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Editor’s note:  I just finished reading this piece ~ it “happened” to show up in my facebook feed.  It is in direct alignment with my dream I had last night.  Being shown “I am ready” for the DNA upgrade to fly/levitate.  I had a conversation earlier with another person about this and she insisted I was having an astral travel or flying dream experience.  She said there is no WAY our bodies can do that.  No, I insisted.  First we DO have this ability once our DNA correct code is turned back on.  I have done this as an early human – an original human – I have the memory of it.  I was being told I was READY to receive DNA upgrade to levitate/fly.  I was so intensely persistent when I shared this with this woman.  Anyway, read this awesome piece.  Confirms my dream experience as well as what I said to this woman.  I know it’s a channeled message, but I don’t care much about that.  This is a moment of pure alignment affirming what I know to be true.  Seriously in a WOW state right now!  Feel like a child again!


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You have a series of upgrades coming your way that are designed to give you greater access to the experiences that you have heard about and wanted for yourselves that have been labeled as fifth dimensional. These upgrades are coming to you as a result of the wonderful work that you have all been doing to clear out that which is of a lower frequency, making room for these higher frequency energies that will have a much desired effect on your physical bodies.

You are using your physical bodies to access so much information that is stored in your cells and in your DNA. And as you receive these upgrades, you will be unlocking more of that potential that exists within you, the potential for greater use of your third eye, the potential for telekinesis, and even levitation and teleportation. You are beyond capable of these so-called gifts. Each one of you carries the potential within you, and each one of you has achieved these feats and more in previous lifetimes.

So you are ready for these upgrades. You are ready, and you have earned them, not that you ever have to earn anything in order to receive it. But in this case, you really have done the work that is necessary to clear out some of your deepest and darkest fears.

Those deepest and darkest fears have come from experiences of persecution, and experiences where you abused your powers. Both were equally upsetting in the lifetimes where you had those experiences, and so you’ve done a lot of work to make room for what is rightfully yours.

These upgrades will activate that which is already a part of you physically, and you will begin to experience your physical body and your physical senses in new and exciting ways. We are excited to see what you will do with your fifth-dimensional abilities in this lifetime.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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