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Some days I receive an insight and can turn it into a whole piece.  Other times, like today, I receive a cluster of visions and/or feelings/ideas that, left on their own, don’t contain enough substance to write an entire piece. Usually I keep those to myself as, likely due to my left-brain Capricorn “things must be done a certain way” part of my personality, I don’t want to just write a 5 sentence piece and post it.

So I thought well, just put them all together.  Which I now present to you.

Last night I was able to see my house in the new reality from a new perspective, a new direction.  Before I went to sleep I was doing my normal meditation/intention work when I decided to see if I could create the timeline this house resides.  I imagined the dimensional energy “ripple” all around me and as I did, I could see and feel the things in my current reality completely disappear.  I was seeing myself out in my street as I was doing this.  Looking in each of the four directions, I lastly faced east.  For a split second, I saw nothing but white – almost like an empty canvas.  Then as I had the thought for what I wanted to see – which was trees – trees appeared.  As I asked “where’s the road” – there it appeared. Heavily tree-lined dirt road that leads to my house.  I called out to my child, who appeared and took my hand and together we walked a small ways when something guided me to stop.  As I did, I looked off to my left and there, sitting up on a bluff, was the house.  Beautiful.  Majestic. “There it is!” I said excitedly.  I began to weep, my daughter squealed, jumping up and down.  Then the experience ended.

I keep hearing/feeling we are creating our reality, which is getting easier to do.  WE choose the timeline.  WE choose what we want.  Being focused, as I have said, feels to be more important than ever.  I “feel” we have the ability to jump around different timelines right now, all depending upon what we are thinking/feeling and thus vibing at.  I don’t know how much longer we will be able to play around with all of this.  I don’t know if there will come a time where we need to decide, pick a side so to speak.  That feels like duality to me and I also don’t resonate w/time frames.

Along those lines, I had an experience this morning.  Upon awakening, I felt almost blissful, relaxed, focused.  Then getting up, I noticed our child was starting to get sick with a cold.  I felt something shifting – a timeline being presented I did not want.  Looking outside, we then notice people walk by with their dog, who proceeds to poop in our yard.  (Pet peeve of mine, no pun intended.)  The owner picks it up, then carries the waste to a neighbor’s garbage can and disposes of it.  (An even bigger pet peeve number two. Seriously – throw the waste away in your own can.  That stuff sits in the can and stinks up the whole container.  I know because we have had people dispose of their pet waste in our garbage can only to notice well after-the-fact.  And we have also owned dogs.  You want to do this act?  Ask if it’s ok!)

The phrase “mindless human bot” went through my mind.  I felt myself shifting again.  I tried to find some understanding of these people but I simply couldn’t.  My child was by this time sneezing and whining, reminding me she had gotten this cold from her friend who had visited the day prior before I sent him home upon noticing his cold symptoms (another pet peeve – parents letting their kids go play with other kids when they are sick).

By this point I am in my “I am so fed up with being in this world of aloof, mindless robots!!” space ~ I felt things changing all around me.  It wasn’t until an hour later, I put this all together, really thought of it and realized I had fallen off the love vibe wagon.  Obviously something everyone does.  However, given the current energy changes, it’s becoming more important to make sure what I am feeling and thinking is what I really want to be experiencing.  That takes a lot of discipline.  Just like patience, that has not necessarily been a natural virtue of mine.

Another thought that ran through my mind today was the insight that once a Soul has a physical incarnation, it naturally always, ALWAYS, changes frequencies upon its departure of the body in which it resided. Well, we’ve been on the radio station that plays endless Weird Al Yankovic mixed in with mind-numbing death metal for eons.  Time to switch the radio station!

The final thought of the day.  We are a world of desks.  Public schools do their indoctrination while we sit in them from ages 5-18.  College continues the trend, although we have to pay them for this service.  Then upon graduation, many go on to sit in yet another desk until their soul gets so sucked dry they live only to retire.  A world of desks.

I’m ready for comfy purple lounging chairs and 432Hz music with a view of the ocean.



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