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I had to giggle at the synchronicity of Life as I read the two paragraphs below, as part of a piece I read on a friends facebook page.  It coincides with my previous piece about feeeeeling our way through this process.  I also deeply appreciated the comments on feeling “stuck” and not planning for future events of a 3D reality ~ very much validated and resonated. If you have access to facebook, you can read the entire piece here. 


The “transition” involves many changes inside the physical vessel, which range from neural pathways being reconfigured within the Human brain and the splitting and realignment of the DNA stranding, essentially, evolution of the Humanoid body. You are always undergoing “upgrades” of some sort, as Your Humanoid body undergoes significant change internally. For some of these “upgrades’, incubation periods/rest periods and integration periods are involved, that will reflect in outward behaviour and physical feelings within the body. Senses of being “lost” or in a “void” are common at these Times. Also, Importantly, there becomes long periods of Time, that individuals experience feeling “stuck” or “without purpose”, and even confusion, Again, this is All part of the process. This part of the “process” is merely a waiting period, a waiting period to allow others to catch up, a waiting period to allow for futuristic events to unfold favorably for You and others, a waiting period for Your 5D Tributaries to come into full alignment, to lay out before You. You do Not try to control Your future from a Humanoid logical standpoint, once You Know that You are Divine, a Soul, etc. Logic is a primitive term that does not apply to the Ascension process and the alignment of Angelics into their New Timelines/missions and Purpose. Divinity and the Universe, if You will, sets out Your course, the direction You must follow. As You become more of an “Angelic”, Your Timeline/s are constantly orchestrated in a Divine way, where nothing is by chance, there are no coincidences. Signs are given and layed out before You to follow, follow what resonates as a sure sign.

This whole “mundane” existence, is changing, and it will, for All that are Ascending to 5D. tHE “MUNDANE” Society will no longer be a part of the New, it is constantly being detached from many, as they transition into 5D Tributaries. Rational and logical thought as Humanoids know/knew it, is changing, and it cannot be applied in the usual manner, once You Know at a Soul level who and what You actually are, and importantly, surrender to Source and the Divine Plan, and accept Your prowess. So, for many, “blank canvasses” will appear as Your futures for short periods. Also, refrain from futuristic plans, as Your future will be layed out for You. Because of the power of Your thoughts, do Not project a future that is common with this Society/Humanity, for that future is contradictory to what You are and Your Ascension. This is why All of You are encouraged to live in the “NOW”, and wait patiently for Your future to align without attempting to controlling it with limited Human thought processes. All of Your essential needs are and will be taken care of, at a Divine Level, for us to better assist You, eradicate fear, instill trust and keep building Yourself within. You are a wayshower, a wayshower to a place that does not have the current enslavement and other unfavorable/unneccessary experiences, align Yourself with the path out of the “mundane” by trusting the Universe.

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