How Old Do You Want to Be? 30? Ok then…


My birthday is next month.  I told my mate earlier today I am going to be 32 ~ and I was quite serious.  The calendar of 3d says otherwise but I also feel for I have also seen me in new earth realm and I look like I did when I was around 30.  Then I just happen to stumble upon this gem tonight and had to share. So in alignment with what I have felt for some time now.  


If you are over thirty,,,,your body will start morphing back to the age when you were about thirty.

If you are under thirty,,,you will grow until you come to age 30 and you will no longer grow, but stay at 30.

Its like kids,,,,they continue to grow, until age 30.

Your life span for your present body will be raised to 125 years, all the while with the body and health of a 30 year old.

At 125 years, it will be time to get a new body. Not really a reincarnation,,,,,but a new body, memory intact, who you know now, you will know with the new body. You choose how long you want to live in your new body,,,,,1000,2000,3000 years or more, it is your choice.
Many change bodies about every 2 or 3000 years, but you can keep your new body indefinitely, it is what ever you desire………

So before you leave 3D earth, you might grab a shit pot full of birthday candles,,,,,,,haaaaaa ha ha ha

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Magenta Pixie ~ Intentions of 3D/5D Gaia into Celestial Consciousness (Freedom from the Fallen Systems)


Quite resonating…


Intentions of 3D/5D Gaia into Celestial Consciousness (Freedom from the Fallen Systems)

Published on Dec 29, 2017


One Last End-of-the-Year Piece


Alberta, Amazing, Banff, Beautiful, Blue

This is a brief one, but something I have been feeling and pondering lately.

So much talk now, of course, about 2018.  Numerologically it is a “2” year.

And yet, we have been lied to about every single darn thing, including what “year” it is.

So I no longer care if it’s a 2 year or a 3 or 4, etc.

I have the creative ability to make it ANY year I wish, ANY energy I wish.

That is My power.

That is Your power.

Personally I am done with calendars.  Clocks.  What astrological sign means this and that.  What number means this and that.  What book says this or that.  What “expert” says this or that.  Fill in the blank….

That all once served a purpose.

But no longer.

For now I am sensing and feeling the New.

An entirely new realm and field.

A pristine piece of land with nothing on it, just awaiting my input.  My creative powers ~ powers that are all online now once again.

Happy End of “all that” and Happy Beginning of the space where ALL IS POSSIBLE once again.



Thank you for all of your wonderful support this past year.  It has kept me going in many ways, primarily from my heart.  Blessings to you all.

Some Feels Put Into Words On The Event and Our Transition ~ An End of the “Year” Piece


I finished an e-mail exchange with my buddy Rick on the transition to the new realm.  The new earth.  The event.  Whatever label you wish to call it.

I found it very interesting that lately he has been wondering HOW this transition occurs.  Like myself, he has seen the new realm.  He’s seen his house (which is remarkably similar to the house I have seen my own family in).  We both feel we are in the same ‘hood, if that’s what you can call our new communities.  So I was intrigued when he said he was beginning to wonder HOW we transition as I began wondering this myself about 2-3 days ago.  I can even tell you where I was.  I was in the kitchen, walking to the food waste container when I thought “how do we transition”?

The old is crumbling for the new to be built.

Or has it already been built?

I have seen it.

My mate has seen it.

I just feel strongly it has already been built.  Created.

And it is not here.

NOWHERE in me do I feel this realm is going to be the New.

Not for me.  My “NEW” is elsewhere ~ similar but the energetic feel is different.

I feel no draw to the talk some share about building the new earth.  Cleaning up the mess of this one.  Starting new.  I just do not feel that will be my path.

I may be wrong of course so I remain open and ALLOW the Flow and Divine and All Of Me to be the navigator.  The only “thing” I allow and trust comes from the Divine Me.  However, all along and up until this very moment, I do not feel I will be staying in this new realm.  I can logically dismiss that.  I can question it.  The feeling though, remains.

I do not feel I will be with most of humanity either.  I have seen where I will be going.  It is very sparsely populated.

And it IS indeed divine to my heart and soul.

The energy is totally different.

It’s like the energy of those long beautiful bulges of spiking on the Schumann.  Just pure contentment.  It would take a lot to agitate me.  The ability to just flow and go and Be and let go ~ is really effortless when I am fully immersed in that energy field.

Practice, perhaps, for the new?

I am also being all but inundated with personal portal’s.  Today and tonight I saw two posts on social media referencing personal portal’s.  I saw a movie tonight that showed a flash from the central sun traveling throughout all aligned 9 planets, hitting the earth last.  Also saw a lot of portal’s in the movie as well as personal portal’s in a kiddo tv show.  So I am thinking perhaps there is more to the experience I had earlier this year ~ three of them ~ almost back to back ~ of a space out in front of my property where I saw a portal form ~ indeed a split in the realities.  In the one I was able to step through and into the new realm, right onto the road that holds the house I have seen.  I reached down, took my child’s hand, and we walked up the road until we arrived at the house.  There is sat, atop of the hill, rustic, rugged and vast.  Once we saw it, I smiled and was “tossed” out of the vision.  Brought back to “reality”.  Groan.  lol

Seriously though ~ finding real heart-felt value in this realm is getting difficult.  I.  Want.  New.  NEW NEW NEW NEW NOW NOW NOW NOW

The feeling is palpable.

I am fine with letting all of “this stuff” here go.

Although I have to say that there is a part of me that wishes to see all of these arrests take place so I can fully feel/see/say “ok they will never be allowed to harm humanity again ~ we’re good to go now”.

A saying my mate began stating awhile back ~ which resonates.

We’re good to go now.

For many of us, we are, aren’t we?


Psychologically Preparing Humanity For Elite Arrests: Disbelief, Anger And Eventual Forgiveness… Humanity Is Learning To Accept How Evil It Got


I would instead say “christ consciousness” instead of just christ.  Love the Divine w/in.  This is not about A person but rather an energy consciousness within All.


Yup… humanity was suckered big time… given walmart and mcdonald’s, while the elite stole everything else… and they do want everything… that’s how they roll…

Much intel seems to support the notion of a massive operation underway that is taking down key elite players.

Imagine… what we will be seeing…

At least one political party coming down.

Arrests and trial of key government officials

Investigations into human trafficking

They’ve been putting meat into the food supply… human meat!

I wouldn’t be consuming ketchup these days… the’ve been feeding blood to people too…

Oh they poisoned us via the air, water, soil and the mind control too…

The towers in your neighbourhood… ya know… the ones that no one you know, knows what they do… were set up for permanent slavery… so those too are coming down….

The robot army… they already created those.

The nano technology in fast food…

They even eat us… then they feed the parts they don’t eat, into the food supply… then they laugh… they laugh often about this.

Yup… oh there’s more… but you get the idea that humanity has to psychologically prepare to deal with all this and more…

By the end… christ is gonna look pretty good to everyone… christ will be in style again, and won’t go out of style either… you have my word…. World Teacher Shares 2018 Message!

There’s no way to go from here but up up and up with our inner frequencies, so that we can experience the godstuff.

Humanity is doing a great job keeping the peace… despite how it looks in the fake news.

We can no longer run our planet, by having satanists in charge… we must have wisdom… we must have heart power… and love… may it start within all of us… this is how we can all be satisfied… there is enough to go around… the universe is designed that way. AN ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT IS NEEDED, LIGHT  DEFEATS DARKNESS FROM HERE ON, ON THIS PLANET… THAT’S HOW WE ROLL.

Indian in the machine

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Montague Keen via Veronica Keen, December 17th, 2017


What a joy it was for you, last evening, to hear the lady in Canada confirm everything that I have been telling you about Ireland since my passing. She has put it all in writing. She will release it in the next few days. It will expose the Vatican’s exploits and their plans. Every human on Earth has been a victim of Vatican control, irrespective of religious belief or nationality. Life on Earth was never intended to be a struggle to survive. The Jesuits and Zionists have thrived on your suffering. They have overseen the production of GM foods. Monsanta is theirs. Water, air, and everything that humanity needs to survive, has been tampered with. All the drug companies are owned by them. I can assure you that their drugs are not designed to cure, only to slowly kill you.

Once you consciously withdraw from their control system, please do the Revocations, and take back control of your life. Then you will feel the freedom this will bring to your life. Freedom to be who you are, to explore who you are, and what your role is in this incarnation. Be assured that each and every one of you has a role to play, no matter what it might be. You are all part of the whole. This is one of the reasons why all the divisions were inflicted upon you: religion, race, nationality, etc. Divide and conquer is a Jesuit aim. It has worked well for them UNTIL NOW.

When all the evidence of their evil control is presented to the world, next week, they will be exposed. Humanity will see them for the parasites that they are, living off the suffering of the poor. Your fake reality is being exposed. The perpetrators will have nowhere to hide.

For many years, they feared that you might learn the truth and turn against them. Do not worry about them. They have secured safe places to run to. They are responsible for making life on Earth a struggle for survival. They even managed to block the health-giving rays of the sun from entering the Earth’s atmosphere to give its warm healing energy to humanity. They have no respect for human life. They want rid of you. They want the Earth for themselves. Then, they will be free to live life as they wish to, without having to hide their scaly bodies from you.

There is so much happening just outside of your third dimension. You can raise your dimension by meditation, using the sound HUE. Repeat it over and over again. It will help. It is a sacred sound.

Use this holiday period to come together, not just to share festive food, but also your thoughts and your concerns for the future you wish to create for the human race. Soon the ball will be in your court, so you must be prepared to create a world where love and peace matter more than anything else. The killing machine will no longer be in control, no longer required. The soft killing machine (vaccinations, drug-based medicines, killing with GM food, etc and cancer) will become a distant bad memory. Life on Earth as you would wish it to be, will begin. A new age that, until now, you could only dream about. Talk about it, think about it, and help to bring in its energy. Make it a reality.

All religions have trapped your souls, they use the energy of your soul to destroy you and others. Take back your soul, do the Revocations, if possible, in a sacred place with a group. You will be amazed at the energy this experience will produce. By doing this, you will take back your power. Step out of the religious cage in which you have been trapped. Experience the freedom to live in peace with all of humanity.

Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life. Start as you mean to go on. Laugh at the newspapers and TV when they peddle the lies of your controllers. Look with pity at the faces of those who are paid to lie to you. This goes for all governments too. Though some may start out with good intentions, they soon fall into line if they want to stay in power. Sadly, corruption is everywhere. It is time to remove it. Together, you can do it.

My dear, surviving on Earth at this time is not easy for you. We ask that you hold on, in order to complete your work with Dave. He, too, is suffering and needs help. The whole control system is fighting for its very existence. This is why it is attacking everyone who gets in its way. They will not last much longer.

The love we shared in life goes on, my dear.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

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Steven Kelley ~ Who’s Going to GITMO


i’m not even going to preach the “use your discernment” because at this point it feels fake.  we can WANT something to be true and FEEL it in our heart but that doesn’t PROVE the validity of the truth.  we want to see the proof of these happenings, right? of course we do.  for now we are to put together little pieces of the puzzle until we SEE the final result(s).  at this point though it is a fast-forming puzzle and the picture it is displaying is pretty clear…  good analysis in the video below…


Whos going to Gitmo 😱

Published on Dec 30, 2017


Some Perspective On The Taurus Energy


interesting piece…  but i have to warn you – if you want to read the rest, you will have to be sensitive to a lot of misspelled words.  (my pet peeve… so i decided not to link the whole thing as my “need to fix” kicked in and i opted not to play editor beyond what i shared.)  


Melody Perron added 8 photos and a video.

December 28 at 3:52pm

Just wanted to share some ideas I was pondering about.

So this is taurus energy.Taurus energy is a complete toroidal structure like that which shape the universe to the macrocosm and microcosm.Inside that torus shape, you have capricorn energy which just represent all the possible shape,structure you can create inside.Virgo energy represent how you analyze every shape finding how to use them and optimizing them.Virgo deal with analyzing the golden number ratio spiral inside a torus structure.This path spiraling perfectly inside is where libra energy flow with the least friction.Virgo analyze this to try and optimize libra (air,thoughts) energy to flow better .

This knowledge of earth energy can be apply to everything from or thoughts realm to our emotional realm,into reality,into art and science. Literally everything is based of that and this is especially true because we live in a 3d physical earth reality.You can always place your consciousness if you focus and stay centered in the middle point of a taurus structure to get connected to the whole and get the most control.This is pretty much how all our chakra point work.They are focal point that we can put our consciousnesses on using our third eye,or heart….Also the center piece of a taurus is called a tetrahedron.

This is the heartpiece of any toroidal structure. It has 7 faces and it’s a very not-well-known shape because it holds a lot of power this knowledge of the heart and how light can enter this engine and fire up the kaleidoscope of color a taurus can offer. I thought would be appropriate to share so people can understand more about the structure of things and how the heart function also how the ancient embedded knowledge of everything into astrology. There is other type of energy to learn about like air,fire,water and electricity magnetism)that 5th element that’s what we are sentient energy in a physical vessel I believe).  If u think i am wrong on anything please correct me or add to the knowledge just thought people would appreciate that I share all this.  Much love to everyone!

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Attorney: “Sealed Indictments Over 10,000”


Just discovered this woman’s twitter account in the past day.  She says she is an attorney so has free access to the site (from my understanding those who aren’t lawyers/attorney’s have to pay to access the information), which lists all of the districts in the states and the sealed indictments in each district.   If you check out her page, you will see she has some connections.



The Light Reports: Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf Update


HAJT Update And More

Published on Dec 30, 2017