Gaia Portal ~ 11/23/17


Elements of creation combine in the Higher Alchemy.

Predictors of doom fall.

Cosmic Energies require a solution.

Fragments are unified.

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McCain ~ The Boot That Won’t Go Away


McCain and his McBoot “situation”…  (all below has been verified by yours truly)


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And here is an article from…

So WHICH leg again on McCain has this injury?


Woops!  (this is not mirrored, btw – it was taken from his twitter page – i verified)


The Book of Q


I’m sure some of you have seen this.  I’m sure most (if not all) of you are aware of “Q”.  Here’s a link to a book someone created that contains a rundown of Q’s correspondences in October and November, appropriately called “The Book of Q”.  As the author/editor notes, this is either the biggest LARP (hoax) pulled on society or it is really an insider portraying what is going on behind the scenes.  Given “Q” predicted the take down of Saudi Arabia, I am leaning towards “insider”.  Either way, it is encouraging people to “Q”uestion their reality, their world, the political scene.  The system. Enjoy the read!

Recent Sky Captures


All taken last Sunday (11/19).  Pretty beautiful and cool at the same time.  And if you zoom in on the 3rd one down, it appears to be one of those “cloudships” – a craft cloaked as a “cloud”.  (an unintentional capture, btw)  See them often these days.  Sometimes I don’t notice them until I upload the pictures.  

A Light Holiday Message


My family and I made the decision last year that instead of celebrating the typical Thanksgiving, Christmas, even Kwanzaa and Jewish holidays, we would celebrate Light Holiday.

Light Holiday, we came to feel, is a galactic, cosmic, universal term with the energy that is in resonance with Love and Light.  Liberation and Freedom.

For all.

In gratitude.

I wish you all Love, Light, Liberation and Freedom.

And I want to give you my deepest, purest, heartfelt “thanks” for the support you have shown me this year.  If it weren’t for ya’ll, I would not still be at it.  Truly, it has been and continues to be a deep feeling of honor that I do this work and know I have a beautiful little team of beautiful Souls who read and support with words and otherwise.  Ya’ll rock in my world!  



p.s. if you are like me you have already gotten into some pie.  i have a very strong will ~ unless it involves chocolate, cheese and/or pie.  or yum all three together!!

Return of the Republic…


Hopeful.  Focused.  Feeeeeeeeeeeeeels like a “yes.”  And yet a part of me says “it won’t matter”.  Kinda like I am leaving this world behind to go to, return to, what I have seen for so long for myself and my family.  Kinda like “ok I came, I did what I wanted, saw the liberation, now I am going where I choose.”  And this sleep issue is really perplexing me.  Like we transfer over at night, when everyone around us is sleeping.  Who knows!  Just having experiences my brain would like to understand.  Until then….Discernment city, peeps.  


Greetings friends, it is I KejRaj(KayRy). The information expressed here is that of my perspective my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. We hope you feel our light and love in this message.

All is moving forward, and fast. Stop and feel the vibrations, feel the intensity of the new light that is cleansing all of Earth. Breath now, breath freely, for all that we have spoken of, all that we have hoped for, all that we have heard about is NOW UNFOLDING.

Ascension is moving forward at full speed. The light is increasing here on Earth by the second, there are no more stops, no more sitting around and waiting, no more holding back for nothing.

One of the things many have been looking for is the Global Currency Reset and NESARA. And these too are to be announced shortly. But as we have said in the past what happens in America affects the world. This still stands. There were some who have claimed that the rest of the world may move forward and leave America in the dark if the American government does not play along. False information then and now.

All nations are about to be set free. But it has started here in America, this is her destiny, and it shall be fulfilled in the coming days and weeks. The Republic is to be returned to the people. This process is in full swing, and no thing can stop it.

The cabal are breathing heavy now. They have been cornered, some are being cuffed for later prosecution, while others are being neutralized on the spot. The game is over.

You may be grateful to the Galactics for this, the Spiritual Hierarchy, your cousins from Inner Earth. And for America, you can be grateful to your current U.S president. He too is playing a major role on ridding America of cabal. It is our understanding that this current president has met with the Ascended Master known to you as Saint Germain.

The one who has been directly involved in creating the constitution of the Republic, the idea of NESARA, and holds the funds for the Global Currency Reset. The only option from Saint Germain is that the Republic MUST be restored, period. He is in charge of this and he is backed by many many powerful magnificent beings that will see this through.

Now we say to you, hold your light great one, you have made it, you are about to receive your well deserved rewards. As we have said previously, 2017 will not go without a bang. Meditate, spend time in nature, take care of yourself and others. But also be eyes and ears, for that ‘bang’ may sound any minute. And of course it is of positive nature.

That is all for today. From heart to heart, I am KejRaj!

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Solar Wind Stream ~ And Wow The Energy Feels DENSE


I don’t much understand these charts.  I know when the colorful lines spike, we have some strong energies floating around.  The orange line indicates density.  Interesting as I awoke this morning and leaned on the counter in the kitchen and announced to my mate “wow the energy feels dense today”. Very heavy thick syrupy.  Getting on a social media page one of the posts comes up and says “the energies on the east coast are very dense today!”  I’m on the west coast, but such energies are planetary, imho.  The orange line may indicate a different kind of “density” but since it’s showing continuous spikes and I and others are feeling “denseness” around, I’m sticking w/my theory. lol



Anyone else having strange sleeping patterns??


Staying up until around 2am and sleeping until noon??!!  This has become a natural pattern for all of us in this house ~ and we just kinda slipped into it 10 days ago.  My mate and I have long been night owls – but staying up until 2am – without feeling crazy tired – was not the norm.  Not sure I want to continue this pattern but it seems to be the one our bodies are calling us to be in…

Schumann ~ 11/22/17


calling upon those long white spikes that cover the entire image…