A Little Bedtime Story

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Once upon a time there was a civilization on a planet called Earth.  It was a very beautiful, peaceful civilization.  The people were healthy, happy, prosperous.  They had what many today would be called “super powers” but to the people of that time, such abilities were normal.  The skies were clear and blue, the clouds puffy white.  Water ways were pristine, providing clean drinking water for all.  People lived in small communities, grew their own foods and had clean means of powering their homes and their lives.  They spent their days doing whatever they felt called to do from their hearts, for themselves and for one another. They were truly Sovereign, Free people.

Yes, it was a beautiful place.  A beautiful time to be human.

That is until a group of ugly, wicked, greedy dark beings were repelled by how beautiful and peaceful these people were.  For you see, these beings had no connection to love or divinity or freedom or sovereignty.  They worshiped power and control.  Unsightly and ghastly to look at (they also produced a horrid smell), these beings invaded the planet Earth, and using their dark enchanting spells, took over and conquered the Sovereign ones.

Time passed.  Much much time.  At first the Sovereign ones resisted the way of life these dark beings insisted upon.  Money as a means to survive. Competition.  War.  Pollution.  Religion.  Government sponsored education.  Archaic forms of technology used to power and feed at the detriment of the Earth and all of her beautiful Life forms. Sadly, over time, the Sovereign ones evolved to a place where they accepted this way of being as simply how things were.  Slowly, memories of the past faded away.  And they became, simply, the walking dead.

Something happened though.  Call it a miracle.  Call it Divine Grace.  Call it Love.  Slowly, ever so slowly, a person here and there would begin to question his or her surroundings.  This person would begin to question their teachers in their schools.  He would begin to question the things being preached in church.  She would begin to question the phrase that “war is a necessary evil”.  He would begin to scrutinize the practices of government and law enforcement.

Both would begin to ask “why” – on everything.

Slowly, memories of a different way of life would begin to appear.  Call them visions.  Call them past-life recalls.  These people were awakening to how things once were.

And the dark wasn’t prepared for this.  So they tried to step up their game.

“Let’s douse ’em with heavy metals and call it geoengineering,” they said, laughing wickedly (yet with some fear behind that laugh).

“Yeah and let’s make up studies and say vaccines are good for you.  In fact the more the better!” they said, more laughter ensuing.

“I know, I know,” said one rather stupid one, “let’s make up something called herd immunity so that the stupid ones believe that it’s for the people’s GOOD that they get vaccinated!”  Oh, the dark wicked ones liked that one.  (And did you know that rather stupid one received a promotion for that term?)

Ah, but try as they might, the awakening only continued.  The Love within created a spark that spread like wild fire ~ a fire that become impossible to extinguish.

During this time of Transformation, there was a group of people known as the Rainbow Warrior Tribe who came on the scene.  They were intense, passionate, loving, truth-seeking people who, using their Violet Flame, shone the light of truth on all of the bullshit.  A force to be reckoned with, they did not follow the laws of pacifism.  They knew at times force is needed.  They knew being Loving does not always mean being gentle and soft.

The Rainbow Warrior’s were tired of watching the suffering.  They were tired of waiting for the dark to fall.  So they came up with a plan to put an end to the waiting.  Delay certainly did not fit into their vocabulary.

Gathering together throughout the earth, they formed circles around select trees and uniting together in their Powerful Spirit Mind’s and Soul Hearts, using their mighty Purple Flame Swords of Truth, they sent out a collective wave of energy that immediately destroyed all last elements of darkness, of lies, of controlling agenda’s and deception, freeing humanity of its enslavement for once and for all.

The awakening folks immediately felt this shift.  Even though the energy wave was felt by all, the unawakened ones took a bit of time to Remember. And slowly, with the help of the awakened ones, the masses removed their fear energies and began to share their authentic selves as their memories slowly returned.

Thus, a New Life was created on earth.

A New Age.  A Golden Age.

Memories restored, personal power’s remembered and reactivated, human kind united in the energy of Love to create, once again, Paradise on Earth.

Sweet Dreams Earth Humans.

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