‘Marshall attack’: Assange sends Twitter into frenzy of speculation over chessboard


I heard that “Casaplanca” translates to “White Hats” although I have not been able to verify this.  Casa in spanish translates to “house”.  Google search is of no help (of course).  


Published time: 13 Jan, 2018 10:25
Julian Assange has once again sent Twitter into a frenzy of speculation with another cryptic tweet – this time posting an image of a famous chess strategy, prompting suggestions the whistleblower is preparing ‘checkmate’.

The chessboard tweeted by Assange, unaccompanied by any text, shows a move from the Capablanca vs Marshall chess game of 1918 – considered one of the greatest defensive games of all time.

The story goes that then-reigning US champion Frank Marshall spent years planning a surprise attack against Cuban rival José Raúl Capablanca, even avoiding playing the move in earlier matches so that he could spring it suddenly on his opponent at the right moment.

Nevertheless, Capablanca (represented on the board by white pieces) skilfully defeated Marshall’s attack and went on to win the game.

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Brief Video ~ The Storm Hits January 15th


I know I speak for many when I say “BRING IT”.  The time is NOW for full Truth which leads to Freedom.


Brief Video: THE STORM Hits January 15

Published on Jan 9, 2018

Schumann Resonance ~ 1/13/18


Thank you Gaia.  I requested a nice spike for my birthday/incarnation day.  


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Current Experiences and Energies


Sleep, Child, Girl, Blanket, Sleeping

I really wanted to share an article I just finished reading as it perfectly describes what I am experiencing, but I can’t use it to promote myself on a blog or website so instead I will just share my own recent journey.

Just when I begin to question this ascension/change/transition, I seem to get hit hard with proof showing me it is foolish to question the reality of it.    Then I will often “find” an article detailing what I am experiencing ~ down to new/strange experiences, as I did w/the above referenced article.

Currently I am experiencing a lot of bloating as in O M G.  Food sensitivities perhaps ~ noticing that a lot right now.  Either I am not hungry or I am ravished.  Fruit continues to be the center of my cravings/dietary needs ~ that and parmesan cheese and the proverbial dark chocolate w/nuts.  And sourdough toast w/butter.

Headaches/pressure in my cranium.  And while the fatigue has returned, it has taken on a new level.  When it hits me, which I don’t know when, I absolutely need to sleep right there and then.  I can push myself for awhile until I am literally falling asleep where I am.  Yesterday I crashed so suddenly and hard, apparently I slept for an hour.  I don’t remember falling asleep ~ just know that I suddenly crawled into my daughter’s bed mumbling “mama needs to rest right now” and that’s about all I recall. When I opened my eyes I thought 5 minutes had passed.  That is until I looked at the clock and noticed I had been z’ing for 60 minutes.  It is like I am being forced to sleep. I have had an on-going “feel” for a good year now that the closer we get to this transition/solar flash event, the more we will be called to sleep.  Getting out of bed so far in this month of January in the year 2018 has been a huge challenge most mornings.  HUGE HUGE HUGE More days lately my mate and I say we just want to sleep until the transition/event.

I am also purging things out of my body more than normal some days.  I will just leave it at that.  Indeed unusual!

Itching continues, although it is quiet today.  A few nights ago, around 1am, I began to itch all over ~ sides, legs, back and especially my head.  My mate experienced the same thing at around the same time.  The only feel/visual I get on this is crystalline energies coming online in my body, replacing the carbon-based structure.  Unless (and until perhaps) I feel/learn different, this is the analysis I continue to provide.

Please feel free to share your experiences.  I love to hear them!  I could share more of my own but to be honest, I am wiped out and my brain and body is saying “STOP” so stop I will.

Love, peace and freedom~



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Today, January 11, 2018, on a energetic level is a very powerful day.   It coincides with my article I wrote yesterday about the Jewish New Year of 5778, and how it connects to this year, and the changing of the energetic vibration of our infinity symbol.

We have the 11th day of the 1st month in a 11 year.  This gives us a total of 5 1’s.  5 is the number of change, and things are certainly changing, but this type of change has been a long awaiting one.  Jewish scholars have been writing about this time since the original separation of the waters of the firmament took place.   They have been waiting for this year of 5778 for the two calendars to merge.   These 2 calendars can kind of be considered timelines on a broader scale I suppose.  But they really are the waters of the firmament that are joining in a Hiero Gamos union.  My friend Sanna showed me a video about how over the past few days many strange water anomalies have taken place.  I didn’t know about this when I wrote my article, and I am glad.  It may have polluted my information that I was receiving.  But, we have physical evidence that this change is occuring.  It is not just our imagination or delusion.

Let’s look at 11.1.11.  The 2 pairs of ones each represent one of the calendars.  The group of ones on the right represent the past when the split occurred and infinity fell on it’s side.  Which was our fall in consciousness.  The group of ones on the left represent the upward infinity with it’s new energy vibration.  Each of these groups were major portals that lead us to different experiences.  The portal that took us to the fall in consciousness was devastating, however, we now have the current portal on the left which represents our return.  This portal is open all year, and I feel it will never close.  The 1 in the middle represents how these 2 portals are actually combined.  One leads to the other, in a cycle.

Cyclic events like this one are very powerful.  Whether we like it or not, we are a product of our past.  Not just as a society, but on a personal level as well.  Today is a day where our past collides with our present, and makes way for our future.  This is true for our Earth, but it is also true for us on a personal level.  We are a microcosm of the macrocosm.

Today 2 worlds literally collide to create the true Golden Age.  This is the day to make peace with the past.  For our planet and for our lives.  This planet’s past has been very difficult, because we fell very deep into the darkness of the abyss.  The deeper the fall the higher the potential for a momentous rise.  And that is what this planet did, and today makes this official.

This is the first day of the real clean slate.  Today is the energetic Gate that the Jewish Scholars have been waiting for.  They call it Heaven’s Gate.  When the infinity loop fell, I wrote how people could not easily obtain liberation from reincarnation.  With the upward infinity inplace and combined with 5778, the Gate, which is the MuChord is 100% functional.  Freedom is here.

I recommend taking time to meditate, contemplate and put your new outlook into your daily life.  See your past as the amazing portal that taught you life lessons.  Forgive and let it go.  It is gone.  It made you who you are now.  You can’t change the past, you can only change your emotional reaction to it.  This is what our planet is doing on a energetic level today.  It rose from the ashes and now it is integrating both calendars.

The highest level of wisdom to obtain from today, is to see that one is not bad, and one is not good.  They are both energy, and can be transmuted and used for different purposes.  Energy is energy, it is our perception through suffering that places labels.  The Earth is merging what is seen and felt as a negative calendar with what is seen and felt as a positive calendar.  But the Earth knows ultimately it is all just a learning experience, and nothing is permanent.

Today is an excellent day for writing down what you can do NOW, to create your desired future.  Not a wish list for a possible future.  Today is a day of taking action, so look at what can you do now.  Write it down and then do it.  Today is also a perfect day for rituals of manifestation such as candle magic, and also healing rituals.

Enjoy the day of two worlds colliding.  This vibrational energetic event will never happen again on this current planet.

To Infinity And Beyond,

Lisa Rising Berry

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Why The Occult Elite are Losing


Thank you Robin for passing this one along to me to share…


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Hubris, overconfidence, recklessness, and unrestrained corruption have disrupted their delicate duality balancing act. Chaos exposed spells doom for the New World Order.

By David Nova | from Deus Nexus

There are probably a myriad of inter-connected reasons why the Occult Elite/the Illuminati/the Powers That Be are quickly becoming the Powers That Were. I am going to write about just one – their own sloppiness.

In the past, I have written quite extensively about the subjects of duality, balance, order vs chaos. These are the prominent themes in my metaphysical novels and in many of my articles.

Many people likely believe that members of the illuminati/the occult elite subscribe to a philosophy/religion that values darkness over light, evil over goodness, crime over law & order.  Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simplistic. There are probably local level satanic sects that prioritize the dark side over the light, but if you study the occult elite and their symbols you know that duality is very important to them. This is apparent in the symbolism of Freemasonry, the two columns of Boaz and Jachin, which represent the left and right-hand paths, also the black and white checkered floor pattern which represents duality. This symbolism has become ubiquitous in Hollywood films and music videos. It is heavily used in MK Ultra or Monarch mind control programming.

Why is Duality Important to the Occult Elite?

Because they understand and utilize a form of sacred science that stems from either the Kabbala or other ancient mystery schools. They understand the union of opposites. They understand that by creating false dualities they can divide, conquer, and control the masses. They understand the power of duality to trigger people’s emotional states and manipulate their minds. They make use of duality and the union of opposites, as a means to a diabolical end. This has been their time-honored formula:

Problem + Reaction = Solution 

Chaos + Insufficient Old Order = New Order 

Terrorism + Institutions caught off guard = Global surveillance & police state

Excerpt from: Transcending The Duality ParadigmBody-of-Opposites

The triangle is a sacred form because it illustrates this principle of integration – the integration of dualities, rising to a new higher vibration of consciousness.  The ascension process requires the integration of our various internal dualities.

Positive + Negative = Balanced State
Divine Masculine + Divine Feminine = Divine Union
Order + Chaos = Synchronicity

The darkness uses an inversion, or a perversion, of this process, a synthesis to create a lower vibration of fear.

Problem + Reaction = Solution = A New Order out of Chaos

Representation of credit image from “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”

Working with Duality Requires Great Discipline

This formula has been working for the occult elite quite successfully for hundreds, if not thousands of years. However, it was a very slow process, a multi-generational process. It required extreme discipline and personal sacrifice. It required entire generations to work toward a distant future goal they would never see realized in their own lifetime. It required couples to marry by arrangement, families to sacrifice their own children. It required the utmost secrecy, oaths of absolute loyalty upon pain of torture and death. It required a careful facade, a foolproof masquerade – upstanding and devout citizens by day, cruel and degenerate monsters by night. It required a very delicate duality balancing act.

Immoral conduct in the extreme (rape, pedophilia, torture, murder, cannibalism) unleashes great personal and social chaos. Discipline in the extreme requires a fervent order. It is this extreme discipline of order, harsh rules and penalties of elite conduct, that prevents the chaos of their criminality from being discovered and exposed. This is why they must control both the police and the courts to protect their criminal syndicates. The occult elite represent both sides of this duality in the extreme. One side must balance the other or else their entire house of cards crumbles to the ground. Why do you think it’s called the New World Order?

For every national or international goal, they’ve had to carefully balance these delicate forces of order and chaos. These were not impulsive, reckless people. They were highly intelligent slaves to a multi-generational agenda that required insidious cunning, absolute secrecy, lifetime loyalty, extreme discipline, and a perfect balancing act. This is perhaps why they have been successful for so long.

Excerpt from: CHAOS, ORDER, and the Transformation of Humanity

While the current world stage is largely a carefully scripted drama created by the occult elite to achieve their agenda of a New World Order, and thus their twisted Transformation, they are working with cosmic forces that are beyond their control. And these cosmic forces have their own agenda when higher consciousness is added to the mix.

Cosmic forces, such as Chaos and Order, are neither good nor evil. However, they can be channeled by fear into a duality of good vs evil. The energy of Chaos can be destructive or creative, resulting in terrorism or liberation. The energy of Order can be used beneficially to structure society or negatively to imprison individuality.

What Happened? Perhaps They Lost Their Discipline

So what happened to the occult elite? Why are they suddenly losing? Hillary Clinton is what happened.

Perhaps an ironic twist of fate occurred while the occult elite were deviously scheming to destroy western civilization and the middle class. While they were busy destroying our values, weakening our families, shortening our attention spans, dulling our intelligence, poisoning our food, making our air and water toxic, turning us into television zombies, into clueless narcissists addicted to social media – they themselves became weak and foolish as well. They swallowed some of their own poison. They lost sight of their principles of extreme discipline. Giving in to the temptation of extreme personal corruption they became careless.

Hillary Clinton should probably be the poster child for careless elite corruption, or as the FBI discovered, “gross negligence” – from personal email servers, to Benghazi, to the Uranium One deal, to the Clinton Foundation’s pay-to-play schemes, to a rigged Democratic primary, to a trail of mysterious murders, to John Podesta’s emails, to Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner’s laptop. And the list goes on and on.

The lengths to which the deep state and the controlled mainstream media have gone to protect and defend Hillary Clinton is a testament to how careless she has been, how desperate the situation has become for them. She has opened Pandora’s box, and they can no longer shut it, seal it, or pretend it doesn’t exist. It is exploding for all to see.

Hubris, overconfidence, recklessness, and unrestrained corruption have disrupted their delicate duality balancing act, so much so that this carelessness may have provided an opening for their downfallarrestdetention, prosecution, exposure, and in some cases perhaps even execution, a unique opportunity that simply wasn’t possible until now.

In proper context, the current generation of occult elite believed that they would finally see their long-awaited end game achieved – a New World Order.  Certainly, Hillary Clinton was among them. The overconfidence is abundantly apparent – the onslaught of Hollywood occult, mind control, and pedophile sickness that has infested every aspect of our media. The hubris of a public display of Hollywood Spirit Cooking. The recklessness of emailing known pedophile code words and symbols. The unrestrained corruption of human and child trafficking. The horrific tragedy of our times is that it has taken an unimaginable genocide of children for these monsters to expose themselves. With hope, determination, and diligence, they will be brought down.

Has The Other Side Gained Extreme Discipline?

This was not meant to be a political post, rather an analysis of the psychological forces at work beneath the headlines. unfortunately, everything has become political these days. Yet, it has been said before, and it is worth repeating until every reader understands, that when the truth finally comes out, there will no longer be any Republicans or Democrats, Conservatives or Liberals. There will be serious crimes revealed on both sides of the political aisle. This false duality that divides us will eventually crumble. There will simply be a shocked and awakened public, some who are more prepared for these revelations, yet so many more who are not.

Whether you love him or hate him, and there are plenty of reasons to dislike him, if President Donald Trump miraculously manages to expose and defeat the occult elite networks in America, eventually leading to their exposure and defeat abroad, he will go down in history as the greatest president who ever lived. Make no mistake about that. Is there any other presidential legacy worthy of the history books right now? Ask yourself, does he already know this? Is that why he is unconcerned how he appears in our biased multimedia hive mind? Does he in fact court their disdain? Does he use it like a weapon to further unbalance them? To make them careless. To let down their guard and make mistakes? Have we not already seen the evidence?

With the dramatic unbalancing of the occult elites, I have to wonder if there has been a greater internal balancing act on the other side, on what has been termed the White Hats, the Alliance, or simply patriots. If Trump is in fact a high level Freemason, then he already understands the balance of opposites.

Have the White Hats learned to internalize the balance between order and chaos? Do they purposely seed confusion and disinformation toward an end goal of entrapping the occult elite? This requires a great deal of personal discipline, extreme patience, high integrity, clear resolve, deep commitment, as well as immense trust.

What separates the false, controlled duality of White Hats and Black Hats in the film Captain America: The Winter Soldier, who are manipulated by the schemes of the occult elite toward the desired goal of NWO?  An internal awakening does. If the White Hats by large, have woken up and realize how have been played in the past, perhaps they now realize the need to do their own internal balancing act, reversing the process, thus applying the discipline of order and the distraction of chaos to dismantle this corrupt duality game.

Has this occurred? I believe that it has. I believe we are seeing the evidence of this internal global awakening. Yet the game plays on. In the end, we are divine beings, taking on this human form upon this mortal stage, to play out this temporal game, to rediscover who we truly are, to take back the sovereignty that was always ours to begin with. To rise up to the next level of our spiritual evolution in unity, beyond duality. In this quest, the darkness has served us well.

About the Author

David Nova is the author of the metaphysical fiction series “Season of the Serpent.”  He is a truth-seeker, a Wanderer, a blogger, and the moderator of Deus Nexus: Messages For An Entangled Universe.  For additional information about the author or his novels, visit his website, or his Facebook page.

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Interesting Julian Assange Tweet


I am not much of a chess player so I searched for people who are (or at least know about it more than I do).  “black king has only one move left before the white queen moves down to checkmate him (or the white knight moves to reveal the white rook). that should do it!” …  “After Na3 the queen is forced to go to e2 and then after Rh1 there’s a threat of mate on h7 so the black queen has to check on e4, but then the white king is safe in the back rank and black’s bishop is still trapped. That’s the best I could do lol sorry. I couldn’t find a forced mate but black is clearly lost.”  …  “Just 2, knight to a3 check, king to e2 forced, queen to f3 checkamte. It can be delayed 1 move by using the rook, but same outcome. The black rook or bishop would be trapped by the white rook, causing checkmate at queen f3.”


#SH_THOLE: Trump Trolls MSM In Advance of #FIREWORKS MLK Day 1/15/18


I really like her style.  Check her out if you haven’t already.  She offers an eloquent insightful perspective….  If this nonsense brings attention to the real truth of what has happened in Haiti resulting from the Clinton Foundation and Red Cross, so be it.  …  Next Wednesday, the 17th, POTUS said would be the Fake News Media awards ~ which he postponed from the 8th, saying “the interest in, and importance of, these awards is far greater than anyone could have anticipated.”  He needs to do something and asap as these deep state and media bullies need to be shown to all for who they are.    I feel next week could prove interesting ~ with the looming possible shutdown (fed gov’t. funded until the 19th) and now the DACA legislation presented to POTUS fell short of what he asked for….


#SH_THOLE: Trump Trolls MSM In Advance of #FIREWORKS MLK Day 1/15/18

Published on Jan 12, 2018

Trumps Melts Down The World Media


More trolling perhaps?  Who knows.  There is no proof he said the term, he has denied saying it.  Much ado about nothing in the grand scheme of what’s going on behind the scenes.  I said on a social media page:  this country turned into a shithole given the media is a shithole and the talking pundits are shitholes as well. politics is a shithole. banks are shitholes. the education system is a shithole. our air and waterways are shitholes as are the shitholes who have polluted them. is it ok of me to say these things or is that politically incorrect too?

If he did use the term, is that the best term to use?  Perhaps.  Perhaps not.  I continue to say I would rather have someone give me the truth of what they think instead of using fancy polished politically-correct words.

Looks like another distraction.  You know deep state people are desperate if they are freaking out over a swear word.  Where is this outrage over child trafficking?  Hmmm?


Trump Melts Down World Media!

Published on Jan 12, 2018


#Q: The REAL “PSYOP” Exposed


Good insights…


#Q: The REAL ‘PSYOP’ Exposed.

Published on Jan 12, 2018