignite us with a boost of high frequency energy helping us integrate upgrades. Bubbles of memories, rising to the surface for lancing, for release. Avoid repressing these memories, they are energetic knots in our system causing blockages and clogging our chi flow. To release them is to allow them, sit in them for awhile, feel the emotions, and then let them go. Let the universe break up the heavy energies. As we do this we feel lighter because we are lighter. Our vibration can rise as these denser nuggets of heavy emotional energy are released. Use chanting, meditation, holistic healing therapies and nature to aid the energetic release. Use talk therapy and soul tribe to verbally let go. Both together enable us to capitalise on these cosmic love frequencies, raising our vibration at an accelerated rate.

Planet earth timelines are up for grabs. To redirect mothership earth we raise ours and her frequencies. We jump on the surfboard and ride waves of solar light. We integrate and embed higher frequencies at a cellular level, stabilising our vibrations in higher wavelengths. This enables us to unplug from matrix control algorithms. To reassert our free will and divine sovereignty. We remember we are connected to all things. We realign our energies, consciously expanding our minds. As the solstice draws near seek acceptance, forgiveness and self love. Give wings to secret dreams, let them take flight as real, as meaningful and they will manifest. To change direction, to tip Gaia towards higher dimensional wavelengths of peace and love, we embody those energetic spaces. We become peace. We are calm. We embrace love.

We are learning to surf higher wavelengths. We lighten our energetic system, encouraging free flow of chi throughout our mindbodysoul system, to access higher dimensional wavelengths. What does this look like or feel like? We are learning to speak the language of the multi verse, energy. Our guides and higher self are communicating with us all the time. The matrix hologram suppresses our ability to hear, see, feel their communication, their guidance, protection and love. We are conditioned to dismiss gut feelings, intuition in favour of our ego. The persistent voice that chatters all day long in our heads, wound up, manipulated and controlled by the matrix, our ego is their greatest weapon against us. Programmed by mainstream media, education and religion through twisted rhetoric, the ego is kept in a near constant state of panic. This induces fight or flight mode in our bodies and prevents us from relaxing, from feeling truly calm and at ease. The ego is like a child, our inner child, it requires love and boundaries in the form of reassurance from us, to quieten down and feel safe. We can do this through meditation and holistic healing as well as reprogramming our ego with daily mantras of love, safety and positivity.

The veils will thin during this cosmic time. Synchronicities, premonition, dimensional slippage, time anomalies and number sequences will increase. Our multi dimensional soul tribe and the universe communicate with us through nature, animals and birds. Energetically they speak to us all the time. We learn to turn down the volume of our ego, and turn up our heart, our core, our third eye and our energy field accessing all the information they give us. Learning about the meanings of number sequences, of animal totems, as well as learning more about the tides of the moon and cosmic events help us interpret these signs, symbols, gut feelings and messages. All is delivered in love frequency.

These last few weeks of 2017 offer integration, embedding and consolidation of upgrades available throughout the year. The American solar eclipse marked a gateway, a huge shift in humanities accelerated evolution. Our intergalactic allies have stepped up the battle for our freedom and sovereignty in late October, blasting high frequency light waves around Gaia. This is an ongoing process but it has gathered speed and momentum in 2017. The great shift gateway, a portal to higher dimensions, was opened for us, all we have to do is step through the gates of perception and embrace unified consciousness! Phew! Some of us have just woken up, others are beginning their transition looking at the furniture of their lives and rearranging to create more space, a simpler way of living. Many are actively engaging in this evolutionary process learning to surf cosmic waves, integrate upgrades and realign as energetic beings.

We should be hyper aware of gut instincts and third eye premonition during this time. Our dreamstate, meditative space and communication with the universe becomes more vivid, informative and powerful, as we are immersed in higher frequencies. Dimensional slippage and time anomalies will help us understand a non linear existence, we will rely less on routine, pressure and matrix stress to organise our lives. Instead we will read our energy field, our environment and the people around us to inform us of what tasks should be completed and when. This is quantum, it is unplugging from the matrix and learning to be a connected mindbodysoul being.

Physical symptoms will persist, a commitment to self care can help alleviate physical symptoms of recalibration ( for more detailed information). Nausea, ear popping, extreme tiredness, spaciness, shaky limbs, vertigo, coughs and flu symptoms, allergies, headaches, achy limbs, blurry vision, disturbed sleep, fluctuating appetite, bouts of high energy, heat or tingling sensations at major chakras can all be experienced as our energetic systems are activated. Going offline, adopting flight mode during upgrades can benefit us as we free up energy to integrate and embed higher frequencies. This means napping to counteract disturbed nights, cutting back on workload and social engagements especially if you perceive them as draining. Conservation of energy is the name of the game to capitalise fully on cosmic tidal waves.

The winter solstice is a time for reflection and manifestation. Begin the process now. Start taking stock of what or who works in your life, and what or who has a negative effect on you. See where the love, joy, peace and happiness is and do more of it! Rest, stay hydrated, be kind to yourself and others. It’s going to get pretty trippy friends, stay balanced and centred as our minds expand and our hearts open to love vibrations. We are all experiencing this. Everyone’s vibration will be pushed up in the next few weeks, causing global karmic purge. People will be emotional, tired, irritable and confused. Give each other space. Stay close with good people and avoid energy vampires. We will be running on empty as we recalibrate, remember this and cut yourself some slack. Meditate and breathe. We become enlightened, sovereign beings able to shift timelines from fear to love. Embrace higher frequencies of zen peace. Stay in love vibration cosmic surfers 🙏.


I embrace all appropriate upgrades available to me at this time, under the protection of my higher self.

I am safe, I am calm, I am peace, I am love. Namaste.

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We have been experiencing massive upgrades and activations since 10/10 when we entered a New Dimension and New Timeline as I have been reporting.  The old timeline has collapsed and we can no longer return to this timeline. You  many now find that people you knew in the past are still on this timeline. These are the souls still stuck in the 3D matrix and unable to make any progress and move out of the old timeline.

I advise if this is someone you have not contacted for a long time to be ready to be shocked when you talk to them again The difference in timelines in now staggering. You will now see them hanging onto the past timeline not realizing things have changed. They will also expect you to be exactly the same and in the same timeline they are in.

Since we are not able to move to a lower reality once we have raised ourselves up to a higher new timeline, the only way out of the old timelines is for them is to advance themselves. I am finding they don’t even know they are stuck where they are at this time. It can be very emotional and emotionally draining to deal with anyone in the lower energy. It takes a lot of energy to be able to go, even for a few minutes, to where they are.

You will find it very difficult to talk to them so be prepared. They will not have any concept of who you are what you are talking about when you talk with them. It will make it very difficult if not impossible to talk with them.

As we morph into these higher timelines, some of the ways in which our advancements into the light body are manifesting is through our extreme healing of all our past timelines. We are only responsible for our  own timelines, not of others timelines that have lived through that time period  with us. If they do not heal their old timelines of the past, they will be still be stuck in the 3D matrix.

Many of us are now in our own bubble with the many others who have or are actively working to evolve themselves into their light body. We have formed our own very large tribe. There are tribes within this tribe. Even family members we may be around daily will get the energy we are transmitting through our healing work and they may be more aware and open to wanting to heal themselves. As they heal themselves, they also heal their past. As they heal their past their heal all past timelines for themselves.

This healing has occurred through being shown our past over and over again in order to be able to heal it. It has happened over a number of years beginning in 2012. Once we heal one aspect and have cleared this energy out of our body, we move onto the next episode of our lives that need healing. Just when we think we have completed it all, more healing will show up for us, now pointing out all the small details that we still need to work on and transform.

These healing episodes come without warning from the Universe. We will be busy doing something in our everyday lives and we will become aware of an issue from the past that was painful and not worked through. We are now being able to see beyond what the issue was and into the depths of what was really taking place. At the time it happened we did not have access to that information, but as we move timelines we can see clearly what happened.

All healing of past issues must be healed before the light body formation can continue. This is why we are experiencing starts and stops in our transformation. There is far too much healing to be done at one time so this must be spread out over weeks, months and years.

Along with this healing comes the body pain that will come along with these transformations. Some of the recent body symptoms have been:

  • Cold rushes coming up and down the body
  • Deep sadness and spontaneous crying. We might hear of someone from our past and cry to release the unhealed pain from the relationship that existed.
  • Anxiety is also high on the light body symptoms
  • Pain through the back and shoulder blades
  • Bouts of dizziness
  • Feeling energized for no reason

We must embrace all of these aspects of healing and transformation when they show up for us. We need to transmute them by finding our happy place and releasing these energies. We should not be afraid of showing emotion when it comes in. If there is crying, the crying needs to released and not held back. There is no better time to release than when something occurs and is in the moment. This moment is always perfect for the release of what may be holding us back.

The light body forms during the same time the healing and releasing occurs. This goes hand in hand. We must feel the pain of our past and them release and move forward to really be able to transform into the light body formation which will be our new body going forward. This new body takes us into the New Earth. This is also the same light body the Galactics can morph in and out of as they go about their inter dimensional work. As more move into the higher timelines and higher dimensions they will be able to embody more love, compassion, wisdom and knowledge of the higher dimensions and the connections that take place. They will be able to see the energy that takes place between all consciousness that exists. This is our future on the New Earth. Some of us are already there.


In Service and Love

Diane Canfield

Diane is a Gifted Psychic, Ascension Expert, Energy Expert and ET Contactee, having had many in person visitations from many different races of our Star Family. She works to elevate the consciousness of the Human Race to evolve into the Galactic Race. Her psychic gifts started in childhood and were reactivated in 2000 when visited by a Pleiadian Mother Ship which encoded her for her role as a Galactic Ascension Teacher. Since this time she has been in constant contact with the Galactics and the Interplanetary Advanced Council Of Light.

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DNA Upgrades in Process


Dna, String, Biology, 3D, Biotechnology

How do I know?  Well speaking for me, when I have big cravings for cheese and fruit (grapes in particular), I know changes are going on within my body.  Sitting next to me here is a plate topped off with crackers with melted parmesan cheese (personal favorite) and a cluster of grapes.  I know as we transition we will be eating a diet composed largely around fruit.

What’s also very telling is that last night around 2am, maybe 3am (can’t seem to get to sleep until then … going on almost 2 weeks now), my mate and I began to buzz.  Our cells, shaking, vibrating.  In fact he noticed it first and I said “Oh I haven’t had that experience in a few months.”  Yeah, I speak and then it happens.  Seconds later I heard “go within and feel” so I did and sure enough – the buzzing was going on.  I have a little feeling within, a little hunch, that the chance to upgrade is constant now ~ and when I call on it, it happens.  I know, sounds nuts, but that is what I am thinking.  Give it a try (and let me know what you experience).  The unbelievable spiking of the Schumann today definitely helps.  (Cannot express the joy I felt inside seeing that this morning~been waiting weeks to see it like this!)

Seeing that UFO frigging LAND over Mt. Adams by James Gilliland’s ranch has me feeling and knowing – it’s beginning.  I have put out all of my inner channels to ask for clarification and the go-to as to what I am to do next. Can you IMAGINE what it will feel like to connect with Being’s you once knew eons ago?  Can you FEEL that?  I already had that wild, amazing encounter 9 loooong years ago where every ounce of homesickness I have carried in this life was completely gone.  It will satisfy a longing I have had, consciously, in this body, for almost 10 years.  To say hello again.  Good to see you.  Oh wow, I am so ready for that.

We’re all ready for the party.  How many of us actually USE the word “party”?  Countless number of people I have met, encountered all have used that word – we are waiting to have THE party of all parties.  Not celebration. Not gathering.  But party.  As though we’re all a bunch of wild, enthusiastic, FREE Beings.

Imagine that!

Will be nice to put to use all of that practice I had during my teens and twenties.    Will be nice to have that energy as well.  Few could keep up with me back then.  Be awesome to hear my daughter say “Mom, slow DOWN!!”

Bring it!  

Love to you all~



Massive UFO Lands ~ Mt. Adams, Washington


Yes – you read that correctly – LANDS (before winking out).  WOW!  Check out this footage!  The footage was taken 13 miles away so this craft is HUGE.  Thank you to Deborah for passing this one along to me.  


Massive UFO Landed Mount Adams

Published on Nov 25, 2017

Latest Q for 11/25/17


My mate says these are military activation orders.


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Schumann ~ 11/24/17


Yeah~ as they said:  SPEECHLESS.  !!!  Of an interesting note:  my mate and I both had dreams where we were reclaiming our Freedom.  And when I checked my social media page, “Q” updates were about regime change and Freedom.


RS Today’s Peaks:

  • Well, in front of this chart today we are speachless, practically from 2:00 am UTC until now the frequeancy obscillations has been massive. We shall se how this will progress in the next hours/days. Of course it’s useless to ask the Quackademics as they have no idea of what this Resonance is.

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