A New Gaia Portal (February 17th, 2017) | An Energy Update By Henda

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January has been a very intense month to begin the new year. We had at least 4 waves of energy that came on earth from higher dimensions, upgrading us on a multidimensional level from the physical (DNA upgrading transmission frequencies) to the energetic body, increasing our crystalline bodies with new light codes and information from very high knowledge as the Sacred Geometry which have been very accurate in different areas of our creation (artistic amongst all).

So here is the message I received during the second wave which came on February 17, 2017. Which is an increase of the energy which came the last year at the same date. This year we will be receiving these waves in connection and relation with what have been during the last year and many will see that synchronicity taking really shape on a cosmic level. The worlds are now superposed like different circles one beside the other in an infinite way. Pay attention to this chain.

« A new portal has opened now for the benefit of all.

The Earth has been receiving new light codes coming from so far and from higher densities and dimensions.
We are preparing the 6th Dimensional Earth, grounding in the 5th.
The last days have been challenging for many of you, many have been experiencing fatigue, local pains in the physical body as the Earth is also adjusting its frequency while new waves, little waves of this latest one have been working on the New Earth, the New You.

You probably have been feeling being cut of the ancient life you have been dealing with for so long
You have been probably feeling the energetic levels of this wave in your hands and all your bodies.
Some may also have been feeling that energy in their bodies circling as lava circles in a volcano

That has been and still is what many light workers are feeling now.

On the 17.1.17 ( which is also 111/ 77) is the date where all the last synchronicities took part of the new stream and many energy explosions were felt in your bodies: heat amongst all, that feeling of a big wave of lava spreading in you, and you have to adjust and Be with it.

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1 thought on “A New Gaia Portal (February 17th, 2017) | An Energy Update By Henda”

  1. Wow this resonate with me quite good. At start of this year ive got sudden idea to anchor 5th d energys. I started imagine my heart opening and inside was picture of higher energy life. Its starting with time to become bigger and one night i heard voice newer heard before from some being:” youre in 5th dimension” next day i have problem to chanel this energy. Some time after I understand I cannot chanel them from inside/above/dimension because theire now my core frequency i can spread them but not from other dimension but like from myself, my being. Im not making quality frequency channel but quantity channel. Now i feel like in theme park disney land gone wrong, yeah the old life is important same way being in rollercoaster short time concentration way, im feeling detached but not in shutdoown way but like i walk to the department store buy some vegetables and there everyone freaks out about shoes, funny thing

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