Steve Olson WSO ~ The Star Timelapse is IMPORTANT ++ More Australia News


“As you film the stars, not one should cross paths with the other…”  More proof (below) we live in a simulation.  Along those lines, I had an interesting experience tonight, sitting in my chair in the living room, alone, massager on my back, all was quiet.  In my zone space.  I suddenly “felt” the simulation in my body of my personal physical space.  I sensed it.  The frequency of it. It was quite bizarre. I could feel the struggle of the program to maintain itself.  I then saw the same yuck yellowish color which seems to be the underlying thematic color of the matrix program(s).  At least that’s what I have begun seeing it as, an experience that happened only very recently. All of this happened quite quickly tonight…  My mind still continues to “understand” these experience and the concept of the matrix simulation.


The Star Timelapse is IMPORTANT ++ More Australia News

Published on Dec 2, 2017

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2 thoughts on “Steve Olson WSO ~ The Star Timelapse is IMPORTANT ++ More Australia News”

  1. So did we choose to come into some weird matrix fake program? none of the books one reads discuss any of this, this is all stuff that is being discussed very recently. All that used to be discussed was that we are a soul, we made a conscious choice to come into a physical body to learn lessons…ok I am simplifying it…..but hey who knows so many different opinions who knows?

    1. it is frustrating isn’t it – so many different opinions. i have my own feeels but who know if they are true? or perhaps because THERE is so many different ideas/opinions and feels, this is a realm where each of us has our own unique individual experience and thus perception. i am writing up a piece along these lines at the moment because it has been on my mind.

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