A Moment of Synchronicity


I believe I shared awhile back how I had an experience at the kitchen table, where a buzz of energy starting at my spine traveled up my back, into the back of my neck, head and then out the top of my head.  I then felt this energy literally pulling me up and felt buzzing light wonderful all over.  I then heard/felt “this is how it happens.”

I believe I may have also shared a friend of mine’s wife had the same experience on the same day (I believe it was on the same day – certainly it was the same week).

Well these things often happen in 3’s for me.  I was looking through another blog earlier this evening and saw a comment from one of the owners of the site who said the following:  “But for the first time, last night one of us (me!) finally felt what it’s going to be like: it’s a PULLING UP, with major tingles.”


So there ya go.  Three of us that I know of have had this same experience.

I love it when things line up like this!  I no longer need validation but it sure is nice to experience at times like this.  Perhaps that is why I continue to feel “buckle up” cause we’re going for a “ride” of the bestest kind.  

I have to pause and ponder though ~ what is this “it’s” experience.  Is it as some have said – the “event” occurs and we all literally rise up.  Is it what we experience when we traverse the space into the higher frequency dimension?  A mix of both?  Something else altogether?

I will chill with this one ~ let it swirl around and command an answer be forthcoming when all aligns for the answer.

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3 thoughts on “A Moment of Synchronicity”

  1. I too had major tingles last night while lying in bed before getting to sleep (which was not coming very fast I must say). I don’t know if I felt the pulling up but the tingles were unmistakable and felt rather nice. I read Schrodinger’s also and like the comments and I can relate to a lot of what they say too, although they have a lot more intense experiences than I do. I’ve had the surges of energy in different parts of my body on and off for years, but I had the tingles several times over the last several months.
    Hang in there and let’s start the celebration!
    Blessings to you and your family,

    1. yes – those tingles also began for me several months ago. it really feels like the cells are vibing – and it is a pleasant experience – at least for me now. when i first had the experiences i was wondering wth is happening to me?? now i welcome it, give thanks and say keep on transforming. yes the cats have some interesting experiences. they go off in the other world’s and for me, i don’t go knocking on other people’s doors or into territories i am not familiar with. they’re cats – they like to explore more. we puppies like to stay close to home. 🙂 yes let’s get this party going! so ready! much love to you brenda and thanks too.

      1. Yes, I agree. I don’t go off into other areas whether physical or astral that I don’t know what the heck I’m getting myself into. I leave that to others more capable. I feel my job is to help transmute a lot of the negative energies and that is what I mostly do. That, and keep on shining my light. Like you, I’m ready to get this all done. So tired of the fatigue and the other weird symptoms of strange aches and pains, intense heat, etc. The tingling is not so bad though. I have not had any visions of the new earth, just others descriptions of what they’ve seen, but I’ve had lots of lucid dreams of the transformation process through the years. I must be a puppy then because I like to stay close to home too.
        We must read some of the same blogs. I read kaulipele too and I think I may have found your blog off of a link on one of the others. I just like to read of others experiences and compare them to my own and see what other types of information they might have found that I had not seen yet. Amazing and weird experience this process is, is it not?
        Take care,

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