The White Hats Report #62


2018 – The year the American dream is restored?

First of all, we’d like to wish everyone a Happy New Year as 2018 will definitely be a year to remember and history will mark it as a turning point for the US if not the world. What’s coming in the next 12 months will be unsettling for some, long past due for others but will be remembered as a cleansing of the planet.

But before we go forward, it’s important we revisit and review the past so the information is fresh in our minds as in everything, it is connected. Nothing is created out of a vacuum so we will attempt, in the coming weeks, to provide the trail so that everyone can connect the dots on the sophisticated scam that has been perpetrated on the world for the past decades.

As has been and always will be our emphasis, the coming storm from the White Hats and affiliates will concentrate on the world financial sector. We’ve made it our objective to expose the criminal fraud perpetrated on the people of the world by the banksters. That onslaught will not abate but will increase in both intensity and documentation in the coming weeks.

But first….a trip to the past.

February 12, 2012

This is the day Lord David James of Blackheath stole 10 minutes of time in the House of Lords, directed and supported by the London section of the White Hats. The information imparted during that short speech revealed the criminal fraud perpetrated by the Federal Reserve and all their co-conspirators: the banks, Homeland Security and of course, the deep state’s own shadow government organization, Pureheart Investments, LTD. He exposed the bank trading programs and their overnight profit percentages and exposed the Federal Reserve as nothing but a criminal enterprise, in existence for the sole purpose of pillaging the assets of the world and stealing money from every living soul inhabiting this planet.

The fraud disclosed in London that day included the creation of $15T out of thin air, backed by gold that didn’t exist and they didn’t own, sent to the shadow government’s prime criminal business creation, enabled by Homeland Security’s bank clearance code and ignored by law enforcement, politicians and the public on both sides of the Atlantic. But to the cabal, just another day of thievery and deceit, a normal occurrence for an industry with no accountability, no oversight and no consequences.

It’s past time this… everything else the Deep State has created to control the world….comes to an end.

The fraudulent transfer of $15T from the NY Federal Reserve to the account of Pureheart at the time was 150% of the total debt of the US. To the cabal entrenched banksters, it was a drop in the bucket compared to the theft they perform on a massive scale. Billions, trillions, quadrillions and more are just the norm for these bloodsuckers of humanity. The secret space program, black projects and blackmailing, compromising and/or murdering anyone who gets in their way, the money trail has to be followed to unravel this centuries old financial scam. The people need to be freed once and for all.

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Gaia Portal ~ Thoroughfares of Energetic pathways have been cleared ~ 1/15/18


Thoroughfares of Energetic pathways have been cleared.

Higher Levelers are succeeding in the hu-being arena.

Nocturnal living is finished.

Levitations into Higher Consciousness become commonplace.

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Trump’s ‘Fake News Awards’ Could Violate Ethics Rules


This has me giggling – quite loudly.  The obvious reason ~ since when do these mainstream corporate media outlets follow ethics?  Isn’t that WHY they are referred to as “fake news”?  As my mate says, I hope he crushes them.  


Little is known about what the president intends to do Wednesday, but some experts aren’t taking it lightly.

Every awards show has its critics, but President Donald Trump’s much ballyhooed “Fake News Awards” has drawn attention from a group beyond the usual peanut gallery: ethics experts who say the event could run afoul of White House rules and, depending on what exactly the president says during the proceedings, the First Amendment.

The White House has not yet said what form the awards presentation, scheduled by Trump for Wednesday, may take. But Norman Eisen, the former special counsel for ethics for President Barack Obama, and Walter Shaub, the former head of the Office of Government Ethics, have both tweeted that if White House staff members were involved, they would be in violation of the executive branch’s Standards of Ethical Conduct, which ban employees from using their office for “the endorsement of any product, service or enterprise.”

Richard Painter, an ethics lawyer in the George W. Bush administration, agreed, telling POLITICO that there were plenty of valid reasons for executive branch employees to use their position to criticize private enterprises — if a bus company were violating federal safety regulations, for instance — but that helping put on an event to bash the media would not qualify.

“There has to be a legitimate official government reason for the position you’re taking with the respect to the particular company,” Painter said. “But here the only reason is they don’t like the coverage of the president.”

The president is not subject to the executive branch ethical standards, but all other White House staffers are. Ethics experts say that if the undertaking were carried out exclusively by political staff from the Trump campaign or the Republican National Committee — and not government employees in the White House — there would be no problem.

The issue, Eisen said, is “if the president enlists others in government to use government time or government resources to attack certain media outlets, while implicitly preferring others.”

Dan Scavino, the White House director of social media and an assistant to the president, has tweeted that he has nothing to do with the awards, saying that “it’s from a campaign,” though it was not clear exactly what he was referring to.

A Washington University School of Law ethics expert, Kathleen Clark, said that she agreed with Eisen and Shaub: Targeting specific news outlets by giving them “fake news awards” would represent a sort of “anti-endorsement,” she said, and would break the rules.

Not all experts agreed that the awards would violate executive branch standards. Richard Briffault, a professor at Columbia Law School and an ethics expert, said that White House staff members would be breaking the rules only if they endorsed or criticized an enterprise that had nothing to do with their jobs.

“Put me down as skeptical,” he said. “It’s got to be unrelated to the office. Criticizing the president’s critics strikes me as related to the office.

It is not reasonable to fully separate politics from governing, he said, “so long as we assume staff can be used for some political purposes, so long as there is a White House communications office and a White House political office — we’ve crossed that line a long time ago.”

Briffault said he did not see a particular difference between criticizing the media on Twitter or in an interview or briefing — as press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders does on a nearly daily basis — and being involved in Trump’s awards.

Eisen argued that if the president creates a whole show around bashing specific media outlets, “there is more formality to it.”

“When you elevate it into a program,” he said, “it becomes harder and harder to say it’s just the president bloviating and it feels more and more like official government activity.”

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Schumann Resonance ~ 1/15/18


About 20 minutes ago I began to “feel” just nice and sweet inside and something said “check the Schumann again”.  The site had been down earlier today so I checked again.  And here you go – a nice steady increase has just begun again.


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A Fun Exercise ~ What Do We Imagine New Earth To Be?


Image result for montana house on hill in forest image

(this image is pretty darn close ~ side of the house ~ tha

I was inspired to write this after hearing from one of you wonderful readers, saying it felt time now to focus solely on what we imagine New Earth/5D Gaia to be.  I think this is a very good idea.  I have written in the past about focusing on bringing this realm into our reality and what we imagine it to be.  I “feel” at this time the energies are much more supportive of this process.

For now, I will share what I have seen.  This is a repeat to some so please forgive me for that.  The first vision/dream goes back 10 years ~ this was long before I knew of “New Earth”.  I am in a large wooden house taking care of a group of kids.  All are in overalls.  I know one was mine – a girl (this was about 5 years prior to the birth of our daughter).  I feel different. New.  Very healthy and strong.  Content.  Free.  The energy of everything is different.  It is a very calm feel ~ and quite powerful in how palpable it is.

Outside the air is clean and smells wonderful.  Pure.  The house is surrounded by large pine trees.  The road out front is soft dirt.  I could not see other houses around although I know we have neighbors.  Just couldn’t see them from the house in this first experience.

The temperature is perfect – 70’s.  I sense a small downtown/town center to the right of the house, probably a mile away.

Inside the house has no furniture.  No wall hangings.  I am able to make peanut butter sandwiches for the kids simply by intending it.  I am amazed I have this ability.  I also feel I am just learning how to use it.  “Wow, I am manifesting all of this simply by using my thoughts!” I recall thinking as the Observer in the dream experience.

As I awakened, I knew this was more than a dream.  It was real.  I went someplace wonderful.  I set out to find it here in this realm.  I came up short each time I made this search.  I finally concluded where I was was not of or on this planet.

Two years later my mate had the same dream, down to the structure and the kids in the overalls.  I had not told him of my dream.  Like my feel, he too felt he was not on earth but rather on an earth-like planet/realm.

Since that time my mate has returned numerous times to explore the area (that’s who he is).  He has seen the ocean near our home.  I haven’t seen it but I have sensed it when I have returned.  Both of us have seen the dirt road and know it is the only kind of road there is.  No asphalt.  No concrete.  It is lovely!

There are small stores in town.  Mom and Pop types.  My mate has visited one a few times in his dream-state ~ it’s where he gets seeds.  There is no money exchanged.  You just go in and ask for what you want and it is given.

The one dream I recall where I visited the town I was in a diner.  I saw some very large hills close by ~ on the edge of town.  I was playing the piano for the diners.  There were about 10 people total inside.  It was wonderful. Small town, small community.  Quiet.  Serene.  I knew this was simply part of what I did in this new life of mine.

I have gone back to the house numerous times, both in the dream state and in my waking visions.  I have furnished it.  We have a food replicator, a door leading to a teleportation room, and this massive basement that I insist holds a flying craft.  We have both seen a large garden on our property as well as a creek.  In the last dream I had, I was standing in front of our beautiful, massive house.  There was a bit of snow on the ground.  I was so deeply content.  Deeply satisfied.  The feeling “there” is so palpable.  To my right was a very large covered wooden structure that held several cords of firewood.  I had on the same winter coat I currently have as well as an off-white pair of winter boots, which I did not own at the time.  That is until one day, weeks later, I was looking for a pair of winter boots and happened upon the exact pair of boots I had been wearing in my dream.  I now own them.  

It has been a very awesome surprise to learn others have had very similar experiences while in dream-state ~ down to the type and size of home, the smallness of the community AND the kids in overalls.  !!!

New Earth is Healed Earth.  Healed Humanity.  Free Humanity.

I am as ready as you are.  And I stand with you in bringing Her forth, in bringing us in Uniting with Her.  We wish to Go Home.

Let that moment be Now.

In gratitude~


What do YOU imagine New Earth to be?  Please share what you have seen and/or what you imagine/desire her to be?



Reverse Speech Analysis From The Dispatch Conversation for Honolulu and Maui scanner audio Hawaii response to the ballistic missile alert




Here are the reversals from the dispatch conversation for Honolulu and Maui dispatch scanner audio Hawaii response to the ballistic missile alert. Done by Naomi Longson and Tiffany Fontenot. I don’t have time to add the sound, but here are the reversals for those who’d like to read them. The Reverse Speech is basically telling us that the inbound missile was real. We also see they’re coaching themselves and each other not to be scared.

So, they state in different ways that they are lying about the missle being fake, they are trying to be brave, and are concerned about their families.

Also, the one reversal calling the missile a “demonic flash” indicates that the missle is a nuclear missile.

The dispatch video forward speech that was analyzed is here:

Image may contain: text

Sourced from here.

What’s Red Cross Doing With Boxes Full Of Sealed Dollars?


Pictures Taken On TV During Live CNN Broadcast of the Missile Alert in Hawaii


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Image may contain: sky

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Latest Q Posts ~ 1/14/18




TG departure [HEC].

NOT to testify.

NOT needed to testify.

Think logically.

NO NEED to step down if needed to TESTIFY.


What ROLE might TG be walking into?

Who can WE TRUST?

RATS everywhere.

EVIL everywhere.

TRAITORS everywhere.






Boards changed due to statements re: private comms – FALSE.

Boards changed due to failure to IDEN accurately.

Boards changed due to MISINFO.

Targeted approach to direct flow of info created.




MAJOR players here to distract, create doubt, and alter the direction.

SC: MISINFO everywhere.

SC: MISINFO from past reliable sources.

SC: AXIS OF EVIL can & will return FIRE [is].

SC: Seek immediate [F9-Sx_VB8239].




BEWARE of MAJOR FALSE FLAG attempts this week.

KNOW your surroundings.



Tactics shift to threats and hostages to obtain rogue_ops.

SILENCE [187] – no risk [no capture – dead on arrival].


SILENCE [LV witnesses]?





The Amazing Benefits of Coconut Oil ~ See The Latest Discovery…


I swear by this stuff…  I read a piece last year written by a doctor who reversed her husband’s alzheimer’s disease by giving him 2T of coconut oil per day.  


Today the most frequently diagnosed cancers is the colorectal cancer. Only in the United States there are around 40.000 new cases of rectal cancer and around 95.000 new cases of colon cancer. Unfortunately more than half of those cases will end up fatal. That is because of the fact that chemotherapy and surgery are not 100% effective and that is the only bad thing about them – they can be the reason for numerous side effects which can only worsen the person’s condition.

And what was discovered that had cancer-killing abilities is the lauric acid that can be found in the coconut oil. This was discovered by American scientists and it was discovered that 90 percent of the cancer cells were destroyed by that component in just two days. The study was under hermetic conditions and they were performed in a Petri dish.

And further studies are needed to examine the cancer-killing abilities of coconut oil, but because of lack of financials that is not possible right now and the pharmaceutical companies do not want to help because they want to sell their products of course, and with this their profit will be lower.

But that is not the only health benefit that we can obtain from the coconut oil. It can even boost the immune system and the lauric acid besides in coconut oil it can be found in breast milk as well. The coconut oil has been tested in treating other health conditions such as Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, chronic illnesses, viral diseases (herpes, hepatitis C) and gallbladder infections, and it proved to be also effective.

To sum up, the coconut oil is a really effective alternative to the medications for treating different health problems, and not only that it can be good alternative for the pharmaceutical products, but it can be also be good alternative for the cosmetic products as well. For example the coconut oil is effective in making the hair shiny and silky and plus it is a wide-known remedy for skin blemishes.

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