Healing The “Boo Boo’s”


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We have a saying around here we have used with our girl.  Whenever someone has a disease, whether it is considered mental, emotional or physical, we have always said so and so has a boo boo.

Earlier today, she and I were speaking.  We found out our neighbor and adopted grandpa’s cancer has become more aggressive and will require more intense treatment.  I could write up another piece on that altogether (he is the type to go along with whatever the doctor says while ignoring alternative treatments).

Naturally my girl began asking questions.

“Are they going to heal grandpa d’s boo boo’s?” she asked.

“They are going to try,” I said.

She was reflective for awhile before she began sharing her thoughts.

“Mama have you realized how many people have boo boo’s in their bodies that need healing?” she asked.  She then went on to talk about our neighbors and others we know who have boo boo’s in their bodies and in their minds.

Three neighbors.  A few friends.  Her dada.  Even mama.

I began to think – again – about this new healing tech – these “mystery machines” as Trump has said.  When I think about the desire I have for my own family and for humanity, being healed is right up there at the top along with financial liberation.

I cannot imagine there is not one of us who needs some kind of healing given the assault(s) we have all been faced with for years, decades.  I think of the Executive Order, the term Human Right’s Violations and I would think things such as chemtrails/geoengineering, vaccines, fluoride, gmo’s and glyphosate, etc. fall under that category.  Not just human trafficking here I am feeling ~ but ALL violations of our Inherent Right to Freedom which includes health, happiness, justice.

We need to see these healing modalities, these “mystery machines” released to the public asap.  The People deserve healing.  Now.

The healing of all of their boo boo’s.

Then, one day, oh so soon, we can tell our little girl the people in her life are healed and restored.

As Source has always intended.

President Trump’s Executive Orders Are NOT Martial Law – That is Fake News!


I began saying we are under a soft-fascist regime since the Bush Jr years…  I like this woman…Good perspective…I would think he is restoring constitutional law.


President Trump’s Executive Orders Are NOT Martial Law – That is Fake News!

Published on Dec 27, 2017


A Vision for Employment


thank you robin for sending…


The Vision Alignment Project

A Vision for Employment

Here is a wonderful reminder Vision/Intention that was sent in by Frank Sayre. Frank says,

Greetings from Grants Pass, Oregon. The unemployment rate is up. Who knows when it will go back down or if it will. Please let us not forget our true employment; we work for the highest good for all. When we do this all else will follow and we will be as one . . . This is from Barbara Marciniak’s book “Family of Light.” (one of our favorites!).

“Spirit, I am wishing to be employed by you. Put me to work. Show me what I can do. Give me the opportunity to live my light, to speak my truth, and to carry this light around the globe.”

“It is my intention that I be successful that I will always be safe in all things that I do. It is my intention that I receive love and give love in all things that I do. It is my intention that I have a good time and that I be provided for with prosperity according to my needs. It is my intention that my material world be put aside in favor of a world that provides for the highest good of all.”

Peace and blessing to all

Thank You, Frank!

As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too! 
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Israel Braces for “Earth Shattering” Indictments Against Netanyahu


As Israeli police conclude their corruption investigation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, former advisor to the force, Lior Chorev, says the indictments to follow will be “earth-shattering” and will result in early elections – possibly as soon as May 2018, which would end the political career of the longest-serving Israeli leader since founding father David Ben-Gurion.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (photo credit: AMIR COHEN/REUTERS)

Chorev, who resigned last month under pressure from Netanyahu’s allies, told The Jerusalem Post “When they [the recommendations] will be announced, they will have information such as the specific charges and a complete list of the people involved,” he said, adding “Netanyahu is not running a campaign for his innocence but a campaign to keep the coalition intact. It is a political campaign, not a legal one, and so far he is succeeding. He is keeping his coalition in one piece despite very complicated investigations.”

The indictment recommendations will bear “a lot of information that we didn’t know – and it will cause an earthquake here.”

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Power Outage At Disneyland ~ Q Makes Reference?


Interesting time the article was posted ~ 4:44pm…


A giant power outage in Disneyland knocked out electricity in parts of the park during the busy holiday season, officials said Wednesday.

Park areas known as Toontown and Fantasyland were left without power after a transformer malfunctioned, causing an outage to occur at 11 a.m. local time, the Los Angeles Times reports. The power outage halted about a dozen rides located in those areas, according to a Disneyland spokesperson.

Power was restored to most of the area by noon, although park officials did not give estimates as to when all the rides would be fully functioning.

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And here is a (supposed) Q drop for today.  Remember Q wisdom:  “there are no coincidences”  (although some are saying this isn’t real “Q”)

Schumann ~ 12/27/17


She keeps on risin’…  i did some pendulum work around this earlier today and will post later if i am up to it.  child’s cold virus found it’s way to me and my mate.  positive healing energies of perfect health are appreciated.



Bush, Obama, Clinton Indicted in Nevada Court! Tom Heneghan




Tom Heneghan just put out some incredibly good news!

In the United States district court for the northern district of Nevada there has been criminal action against those involved in the 9/11 black op attack on the United States by the deep state.

The following people are being named in the criminal indictments!

former illegal President George W. Bush, George Herbert Walker Bush, Richard Cheney, John Brennan, John Ashcroft, Robert Mueller, Barack Obama, John McCain, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Pearl, Peter Monk,  Condeleza Rice, George Soros, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and others!

Here are some other highlights!

Barack Obama and John Brennan gave nukes to North Korea!

US Marines are guarding Trump everywhere.

The assets of the Bush Clinton crime syndicate are being frozen around the world!


Much more discussed in this show!  Get this out everywhere to combat the lies being put out by Illuminati card deck “agent in place” – Alex Jones!  Alex Jones has done his best to lie about Leo Wanta!  It’s very obvious now that Jones serves the deep state who put Leo Wanta in a dungeon for years and stole our money!!!   Only an agent in place would lie about American patriot Leo Wanta!  Ask Alex why he lied about Leo Wanta by emailing him at showtips@infowars.com   I’ll bet you won’t even get a response from the agent in place!



Here’s more information sent to me by Tom Heneghan.  I have not had time to even look at all this stuff since I had to get the show out asap!   Spread this show EVERYWHERE!  You’ll learn more in 45 minutes than a lifetime of fake news.

(from info given to me by Tom Heneghan to distribute)

Yesterday is a day that will live in infamy forever. You should take note of the fact that we have now publicly indicted GEORGE SOROSPETER MUNKGEORGE W.BUSHJOHN BRENANN, JOHN MCCAIN and many more including HILLARY CLINTON for the commission of capital treason when it comes to the attacks done on America the date of September 11, 2001.








Article 50 Army Rules of Engagement: Rules of War Are the ONLY thing that applies with these active trials.
All Aboard the Military Extra-Existential Tribunal Freight train!


This is official, however for obvious reasons the courts or actions where these are ongoing will not be disclosed right now. One of them where this evidence is now on record is the high court of Nevada, as it relates directly to
Uranium One and the role of that entity in the black-op attacks against america.
In the next update, we will have more relevant facts concerning these cases. Needless to say, with this
deluge of important evidence along with requests from our national audience things are getting quite tumultous.
Obviously we need to keep this short. GEORGE SOROS is about to have more problems than he imagined with numerous state felony charges swarming against him in various federal state and official district courts.
H.W. BUSH, GEORGE W. BUSH and EDGAR BRONFMAN will be taken down quickly. This will make this official traitor to the nation GEORGE SOROS be on the run, wishing for a day where he never dreamt up the 9-11 attacks in a backwater station outside switzerland.
Obama, Bush, Clinton and George Soros all assets frozen by executive order:
Hillary Clinton indicted multiple times on money laundering charges, other high acts of treason




Sourced from here.


Flight Diverted out of LAX


#NH175 returning to LAX after departing 7.5 hours ago.

Follow live at https://www.flightradar24.com/ANA175/ff2bfc0

Los Angeles Airport Police confirm to ABC7 that they flight is returning to Los Angeles because “an ‘unauthorized person’ was discovered aboard”.

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Sourced from here.

Schumann Resonance ~ 12/26/17


aaaahhhhh………….sorta like being rocked gently……sleeeeeeeeeeeeeepy


Epidemic of Medical Boots in D.C.


Epidemic of medical boots: Now it’s Rep. Jackie Speier

There is an epidemic of foot issues among our politicians.

First it was Hillary Clinton, who was fitted with a medical “walking” boot on October 15, ostensibly for a broken toe from “running downstairs wearing heels” and “falling backward”.

Two months later, seen at an appearance in Vancouver on December 14, Hillary is still wearing the boot, albeit a different one, although the recovery period for a broken toe is 4 to 6 weeks.

On December 21,  NBC News reported that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has ordered the Justice Department to interview FBI agents with knowledge of an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s role in a uranium deal with Russia, reviving interest in what President Trump has called a “modern-age” Watergate.

Sessions’ order comes a month after Republicans in Congress had urged him to appoint a second special counsel to investigate Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, the Uranium One deal, and the FBI’s handling of its investigation into her private emails at secretary of state.

See “The real U.S.-Russian conspiracy: Russia gave $multi-million bribe to Clinton Foundation for 2010 uranium deal“.

Then it’s RINO senator John McCain, who was fitted with the boot on his right leg. His office said in a statement on November 6 that the boot was because of “a minor tear in his right Achilles tendon”.

Two weeks later, he switched the boot to his healthy left leg to, as he put it in a tweet, “give it a break”. Not only does it make no sense to put a cumbersome medical boot on a healthy leg, that he no longer wears a boot on his right leg means that his Achilles tendon is healed.

Continue reading here.