Power Outage Hits New Orleans’ Armstrong International Airport


Another one, eh?  Power has since been restored…


Holiday travelers at the New Orleans’ Armstrong International Airport were left in the dark during a power outage New Year’s Day.

By Paige Austin, Patch Staff  | Updated 

NEW ORLEANS, LA — New Orleans’ Armstrong International Airport went dark News Year’s Day thanks to a power outage.

Airport spokesperson Michelle Wilcut told The New Orleans Advocate the outage affected “different sectors” of the facility before power was restored by 2 p.m. Monday.

Officials have not announced a cause for the power outage. Passengers began tweeting about the power outage shortly after noon on Monday.

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Instructions for Opening Up Your Portal


Well, that was an easy, divinely guided find.  Here you go.  I am intending for the timeline to  now speed up to end the rounding up of the dark ones/those committing the atrocities on the people and releasing the healing tech, the financial abundance and freedom for ALL.  NOW.  And the revealing of our New Earth Realm NOW.  


We suggest for All to open their Portals asap.

Here is how.



Each of You has an active portal, You always did. Your portal is unseen by the naked eye and is Your connection to Your Higher Self and High Realm/Source. You mostly have an anchored portal where You reside that You subconsciously/Soul level draw upon for upgrades and conscious travel. There is a flow between You and this Portal always and You have another portal attached to You that goes where You go. Upon raising Higher in vibration, You connect the two portals into one and they are with You everywhere You go, with the big one that was stationary, being able to be temporarily opened by You anywhere. Your portal provides access to ALL Your Gifts and Divine Knowledge as well as Your Akashic Record. When One is ready, they are introduced to their portal. These portals are also boosters for Your Divine Energy work.

The most efficient and powerful way to open Your Portal, (and this will not work if You are not pure enough of heart yet, follow the simple instructions to get to this level) is by this exercise. Locate on Your property where Your portal may be if You do not already KNOW. Do this by following intuition and the senses, or what other methods You may choose(perhaps point and ask Your messaging system what direction). Go to what is the center and relax standing up, palms outstretched somewhat upward. Breath in and out regularly, slowing down the breathing. Take a deep breath inward and then exhale, when You have exhaled all the air that You thought was in Your lungs, exhale a bit more, because there is stagnant air left in the bottom of the lungs, that needs to come out, creating a full fresh intake of air for the next steps. It is important to get as much of this stagnant air out because its CHARGE has been reduced by being inside of You and is exhausted of its energy potential.

So, relax again and get the breathing normal, inhaling and exhaling a little more air than what was normal before. NOW You are ready. While standing with arms outstretched from Your sides with palms upward, take a deep breath inward while at the same time imagining energy being taken in through every pore of Your body. Imagine at the same time that the air You are bringing in is going to Your Heart center. Push this air up to the RIGHT side of Your brain and imagine this air turning into Light Energy, then bring it back down to heart center as You exhale energizing the exhale with Love from Your heart, and blow towards the ground. Repeat this complete breathing exercise 3 times if You can, then rest. If You were successful in this attempt, You will notice a difference in the sky directly above You, like if some sort of portal is there. It is best for You to initially attempt this on a cloudy day/night, for if successful, You will see the clouds open up to clear sky. You may also see unexpected guests like animals, Angels or Light Beings. It is not limited to what You may see in good things connected to You opening Your Divine Portal. Again, You can blatantly see how this Divine mechanism cannot be utilized by the Dark, for again, its success depends upon the purity of the heart.

Portals and You


Moments after writing up my previous piece about my portal activation experience, I ran across Rick Jewer’s latest.  Sharing.



As You are aware, there are a variety of Divine Portals. Mostly, and perhaps most pertinent to this Now and this group, there have been 3 types of Divine Portals worked upon by You. The first of the Portals that You are able to Activate and open to higher degrees, is Your own personal Portal that is with You wherever You may be. The second Portal is mostly a stationary Portal of Yours that is anchored close to Your residence. The third Portal is a Master Portal, of which is opened in locations around Gaia by You physically being in the location, and a certain Mastery is required to open such.

There is an order to be followed in opening these 3 varieties of Portals, and the Master Portal is a result of Your growth from the initial and secondary Portal results.

NOTE; The descriptions of these Portals and there respective connections and functions are simplified into a perception that may be more easily understood at this time. As You develop further, that perception will change for each of You as Your own KNOWING analyzes and sorts out the dynamics. Although individual perceptions may vary as You go forward, the perceptions are all correct and converge into one later. Perceptions of this are customized by You and for You, and everyone’s perception is correct for them.

During the last few weeks, many of You were introduced to Your Individual Portal and Now acknowledge that they DO exist. This was a huge leap forward for You, in Knowing and Empowerment. You need to Know how things really work, so that You may more efficiently continue Your Divine work and make Your existence here, a much more favorable one. By activating and using Your Portals, becoming more familiar with their purposes, You are able to effect and Create from the strongest position ever as a Humanoid. Your influences upon the surface will surpass everything that was ever imaginable by You and the Masses.

Your Individual Portal has many functions that are all connected to Your Energetic Field. One simple way to look at Your Now activated to Higher degrees Individual Portal, is that it is an energizing complement for/of You. Simply by Knowing it is there You enhance Your abilities at recharging and bringing in higher energy to assist in Your daily applications of energy, ie; healing of others. But, it is NOT limited to just healing others, You may actually draw from Your Individual Portal, the energy to seed Timelines with good intent events. This means, that You have the ability to alter events and change the polarity of events, before they even happen. For example; You wish to go to a store but wish not to be in heavy traffic, You simply energize Your field in through Your Portal, Portal being most easily envisioned just above Your head as a funnel that the energy pours into and put out the intent from the heart in a pulse, that You will have an unobstructed route available for You. So essentially, Your Individual Portal is a charging unit for You and is also connected to Your Stationary Portal ON AN INVISIBLE ENERGY STREAM. You may wish to envision an extension cord plugged into You at all times and the other end plugged into Your Stationary Portal. So, at all times You are receiving and transmitting feed from and to, the Stationary Portal, which is connected to the Etheric Realm. To open/activate this Individual Portal, You essentially only need to Know that it exists, then You begin utilizing and strengthening it with what information arrives for You, through various means.

Your Stationary Portal is anchored close to Your residence where You usually sleep. This Portal is Directly connected to the Etheric Realm, and the Christ Consciousness is a part of this Etheric Realm. You are fully tapped into this Stationary Portal while sleeping and Your consciousness then actually travels through this Portal transcending ALL TIME AND SPACE. This Stationary Portal has always been there beside You subconsciously and over the course of Your life, if You moved to a new place, it came and settled in with You. It is NOW time for You to KNOW of its existence and CONSCIOUSLY become aware of its functions and Divine Powers, that are Yours. By activating this recently, You actually were recognizing it and connecting to it on a higher level, a conscious level, to become more familiar with it for future Divine purpose and Divine intent. It is through this Portal that You are able to retrieve aspects of Your Akashic and all memory associated with You, it is Your stronger connection to who You actually are, Your Divinity and of course, Your OWN connection to Source/God(perhaps You could say, it is Your private channel to Source as well ).

For those transient/nomadic upon Gaia, Your Stationary Portal follows YOU and/or, stays with You, and is anchored each time You sleep.

The Master Portals require a certain Mastery/Prowess and combination of having the Individual and Stationary Portals activated to Higher degrees. Although You all are Ascended Masters, Your present vibration and inner work dictates the degree of Your present Prowess and Your success at powering Master Portals. This is NOT to say that You did NOT open some Master Portals, it is to say that these Portals effects/prowess depend upon You. By KNOWING the above information pertaining to Your Individual/Stationary Portals, as part of Your Knowledge, it directly effects appreciably, the functioning of any Master and other Portals opened by You. Master Portals are Creation Portals which apply Divine principle to the Timelines and replenish wildlife, but certainly, not limited to.

The stronger You become, the stronger All Portals opened by You, become. It is through these 3 Portals (Master, Individual, Stationary) that YOU continue Your Divine Purpose, but working from Higher Creational levels, where things are favorably changed, BEFORE THEY HAPPEN. We will be going in deeper to plant the Divine seeds that Create the NEW, free of corruption and encompassing all the civilized aspects, which include sharing, compassion, equality, Unity, etc. You are bestowed with the Divine Gifts to Create the New Divine World. You are the Light, You are invincible, the Darkness MUST fall at Your feet.

Your recent endeavors of opening so many Portals around Gaia, has CHANGED everything. No longer is Humanity in the enslavement loop, it has been completely broken. As more and more of the ~ 3.43 million activate their Portals to Higher Degrees, Divine change is instantly reflected into and upon the current Timelines. Chains of Gaia are being rapidly thrown off that enable her to more rapidly fully take Her place in the 5D Spectrum and Humanity catches up with Universal evolution. More and More Light Children are being born to these Timelines, these Children are Higher evolved Incarnates that are to be fully honored and respected as the Ones to assure the freedom and evolution of the Humanoid experience. Share with YOUR Children what You KNOW.

Love and Light

Sourced from here.

It’s A Now Year And Here Is What’s Up


Image result for chevy chase christmas vacation image


Hello and greetings as we continue to shift and transition and release and celebrate.  A few things to share with you all.

My itching returned after several days of reprieve.  Same locations.  This time I decided to check out my body visually and see if I could get a read.  My feel?  Expansion.  My body is elongating.

Here is another strange, new phenomenon I just noticed in the last 48 hours – twice.  If I hadn’t read of others having this same rather bizarre experience, I would have perhaps had some concern.  The experience?  I notice a burning smell ~ similar to the smell when the curling iron burns the hair.  I noticed it two nights ago and again last night.  It’s brief (thankfully).  I read a fellow ascension warrior’s social media page, where others were reporting this experience, and she said it is the changing over from carbon-based to crystalline-based.  It is temporary and nothing to fear.  What’s interesting is no one else around can smell it ~ as was verified in this house.  My mate couldn’t smell a thing and he has a hyper-sensitive sense of smell ~ much more sensitive than mine.

Last week I read about people having their personal portal’s located on their property.  I have discussed this before after having my own experience seeing a portal out in front of my house and having some interesting experiences while in meditation/relaxation and one while asleep.  I read after people had done this, they noticed the skies clearing up, the sun coming out and the like.  I was dubious as to all of that but decided today to give it a try.  It was a totally intuitive, in the moment experience.  I was walking out back, alone, stopped to look at the sky and something said “activate the portal”.  So I did the guided breathing exercise and waited.  A grumbling “this is ridiculous nothing is going to happen” story but I let it flow through me, willed myself to “allow” and got into that silent space.

As I did, I swear to you the sun suddenly got very bright.  Even with my eyes closed it all but blinded me.  It was like it, well, “spoke” to me.  It felt like that moment in the Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation movie where, after effort after effort to get his holiday lights to actually work, his wife finally figures out the problem, turns on the light switch just as he, in a last moment of frustration, connects the cords and Hallelujah!  The lights turn on.  I stood there, hand shielding my eyes, saying “NO FRIGGING WAY!  This is NOT a coincidence!”

I stood there, taking it in, then asked “ok what next?” and felt/heard nothing.  It was then that the sun dimmed again and a few minutes later, I went inside.

I will share my experience with those who had their own similar and if I hear any intel/news/useful information I will share it.  If you wish to do this experience, I will tell you what I did.  It may not be word for word what I originally read (and I am too lazy to find the original guidance), but it is the basics of what to do.  Intention, I feel, is what is most important.

  1. Stand up, hands out to the side.  I think he said palms up, but I did it palms down.  (I forgot that part).
  2. Take a deep breath into the lungs.  After you let out the breath, when you feel you have released all of the air, go deeper and force out the remaining air.  Trust me – it’s there.  Repeat.  Then relax.
  3. I then imagined energy from the earth coming up my left side, guiding it into the right portion of my brain and out into the earth again.

In my mind I silently stated “activate portal” a few times.  Then I just stood there and allowed.

That’s it!

If you do this, let me know your experience.  And if I happen upon his instructions, I will update this and share.

For now, I am continued to be reminded of how Powerful I Am.  Using this Creative Power wisely, consciously, with full intention.  Remembering. Allowing all to come back “online”.  And Knowing my Original which reminds me all of this is my inherent Gift to use for creating and experiencing all that I wish and desire.

Happy New Everything.  



Thank you for supporting my work.


An Article Detailing Trump’s COVFEFE Tweet


Remember when DJT tweeted in May “Despite the negative press covfefe” ~ then removed it 12 hours later?  It seems this was, perhaps, another one of his strategic moves.  Click on the link below to read an interesting analysis and see the actual bill that was created as a result.  You cannot make this stuff up…  (And check out Scott Anthony if you haven’t already ~ he is quite insightful.)

Here is the article in its entirety.

Sarah Huckabee ~ WH Briefing On Aliens~ “I feel like I already want to pass on this question given that you’ve aliens sitting among you.”


She says it so matter-of-factly and no one in the press calls her on it.  


WH briefing – ufo’s and aliens

Published on Dec 19, 2017


The Vision Alignment Project ~ A Vision for the Healing of Families


The Vision Alignment Project

A Vision for the Healing of Families

The following Vision comes to you from Pernille Therkildsen in Denmark. Thank you so much, Pernille, for sharing your beautiful Vision with us. We intend that it goes out far and wide, and that the world is a better place because of what you have written here.

We envision a world where all families have come together in love and peace. All pain, blaming of others and injustice is forgiven, and we realize that we are here to help and love each other. We accept that we are all on different paths and are therefore reminded that there is no such thing as judgment of one another. We no longer separate ourselves from our family – we create integration, revealing our true selves in pure compassion for our mother, father, sisters, brothers, children, cousins and everyone else that we have relations with.

When we meet each other on our way, we see others shine their true light as we ourselves shine back, creating even higher vibrations of love and truth. Happy families all around the Earth join each other in helpfulness and for the highest of all good. We exist for the sole purpose of happiness within ourselves and our relations: families, friendships, and partnerships.

As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too! 
You can align with this Vision
by double-clicking the “YES!” Button below.


Clicking the YES Button will also show you the Total Alignments.





UPDATE:  We were duped with this one.  The Deep State created this lie to make those in the alternative communities look like fools.  But who really are the fools?  Those who make an innocent mistake and can own it or those who lie and deceive in order to mislead a truth-seeking populace? Apparently they are also making fake radio broadcasts.  Check out this awesome video by another truth-seeker who also feel for the story.


Heads up peeps.  I linked a video by BPEarthwatch here, which included a Q stop from 12/25 with the following drop:  “Operational_window(5-6)FDeltaC25-26.  Secured.  Floor is yours.”  Check out this video below and see the (possible) connection…



Published on Dec 31, 2017


1000s of small moving objects engulf satellite as it is released into outer space!




1000s of small moving objects engulf satellite as it is released into outer space!

Published on Dec 31, 2017

BZ Riger ~ Exploring: Does Anybody Know The United States is Under a State of Emergency? …


What is interesting to me, but not surprising, is how no one has heard of this E/O ~ except for those who are in the truth community.  Mainstream isn’t touching it.  I wonder why…Image result for hmmmm image


Exploring: Does Anybody Know The United States is Under a State of Emergency? …

Published on Dec 31, 2017